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Interconnection - Chapter 6: The Future Is Now

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 02:24 PM
Day 152. Have you ever pondered the absurdity of conscious existence. Everyone thinks they know so much but the truth is we all know so little. I can't prove that the people around me even exist. How can I ever really know if I'm unable to see reality through their eyes? I've never left this planet, can I be absolutely sure that space really exists beyond the atmosphere unless I go there myself? What if this entire reality is just a super advanced computer program, a virtual reality?

After scanning the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the area I noticed some oddities. There were some weird signals floating among all the noise, they looked suspiciously similar to the signals emitted by WAHC technology. Remember when I was saying my mind works better at night. It turns out that my most absurd theory was true after all. They are probably using satellites, radio stations and cell phone towers to transmit a hypnotic signal during the day. After nullifying the signal with my defense mechanism I can think clearly during the day now.

"Testing... testing... 1, 2, 3." mumbles TheDoctor, and I can hear his voice as if he were next to me.
"Houston, we have contact!" I exclaim.
"I will never doubt you again! I can't believe that our voices sound so much like our real voices!" shouts TheDoctor.
"Well the voice samples from each of our voices made it work nicely. We could have used robotized voices but that didn't seem like any fun." I respond.
"So what the hell do we do now? What are we going to do with this technology?" TheDoctor questions.
"I've been thinking about that. The people who I stole this technology from. God only knows what they are planning to do, or are already doing with this technology. We need to find out more about them and find out what they are up to." I pronounce.
"That's going to be dangerous. Do you really want to mess with these guys?" he asks.
"I don't trust these people, I need to know what they're using this technology for. From now on this is the safest way to talk. Right now our voices are being sent to each other over the internet using encrypted connections which are handled by a server in Sweden. Even if they managed to decrypt it they'd need to understand what they were looking at. And only very specialized quasi-government organizations will have the ability to read signals used in WAHC technology." I explain carefully.
"That's easy enough to understand. So I'll need to have this little device behind my ear for us to talk this way?" questions TheDoctor.
"Correct. From now on we'll call those little units a NERD - Neurological Extension and Relay Device. NERDs essentially have the ability to alter your mind and read your mind. But the 'control center' - your wifi laptop - is responsible for sending a signal to the NERD which tells it how to alter your mind. Then the NERD 'relays' a weaker signal to your head. The NERDs second function is to intercept the brain waves emitted from your head and 'relay' the signal back to the 'control center'. All signals sent between the NERD and control center are encrypted for security and so that it wont affect anyone in the area." I answer.

TheDoctor and myself are achieving great success with the WAHC and WIHC technology. By combining these technologies with the internet it's possible to achieve 'telepathic' communication aided by technology - or TCAT - with anyone in the world. It's a bit like having a conversation with microphones over the internet, but it's actually feels like the person is standing right near you, and that's because the WAHC technology alters your brain to make you actually believe it.

WAHC technology can alter your entire perception of reality. It can make you hear things that aren't there, but it can also make you see things that aren't there. I have used this concept to develop a visual display/overlay (lets just call it the 'OVI' technology - Overlaid Visual Interface) which alters my brain to create a state of augmented reality. I can literally see things that aren't there floating in front of my eyes. Images inserted on top of my normal vision.

It works exactly the same as before when I was overlaying my computer screen onto my normal vision. Only now I have developed a custom operating system specially designed to work with the OVI technology. Everything has been made semi-transparent and the interface is extremely compact so that it wont obscure my normal vision too much. WIHC technology lets me use my thoughts to control a virtual keyboard and a small cross hair cursor instead of a large triangle pointer. The cross hair will also appear and disappear when I want it to.

The OVI display also shows me graphs about my brain activity and the status of my security system. I've provided TheDoctor with this new OVI program. It also has an inbuilt function that lets me initialize a TCAT conversation with TheDoctor. When call his OVI display will show that he has an incoming TCAT call and he has the choice to accept or reject it. He also has the ability to make TCAT calls to me. We agreed that we would always answer each others calls except in cases of emergency.

