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Nigel Farage Sticks it to the EU.. Bloody Fantastic LOL

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:04 AM
From the video in the OP, I hear the Scottish member make reference to the 'one square mile' within London, which I can only take to mean the 'City of London', as in the city state that exists as an independent sovereign state within Greater London in a similar fashion to how the Vatican City exists within Rome.

My understanding of the three city states that exist in the world, is that they are not beholden to the laws of the host country and operate their own ruling council, police forces, and legal system etc., with the City Of London being no exception.

How then, can it be possible that the EU can have any say whatsoever over the City of London, unless that sovereign state is,in it's own right, a member of the EU ?

What am I missing here ?

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:06 AM

Originally posted by TheUnusualSuspect

We're all British citizens now.

And have been for thousands of years, Trouble is, the one thing the British are really, really, really good at is squabbling amongst ourselves over who has the biggest penis. Having seen what happened when the Romans invaded, and then the post Roman era decline back into schoolyard fights again, you'd have thought we'd have learnt a lesson by now.

Still, if Scotland gets independance then I predict Wales will claim back the Lothians and Strathclyde whilst the Picts declare UDI north of the Highland line. And Scotland will go back to being a petty colony of Ulster by Loch Fyne

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by fieldfly

Because the City is an independent state only in conspiracyland. Not in the real world where it is subject to UK laws and EU laws just like everywhere else.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by malcr
Most people haven't a clue about Europe except what they pick up in the tabloid press and ideological nonsense spouted by Farage.

There is some truth in this. It's about time we had a proper debate with proper info - ie without the vague figures and platitudes bandied about by either side.
I'd love a budget breakdown for a start.
Though not holding my breath since the EU parliament has yet to have it's accounts properly audited.
If Farage is holding sway with the people, it's because the authorities have kept us like dumbed down cattle who musn't know they are en route to the abattoir.

Though I suspect an informed decision would be the same decision.
Until the EU becomes both democratic and accountable, I want nothing of it.

Does anyone else remember the Common Market? That's how the EU began. Talk about 'mission creep'... . Wake up and smell the coffee. Two countries just came under the EU yoke and another 17 are on the way.
People are right to be CONCERNED about this - however 'ignorant' they may be.
As for the gung ho 'empire' mentality, yes there is an element of this. But mainly I think our attitudes are coloured by the fact we are an island. Just look at the similarities in architecture etc on the European continent. We have always been apart.

The other thing we are right to be concerned about is that our MEPs have very little influence. The EU is anything by democratic and who is this Rump Pumpy fellow anyway?

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posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by alldaylong
reply to post by Areyoupeopleinsane

I hope Scotland gets it's independence. As an Englisman i am fed up of having to subsidise The Scots:-

Total childish ignorance. We are not subsidised by you. You are forgetting that if Scotland gets Independence, we would have our geographical share of the North Sea Oil, as well as shortbread, Highland Dancing, Scottish music, tartan, kilts, whiskey, Loch Ness/Loch Ness Monster, Edinburgh Castle, haggis. Not to mention our tourism, which attracts a lot more than England's (unless you count the Royal Family's magnetism for tourism, which we would also benefit from even if we won Independence). Face it Scotland earns a HELL of a lot of money for the entire UK, yet we still trundle along as a United Kingdom, which I am happy for because it would mean that the land wouldn't be split into even bigger hatred than it already is, and also because Scotland would likely stay part of the EU which would be disastrous.

That Scottish dude that opposed Nigel Farage, thinks he is representing Scotland as a whole, when actually, Farage probably sums up the majority of UK residents, be they Welsh, Scottish, English or Northern Irish. Farage knows what he's talking about, and if he ever were to stand up in a run for Prime Minister, he would certainly get my vote.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by domasio

Well I guess we only have to look across the channel/north sea for what happens to some Unions.. foot stamping and toys flying out of prams is perhaps good for us to see how not to run a Union..

Sarkozy calls Cameron a obstinate Child, the Governor of the Bank of France calls for Britains credit rating to be downgraded not France, and the Prime Minster of France muttered some thing unpleasant about Britain
and this is only the start.. I dread to think what'll be said if the feared downgrades happen in the EZ.

Somehow our bumpings in this Union on these Isles doesn't quite seem so bad.
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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:13 AM
Nigel Farage is perhaps one of the UKs only MEPs that want's to change the corrupt political system we live in, not just in the UK, but all over Europe. The EU was formed for these few reasons:

To provide peace, prosperity and stability for its peoples;
To overcome the divisions on the continent;
To ensure that its people can live in safety;
To promote balanced economic and social development;
To meet the challenges of globalisation and preserve the diversity of the peoples of Europe;
To uphold the values that Europeans share, such as sustainable development and a sound environment, respect for human rights and the social market economy.

Can anybody, without instantly dismissing all evidence that points towards denial and fascism, actually agree that the EU has been a success? I mean really?

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