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Muslim women must show faces when taking citizenship oath

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by InvisibleAlbatross
It is absolutely a political move. Harper is a right-wing nutter.

That said, I don't disagree, but I think the person viewing their faces should be another woman. We can respect their religion and custom and be safe at the same time.

Howver i do support this move, peersnally i am not fan of the face cover veils if you want to do that go back to your own country.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by Aeons

Originally posted by luciddreamalthough u have the extremist jumping up and down about their household item given more rights

Quite a few men I know are horribly affronted at the message that these political activists are sending about them.

Which is, all the men here are just ready and waiting to be rapists and jump at any opportunity they might see to rape and pillage girls over 13. You know, unless some male is escorting them and they are covered from head to toe to fend off the lusting pirating ways.

I don't blame them for being offended. That this nonsense is promoted about the men around me offends me.
edit on 2011/12/13 by Aeons because: (no reason given)

Allow me to be devil's advocate here, if I may...having had and still dealing with extreme but oh so subtle [hypocrisy like no other] misogyny and gender bias in family-judicial- courts/system [it's all one big racket anyhow, a three ring circus for the viewing pleasure of the sadly duped public], and with the porn-rape-pedowank culture that we live in, the fact of the matter is Virginia is Yes, many men are rapists and will and Do jump at any, any opportunity to pillage females even younger than 13. [in all fairness and truth yes there are female perps as well, let's not forget rape/sexual violence is not about sex but about POWER].

The fact of the matter is, IF such claim were not true, then MEN would not be offended whatsoever if a female was wearing a steel tank because the desire to hold power or to bear her nakedness [spiritual included] Over would not be issue therefore there would be no objection nor offense. They simply would go on about their business and ignore the cloaked female. Now this obviously raises the question and a valid one at that, is the veiling of women the creation of even more of a temptation to usurp power over/strip away, etc., due to the message of said property of 'Muslim or other Orthodox religion male' via the sexualizing of the female 'property' of patriarchy?

Regardless whether or not females are veiled or naked or barely dressed, fact remains, SHE is deemed as the sexual and slave property/chattel of MALES of all races, creeds and religions/nationality be it PRIVATE OR COMMUNAL therefore any debate as to whether or not females should veil or not or be stripped of veil or not still relegates FEMALES in the property position and MALES as the owners of such property to have the autonomy and POWER to usurp one way or another what that female can or can not do. Then it becomes an issue not about WOMEN'S HUMAN RIGHTS [that token card men/male power institutions love to pull out to hold up themselves as the kings of virtue ha ha] because let's not kid ourselves, 2011 and females worldwide do not hold the same rights as men nor even as animals, in word maybe [like the courts due process that three ring mirage circus, lot of bull but hey it looks good and sells the formally free LIE] but not in reality. IT does however afford many who prefer to attribute oppression to victims rather than confront the oppressor, therefore maintaining the ILLUSION OF SECURITY, nethertheless,

regardless of whether or not one Likes seeing women veiled, etc., bottom line is, the real issue is not the concern for WOMEN, that's laughable to say the least....[unless TSA has escaped you somehow],

the real issue is the threatened sense of very real Fear when MEN of the Western Greek-Roman god rule see the East with it's black cube spread through out the streets,

because after all, FEMALES are property of men, period. To see the black cloaked females of the East, is the strong message that, COLONIZATION IS HERE AND CAN'T BE STOPPED,

and That is what men are afraid of, AND RIGHTLY SO.

As for Women being afraid, get off of it, YOU ALREADY LIVE UNDER A WESTERN ROMAN FORM OF SHARIA LAW...the Burqa is just MENTAL...PSYCHOLOGICAL [caps for emphasis btw] and most have internalized it, to the point where men don't need to stone women here,

women do that well enough on their own here to appease the misogynist hierarchy, class and race, so forth. In other words,

it don't matter, we all slaves, females especially so to be afraid, is redundant because all we really have here is a switching of the Emperor's clothes, what irks so many is that, the Eastern have a tendency to put All citizens under the ROD OF IRON, there is no 'middle class' privilege, so to speak...and so many women who now enjoy Some illusion of privilege as they throw their lesser sisters under the bus, etc., will find themselves Equally oppressed,

Men, I don't see why they are offended as much, to be honest. Because all that will change there, is that men/male systems [excluding the males who don't assimilate into the culture think of cruelty and male entitlement because ya know gawd says so] won't have to waste precious time hiding what they do already,

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 01:09 PM
Depicting men as being rapists as a norm is a disgusting, sexist political agenda.

One I reject wholeheartedly. I don't care if you are doing it as a religious idea, or because you have some grind about a guy, or as a "feminist" agenda (and I reject it as feminism).

No. Unacceptable.

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