Day 160.

Incoming TCAT call (TheDoctor) ...
Call authorized ...
Initializing connection ...

"Hey dude I have something you need to see." TheDoctor informs me.
"What is it?" I reply.
"This hacker I talk to some times, CrystalViper, phoned me from a public phone, told me he was on the run from the cops, and told me where to download a file he stashed on a random server. He said that you might know what do to do with it. I just heard on the news they caught him and he's being sentenced for some sort of hacking offense." explains TheDoctor.
"What? How did he know who I was? Did he know my name?" I ask furiously.
"Well everyone in the underground knows your name is Adam. It's your screen name on all the boards. I didn't even think your real name was Adam though... even if it is your real name, it's a very common name. At least no one knows your last or middle name." TheDoctor answers.
"Just upload the file to my FTP server. I can browse my FTP server from within my OVI display." I respond.
"It's a fairly large file but with my upload speed it shouldn't take too long." boasts TheDoctor.
"I can't help but think this feels like some sort of trap. To bust me they might try going through you." I propose.
"There can't be much harm in checking it out." TheDoctor suggests.
"Ok I've got the file. It's just a single program... I'll fire it up in a sandbox and see what it's used for." I reply.
"Sounds like it could be a tracking app. Make sure your firewall doesn't let it make any connections to the internet." TheDoctor warns.
"It's not a virus and it hasn't tried to establish any connections yet, but there's a settings area and a button which says 'connect to server' so I'm assuming it will try to make a connection when I hit that button." I respond.
"What are the settings for?" TheDoctor asks curiously.
"Input Network Stream... Output Network Stream... could this be some sort of WAHC-WIHC program? I'm able to select my NERD input and output signals from the drop-down lists... this might be similar to the TCAT software I developed. The last requirement in the settings is a password. The connections are encrypted like ours." I suggest.
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 02:26 PM
Last night I dreamt about Eve again. Maybe she really is inside my head. We always seem to be near the ocean when I'm talking to her in my dreams. This time I can't quite remember what we spoke about. It must have been something important, she only ever appears when she has something important to tell me. I thought a hot shower to wake myself up would make me remember but it just wont come to me. Maybe a strong coffee would give a boost to my brain.

Watching the white milk spiral around with the black water it suddenly became clear to me. Scenes of Eve rush into my head... she was saying something about the password for that weird program TheDoctor gave me. That's right, she told me what the password was! Now I remember, she also told me that I must use the program at a certain time - over a week from now - otherwise it wont work. Why would she make it that easy?

Day 171.

"Can you please do the dishes while I'm at work today?" Sarah pleads.
"Sure if I get time." I respond casually.
"Oh just do it mister." Sarah orders.
"Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'll get it done." I joke.
"And eat that breakfast I made for you. It will go cold." Sarah demands.
"Ok thanks for making breakfast." I reply.
"I'll see you when I get home." Sarah says as she walks out the door.
"Have a nice day! Love you!" I shout before she closed the door.

There's a discerning feeling deep in my stomach that tells me something isn't quite right. Very shorty it will be the exact time Eve told me to use the program TheDoctor gave me. After reverse engineering the program and examining the source code, according to my best guess this is some sort of TCAT type program, but it seems to have code patterns I don't recognize and wont understand without adequate time. Eve says I have to use it now, so I'm going to trust her and find out what this program does.

Initializing WEAVER Engine ... success
Testing NERD.Input.Gateway ... success
Testing NERD.Output.Gateway ... success
Connecting to remote server ... success
Authorizing credentials ... success
Establishing session with host ... success

"Good morning gentlemen, if I could have your attention we're going to get started now." says a man with a robotic voice.
"I have gathered you all here today to show you the latest research and development in the field of Psychotronics, specifically, manipulation of the Human mind via use of electromagnetic radiation. As you know, many devices are capable of being programmed to emit mind altering signals. However, strong signals emitted by our satellites can be focused to affect one person or a whole town." said another man in the exact same voice.

