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Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems?

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by ThaEnigma
All throughout my Life, if I hav been unsatisfied with thingz, I hav been willin' 2 ask Questionz...
Unfortunately, I hav also encountered many more ppl who just 'couldn't give a damn'.. It seems like
there are alot of ppl around me (including loved onez), who are quite content 2 'play lemmings',
n just 'go with tha flow'.. I guess they figure, tha less thinkin' they do, or less questionz they ask,
tha more 'relaxing' Life will be..

In many wayz I can agree with that.. Even though it ain't Me..

I process evrything thoroughly...

Except English.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 03:17 PM

Originally posted by EarthCitizen07

Originally posted by tangonine
If you don't define "the system" you actually can't argue against "it."

You folks do realize that, yes?

The system has been defined and the people are protesting about it.

It is you that needs to get informed, or maybe you are informed and like corruption because it benefits you.

Kind of like what someone before me stated. My money is on the second possibility. Enjoy your temporary gratification.

tangonine's life history, just for you geniuses (in 100 words or less):

Grew up dirt poor. Cabbage soup (not kidding) was standard fare. Joined the military. Left the military 13 years later because I couldn't get the degree I wanted and continue to serve. Couldn't find a job after BS. Had to get MS in something useful. Got job. Lived on beans and weenies while I paid off student loans (didn't take GI bill... /side note: beer money is NOT more important than GI Bill). Got married to equally responsible person. Paid off all bills. Left job to teach (80% income hit) because it's more important to make a difference than make $110K a year editing Word documents. And I want to spend more time with my 7 parrots.

So you can take your accusations and shove them sideways up your fifth point of contact.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Because taking that red pill is a bitch and once you choose to wake up..................there is usually no going back.

Now, let's see - on ATS alone we have had several hints that something is up.

-- plastic coffins in Georgia found a few years back
-- police brutality on the rise
-- police and military now combining in more operations
-- FEMA being given more power
-- Military build up being done very quietly on a massive scale
-- Foreign soldiers are now on our soil with full cooperation and by invitation of our own government....research that one, they are in Texas, Florida and a few other states.
-- FEMA interment centers have already been built, see Jesse Ventura's piece on this.
-- Our country has now been known to go against it's signed agreement - The Geneva Convention, against torture.
-- Our country, America, is the only country to have ever used WMD (Japan)
--America has proven time and time again that corporations, bankers own our country - not the people.


The people do not want to wake up.


To wake up would require several things.

** You would than have to pull your head out of the sand and realize the scary $hit going on.
** In order to remain a "good person" (to yourself) you would than need to assume responsibility to commit to some type of my signature.

** It's happened before, and history, sadly keeps repeating itself - because people don't care, they're so afraid to admit the train is coming they look the other way. They take the easy way out. They want to believe "this won't affect me or mine".

German troops, Chinese troops yes according to the video below are here on our soil.........not by invasion but by invitation.

Now, maybe this video is a hoax, maybe the guy is looney, maybe his information is wrong...........but, we cannot deny that our government has lied to us, the people time and time and time again. Our government is milking the middle class hang while bailing out the 1%. Our government is not working for the people, they were bought out long ago to the highest my location.

The vast majority of American People better wake up and fast.

The vast majority of American People better put down their video games, romance novels, TV remotes........and start educating themselves as to what is coming down.

This will affect ALL OF US, The 99%.

If enough of us do not wake up, unite and rebel fast enough - we are looking at total enslavement for us, our children and our children's children.............the ones the 1% allow to live.

The signs are all there that something is coming. I'm no wiz and I can see it coming.

We are now a two party government................both parties dance to the exact same tune of the puppetmasters.

The two parties are nothing more than a sham to give the common man the illusion of "choice".

The signs are there.

For God's sake, get and read two books.............Naomi Wolf's "The End of America" and "Give Me Liberty".

If you read this plea, this call to arms.............than you get exactly what you deserve.
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by TXRabbit
reply to post by twoandthree

I disagree 100%. While there are merits to congregational thinking as it applies to social engineering, I fail to see how following a premeditated doctrine promotes individual thought and freewill. I would expect the exact opposite.

Feel free to start a new thread if you'd like to discuss this further though as I don't want to derail this current topic. :-)

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It's called "morality". Some believe that if they go out and pick up a gun an put a bullet thru someone’s head, they will have to answer to someone for it. God being one of them. Instead of calling it religion, look at it as a deterrent to stop people from doing really stupid stuff…

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by tangonine

Originally posted by Unknown SoldierSome unions showed up at OWS,

Like this one? rs_arrested_in

or these guys? runionreport/2011/11/15/union-bosses-express-outrage-over-occupyevictions-we-are-the-99/

Or here? From the AFL-CIO? h-occupy-movement-in-oakland-and-nationwide/

dude. If you're going to argue from a position of ignorance, the best fallback position is humor. not 11-year old text-messag-ish "lol" and emoticons.

