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Ows. Ron Paul. Nigel Fargage And Why The NWO Fear It!

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 07:30 PM
Okay your sat their right now in your home on your pc reading ATS.
Or you maybe watching soaps or a cool movie.
You may go out to eat sat their mcdonalds in your own cucible on your laptop.
You may go out to the pictures see the latest movie ....

This is modern life even strolling the Mall as an individual amongst countless individuals .

You see where I am going ?

We need to get people together ......
We need to discuss things in mass ....
Governments control by divide and conquer
The modern world in the west is a world of individuals.... Yes we have been groomed to be isolated.
They had a war on bars in the UK .... stopping social interaction ... your alright in the loud night club
where you cant hear to talk ....

This is why OWS is a threat its simple .... If we all got together and discussed stuff we have a great world.
This is what they fear .... Ignorence is power and we have been ignorent too long .
Ron Paul and Nigel Farage have been outspoken individuals showing us we have a right to speak .
OWS has ignited worldwide this concept ....

What we need are monthly global speak assemblys ...... We have the media ... We have the Net ...
We have the power to destroy the concept of Isolation they have droned into us ....

We can win the war and free this world .....
We just need to STAND..... and communicate and STAND TOGETHER ......

We also need to organise ....OWS has started something we need it going local ... global... and viral ....

Freedom is but a frame of mind away ..... Just STAND AND TALK with the good people that are trying to
drive us away from the other world of greed and madness we now live in .....

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 11:32 PM
Yes, organized in every community, councils of citizens, exclude absolutely no one, strive for understanding of all, include the homeless, natives, be a voice for the shut ins, and bring the issues forward, talk, and organize/network, with all the other groups. So that nation wide, calls can go out to stand up to the controllers and all their public offices in every area. They'd have an enormous amount to fear.


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