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The NAZI Phoenix that rose from Hitler's Germany ashes of WWII to Kill an America President

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 12:57 PM
The Biggest Secret associated with the JFK assassination has a religious secret that was known to the NAZIs, the Manhattan Project's Scientists, the oil refinery business that switched to HF methods in 1942, and those knowledgeable of the inner secrets of the Jewish religion. This big secret came to light via the Germans investigations into the chemistry of fluorides and the discovery of hydrogen fluoride. It came into view of the Manhattan Project's scientists via their involvement with hydrogen fluoride that showed them the same associations that the Germans found. And the secret was that in the times of Moses that he was looking at the natural effects from volcanos that also involved the generation and release of hydrogen fluoride via heating of basalt fluoride laden material.

Moses big secret to free the Hewbrew from their Egyptian keepers was the use of a hydrogen fluoride gas generator that would be nothing more than some fluoride minerals heated in a fire that drove off hydrogen fluoride gas. Hydrogen Fluoride gas makes for a heavy ground hugging fog that is extremely toxic for miles from small releases. It was this effect that was observed again and again around the Manhattan Project and that association to fluorid releases to this old religion issues was considered the largest threat to the Manhattan Project from the public, if that became apparent.

The NAZIs had highly developed the malaise issues of exposure to hydrogen fluoride via the issue of placing fluoride in the water systems of their labor camps and planned even larger exploitation of the method for their captured territories. What the NAZIs and the Jewish Religion types shared was the common knowledge that the Secret Power of Moses Ark of the Covenant came from the releases of hydrogen fluorde into the Egyptian Cities air, which was most dangerous to the new born children that had low resistance to fluoride toxic effects.

So, this was the reason that Hoover placed persons like Jewish Louis Bloomfield over the special security system for the NAZIs at Huntsville, the Manhattan Project and its fluoride business. This was the special circle that all know about the old religion secret and that this was the huge problem in the work force and a huge risk to the surrounding communities that in the case of DOE's operations could kill an entire state from the toxic releases from one of their UF-6 enrichment plants.

It was this issue that the Jewish Jack Ruby would have also known about from his friend that he went to high school with in Chicago that came to work for Oak Ridge. Jack Ruby's fear was that the public would learn that the issues of the Moses Ark of the Covenant was a method to poison the Egyptians in a way they didn't understand to force the Pharo to let the Hebrew people go. Walter Dohrenberger was in Dallas and know all about the issues of fluorine as he designed the fluorine rocket engine for NASA at Bell Aerospace systems in Dallas. So, all the Pro-NAZI gang in Dallas knew about the issues of the Jewish Exodus stemmed from this special toxic effect from nature that Moses learned as he lived in the highly volcanic region of Midian in Saudi Arabia.

When the NAZIs came to the US and brought the games of fluoridation with them, the deal was struck with the Jewish European bankers to use the method to forward fascism and their corporation methods similar to IG Farbens to take control over the world. The US would be exploited as their mussel and their nuclear weapons as the ultimate force. This was the big issue that JFK was uncovering as he closed in on the CIA and Allen Dulles connections with the NAZI water poisoners.

So, for a number of reasons this secret could not be told because it would force the nuclear weapons business to have to shut down from the public's outcry about their extreme risks they faced. It would make public that the issues of the Ark of the Covenant was an issue of fluorine chemistry used as a chemical warfare agent to attain their freedom from the Egyptians. And all that would force into the public view that fluoridation was a huge method to take control over America to exploit them, their money, their resources, their industrial might for the purpose of a NWO. And they were using the very same methods employed in NAZI work camps for IG Farben's corporation's success for the German War efforts of Hitler.

All this rose out of the ashes of Germany's fall as IG Farben was reincarnated as the Bilderbergs and took on the Fascist goals of the NAZIs allied with the Fascist European bankers. The Bilderbergs had their version of the CIA as the PERMINDEX operations that was run by Louis Bloomfield in Canada and that operation combined the needs of the Jewish religion to keep this Ark of the Covenent issue secret to keep up fluoridation, the issue of the Manhattan Project's huge fluoride issues that could kill an entire state from an accident or a plane hitting a gas diffusion plant, and the issues that the NAZIs knew all about these fluoride effects and had traded that knowledge for the lives and freedoms at the end of the war via Allen Dulles connections. The Allen Dulles mess was why JFK wanted to smash the CIA into a billion pieces for going along with this madness that stole America's Freedoms and their high function of mind needed to maintain that freedom.