You are still grasping at straws, you present logical fallacy then call me ignorant... WOW just WOW. Unions were at OWS so what, everyone jumped on the band wagon. If unions were at a Tea Party rally would you complain? Unions do not control OWS, nobody controls OWS that is the beauty of it. You sound like a Bank Of America representative. If you are a teacher then I am obviously a rocket scientist. You came in this thread all Gung Go because i stated the obvious, that anti OWS trolls like yourself are part of the problem and do not part of the solution. Yes you are a troll you present a straw man argument and then resort to Ad Hominem comments when failing to make a point. You have shown dishonesty and deception and have brought nothing to the table keyboard warrior.

btw that article says %14 of GM is owned by the UAW. How do you call that total control? That is peanuts, enjoy your Stockholm Syndrome. How much coin for you to go back under your bridge?

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Screwed

What is that even supposed to mean anyway? How old are you if you don't mind me asking? This can go either way. A. Either you are 12 and acting like it which will be excusable

Actually i have known more witty and convincing 12 year old basement dwellers try to pass themselves off as adults. One claimed to be a Head Shrink and another A Marine. They knew how to use google pretty good and make things up like schooling and and experience ect. In short someone ratted them out and me being the Moderator ( other conspiracy web site ) perma banned them because the disclaimer required them to be 16 and over. Oh most 40 something year old teachers aren't up all night flaming internet users either imo. Heck he is just trying to save face after quickly losing composure after failing to carry on civil dialogue.

But yeah i agree i spotted the not right away

It is much worse here in the summer

Then again some adults are like this sighs

. But you will be asked to put down mommy and daddy's laptop and get your butt to school, and will show us all who we are dealing with B. You are an adult and ACTING like you are 12 which is not excusable and will show us all who we are dealing with. Either way, it doesn't look good for you.

Amen to that

Could not have said it better
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

I thought it was known anyone who supports a system like this is because they are being bribed, or work for someone who treats them "well". "well" enough to keep quite that is...

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by tangonine

Do a PhD dissertation on the difference between people that overachieve and people that don't and I'll bet the rent you find the people that overachieve don't conform, and the people that underachieve do.

The very fact that you're talking about doing a PhD dissertation shows that you've conformed. If you want to break it down that way, then you might as well do another dissertation on Perspective. One person's morals are completely different than another person's depending on several things such as culture, religion, family, and how they were raised - were they spanked or not, were they bribed with rewards or not, did they get an allowance.. I could go on and on for all sorts of different tangents.

If they did in fact conform and thereby "overachieved" I'm willing to "bet the rent" that they're merely doing nothing more than hiring "underachievers" to do the work they don't want to do themselves.

In today's society were are, unfortunately, rewarded on memorization and punished for originality. If you want the world around you to change, you have to start by changing yourself.

Every topic in psychology can be looked at in a number of different ways. For example, let’s consider the subject of aggression. Someone who emphasizes a biological perspective would look at the how the brain and nervous system impact aggressive behavior. A professional who stresses a behavioral perspective would look at how environmental variables reinforce aggressive actions. Another psychologist who utilizes a cross-cultural approach might consider how cultural and social influences contribute to aggressive or violent behaviors.

By Kendra Cherry, Guide" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">Perspectives in Modern Psychology
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:52 PM
because they're scared of leaving the "beautiful" lifestyle the live in right now.
everything is o.k, as long as i have my xbox, internet, "fixie" bike and pizza hut.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 09:49 AM
It's the abuse cycle - perfected and perpetuated over millenia by patriarchal religious institutions to benefit the ruling financial elite, and currently most evident as a trickle-down effect in families.

Cycle of abuse

The cycle of abuse is a social cycle theory developed in the 1970s by Lenore Walker to explain patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship.[1]

Walker's theory rests on the idea that abusive relationships, once established, are characterized by a predictable repetitious pattern of abuse, whether emotional, psychological or physical, with psychological abuse nearly always preceding and accompanying physical abuse. Additionally, Walker suggested that sustained periods of living in such a cycle may lead to learned helplessness and battered person syndrome.

I recommend that OWS protestors arrested for any reason use the "battered person defense" when they go to court.

Battered person syndrome is a physical and psychological condition that is classified as ICD-9 code 995.81 "Battered person syndrome" NEC. The condition is the basis for the battered woman defense that has been used in cases of physically and psychologically abused women who have killed their abusers.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by tangonine

Originally posted by EarthCitizen07

Originally posted by tangonine

I tell my wife that when I teach, I check my ego at the door. Likewise, when I look for information, I check my bias at the door. Rare thing, that.

