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Is Aliens and UFO's racist?

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by Awoken4Ever
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Thanks for the video, I checked it out. It was interesting when the children were talking about why the aliens were possibly here, and then they started giving their theories, I immediately said they were influenced or scripted to say that, until the one child said he doesn't know how, but it just popped into his head. That made total sense to me along the lines of telepathy. I can relate to that and found it interesting and cleared up a few wrong thoughts I was about to have


Just about every aspect of children's programming has some form of alien encounter, UFO, or space travel. When I was a kid in the 80s some shoes had this but I find its more now. My kids are so convinced that aliens exist and that man has achieved interstellar travel that they were actually shocked when I told them how far behind that fact we actually are. I may as well have told them that Santa and the tooth fairy weren't real. Anyways they still don't believe me. Most kids these days strongly believe in aliens. More so than the people of my generation. To them its only logical. Mind you the new generation had the lowest religious indoctrination of all the previous generations. So this is probably helping that fact.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

OK just to make sure you understand , I am joking about the Asian thing.

On a serous note, there are many dark skinned Australian aboriginal tribes that have stories about alien and ufo encounters. There are even some of the oldest cave drawings that seem to resemble aliens.

African and Australian cave drawings

Dogon People of Africa
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

Originally posted by MathiasAndrew
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

If anyone here is a racist I think it's you OP

LMAO...I grew up in the ghetto, most of my friends were black when I was a kid, and I went to a University that was majority black and white was the minority. You hit the nail on the head though...right on...LOL

As for the Asians, you just want to make claims, but not support any evidence to help those of us understand. In other words, your a hit and run kind of guy. Well thanks for stopping by then.

You're jokes were disgusting, racists, and uncalled for in this thread, and in life IMO.

You are also right about anyone taking this thread seriously when people like are going to come in, derail it, provide nothing helpful, and then attack OP. Well played sir!

Please move on.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

You are also right about anyone taking this thread seriously when people like are going to come in, derail it, provide nothing helpful, and then attack OP. Well played sir!

Posted 2 links for you right above,,,,,. Geez you ghetto folk sure are impatient and over sensitive

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by Awoken4Ever
I am very serious about these questions and very curious about it. Why is it that every single encounter, video, or picture of someone that I have seen in this arena, is white?

AND you have seen EVERY single video or picture? Um Asia, they aren't white....China has TONS of stories...So shot down there.....Oh yea Africa as well has many sightings and stories of abduction.

Why is every single abduction person that I have seen that went on record white?

Three words Betty & Barney Hill

Why is every single Ufologist that I have seen a picture of white?

AGAIN China, they aren't white, Africa, not all white, India not white! I dont think you have read anything on UFO's or abduction in depth because if you had you wouldn't be posting something so silly....

[quoteWhy is every hybrid always white?
Where have you seen a hybrid? Youtube doesn't count. I can post a video and say Im a hybrid.....

Why is it when you hear of people talking about UFO's in general, they are a white person? I am also noticing that it is not just a phenomenon in Aliens and UFO's but conspiracy theories in general, but lets focus on Alien/UFO for now.

Do you live where there are only white people or something?!??!? Blacks discuss ufo's and aliens AND conspiracies! I have a few friends who are African American and they love these topics and would give you a run for you money on this statement of yours.

Is there famous Ufologists that are black?

WHY does everything have to have a black person? Why can't it just be a person?!!? Does it matter the color of their skin? No it doesnt!

Do aliens only like white people for some reason? Over the years, I have known a lot of black folks, and I never once, ever, heard them talk about UFO's. In fact, the only time I can recall of even something close to someone being black and involved is Obama and Mrs. O as a shape shifter, and I am assuming that is only because they are at the top of the food chain now and in the limelight.

Just because you know a few that don't discuss it doesn't mean they dont! Most people wont discuss the topic because they feel it makes them look silly! Most people I know that talk about UFOs or aliens only bring it up to me because they know I wont laugh at them because they KNOW I am interested in the topics and wont see them as a crazy nut.....Ever think that could be the possibility? Not everyone will openly discuss these topics!!

So it leads me to one of two conclusions...1) Aliens are in fact racists, and have no interest in black folks at all. Or 2) The whole thing is just a white mans fantasy game.