So, when Jack Ruby went into a panic to kill LHO and his issue was there were going to be pogroms against the Jews, it was over his huge fear that the Jewish religion would be exposed as to that secret power of Moses Ark connected with poisoning the Egyptians and now that effect was being used in the US Citizens with fluoridation. The NAZIs were in on it, as well as the Manhattan Project that used huge amount of fluorine gases for nucear weapons productions. It was that group that wanted JFK silenced and put out of business, and the reason that PERMINDEX elements were in the lead for the JFK assassination.

JFK died to keep the age old secret of the Jewish Ark of the Covenant, to keep the American people enslaved by fluorides just the same way the NAZI work camp people were enslaved with fluoride, and that the European Bankers and the NAZIs all conspired to do this to America for their exploitation of America and Americans.

That was the ultimate issue that had JFK killed and they intended to set a public example to any others that wanted to expose these huge secrets to the world in the same fashion that the A-Bomb had to be shown to work.

So, in Dallas we see HL Hunt's ties to big oil refining with huge HF risks, we see HL Hunt allied with PERMINDEX, and we see HL Hunt being Pro-NAZI and connected with Walter Dohrnberger and his inventions of the florine rocket for Bell Aerospace in Dallas. Then, all these goups know the religion associations with the Ark of the Covenant's secret power using HF, and Louis Bloomfield is in the middle of all these associations with NASA NAZIs and Manhattan Project's biggest secret. Today, the Program F of the Manhattan Project is still hidden from public view because of all these associations and the extreme risks to the public. What is even more dangerous is these secrets would awaken the sleeping giant of Christianty to the Truths of Jesus the the real Holy Land issues for why he was killed. This again links back to Holy Land issues with fluoride in the environment and the specialness of a natural method to deal with this effect that was found by the Essene.


1987 A series of hydrogen fluoride accidents in Texas City, Texas, Torrance California, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, demonstrate that industrial hydrogen fluoride sites are a major public safety threat. Small amounts of HF liquid will release a dense ground hugging gas cloud, lethal for several miles. The first symptoms of exposure to trace amounts of HF are psychological, including confusion, fatigue, partial memory loss, and mental dullness.


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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 04:02 PM
Check out more of just what they know, and for how long they knew:

And why the Zionist element hated the Catholic element.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 05:11 PM
I do think from JFK's very first day in office that JFK knew of one particular secret society that Eisenhower warned him about as JFK took office, as being the Military Industrial Network's gaining too much power. The mouthpiece of the Mil/Ind Network, that quashed Eisenhower's efforts on peace with Russia and Communism, was the John Birch Society, that was basically set up by Rockefeller, member of fascist Bilderberg globalists, in 1958 using Robert (Candy Man) Welch.

So, when I hear the JFK Secret Society Speech I think immediately of the John Birch Society and that it is bascailly secret alliances back to big money via the Rockefellers and the Fascist Bilderberg members. The Bilderberg set up an industrial intelligence network patterned after IG Farben's NW-7, which also killed people as needed. The Bilderberg NW-7 was called PERMINDEX, meaning "Permanent Industrial Expositions". The meaning was they made an example of people that interferred with their fascist globalist designs and their method was essentially corporate wealth building and ownership to the degree that allowed them to call the shots over any Governement.

PERMINDEX was originally working in Europe and tried to knock of DeGaulle, and they fled Europe and moved the record keeping to South Africa. Control then was taken by Louis Bloomfield of Canada, with ties to JE Hoover and the US "Defense Industrial Security Command/DISC". The "DISC" was a close parallel to NW-7, and was formed to protect Muscle Shoals explosive works and TVA. As we look at Dallas in 1963 we find the raging John Birch militants as persons like General Edwin Walker and his richest man in the country pal HL Hunt. Both these John Birch supporters hated JFK for going soft on Communism, which was also the Rockefeller / Bilderberg theme and alliance with John Birch Society. The Hunt money paid for the JFK is a Communist fliers in Dallas and a huge ad in the newspaper.

