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THE last laugh

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:38 AM
THE last laugh.

A good friend of mine had the last laugh the other day ,
and ushered in the New Covenant .

His name is Jesus , and this
tale is about to become your reality .

He was born into an average family , not so long ago ,
.....His siblings , servants of the great deceiver .
As He grew , the realization that His every thought
became reality , soon became known to Him .
He performed many miracles , healing and fixing the
World's many problems . He remained humble though ,
and His secret identity was known only to a few .
Of course the Adversary , countered His every move
with ever more dastardly tricks.
He was abused , raped , robbed , intimidated at every
turn . .... and the minions flourished .
Of couse His Grace was unshakeable , and the
Earth continued until the final straw was broken .
He had turned His cheek for the last time , when
the evil ones , had Him arrested , and tried for a crime
of self defense .
Pronounced guilty , and sentenced to public execution
all on live T.V , He took the only possible recourse
open to The Living God , ...... He stopped Time.
The evil minions , were stopped in their tracks ,
..... mid celebration .
Of course , one day is as a thousand years with the Lord ,
and while they were frozen , ten thousand saints arrived ,
and placed a loaded pistol in each of their demon hands ,
.... pointing the guns at their sick heads .
The triggers were pulled .

Jesus ( not His real name ) , restarted Time , and the World
instantly became His again .


....... Believe it or not !


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