What could possibly explain this phenomenon. I would venture to guess, and it is a total stab in the dark, that majority of the UFO sites subs are 99% white folks.

Phenomenon? I see no phenomenon!

Has there been any research done into this area about what I am talking about? Is there stats out there that reflect anything that I am talking about pro or con?

Again WHY does it matter??! No there hasn't been research done because it's ludacris! Apparently you have some issues with the color of people skin.

It just dawned on me today that I have yet to see a black person in thousands of hours looking at picture, videos, etc... where a black person was the author, abductee, or a Ufologist.

WHAT are you reading??!

What else could be the reasoning behind this madness?

WHAT madness?!

Are aliens just as racists as we are?
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Speak for yourself! Who says "we" are racist?! Seems to me you are the one who is racist because you don't see enough color in alien abduction stories....

One of the most well known abduction cases....Did you not see this one? If you havent seen this one then you are looking in the wrong places!

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

another from Latin America
Antonio Villas Boas

Meng Zhaoguo incident

South Africa
Ruwa, Zimbabwe incident

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

"white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, black, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, Mexican, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white...."

I just did what you said and saw 4 black men and 2 Asian's (man and women) with about 40 channels. The reason we see more white folk on TV is because we live in a majority white society. I'm sure if you done your little experiment in, lets say Somali, most the TV anchor would be black.


posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:56 AM
I appreciate the hate mail I am already getting, and sorry if a few of you are offended. My intent is only to learn and experience, and that you all are providing for me in your words, your actions, your lack of responses, and the helpful information you have provided.

I promise you, not one of you will get me to hate you though no matter how hard you try.

If nobody has told you that they love you today, well I you my brother and sisters.

There is some good stuff in here...please continue

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 08:58 AM
I don't really know where to start here.
Firstly you OP are an American, you are exposed to American culture and media, so it could be surmised that in your country, statistically, most of the people interested in UFO's are white...maybe.
But here's some news for you: there are hundreds of other countries in the world that you very obviously haven't got the faintest idea about. In Brazil for example there are some of the hottest spots for UFO sightings in the world. What about China, who have academic institutions specifically set up to study the phenomenon, the list goes on.
As an earlier poster suggested, different cultures handle this subject in different ways than people do in your country, America is not the center of the universe (it might be the center of your little universe).
The very idea that UFO/Aliens are racist is preposterous and indicative of your extremely limited knowledge about the subject and about this world we all live in.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:00 AM
you've been ignoring the people of other colours that's why you think such things.

you are the racist one here
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by ALOSTSOUL
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

The reason we see more white folk on TV is because we live in a majority white society.

Two things come to mind. First, the majority shouldn't rule the minority and should never be an excuse for just such a cause.

Second, based off your argument, does that mean we also live in a more male populated society? I am assuming that we must live in a society where males far exceed woman population because males run majority of government, corporate America, and hold all the dominating spots in Hollywood and mainstream media as well. Must be the same reason we have never had a female president and why it took us until the year 2008 to get a black president. I am sure it has nothing to do with racism, and what you are saying though. I knew there must have been a reason for all that.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:05 AM
Explanation: Uhmmm?

Has anybody thought to think about this from point of view of biology of the abducting aliens?

Lets take the classic grey alien and I wonder which bits of the electromagnetic spectrum they see in?

They might not see the same as us and therefor may be using totally different selection criteria for selecting abducties [and yes that may be on a visual only at face value basis]!

Maybe those huge black eyes are some polarizing / glare cutting lenses?

Personal Disclosure: Please stop anthropomorphizing [ie seeing this from a human only perspective].

Do you see what I see?

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:06 AM
Well OP you have definitely proven that whatever race a person is ignorance and laziness go hand in hand.

Took me 1 minute to type in a youtube search and found quite a few Black people who claim to have had UFO/alien/abductee encounters.

A news story from Puerto Rico

South Africa

Next time try using that rectangle shaped thingy connected to your computer box.... I think most white people call it a "keyboard"'s been known to be useful to do research and stuff with
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by seabhac-rua

You are talking like a typical anti-american european (and I don't mean that in a condescending way at all) and possibly mislabeling me for something I am not. I am well aware of what you are talking about, and lord knows, I know we suffer from a horrible case of "it's all about me" here in America. It is one of the reasons I brought this post up.

