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Obama "Justifies"( FEMA??) imprisonment of civilians !!!

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:35 AM
I know the powers that be here at ATS do not like one line responses but in this situation it seems more than appropriate

"Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer"

whats next thought crime? or better yet future thought crimes you have not yet thought about. this is how democracy dies
the emperor has spoken this reminds me of another thread that poked fun at obama but there seems to be some truth to it watch the whole video and you decide

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by baddmove

I don't like videos that have been over edited/chopped up and pieced back together in order to pick out sound bites in the MS media's sloppy ongoing campaign of propaganda designed to elicit an emotional response by uneducated/unenlightened viewers to a thing,and once the 'reporter' adds their spin with voice inflection,hand gestures and facial expressions I'm over it,despite the content.

It's so..tabloid,somehow. I know I know..don't shoot the messenger.

My thing is,what in god's name can any of us actually DO about this? Aside from talking about it and opining that is..It smacks of the beginning stages of Fascism,actually.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by baddmove
Wow.. just WoW!!

watch this video ATS..

I am speechless.


Did he just say all that....really?

A legal regime to make indefinite detention legal??

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Woah, F that!! We need to get rid of these people, this is going overboard and this plain freaks me the frig out!! Game over man, game over!! We have no rights! They are gone, period. Wth voted for this guy in the first place? Yeah he is making changes, changes we don't agree with. The reporter didn't even sound like she was pleased with this. Unbelievable!!!!

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Thunder heart woman

Sure he is. Not because of some grand conspiracy, though. He's going to win because the right can't find a candidate to run against him that isn't insane, corrupt or has limited fringe appeal.

Obama is one of the most beatable candidates in recent memory, and the GOP are handing him another term.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:57 AM
I made this in 2007 - lol.:/

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by 46ACE
seriously old news: Maddows' piece was first uploaded May21, 2009

Why the astonishment?
(Most of "you guys"here voted for him...)

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I did not vote for him, i never liked him, there was an air about him that i didn't trust, and my feelings were correct about this man. My husband didn't vote for him either, same thing with him. All I have to say is for the people who voted for him, you are getting exactly what you wanted, Change, right?

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:15 AM
Wonder if this will wake up the remaining O-Bots .... if they'll admit they were bamboozled?

Originally posted by nixie_nox
Accussing Obama supporters of worshipping the messiah was overplayed by the right .....

Um ... no. It was the O-Bots and Obama himself that used the self-messianic language.
You've been told this before ... but I guess you 'forgot'.


"Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus." -- Politiken (Danish newspaper)

"No one saw him coming, and Christians believe God comes at us from strange angles and places we don't expect, like Jesus being born in a manger." --Lawrence Carter

"Many even see in Obama a messiah-like figure, a great soul, and some affectionately call him Mahatma Obama." -- Dinesh Sharma

"We just like to say his name. We are considering taking it as a mantra."-- Chicago Sun-Times

"A Lightworker -- An Attuned Being with Powerful Luminosity and High-Vibration Integrity who will actually help usher in a New Way of Being"-- Mark Morford

"What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history"-- Jesse Jackson, Jr.

"Does it not feel as if some special hand is guiding Obama on his journey, I mean, as he has said, the utter improbability of it all?"-- Daily Kos

"He communicates God-like energy..."-- Steve Davis (Charleston, SC)

"Not just an ordinary human being but indeed an Advanced Soul"-- Commentator @ Chicago Sun Times

"I'll do whatever he says to do. I'll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear."-- Halle Berry

"A quantum leap in American consciousness" -- Deepak Chopra

"He is not operating on the same plane as ordinary politicians. . . . the agent of transformation in an age of revolution, as a figure uniquely qualified to open the door to the 21st century."- Gary Hart

"Barack Obama is our collective representation of our purest hopes, our highest visions and our deepest knowings . . . He's our product out of the all-knowing quantum field of intelligence."-- Eve Konstantine

"This is bigger than Kennedy. . . . This is the New Testament." | "I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often. No, seriously. It's a dramatic event." -- Chris Matthews

"Obama's finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don't even really inspire. They elevate. . . . He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh . . . Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves." -- Ezra Klein

"Obama has the capacity to summon heroic forces from the spiritual depths of ordinary citizens and to unleash therefrom a symphonic chorus of unique creative acts whose common purpose is to tame the soul and alleviate the great challenges facing mankind."-- Gerald Campbell

"We're here to evolve to a higher plane . . . he is an evolved leader . . . [he] has an ear for eloquence and a Tongue dipped in the Unvarnished Truth." -- Oprah Winfrey

“I would characterize the Senate race as being a race where Obama was, let’s say, blessed and highly favored. That’s not routine. There’s something else going on. I think that Obama, his election to the Senate, was divinely ordered. . . . I know that that was God’s plan." -- Bill Rush

