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A demostration of the truth.

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 01:47 AM
Lies need to demonstrate that they are not what they appear to be. The truth does no such thing, or rather does nothing as its self confident within itself only the truth can decipher lies as it sees through them, it knows it is all a show.

But all lies will break down of their own accord. That which is born will brake down and die. The truth is simple for ever, some search confirmation of the truth, but this confirmation can only be intuitive. Scientific Proof Cannot reach or fathom it. Only the truth can reach here and that can be soon distorted if lies want to overshadow. You cannot work in reverse, lies can never reach the truth, they are self contained, insular and circular like the ouroboros.

Why doesn't the truth reveal itself?
No language, no scenery or symbolics can contain the truth, not even the whole universe can hold it. The truth can only be reflected. The reflection is a hint, it is not the truth. No matter how many hints you have that you string together they all only amount to hints. They are not the truth, a million hints still boil down to being a hint equal to a mere reflection of the truth. It is a reminder that the truth does exist, but not here. Nothing can contain it.

impressive but guess what?
Its just a photographic impression, gone gone gone like the wind the truth slips away when we look in the wrong places in the wrong way.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 06:13 AM
All I know about the Truth is that it is the strongest defence we have - think about it - when you tell the Truth and someone throws it back at you as a weapon - what is it going to do?

All I know about lies is that they do the most damage - more than anything else. A lie can never become the truth but the truth can be deformed and become a lie - before rising to the surface to renew itself. A lie can never renew itself - a liar has to tell another and another ....

The truth be told once and people will know it.
A lie needs to be told over and over and over until it is believed.

People need to know the difference. People need to develop their intuition and inner sense so they have the tool they need to discern.

Much Peace...

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by ancientthunder

but truth is objective fully that is why it is a concept being freedom value as the absolute positive superiority always fact

which is indirectly how truth reflections is all and any freedom levels as matters of facts objects value

but those free senses individualities are not the truth value, which is full object out of absolute freed void life, but they are all and each principally or essentially relatively true, so superior always facts through positive constancy end growth

now the point is to get the point across right, an individual free sense is never the truth so never absolutely true value, and since any is only absolutely so the individual is not even that sense, the individual is the freedom out of true relative sense so who perceive truth value of itself objectivity

that is the explanation of what we see as the result of that fact, where the problem is shown at its extremities points

a lot of free ones senses out of realizing being true value, jump to take advantage of that knowledge to their free conscious stands back, all gods are of that mean to evil life when it started bc advantages of truth knowledge is a fact possible there

but what we perceive more clearly of that mean from humans conscious individual freedom wills, is what they do principally as constantly before, the denial of themselves freedom value existence mostly through projection upon others so they could get out of it more realistically smthg out to their subjective free means
they enjoy seeing all and any other as pitiful thing objectively while they would mean it upon themselves as if they do not exist there, so only free wills fresh matters subjectively, when u reject that fast the only valuable fact of being truly free aware, then anything out u got is of absolute inferiority life and to, when anything is only absolutely so if absolute superiority realm is rejected then absolute inferiority is living out of true relative facts

in the middle which include most free people means, they dont make that choice clearly bc they fear or bc they take position out as nothing to all more clearly, but in daily constancies they try to make a balance out of their constant needs reality with constant life surounding it, those people are relatively right always

at the other extremity, we have few right conscious that clearly mean to consider objective value out of themselves perspectives, then they are kind of absolute freedom right out of their conscious realizations giving it to objective value so never meaning to live through, how far they would mean truth value out of objective value realizations is irrelevant there, what matter is their freedom right out individualities certainties

while the issue appear there huge, that reveal all being ruled by evil life, those are targeted to become crazy or tortured or humiliated and ruined of their freedom sane right from everywhere and anywhere and mostly from gods through all life conditions oness with

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:42 AM
noone wants to admit freedom sense value being to truth

when u can witness urself awareness it clearly say that absolute superiority exist only out of a certain dimension perspective that exclusively justify that fact

how would u explain that u r aware of awareness other then absolute objectivity is perfect at some points, but also from that awareness individual fact objective conception, how can u explain a constant u that has no relation with what it sees as knowing never done for sure, while knowing that this existing sense how it is exclusively u, how is that possible other then the fact that u r perfect at some point surely superior to all what u could see or exist, if u werent a plus u would not be that point alone there so it is a true value which confirm and prove truth value

what is truth value how is it freedom value?

when u let urself go to its true constancy affiliation it will reach to belong to object superiority as true absolute superior constancy fact objectively in all terms perceived

but also if u mean ur freedom out of urself true free realizations as nothing at all, u will find inherently becoming a superior point to all, it is where the question of life choice could really rise as it is really u, where u could also be out of that enjoying confirming it and that joy is the energy free power that confirm ur value of being truly free right existing

true free cell is always through truth, as absolute superiority justification of existing always, freedom is not nothing since it is aware so it is regulating its fact in absolute mode superiority

posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by Amanda5

thanks for sharing that wisdom you are in touch with.

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