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'Big Man' Throws Punk Off Train For Not Paying

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 02:45 PM

posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by InfoRobinHood
reply to post by ThrowCatsAtCacti

Where are you from? And who brought you up? When has it been okay to just do whatever you want? Did your mommy tell you you were special? You just keep spouting that "it's my right", If you want to go that route well then be prepared to deal with the consequences. You can't just pick and choose from the constitution. I assume that's where you're getting the whole"wah wah it's my rights!" If you're using the constitution and bill of rights as a scapegoat then have the common sense to accept the judicial system and the "LAWS and RIGHTS" that go with it as well. If it was your business and someone was trying to get a freebie from you, you'd be the first to be cryin" HE's not following the rules someone do something!" Spoiled kids...oh well.
Like I said all of you should stop bashing this kid because we will all be in his position soon enough. Would you be happy if you or your family was assualted for not being able to afford a necessity?

posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by InfoRobinHood
reply to post by decepticonLaura

wow you felt sick? what did you eat? It's obvious this little kid is acting tough and insubordinate so that's a tell-tale sign he's not about to comply and pay. He even swears in front of elderly and children(complete disregard for the rest of the people onboard). It's obvious that the conductor was already requesting he pay before the video starts. THEREFORE, all this was COMMUNICATED before and during the video. He had many chances to comply and the whole time the rest of the PAYING passengers must wait on him. P.S. applause is not nauseating. Stop being so dramatic, or try and do something about it..(i'm sure you can think of something like: making sure that brute who threw that poor defenseless man off the train gets arrested or sued...go on be like everyone else.

umm sorry, be like everyone else? can you explain that a little for me?
i'm trying to understand but i have no idea where that bit came from.

okay now, BEFORE you start USING the dreaded CAPSLOCK on me,
how about we discuss some definitions?
people repeating the same things over and over,
this is not communication. all it is is noise.
you are correct, the video does begin partway through the exchange, well done for noticing.
it is entirely possible that before the camera was turned on there was reasoned discussion
although given the content of the video, in the context of my many vaguely similar experiences
i would rate this "unlikely".
being given 'chances to comply' is not communcation either.
further, i can assure you from experience that it is at least partially responsible for this surly attitude you are railing against. oh noes! the kid swore! in front of our children who have obviously never witnesed such a thing nor ever will again; in front of our God the Money! this child does not possess a small metal disk, clearly he is a lesser being lacking in dignity and must be hurled bodily from the train.
that will teach him to respect life and other people.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by EndGovtCorruption
reply to post by GardenerOfEden

Please send me a few dollars since it does not mean that much to you, I will be waiting for you to reply to my inbox as to where to send me your money. You even say it's privatized yet he shouldn't pay. The people who really can't afford it, have it payed by through some kind of welfare program.

I support OWS but I would never support this. You are either some pathetic Socialist with an entitlement complex or a troll.

A few dollars to me, is very different to a few dollars to a giant organisation propped up on government money, or a private one making millions in revenue a year, (advertising is also a significant revenue raiser on public transport just before you jump to the 'well if everyone didn't pay).... though you are certainly more than welcome to jump my train - should I ever become a 'rail tycoon'.
If you read my comment correctly I said, public transport is privatised yet subsidised (made profitable through government (aka Tax payer's) money.
I seriously don't dig the 'rules are rules' thing. what happens when somebody makes a bad 'rule' should it be followed then?
I'll tell you something I saw on the train to day - an old lady was getting on the train and the door shut on her arm. The train was full and there were fit enough men nearby and not one got up to help. I had to come from halfway down the carriage and dropped all my shopping in the process (I had a big box of mangoes and tonnes of library books) to help her. My feelings are people will rush to help authorities and impress them and applaud and whatever, but an old lady with her arm stuck in the door and everyone just ignores it. Society is incredibly perverted.

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