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why the terrorists won.

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 11:48 AM
I received this comment on another thread in response to a debate about the 2012 election. This person is from a different country:

America is mutating into crazy hypocritical hell. It was symbol of freedom, now it's symbol of restraint and lies to support fighting outside their borders, and opressing it's citizens inside. I'm sorry for rant, but this Rick Perry's spot where he claims that faith made America strong is a flat lie, and it's disgusting to see how USA wastes it's own heritage. 9/11 didn't just wreck buildings, it made USA throw it's freedom into dumpster.

You know what? I have to agree with this statement. I have a more positive outlook about America than most people here. But we have lost our ways do you know why this is? Before 9/11 we were the most powerful nation on the planet because of various things already discussed elsewhere on the forums. That can be a good or bad thing depending on where you grew up in the world and how you view the rest of it. Before 9/11, America was comfortable, we had a balanced budget, we had freedom of religion, we had low gas (oil), and food prices. We had a lower cost of living. Government was at a manageable size and the dot com bubble fueled American ideas onto cyberspace. For the most part the world was at peace and very stable.

Then, the war on terror happened. Paranoia sweeped over the American people. For a moment we didn't even know who the enemy was. If we weren't before we effectively became a military industrial complex as soon as Bush signed the Patriot Act. Which is shadow named to fool the American people to not look into it that much. Evil terrorist groups like the Taliban and the Al Qaeda soon became talking points over dinner tables as the media brainwashed certain Americans to hate Muslims. Everybody soon pointed to Iraq and Afghanistan (it didn't really matter, it was all the same) as the enemy. Airports beefed up security and increased screening probably about 300%. (Can someone find this stats?) We were all too happy to sacrifice certain things (not like there was much anybody could do) To catch the terrorists. Did the terrorists succeed in their plans? You bet they did! They wanted to be remembered as Martyrs and they succeeded more than any other martyrs in history! They ignited a new world!

For liberals who like to blame Bush for all of this, he was just the puppet. A talking head. Someone to tell the American people what was going on. Just like how you back up Obama saying it wasn't his ideas for the wars we are in today. Maybe you didn't even listen to Bush before he became President, but he DID NOT run as a war monger. He actually promised to maintain Clinton's budget and to keep the economy balanced. NO, there were other powers at work here. Oil trading between the BIn Laden family and the Bush family definitely could have helped. But you have to realize, that certain paranoid uncivilized people hate America and will do anything they can to destroy us or "terrorize us." Remember Bin Laden didn't just want to destroy America, he wanted to hurt us.

Things would not be so radically different if John Kerry or Al Gore became President during that time. The War on Terror was the absolutely only agenda on TPTB's minds. Everything else any other Candidate ran on would have gone out the window. Both Kerry and Gore supported the war on terror as it was on going and when asked about it.

I think it's safe to say, we lost the war on terror. However, what else could we have done differently? What would Britain do if one of their iconic buildings were blown up that way? What about the European Union? Americans after 9/11 wanted someone to blame, we NEEDED to go after an enemy. It doesn't really matter if BIn Laden was behind the whole thing or if Iraq had Nuclear weapons. What matters is the story sold to us by the media through the President's mouth and from the TPTB. I think obama would have had to do the same thing, people would listen to him as much as they listened to Bush.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 11:56 AM
Problem = Some random Terrorists who somehow have an endless supply of weapons, bombs, intelligence equipment and money
Reaction = Events of 9/11, 7/7, Mumbai attacks etc...
Solution = Reduced Freedoms and democracy to make way for a "safe and secure" One World Government

So even though you might think that the "terrorists" won, if you follow the strings, you'll find that every puppet has a master...
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:07 PM
America puked the constitution onto the feet of the people. They say Nazi Germany was bad.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:29 PM
Consider this.

There really is no PTB.

The fact that nations go under and up and down is part of a natural process and the fault of the stupidity of "elected" (or greedy) individuals. There is no secret society other than classified military projects, everything is being made up for someones profit and they have hired countless intelligent people to determine what action they should take to line their pockets. The people on TV are not just talking heads, they are actually real people disguised as... well... talking heads.

Yes, people have been killed, but not by an ultra-elite top secret power, merely a greedy individual with too many bad friends. The story has been vastly expanded upon to intimidate individuals who would seek dissent.

We are being made to think there is no hope, when in reality it is plentiful and change would be so easy if we grasped the world with our righteousness instead of letting it fall into decay and greed.

Only 3% of Americans vote.

When bread starts costing $100 and extra digits are being tacking on to your federal income tax, people will get angry, all the stones will be overturned and TPTB will turn out to be nothing more than a few overzealous business men.
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