Also keep in mind, I said I was basing it off my own experience and not fact. Something I simply observed, and wanted to know if I was observing was the same as others were observing. I never once said I this is fact, and I am not open to change.

If you look through my history, I have put up a post in the past, specifically asking for folks opinions about conspiracies in general, from other parts of the worlds perspective. I hardly got any responses at all, which has led me to think other things, including this subject. I have been wondering if this is just an American made fabrication, dominated by American culture, if it is filtered differently from us to you all, and why is it that I am seeing certain things, that you are clearly not seeing.

Again, it's just an attempt to understand what I am witnessing, good, bad, or indifferent. You and I can look at the same exact UFO, at the same exact moment, from the same exact location, and see two completely different things. I am not here to say what is right or wrong, but simply stir the pot, and see what comes out. Everything I have stated is simply IMO, nothing more.

Not really sure why folks are getting so hostile about it, instead of just talking about it from "their" experience. All I am hearing is "you are wrong!" The same exact thing the religious folks are telling the UFO'ers, and the same exact thing the UFO'ers are telling the religious people.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:25 AM
Well, what did you think about the cave drawings from Australia and Africa?

Why no comment? Here they are again... LINK

Perhaps if continue to ignore all the examples that people are providing then you can still uphold your racist belief system.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

So it leads me to one of two conclusions...1) Aliens are in fact racists, and have no interest in black folks at all. Or 2) The whole thing is just a white mans fantasy game.

Thank you for bringing up a topic that is clearly considered tabu by the UFO community. The simple fact of the matter is that contactee literature emerged against a background of racial theory. Exhibit A: George Adamski, who introduced the world to the teachings of beautiful Aryans from the planet Venus. Although his followers play down his racial theories, you can get a pretty good idea of what they are by reading the description of what are now known as "Nordic" aliens:

Nordics are typically described as six to seven feet tall with long blond hair and blue eyes, and are commonly reported as being male.[1] Their skin is said to range from fair colored to tanned,[2] and they are sometimes reported to wear skintight clothing.[1] ...

Nordic aliens have been described as benevolent or even "magical" beings who want to observe and communicate with humans. Contactees have said that the Nordics are concerned about the earth's environment or prospects for world peace, and may transmit messages telepathically.[3] American social worker John Carpenter said that the typical Nordic, as described by those he interviewed, "is paternal, watchful, smiling, affectionate, youthful, [and] all-knowing."[1] Stephanie Kelley-Romano says that the Nordics "are often associated with spiritual growth and love and act as protectors for the experiencers."[5] A few claimants say that the Nordics have warned them about the grey aliens,[3] but other claimants say that they have seen Nordics inside the same craft as greys.[1] In such reports, the Nordics are often interpreted as leaders, with the greys as their subordinates.[2] Jenny Randles writes that although she believes Nordics have "certainly" been involved in abductions she feels the abduction is "less essential to the encounter than it is with the [greys]."[6]

The term "Nordic" did not come into wide use until the 1980s. In earlier decades, the entities now described as Nordics were often called "Space Brothers". Some of the best known individuals who claimed to interact with Space Brothers include George Adamski, Howard Menger, and Billy Meier (who said his contacts came from the Pleiades system). However, these men's stories are widely considered "absurd hoaxes", in the words of Jerome Clark.[2]

[edit for brevity --DJW001]

Stephanie Kelley-Romano observes that "white extraterrestrials are those that are most revered", compared to other beings like the greys, and argues that claimants may use their stories about extraterrestrials "as a means of articulating racially based fears".[5]

Adamski's Venusian philosophy was drawn from the anti-semitic and racist writer Madame Blavatsky's theosophical writings, in which we know he took an interest as early as the late 1930s:

Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East (1936), Royal Order of Tibet (reprinted 1974, 2000, Health Research)

In short, I agree with your conclusion that much of UFOlogy is dominated by fantasists who project their hopes and fears onto the phenomenon. Sometimes, though not always, there is an element of racial and/or class anxiety. Members of minorities or other underdog groups are often too busy dealing with pressing matters of survival to speculate on extraterrestrial affairs.
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

No desire to respond to your stuff anymore and won't even bother looking at it. "Would you rather be happy or right?" You should think about that for a while.

