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Now That I'm Dead [WTB]

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 06:58 AM
Now that I'm dead, I just wanted to let you know I am not in Heaven, or Hell for that matter. I am nowhere now, just a figment of a life on Earth that used to once be. In fact, while I was alive, I simply was, and now that I am dead, I simply am not. There is nothing, just the vast emptiness of space. There is no thought. No God. No Satan. No good. No evil.

I had long suspected this while I was alive, but now that I am dead, I can confirm it for you all. So stop being suckered into the greatest scam of all time: organized religion, of whatever faith. It consumes your time and money. While the top preachers spent their time convincing a thousand people to convert, another more practical guy that worked hard to understand the sciences just invented something new to make living easier... And the irony is those very preachers will benefit from this guy's work. The guy however, did not benefit one bit from the preacher's work.

Not that I really care, now that I am dead, mind you. But the point remains. And I am not done yet. No, not by a long shot.

You see now that I am dead, I really don't give a damn about who I offend (not that I really cared that much when I was alive.) And for some things, I really do wish I was alive again, because now I can see the truth.

Cheney, you lying scumbag.

CIA- C, I'm an Ass.

The Pope- pitiful, just pitiful. Why don't you do something about all the pedophiles in your organization?

Those of you on that secret, black budget operation testing out that new weapon, you should be ashamed. Following orders my ass.
Several thousand nukes not enough for you?

Obama, dammit. Just no. Pretty slick trick with the BC, though, I'll give ya that.

More people should have listened to Sibel Edmonds. She is right.

I could go on forever. Problem is, I have forever, and you don't, cause you're still alive!

But the real problem is fear. I see so much fear from the bottom looking up. I see fear in the CEO's of Northrop and GE, and in all the top CEO's of MIC companies. They fear the power of those that enslave them. This pattern can bee seen in every chain of command, from the ant hill to the highest reaches of every government on earth. And beyond- but that is out of the scope of this musing.

When you die you do find out the truth, but you are not in any position to do a darn thing about it. Only the living can do anything about it, because that is their world now, and not mine. I don't have a world now, because "world" was just a simple human concept. The true definition of that word however, is an entirely different matter that worldly science will never understand.

But more directly to the point, I can see from my death perch now that nearly every governing body on planet earth is a very corrupt institution enslaving the masses in some form or other. There are places for information on earth that attempt to make this known, but establishment efforts are so comprehensive to hide and distort any hint of this, that only the supremely discerning can see through it. Only those, and the dead of course. But for me, and the the rest of the dead, now it's too late.

The natural conclusion to every form of life is death. You live: you die. Animals live: animals die. Same for insects, fungi, cells, and the rest. And much like the word "world," the terms "life" and "death" are merely human concepts. The true definition of those words however, are an entirely different matter with universal bearing and perspective that is much different from that imagined.

But from this misconception, fear arises. Every person in any position of authority uses this fear as an effective tool. I can see it now, cause I am dead, but honestly so many of us could see it then, back when I was alive.

But I am here dead now to say: there is no reason to fear any of this. It's all one big scam. Fear not.

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