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Coming To A Country Near You!

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:11 PM
I have just read a very interesting article on how many people are looking toward leaving the U.S. and I'm sure the same is happening all over the world as Austerity Measures only begin to bite.

However, after reading many views from people all over the world, I'm amazed to find that we still have people who don't realize what is happening and has been happening for a very long time. TPTB have orchestrated this Global Change very carefully and apart from the many gains they ensue - the big one is Population Reduction on a massive scale.

Those planning to leave their Country of Birth/Adoption don't realise that TPTBs Tentacles are reaching every Country that people may consider as a Sanctuary. Global Means Global!

Here in this video by CNN we are shown how the Greek People - A people whose pride in their History is rightly justified, are reduced to now living on the streets. People who only recently owned a House/Mortgage/Car etc now sleeping outside and begging for food.

This is only the beginning of a Global Famine that will not even go down in the History Books because the Orchestrators will write it out and future generations will never know what they did.

We never did learn the lessons of History anyway.

What is happening to the people of Greece will gradually - slowly but surely extend to the rest of the world and what do we do?

Here we also have a VET: Talking about how soldiers are waking up to the Government Lies!
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