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The NAZI Phoenix that rose from Hitler's Germany ashes of WWII to Kill an America President

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 10:29 AM
A few references follow.

What were the Russian Solidarists?


The organization adopted a new strategy after the war called the "molecular theory" of revolution, where Soviet citizens were urged (via propaganda literature and radio messages) to create "molecular revolutionary groups" no larger than three people in size in order to minimize the risk of infiltration. These groups were to keep in contact with the NTS center which was located in Frankfurt, Germany. At a ripe moment, the center would coordinate the activity of the molecules and create a revolutionary army out of them.


The Soviets responded to NTS's activities via several methods including arrests, assassination attempts, kidnappings, counterpropaganda, and diplomatic pressure. NTS members who were found in Soviet controlled territories were arrested. Several assassination attempts were made against key NTS members. One of them, NTS chairman George Okolovich, had his would be assassin, Mikhail Khokhlov, confess to him and defect, embarrassing the Soviet government with his media campaign. There were also several bombing attempts.


And Jack Ruby was definitely a big Russian Solidarist:

Ruby Background
Solidarists Forerunners of the Solidarists were before and during World war II, Ukrainian Fascists. The Solidarists expanded the group to include all East European exiles, including those of various religious denominations. Concerning the Solidarists, Jack Ruby was a second-generation immigrant from the White Russian area of Poland and his brother, Hyman Rubenstein, was born there.

Czarists Left Russia with vast fortunes.

1.John DeMenil Russian exile from Houston, Texas, a close friend and supporter of Lyndon Johnson for over thirty years. He fled to France, married into the Schlumberger family, moved to Caracas, Venezuela, and then to Houston, Texas before World War II. He became chairman of the Board of Schlumberger Corporation, a worldwide oil well service company. When Mrs. Jean DeMenil died, she contributed a substantial amount, first from her own personal funds and then from the DeMenil Foundation.
Ralph Paul Ruby's Dallas partner in the Carousel Club, was a Russian immigrant having been born in Kiev, Russia.


Ruby/Nixon connection FBI documents are purported to show Jack Ruby had been an employee of Richard Nixon doing dirty tricks since 1947.


Even Ruby's big pal Meyer Lansky was technically White Russian extraction, and came from an area that Stalin targeted with Purges or Pogroms.

He was born in Poland, read books. Lansky was born Meyer Suchowljansky in Grodno (then in Russia, now in Belarus), to a Jewish family who experienced pogroms at the hands of the Russian authorities.[2] In 1911, he emigrated to the United States through the port of Odessa[3] with his mother and brother and joined his father, who had previously emigrated to the United States in 1909, and settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York.[4]


But, most important, in 1995 Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton (owner of Brown and Root) ( Cheney, the chairman of the board, holds a $45.5 million stake as Halliburton's biggest individual stockholder. Brown and Root reaped multi-millions from the Bosnia war.


The principal financiers of Permindex were a number of U. S. oil companies, H. L. Hunt of Dallas, Clint Murchison of Dallas, John DeMenil, Solidarist director of Houston, John Connally as executor of the Sid Richardson estate, Haliburton Oil Co., Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, Troy Post of Dallas, Lloyd Cobb of New Orleans, Dr. Oschner of New Orleans, George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root, Houston, Attorney Roy M. Cohn, Chairman of the Board for Lionel Corporation, New York City, Schenley Industries of New York City, Walter Dohrnberger, ex-Nazi General and his company, Bell Aerospace, Pan American World Airways, its subsidiary, Intercontinental Hotel Corporation, Paul Raigorodsky of Dallas through his company, Claiborne Oil of New Orleans, Credit Suisse of Canada, Heineken's Brewery of Canada and a host of other munition makers and NASA contractors directed by the Defense Industrial Security Command.


(1) "White Russian" organization called the Solidarists--members Ferenc Nagy of Dallas (former Hungarian premier) and Jean De Menil of Houston (head of Schlumberger);


And this piece from the LaRouche organization speaks to many of the PERMINDEX associations and that LHO was connected with the Tolstoy fundings:


When Dulles spoke, Gehlen listened. The CIA chief was convinced, along with his brother, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, that the "captive nations" of the Soviet bloc would rise up if given sufficient encouragement. At his behest, Gehlen recruited and trained an exile mercenary force ready to rush in without involving American units. Also at Dulles' direction, Gehlen tapped the ranks of his wartime Russian collaborators for a cadre of spies to be parachuted into the Soviet Union. Some of these spies were schooled at the CIA's clandestine base at Atsugi, Japan, where, in 1957, a young Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald was posted to the U-2 spy plane operation there.


The pilot, Francis Gary Powers, later blamed his demise on Lee Harvey Oswald. The U-2 affair effectively sabotaged Ike's summit meeting.


