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[WTB] The system has failed

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 06:30 PM
It has been said, that it is always darkest before the dawn. It has also been said that the closer you are to achieving your goals, the farther away they seem.

To steal a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man".

Instead of simply writing and complaining about the massive ongoing campaign to take away our liberties, I chose to do something about it.

I joined “We are CHANGE” and started a chapter in Arlington, TX.

No more than 12 hours after taking on this commitment, We received a notice on the door of the apartment that we were in violation of the pet clause in the lease, and were being fined $300 for the violation, plus $400 for a pet deposit, and an additional $400 for some random pet “fee”, as well as being forced to thin out our family (get rid of one of the pets.)

I have 3... Clarity, A small female cat; Charlie a 6 month old male Chihuahua; and Zeke, a 2 year old male Corgi mix that would give his life for me, and vice versa.

For this heinous crime, the Apartment complex is asking for an additional $1100, on top of the $1150 rent, in the middle of a recession.

Now, I’m not sure about any of you, but to me these animals are not a nuisance to anyone. Sure, Zeke tends to bark a lot when I’m away, (he’s a bit of a co-dependent with strong protection instincts) but that is only natural.

Here is the dilemma. Due to the exquisite economy we find ourselves in, our household is operating on one income. After losing my “Director of Marketing” position in corporate America, I have been unable to find “gainful employment”. I have exhausted my unemployment (which means that since I no longer collect, I am no longer included in national unemployment figures. Unemployment is in reality nearer to 40%, not the 9% reported by mainstream media), been through the nightmare of attempting to comply with the impossible terms of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with no income, Lost my house, My car, my savings and my motorcycle. I have fought a horrible battle with addiction, and am dealing with the legal issues that were created as a result. I have hurt friends unintentionally. I have been an ass of the greatest magnitude. I played the American dream game, and lost it all.

Which means, in essence, I have been an exceptional burden to those who love me. I have tried to do my best to compensate for my lack monetary contribution by keeping up with housework and contributing in other ways. I have never asked for a free lunch of any kind.

Its only now that I realize that none of that dream was never mine. Everything I slaved for could evaporate without a moments notice. Buy a House outright, but miss the taxes [read: tribute to the king] a year, and "Uncle Sam" takes it away quicker than it took for you to sign the mortgage.

Property rights in this country are a Joke. You don't "own" anything. You are simply leasing your property from the government, until you can't afford to pay tribute to your "Sovereign". Just like in Medieval times, when everything the serfs owned, was regulated by the King...

You don't even have control of who you sell your property "to" in "Amerika." If it is truly yours, then wouldn't that mean, if you make a choice to sell it, then you could sell it to a buyer of your choosing?

Whatever happened to:

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?"

Should we be forced to sell "our" property to someone who is abusive or offensive to our customers? or plans to use our property for nefarious means?

In America, no. In "Amerika", however, you can't discriminate in any way. Your property isn't yours at all - not in "Amerika."

I realize now that just like in the old Matthew Broderick movie “Wargames” this is a strange game indeed. The only winning move, is truly not to play.

After all of the above, I am still expected to fulfill a tax obligation that does nothing AT ALL to lend a hand or to help myself and others out (in similar situations not of our own creation) but it will help the “too big to fail” jack holes from having to walk a day in our shoes, after foolishly gambling and squandering money that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

So, here I sit. Trying to make the world a better place for everyone else (which doesn’t pay ANY bills, requiring a menial crap job in fast food to even SURVIVE) and no faith left in the system we are living in, because It is designed to keep the public uninformed and enslaved to a system that has failed them time and time again.

Right smack dab in the same “hopeless” situation as 30+% of the other people in “Amerika.”

Being forced to leave the place I live, but can’t pay for on my own, because I refuse to discard my faithful dog who is a member of the family, and saddened to the core because those that I love the most can’t see that my commitment to “We are CHANGE” is for the direct benefit of themselves and others in the exact same boat.

Gerald Celente said:
“ When people lose everything, they lose it…”

Preach on brother Gerry…

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 07:11 PM
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 07:37 PM

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 08:18 PM

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 09:09 PM

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Please stop the senseless bickering and accusations.

This is an entry into a writing contest.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by Lono1

I always thought it was ridiculous that we had to pay the government property tax in order to live in OUR OWN property and, on top of that, we have to pay an income tax for the privilege of being able to earn a living to support a family.

Land of the free my ass.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by FortAnthem

No, no, you're thinking "Land of the Free Lunch". I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no such thing as a free lunch.

The OP is a sad commentary on our times. How did they know you had more than one pet? Did you pay the initial pet deposit? Wait a second, were you breaching your lease by having more than one pet? WhuhOh.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 04:53 PM
I feel your pain Lono1, I really do. It does seem like you have to be a real ass to get ahead in this country, while those who don't have (or want) that "killer instinct" get tossed off to the side like so much refuse.

It's all gonna change soon brother; hang in there.

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