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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:46 AM
I was a child.I didn't know what an earthquake is.On that fateful evening,I was at home,alone.A ten old kid,watching TV,I didn't remember the name of the movie,or the subject.My folks were at work.I felt this short hitch,and suddenly the couch start shaking,and I felt how it's start moving with me.I didn't know what is that.I open the front door and run in an instant on the stairs of the block.Outside The earth was trembling and I saw around me buildings collapsing.I feel the earth under my feet like waves of on ocean.All around people running,screaming,panicked.The tremor last about two minutes,but for me it was like two hours.I felt this dizziness,everything was twiddle around me,a strange sensation,like a carousel.When is stopped,a short moment of silence,in that darkness full of dust,all around me silence.
After one minutes the hell was all around me people crying asking for help,the calling of names in the darkness .I didn't know if my block was pulled down.The light is off,someone next to me, an adult keep asking if the nuclear power plant,that was 50 miles way,has been damaged.I didn't know at that time what a nuclear power plant is,or what an earthquake is.
Everywhere was chaos but in that darkness, I saw my block , still standing.
The rest is history.Late that night my parents arrived at home.We stay all night outside.Our home was standing safe.
Many deaths,many buildings flattened to the ground,I was lucky,so my parents.
After many years the city was rebuilt and that earthquake forgotten,but this was my first ,that I will never forget!
How you spend your first earthquake?

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