Gehlen pioneered the setting up of dummy fronts and cover companies to support his farflung covert operations. A major project was to form Eastern European emigre groups in the U.S. that could be used against the Soviets. Both the Tolstoy Foundation and the Union of Bishops of the Orthodox Church Outside Russia were funded by the CIA. When Lee and Marina Oswald arrived from the Soviet Union in June, 1962 they were befriended by some three dozen White Russians in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Many had identifiable nazi links; others were in the oil and defense industries. It was an improbable social set for a defector to the U.S.S.R. and his wife from Minsk.


CMC had been formed in 1961, one year after Kennedy was elected. Its principals had worked with fascist networks established after World War II. The board of directors numbered Ferenc Nagy, a former Hungarian premier who led that country's Anti-Communist Countrymen's Party in exile. J. Edgar Hoover brought Nagy to the United States, where there were numerous Gehlen-supported emigre organizations. On August 18, 1951, the Saturday Evening Post pictured Nagy with Czech, Pole, Hungarian and Russian exiles under the heading: "They Want Us To Go to War Right Now." On November 22, 1963 Nagy was living in Dallas.


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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 03:32 PM
I think most should have taken note, by now from the various discussions on the JFK theme, that America was not well managed or a well protected enclave from Foreign Operations happening right in the US. This happened, in part, due to the US taking in various Foreign Intelligence Operations associated with the NAZIs Ghelen Operations and their good buddies the Fascist White Russian elements. This also happend because J Edgar Hoover turned into a massive Crook on the take from the various fascist elements in the US and Europe intent on using the US for their own designs. It didn't stop there as the US was also being heavily invaded by Israeli agents and a number of these Foreign Israeli factions were a huge part of PERMINDEX games.

In the Eisenhower and JFK era, the Israeli agents were busy in the US stealing the nuclear weapons secrets from the US labs and even stealing highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons from the US. Mossad agents were actively working an Apollo, Pa. place called NUMEC. Only in recent time have these thefts of nuclear weapons materials been publically disclosed, admitted, and the Mossad Agents spelled out by name. In LBJ's and Nixon's time it appears a blind eye was turned to various espionage problems in the US due to the FBI playing games with organized crime and allowing the import of various Foreign Elements bent on Fascism. This was happening with the White Russians and their close buddy PERMINDEX interests.

America had became what Thomas Jeffereson had warned about due to all the European factions turning the US into a blood bath of corrupt games for power and control. The Fascists in the US were taking huge control over the US and the US Constitution and We The People were kicked out of informed Govt Processes by these many crooks in high places.


Recently declassified documents analyzed by the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy reveal a suprising fact. The Israeli government used American Jews and its own intelligence agents to infiltrate American uranium stockpiles in the 1950s and 1960s and steal 269 kilograms of weapons-grade material. That led to the creation of the Zionist state’s first nuclear bomb.

According to hundreds of documents from the FBI, CIA and other agencies recently declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, the United States contracted oversight of its nuclear materials stockpile to Zalman Shapiro, president of Numec Inc., an Apollo, Pa.-based company that U.S. intelligence suspected had ties to the newly formed Zionist government in Palestine. Over the next 11 years, 269 kilograms of enriched uranium were stolen from the plant in an operation guided by four known Mossad Israeli intelligence agents: Rafael Eitan, Avraham Ben-Dor, Ephraim Biegun and Avraham Hermoni.

Eitan went on to become the Mossad director who commandeered intelligence operations that kidnapped Adolf Eichmann from his home in Argentina in the 1960s. Eitan also headed the Lekem, which is a Jewish intelligence bureau in charge of stealing nuclear secrets from the United States and other nations. Ben-Dor was long considered Eitan’s right-hand man, but was forced out of his position in Shin Bet in 1986 for the torture and murder of two Palestinian men in his custody. Hermoni went on to direct “Rafael,” which was the program that developed the Zionist nuclear bomb.

Despite warnings of potential sabotage and evidence of nuclear plants being infiltrated, Congress and members of the Energy Department refused to revoke Numec’s contract or view the firm as a security risk.

When CIA agents picked up radioactive material from the Numec facility outside the Zionist nuclear plant in Dimona, Israel, further warnings were sent that Israelis, with the help of sympathetic Zionist-Americans in the United States, were stealing nuclear material and using it to manufacture weapons.

The U.S. government consistently suppressed or ignored this information.

In 2001, the Department of Energy confirmed that 269 kilograms of nuclear material were stolen from the Numec facility.


