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Americans not immune if they act against U.S: CIA

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by gimme_some_truth
That is common sense. However, you may find sollice in knowing that through out history, when the government turns on it's people, the military sides with the people. Why? Because the people are made up of their mom's, dad's brothers and sisters.....

What?? Can you be more specific in your argument. I am not sure how the military didn't turn on it's people in the Civil War. I am not really sure of any other points in history where you can use this argument which it would apply.

I am also not sure of any other American war where troops haven't been conditioned for the last 20 years of fighting violent wars elsewhere to return conditioned to fight, and the American Government "turning" on it's people. At this same time, I am not sure at what point the youth has been so programmed in violent games, videos, music, film, and culture overall where it seems OK to kill, be violent, and abuse people. I am not really sure in any other time we have lived in where "it's all about me" has never been stronger in the world (i.e. facebook, twitter, youtube, mysapce, camera phones, texting, killing one another over a pair of sneakers, etc...etc...etc...) I am also not sure of any other war that has taken place in America that is inside a time of mass programming through electronics to get the word out like they can today.

We can't even get our kids to stop talking one another into taking their clothes off for each other at such a young age, taking a picture of them, and then sending it all over the school because they think it's cool instead of seeing how truly sick that is. Not only can we not stop them from doing it, but we can't get the kids who think they are innocent because they never did it, to refrain from looking at it anyway. Bullying is at an all time high with the end result being suicide for many.

We have groups like Anonymous that are solely targeting our kids and teaching them to think it's cool to break the law because "they" are breaking it. We can't even get one another to help each other in the biggest trial of our lives because they are so inundated with scum like Lebron James thinking he really is some kind of a King and would like to have anything he has because a commercial told them so.

We have never once lived in times of this mass social indoctrination of "it's all about me" and you think they don't know or planned this? You think they don't have a plan to get people to turn on their own citizens?? Like really??? They just got our own government to strip away just about ALL of our bill of rights right in front of our eyes in just a matter of years, which this same military is sworn to uphold and protect us from, and has yet to step up to the plate to defend us from this! You suddenly think when these same people who stood by and did absolutely nothing to protect us can't feed their families any more they won't pick up a gun and blow your brains out???

When these same people you speak of are promised food, resources, health care, better shelter for them and "their families" who exactly would they be turning on? Certainly not their families. I think you are missing the point of exactly to the extent one could use these powers to manipulate the minds of a soldier so that he in fact is not thinking about turning on his family, but providing for them.

Maybe you can help me understand your thinking more because I am blown away at what you are saying! I find ZERO "solace" in what you are saying brother. Not sure how much longer one is going to sit around and think help is on the way when there is none. The military is suppose to protect us from these things and they have yet to do a single thing about it! Suddenly they are going to have a change of heart later?

Don't let me forget the percentage of homeless vets out in the street today where their own people turned on them "after" they stepped up for us. These same military folks neglect to connect the dots and see the long term ramifications of what putting their life on the line for others and how they were treated in life later. How many vets are changed for life because of the tragedies they witnessed, the psychological torture they took on defending our country, to only end up (in some instances) begging for change on the corner because they couldn't handle life anymore and slip back in to a normal society. Nobody wants to talk about this now, we just will live with this fact later.

Please friend...wake up.
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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

The key phrase in the 6th Amendment is "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused..."

S.1867 does not address law; it addresses the military. The military is not the police, nor are they a souped-up Federal version of the police. The police and the courts of the United States address law, not the military.

If you or anyone else take up arms against anyone, me, the old man down the street, or the US military, you are taking your life in your hands. Understand that. Taking up arms, conspiring to kill American citizens, engaging the military on any battlefield, is taking your life in your own hands. No one cares about your rights when you are busy throwing bullets in their direction.

What really bothers me about all this is that there are plenty of actual conspiracies. The Patriot Act, police brutality on the rise, attempts to water down our Second Amendment rights, SOPA, all of these are actual threats to our way of life. S.1867 is not. S.1867 is just a military appropriations bill, a way to verify payment for items and services needed and requisitioned by the military, with two small sections thrown in to reiterate, not introduce, acceptable methods of dealing with military detainees.

No wonder so many people look suspiciously at conspiracy theorists.

Understand something: the US Constitution does not grant anyone the right to shoot at the US Military. The US Constitution does not grant anyone the right to step in front of a battle and not be in peril. The US Constitution can not grant those rights. Only you can ensure your safety, by staying out of those situations.

What's next? Is someone going to claim we're destroying the Constitution because a citizen got hit by a car and died without 'due process'? Is it going to be unconstitutional to die after jumping off a 10-story building because you never got a trial? Will there be a Supreme Court case where someone didn't get their 'due process' because they stuck a nail in an electrical outlet and died from the electrical shock?

People... wake up!

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ATTACK A COUNTRY WITH IMPUNITY. You never had it. You never will have it.


posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 09:31 PM
I thought is was common knowledge that the CIA was a lawless organization; black budgets and unaccountable to anyone, responsible for assassinations, numerous coups, political agitation at every level, in every country, drug dealing with terrorists, weapons dealings with terrorists, false flags and mind control experiments against the American people, operating with impunity inside the US without a jurisdiction to do so, etc.

The CIA simply does not have any credibility with respect to what is, or is not, lawful. They don't care and have never cared to obey any laws.

Lawless= Satanic.

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