Best of luck to you my friend.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by Awoken4Ever
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

No desire to respond to your stuff anymore and won't even bother looking at it. "Would you rather be happy or right?" You should think about that for a while.

Best of luck to you my friend.

So you flat out ignore answers to the questions you pose?

Seems to me no matter what anyone says to you you will still think what you think.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

Well, what did you think about the cave drawings from Australia and Africa?

Rock paintings of the ever present ancestors have nothing to do with UFOlogy. Just because you think these ghosts look like aliens, doesn't mean that they have anything to do with what is going on in UFOlogy, beside the ever more desperate attempts to find "historical evidence" for extraterrestrial visitations.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Awoken4Ever

No desire to respond to your stuff anymore and won't even bother looking at it. "Would you rather be happy or right?" You should think about that for a while.

It appears I am both and you are neither.

Why don't you explain it to me please. I suppose I could be wrong about you.

I will respect you and your personal beliefs. I already apologized saying I did not intend to offend anyone with my jokes.

I don't quite understand why a person has to chose between being right or happy.

Sounds like the old saying "choose your battles wisely"

So you asked for people to provide you with some examples but refuse to look at them or comment on them?

The examples I gave you are perfectly valid and good examples. I don't care about winning a silly debate or about being "right".

This is a discussion about opinions and perceptions. There is no right or wrong in this instance.

As for being happy... a good sense of humor helps.....but if you really wish to uphold your claim of loving your fellow man and not lowering yourself to hate another person.

Then I feel you should not judge me by a couple (perhaps inappropriate) jokes. And I won't judge you on your lack of research before coming to any conclusions.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by DJW001

Thank you DJ. I haven't even gone there yet, but one can "imagine" that there must be a race war going on up there to depending on what theology you buy into no? I mean you have different species that hate each other, fighting over things that I am just to clueless to understand, and even have other alien "slaves." Doesn't it sound a lot like what is going on down here? What is above, so is below. People that are buying into this stuff, look at them as the "real" Gods so to speak, our true creators, that is going to bring all this harmony, protection, love, etc... yet it sounds an awful lot like the religious folks stories also. In fact, it sounds a lot like what is happening down here in every culture. If we could just get rid of them damn Jews! If we could just get rid of the damn Muslims! Those damn Christians are messing everything up! If it wasn't for the blacks! Damn cracker's owning everything and dominating our society! Those damn Americans! Even Satan and Jesus can't play nice and they are suppose to be the best of the best depending on how you look at it.

If you were to buy into the whole Andromedan Council thing (for one example), there is a possibility they can't help us because of the Christians?? Because of their faith in a "fake" God, and it could prevent them from saving us and our planet?? Like really?? Does that sound an awful lot like racism in another extreme? More hate?

There are just too many things that don't make sense to me the more I look at this stuff. The more research I do, the more empty questions I end up with.

From an American perspective spending thousands of hours looking into this stuff, all I see is white folks for the most part. I don't want to tie this specifically into this subject, but when you look at the whole NWO, New Age, Christian, Illuminati, etc... radio hosts, reporters, experts in the field, etc...they are all white.

Unless I missed it, but I have yet to see anyone point out a "famous" Ufologist that is black. I can't think of one single name in all my travels on all these subjects at the current moment that isn't white. Why is that? Someone providing a video of an alleged abductee doesn't mean I was saying they don't exist, but it is definitely a white world out there for the most part. I just don't understand why that is. Especially now that someone pointed out in an early post about how far back black history truly goes, you would think they would be so much more advanced in this subject than we are, even if they don't have supporting evidence. You would still think it would be in African American culture brought over in myths by the original slaves.

Something is not adding up here to me, and I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is enough to communicate properly what I am thinking, without it turning into a bash riot on myself. I would really hate to see this thread go to trash because I can't effectively communicate on this subject properly. I am just trying to make sense out of nonsense, and I am not doing a very good job of it in general.

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