So, when JFK and DeGaulle worked to have Israel declair their nuclear weapons work at the Dimona Reactor in Israel, the Israeli Mossad Foreign Agents had worked up deals to steal weapons grade uranium from the hugely inflated material loss inventory at NUMEC. I didn't appear to stop there, as other looses were happening at the Kerr-McGee Plutonium fuel element factory in Oklahoma and the killing of Whistleblower Karen Silkwood appears associated with this. Oklahoma Senator Kerr was a part of the Texas 8F group that was allied with these PERMINDEX factions so intertwined with Israeli Foreign Intelligence doing espionage in the US.

JFK got into the nuclear proliferation issues with Ben Gurion because the Germans were helping the Egyptians design rockets and some nuclear technology insights. JFK did not want a US Ally having nuclear weapons on Russia's back door, as that would upset his Peace seeking with Khruschev. JFK demanded Israel declair their reactor and go under IAEA inspections. The battle with Ben Gurion and JFK had Ben Gurion resign and go back to collective farming, and most of their heated conversations are still classified to this very day. JFK and DeGualle had agreed on cutting off Israels Nuclear Bomb making help and that in addition to the Algeria issues was why PERMINDEX was trying to kill DeGaulle. JFK soon came under the same attacks as the Cuba plans fell apart and the same basic Foreign Elements went after JFK and killed him in broad daylight.

There are various books written that speak to this Israeli theme on the JFK assassination. "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper gets into exposing those interests for those involved in trying to place the Jewish elements in some place they would not cause trouble or get into trouble. "Opium Lords", by Salvador Astucia also gets into this area of interest. The obvious Jewish interests in PERMINDEX are Louis Bloomfield, George Mandel, Tibor Rosenbaum and others sympathetic to the theme. There is little doubt that the Israeli associated PERMINDEX interest played a strong role in the hate of Communism by the Facists and their support of the religion of the Fascists in Europe. There has long been a problem with the Essene Jesus perspective of religion and the crooked elements of religion that inserted the fascist oriented Pharisee and Saducee teachings of the Babylon Talmud to drown out the Jesus and Essene methods that were most socialistic and avoided Fascist and Oligarchic ideals. There is as big a White Wash of the Jesus theme in religion as there was a White Wash of the truth on the JFK assassination.

One could well predict this problem of JFK and the Zionist Elements on Israel, as Daddy Joe Kennedy didn't like the Jewish element in control of the US finacial system and saw the problems they caused in Europe. JFK was Catholic and the Catholic Religion had long been associated with condemation of the Pharisee and Saducee in getting Rome to kill the rising popularity of Jesus, who was threatning their control and power over the region. In so many ways, these same old religion artifacts that killed Jesus rose up to kill JFK.

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by MagnumOpus
Yes, the ideals of IG Farben are well in play. In the JFK assassination when one speaks of persons like HL Hunt and General Walker being Pro-NAZI, this is the system they back of global corporatism. Communism is its big threat that stops their global expansion.

Here is a link that explains the Red House agenda:


But the Red House Report is a bridge from a sunny present to a dark past. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief, once said: 'In 50 years' time nobody will think of nation states.'

For now, the nation state endures. But these three typewritten pages are a reminder that today's drive towards
a European federal state is inexorably tangled up with the plans of the SS and German industrialists for a Fourth Reich - an economic rather than military imperium.


One must keep in mind that Britain's Royals are Germans renamed, and their Banking Empire of the Rothschilds are also basically Germans, and when IG Farben's Prince Bernhard, at the efforts of Victor Rothschild, resurrected IG Farben as Bilderberg, and PERMINDEX to battle Communist resistance toward these efforts, this basic game went into full play. PERMINDEX's operations in the US was like a CIA killing machine on steroids to control the US via corporatism's methods.

This NWO game is one of distroy the US Constitution and Nationalism and insert global corporatism as the Fascism oriented control. It is a redesigned technique from NAZI power methods, revamped into one for capitalistic fascism to run over Communism and now Islam.

Look at the banking and corporation investers in Pre-War Germany and those of PERMINDEX and there is a pattern.

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Your post here remindes me of all of Dr. Joseph P.Farrell' books on the Nazi. If you haven't read any of them I can recommend "The Nazi International" which covers the modern version of the Nazi party and whats its doing today.
Also check out his interviews on Red Ice Radio where he discusses I.G.Farben at great length and also the Red House Report which was basically the first Bilderberg meeting.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by downunderET

Your post here remindes me of all of Dr. Joseph P.Farrell' books on the Nazi. If you haven't read any of them I can recommend "The Nazi International" which covers the modern version of the Nazi party and whats its doing today.
Also check out his interviews on Red Ice Radio where he discusses I.G.Farben at great length and also the Red House Report which was basically the first Bilderberg meeting.