Where am I? I knew this was a bad idea. My heart feels like it's racing but I don't think this is reality. The whole room looks like a computer game. I can tell that things are made out of virtual 3D polygon objects. Everyone looks like the exact same game character: a generic business man wearing a black suit. I look down at my chest and I become aware that I look exactly the same. It's as if I'm stuck inside some sort of video game!

"One of the most promising military applications of this technology is the ability to wipe memories from a persons mind. There's virtually no chance the subject will remember the erased memories. I'm sure you gentlemen can understand how useful this technology will be to your projects, we hope to see ongoing donations to our organization from all members." the man explains in a robotic voice.
"And what's the status of Project Interconnection?" another man asks in the same robotic tone.
"You're experiencing a test of the advanced stages of the project right now. The technology producing this state of virtual reality that we are all sharing right now is proof that Human minds can be connected by technology. By the end of this year we will reach our goal, to insert the consciousness of our men into remote subjects and use them as expendable and untraceable vessels. The future is now gentlemen." the man finishes.

"You people are mad!" I blurt out in an uncontrollable anger.
"What did you say? Who are you?!?" the man shouts at me.
"Sir his IP address is outside the Government range." another man mutters into his ear.
"Well then disconnect him from the server immediately you fool!" yells the man.
"You psychopaths haven't seen the last of me! I know what you-"

-- disconnected from server --
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 03:08 PM
And so we are left hanging.......GRRR!

What twists and turns. I'm feeling that "Adam" is going to get busted soon, or else he will have to go on the run or something. I'm content to read, to see where you take this.

Note: I read an article the other day about a chick that tried to get a publisher. She got turned down several times, then made it an e-book. She's sold 400,000 copies since then, at 1 buck a piece. E-books sales have surpassed the 1 billion mark worldwide. With a bit of copy editing, and a few more chapters, there's no reason you couldn't do the same thing. I plan on making my own e-books someday, but I just don't set aside enough time to write.

A very good story. Worth 1 dollar to read the whole thing. With extraneous income of $400,000, I could quit my day job. It's a goal for me someday. Just thinkin'.

Keep 'em coming.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 03:24 PM

And so we are left hanging.......GRRR!

lol well I'm sorry it might be a while again until I have time to spit out a few more chapters. Just hang in there.

What twists and turns. I'm feeling that "Adam" is going to get busted soon, or else he will have to go on the run or something. I'm content to read, to see where you take this.
Well I hope to run this story for a while yet, so if he's ever caught, it wont be for a while at least.

She's sold 400,000 copies since then, at 1 buck a piece. E-books sales have surpassed the 1 billion mark worldwide.
Now that's it's posted on a public message board it might be a bit hard to sell. Not that I really want to, I have other ways of making money. This is just one of my many hobbies that I do in my free time.
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Oh shiznit. You know what I just realized. I changed his girlfriends name from Katie to Sarah without even realizing. LOL.

I'm sure that is going to confuse many people. Too bad I can't go back and edit Chapter 4 and 5. I still have time with this chapter but I think I'm going to stick with Sarah anyway.

Just remember this is a raw prototype version with a tiny amount of editing.
When it's finished I will release a full PDF version.

edit: or I could just explain the change of her name with some absurd plot twist!

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 10:18 PM
I'm loving this story, I can't wait to read the rest!

I can't help but thinking this has to be semi-real, it doesn't feel like fiction. Lol (:

I really do think that there's a lot about the government & elite & such that even us conspiracy theorists don't know about, I hope one day Anon or someone will find out for us. (:

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 05:33 PM
Will the story continue? been watching out almost everyday for chapter 7... great work!

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:15 AM

Originally posted by coldhand
Will the story continue? been watching out almost everyday for chapter 7... great work!
Yeah it will continue, but probably not for another couple of weeks. I'm in the middle of moving houses and I have a bunch of other stuff I need to do. I'll send you a PM when I release a new chapter.

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