Many consider the John Birch Society as the central hate JFK theme and the nexus of the plotters that came to kill JFK. It appears JFK was calling attention to the John Birch Society and their efforts to control the presidency on affairs of state, driving wars against Communism, and forcing Mil/Ind Network control over the Presidency. JFK was naming the problem with the Secret Society and the prime society was the John Birch Society and speaking to their unwarranted influence and that repugnance.

And when we get into the who done it issues of JFK's assassination, we find that HL Hunt is a major player, he belonged to both PERMINDEX and the John Birch Society. HL Hunt was also Pro-NAZI that backed the theme of the Bilderberg's NAZI roots, Fascist Corporatism, and LBJ's plans for NASA using the NAZI rocket scientists. I think we know what JFK was pointing at with the secret society speech and he was putting the Birchers on notice. JFK knew the Birchers were behind all the Communist Escallations in the US.

Bobby worked for the Red Scare's McCarthy so RFK knew this Society well. Vietnam was being pushed by this group to stop Communist encroachments in IndoChina. As JFK is murdered, the Birchers got their way with LBJ ramping up Vietnam and selling his Halliburton/KBR Stock at Parkland Hospital to make that happen without appearing complicit or interest conflicted with Halliburton's profits. One can immediately see the pay-back toward the Bircher's desires for being tough against Communism.

There are those that have heard that the John Birch Society was working to kill JFK with General Walker's loose lips in California's Bircher office at Senator John Rousellot's offices. We have eye witness reports on this from Harry J Dean of California. General Walker had ties to Dallas Mayor Cabel whose brother was Allen Dulles Deputy at the CIA. Dulles and General Cabel were fired over the screw ups on the Cuba Bay of Pigs anti-Communism issue, and they allied with the rabid Bircher General Walker in Dallas. This crew was pushing for Vietman next and LBJ was their man.

This is the real relevance of the JFK Secret Society Speech and it is very telling about lots of the JFK assassination's players. Remember that General Walker was pushed out of the Services for giving out John Birch Society information in Europe and going against JFK's Foreign Policy interests and JFK's plan for peaceful coexistance with the Russians. It was this like effort that Khruschev was trying to do with Eisenhower.

We find the General Cabel is behind the U-2 issues and also the UFO issues that link back to NAZI experiments with nuclear weapons and aircraft at White Sands, near Roswell. JFK demanded to know the UFO secrets and that was a death warrant for General Cabel if the CIA told JFK about that huge cover up. With that they turned loose the PERMINDEX assassination unit to kill JFK in Dallas. It is all pretty obvious as to the alliances of the players and who all JFK was going to put in jail, which included LBJ.

Lee Oswald's CIA connections linked back to General Cabel and PERMINDEX to aggrivate the problems with Russia and stop the Eisenhower and Khruschev peace making process. That was LHO's mission into Russia. JFK has put together some of the games of the CIA to stop the peace with Russia and most likely found out from back channel connections to Khruschev himself. So, LHO is recruited into the Dallas plan and we can see this happen with his line dropping at the Atomic Museum in Oak Ridge with a Visitor Register's entry from July 1963. LHO was penetrating this plot to kill JFK that originated at Oak Ridge and it used Jack Ruby in Dallas as the prime arranger for the JFK hit's formulation. Most say the plot to kill JFK originated in Oak Ridge due to JFK's resistance to Ben Gurion's Bomb. The Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons plant's person behind the original plot origination in Oak Ridge attented a church named Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, which had the same theme as John Birch and Communist China.

It went on to recruit all these players, as Oak Ridge's jobs depended in the need of nuclear weapons and the last thing they wanted was peace with the Russians. JFK had found the John Birch Secret Society's players, their alliances with Bilderbergers, and JFK was eliminating them for interference with his affairs of state. So, General Cable, Allen Dulles, and Bissel had to go. General Walker's German Command's alliance with the JBS had to go. And JFK was going to make Peace with Russia and also Cuba, so this corrupt secret society crew decided JFK had to go. When JFK went after Isreal's nuclear proliferation to insure peace with Russia, the Zionist's of Oak Ridge decided JFK had to go, and LBJ supported the Zionist getting the bomb for Israel. It was a very big plot to kill JFK and an intricate system for political pay offs toward the various factions.

Lots more:

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