Nope. You are letting your stock market bias/ego(admiited so on page 4) get in the way of rational thought proccess. That is ok because I and others do the same thing. There is no reason to pretend we all want the same thing because we don't.

The way I see you have a few million in shares and want to double or triple that overnight with good solid insider information. You pretend to hate the government while the government goes out of its way to protect you and the other criminals.

Why are you hitting yourself all the time?
Hypocrisy is annoying, especially when you play dumb by saying "define the system inorder to cricise it" and then say "I just watch the weather and stock market reports".

actually, I have very few shares. I'm just smart enough to invest. I suppose that makes me evil in you're eyes. I'm sorry you never learned how. I haven't doubled or tripled anything. I have no "insiders." I make what little money I make (let's put it this way: it's not enough to buy a prius) every year in stock because as a physicist and a mathematician, I find stocks more of a challenge than a way to make money.

Of course, you wouldn't understand: you view anyone who invests in a company as evil (and yes, that makes you stupid).

You call me a criminal... I'd like to know what crime I committed? You're out of bounds, and you've pretty much gone full lunatic at this point, so I think we're done here.

You don't think there is a slight chance people who have millions invested in the stock market prefer to keep america capitalist? Or the people who have billions invested and relly on insider information to double, triple, quadrouple their money fast? Some speculators don't even bother calling their broker they simply program their computer to buy and sell for them.

The stock market is a huge conspiracy and THAT IS WHY OWS is there protesting AGAINST THEM!

You on the otherhand do not make any sense at all which means you are probably trolling due to your 13 years of military brainwashing on how the american corporation is so much better than all the other international corporations.

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posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by mkgandhas

I do not believe it started at bush or obama. The powers that control this world began long before any of us were born and have home-schooled their children and children's children on how to maintain control. They even go so far as changing their diets, for certain reason, and controlling family mindsets to keep their "bloodlines" pure.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by Merci

Fortunately, despite their best efforts, their bloodlines are failing due to disease and infertility.

Thank goodness. I just hope we can wait them out.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by soficrow
reply to post by Merci

Fortunately, despite their best efforts, their bloodlines are failing due to disease and infertility.

Thank goodness. I just hope we can wait them out.

How would you know that? From all the information that I have gathered the nwo is real and they are accomplishing everything to near perfection. Yes I hope it fails, but if it doesn't then I will not go down quietly either.

We are becoming cowards and political correctness is to blame!

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

The problems with monarchies' infertility, madness and disease due to inbreeding are much talked about and have been for a century or so - the top level of the hierarchy will predictably have even more problems. As I understand it, one of the main reasons for creating "immortal" corporations, is so that the structure and system will survive past the incompetent heirs.

posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by soficrow
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

The problems with monarchies' infertility, madness and disease due to inbreeding are much talked about and have been for a century or so - the top level of the hierarchy will predictably have even more problems. As I understand it, one of the main reasons for creating "immortal" corporations, is so that the structure and system will survive past the incompetent heirs.

I see your point. No wonder it is a capitalist conspiracy run by the central bankers aka masonic cheifs aka ex-knight templars. They where the first to come up with primitive traveler checks during the holy crusades and then they moved to switzerland and the uk.

These top masons enable/promote the conspiracy on behalf of royalty and the vatican. When you combine everything together it is called the babylonian brotherhood that goes back to mesopotamia and the kingdom of babylon. It gets even more complicated when you start adding aliens to the mix and how humans came to exist after the great flood.

posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 02:24 PM
There's so much crap coming through the internet these days... It's hard to believe someone in their moms basement over an official with a degree... That's part of it.. .and we have no one to blame but ourselves... all the fake, distorted, just WRONG information we get on a daily basis... makes it hard to trust anyone except those put in positions of trust...

also kids think they are smart... 18-24 aren't... they have degraded and yet have abilities that the older generation doesn't have; yet their information and bias are flawed...

we are being mislead all together. That's why people defend corrupt systems.

posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by soficrow

I agree, they are running scared and doing everything they can to maintain control.

posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by Maxmars

Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems?


As Morpheus said in The Matrix, people are so helplessly dependant on the system, they will fight to protect it.

posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

Fine clever monkey...

Stephenson, G. R. (1967). Cultural acquisition of a specific learned response among rhesus monkeys. In: Starek, D., Schneider, R., and Kuhn, H. J. (eds.), Progress in Primatology, Stuttgart: Fischer, pp. 279-288.

Mentioned in: Galef, B. G., Jr. (1976). Social Transmission of Acquired Behavior: A Discussion of Tradition and Social Learning in Vertebrates. In: Rosenblatt, J.S., Hinde, R.A., Shaw, E. and Beer, C. (eds.), Advances in the study of behavior, Vol. 6, New York: Academic Press, pp. 87-88:

Read more:

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