And of course, Obama himself just luv'd to build on that .. vote for him and he'd heal the world ..
"This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."-- Barack Obama


posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by jtap66

It doesn't really matter who you vote for. John McCain co-wrote this NDAA bill! All Republican (past 13) presidents have been freemasons. Carter, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Obama admin. all Trilateral Commission! All go to bohemian grove. They are foul stench from the same pile of crap! We need to get rid of the poop, then we can "air out" the smells.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by jtap66

It doesn't really matter who you vote for. John McCain co-wrote this NDAA bill! All Republican (past 13) presidents have been freemasons. Carter, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Obama admin. all Trilateral Commission! All go to bohemian grove. They are foul stench from the same pile of crap! We need to get rid of the poop, then we can "air out" the smells.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by Hawking

Originally posted by Afterthought
reply to post by DarthMuerte

Miss Bush yet?

The Bush that got the ball rolling in this direction with the awesome Patriot Act so that now the ball is in Obama's court?
NO! I don't miss him -- and that's about the nicest thing I have to say about him.

I agree - This process really seems to have begun with 9/11 and the legislation that took place almost immediately afterwards, along with the imperialist occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not the doing of one man - this is a concerted effort
edit on 13-12-2011 by Hawking because: (no reason given)

And once we collectively realise the true nature of the HOAX that was 9/11, we can
come to realise just how contrived our reality really is.

Man we are slow to realise, though.
It is all a designed multi-layered scheme.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by Indenu
I really see nothing special here.

Just because you dont agree with something your government does, Doesn't mean you need to throw a riot at them. Move to another country or take it up with your local federal representative, it's all you can do.

by the way, I agree with Obama. Arresting someone in the present is a great way to stop crime in the future.

( Smart people have to stop dumb people from doing what they think is right. )
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Originally posted by pierregustavetoutant
Obama's issue with the Senate version of the bill was that it was too restrictive in how far the government could go. The MSM played it up like he was worried about civil liberties. The opposite is true.
The admin's position is that the exec branch and military should have the power to imprison with no trial, no representation, and no Constitutional gaurantees whatsoever.
Of, course, this is all to protect YOU!

Yep, protect you from..................................yourself.

Yeah 0bama!!!!!!
Man, I really do miss Bush. Can't believe I just typed that.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:05 AM
This is from a long time ago.. 2009 I believe

Still holds its own as far as infuriating youtube clips go.

Kind of made me think.. this NDAA bill, all my friends are mentioning, friends who normally don't have anything to say about anything. Is it possible This bill has gotten hyped just enough, only for Obama to veto it and look like a hero? That would suck..

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:11 AM

Originally posted by caladonea
reply to post by baddmove

My audio is not working....please type the words he has are the author of this thread...please go the extra mile...some people on here don't have audio like me too. Thanks.

LMAO, seriously? Is this what topic posters have to deal with? Hand holding right up to the point of transcripting video?

Hey while all you are at it could you also transcript the Book of Enoch for me. Thanks!

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:12 AM
as a voter in America, I'm pretty sure I'm now "related to a terrorist organization"!

oh noes!! oh noes!!

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:33 AM
I guarantee there are droves of liberal hippies who support Obama simply because he often uses the
term "sustainable". It's a top buzzword of that ilk.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:33 AM
I hate this man [Obama] with every ounce of my being.

Ron Paul 2012.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by sad_eyed_lady
So he trying to coin a new phrase: "Legal Regime". That's going to go over like a lead balloon.

If he gets re-elected I'm going to be thinking rigged ballots.

I did check and this clip was posted 10 months ago and now Paul supporters are putting "Ron Paul 2012" at the front of the title. Good for them.

Unless Paul is elected (which is actually a long shot) we are pretty much screwed whether the GOP wins or loses. I wish the people would wake up to whats going on around them sooner.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:40 AM
here is why this works. One: no one thinks it will ever happen to them because "they are DOING anything wrong." Two: People are incarcerated one at a time, as such, the families of those locked up are at best a non factor in the machine that is the gov. Loads of people are locked up in the country for doing nothing wrong (Leonard Peltier for one), but and the system in place does little to resolve the issue. So a person here, or person there being locked up will never create and outcry and even if it does, the scarlet letter of "terrorist" will resolve the problem. This is brilliant in its creation, you are watching art, poetry, brilliance in action - stand back and admire.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:52 AM
"in some cases, evidence may be tainted. but who nonetheless pose a threat to the security of the united state."

so he is talking about himself with his birth certificate and his efforts to destroy the constitution. according to the bill, he should be indefinitely be held without a trial.

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