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Anarchy Would Be Good

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 04:30 PM

Originally posted by flexy123

Originally posted by Blue Shift
For anybody who thinks anarchy would be good, could you be so kind as to leave the doors of your apartments (or flats) open during the looting so I'll be able to "make my way in" and forcefully take the finest things you have for my own? Thanks oh so very much.

This is the whole point. We *need* laws, and if we wouldn't have laws, individual people would MAKE them for themselves.

There is only a problem: Many people are not "rational" and also not "moral". They fabricate their own rules, like "i have the right to steal your stuff"...or "kill the other guy" for [insert whatever reason here]...out of pure egotism or jealousy (you have more money, girls..whatever..)...or simply wanting what the other person has because he doesn't have it.

So do you think abandoning laws would be something good?

Anarchy by definition would be abandoning those laws which are "above" us telling us in a way what is right and what not (yes, we are not always agreeing there what those laws tell us) - but you cannot simply abandon the laws while PEOPLE stay the same, driven by their deeper instincts.

It would just create more and more chaos, violence, murder the Anarchy would simply not create anything positive, IMO...or only "freedom" for individuals at cost of something else.

(If i have the "freedom" to go out and shoot whoever i want..i don't think that this can be desired

No thats false.

Anarchy means no rulers.

It doesn't mean no rules.

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