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One year anniversary of Agent Terry's Murder, Fast and Furious

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:19 AM

It's been a year already since we learned about Fast and Furious...

During the overnight of December 14 into 15, an AK-47 sold to a straw purchaser with the blessing of the ATF at the Lone Wolf gun store was used in the firefight that cut down Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry.

By Napolitano’s December 18 visit, both she and Holder, who both were aware of Fast and Furious, knew that Terry was killed with a Fast and Furious AK-47. They were both fully briefed on Fast and Furious, and though the operation was still a secret, they had both touted in public speeches the overall program it was a part of called Operation Gun Runner. Conceivably, Napolitano was even better informed than Holder because her former gubernatorial chief of staff Dennis K. Burke was the U.S. Attorney for the Arizona Department. It is fair to guess, that Burke briefed his former boss, who sponsored his appointment.

Sipsey Street Irregulars

A year. And still we wait for the FBI to figure out a way to prosecute the one wounded killer they were forced to retain without compromising their cover-up of the involvement of their one-armed paid snitch.

A year. And still we wait for the much ballyhooed Office of Inspector General Report. You know, the one that the administration always uses to justify not telling you anything about the Gunwalker Scandal.

A year. And still we wait for the "mainstream media" to actually engage on the story of the greatest scandal of federal misadventure to date.

A year. And all the RINOs who run the GOP in the Senate can muster is this meeching piece of garbage as reported by Newsmax (as a "slam" no less):

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says senior Justice Department officials, especially Attorney General Eric Holder, have misled Congress about the government’s mishandling of Operation Fast and Furious, which backfired in deadly fashion. “I don’t know what they’ve got to hide,” the Kentucky Republican said today on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s really quite unusual to be stonewalled like this.” McConnell also said Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, has been dishonest with lawmakers. “I understand it’s embarrassing for them,” he said, adding that the officials should be “more forthcoming” with the details. McConnell would not go so far as to accuse Holder of lying to Congress, nor did he press for his resignation, as others have.

When will justice be served to those unlawful government servants charged with apprehending the unlawful? When will the "ends justify the means" crowd be taught the lesson? How many more laws have they broken since then in order to destroy us? When will enough be enough? Where is the last straw?!


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