Hello downunderET,

Thank You for your insightful comments. I will definitely check out the Dr. Farrell books and Red Ice Radio interviews.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 05:26 PM
As one reviews that the JFK was a lot more involved than the White Wash story of a "Lone Shooter", that was fabbed up right out of the Goebel's Propaganda Handbook of telling the same old tired story until it becomes pseudu truth, one learns to dig deeper and think of that Foreign Elements involved. Add in the NAZI plan on fluoridation to make the public dumb and take simple simon excuses and one gets the message of who is pulling the political strings. Just follow the money strings from the days of Prescott Bush and Rockefeller and find the same investors in NAZI Germany and PERMINDEX.

Then, when one reads that a Clem Bertrand was calling a New Orleans lawyer to represent Lee Oswald in Dallas, then Jim Garrison was right on the trial to associate Clem Bertrand as an alias for PERMINDEX's Clay Shaw. Then one begins to see that Lee Oswald might not have been a CIA asset in doing the Russian games of inflaming the Russians to shoot down Gary Power, and there was a two faced business between the CIA and the PERMINDEX going on constantly. PERMINDEX interests were often going in a totally different direction that the US Affairs of State and the Presidential CIA ambitions. PERMINDEX was a corrupting problem with the CIA, and too many times one side was screwing over the other.

Per the Israel factors, it is interesting to take note that JFK's problems with Israel came from Egypt's Nasser wanting help from the Germans on how to build ballistic missiles. Some of the Israeli interests tried to assassinate Nasser in 1954, and Narrer's Arab factions wanted some arms against the expansionist next door. This book and a few others speak to the NAZI help on Nasser's Missle Project and how the Israeli's worked the system to stop Nasser's German rocket help. Also keep in mind that Israel's Yitzhak Shamir, a member of the Stern Gang, had been in a tour of US military installations campaigning for these issues spoken in the book below. Ben Gurion was an Irgun terrorist, and between Shamir and Gurion, the worst of terrorists were down on JFK. Yitzhak Shamir was actually in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and had just come from Fort Bliss, Tx. which was once the Base of the NAZI rocket Scientists. One can also fathom that Shamir would not be speaking well about JFK. He got a much better deal from LBJ, who had a blind eye to everything on Israel, even killing US Naval people on the USS Liberty in a shoot out with Egypt and trying to involve the US in their Middle East war.

Then we go on into the Nixon times and the Six Day Wars and Israel is almost overrun and out of Ammo and Nixon sends them weapons and doubles the order. So, it is reasonably clear everyone is playing the PERMINDEX games.


Nasser and the missile age in the Middle East
Owen L. Sirrs

This book demonstrates how Egyptian efforts to acquire long-range surface-to-surface missiles in the early 1960s provide an important case study in the field of ballistic missile proliferation and carry important lessons for the present-day scourge of weapons of mass destruction. It first traces the history of the early Egyptian ballistic missile program, beginning with the successful recruitment of German scientists who had prior experience in Hitler's V1 and V2 missile projects. It then demonstrates how Israel directed its formidable security apparatus to collect intelligence on and defeat Egypt's missile ambitions and how this intelligence sparked a crisis in the Israeli leadership as Israeli officials anxiously debated strategies to grapple with this new threat to their national security and finally adopted a multifaceted approach that focused on intimidating the scientists and their families, appealing to the West German government to order the scientists' recall, and attempting to get the US government involved in the intricacies of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Drawing on material from recently declassified US government documents, this volume demonstrates how Nasser's missile program played an instrumental role in cementing the US-Israeli national security relationship and concludes with several important lessons for the global proliferation of ballistic missile technologies.

This book will be of great interest to scholars of proliferation, international relations, the Middle East, disarmament and security studies in general.


Ref for JFK trying to stop the Chinese cooperation with Israel on Nuke Proliferation, as well as Shamir being at Ft. Bliss and Dallas, Tex. &hl=en&sa=X&ei=nIv_TqbmJKTn0QHq2tSUAg&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=Yitzhak%20Shamir%20Dallas%20JFK&f=false


This Egyptian 1954-56 problem appeared to be the run up for what would become PERMINDEX:

Anthony Eden, the British prime minister, feared that Nasser intended to form an Arab Alliance that would cut off oil supplies to Europe. Secret negotiations took place between Britain, France and Israel and it was agreed to make a joint attack on Egypt.

On 29th October 1956, the Israeli Army invaded Egypt. Two days later British and French bombed Egyptian airfields. British and French troops landed at Port Said at the northern end of the Suez Canal on 5th November. By this time the Israelis had captured the Sinai peninsula.


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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 09:59 PM
Early in this thread, John Birch was brought up. John Birch was considered a model martyr by the Robert Welch and Rockefellers that funded a society based upon his name. Who was John Birch and what made him the extreme rights Martyr? HL Hunt, who was associated with the American Council of Christian Churches, grabbed onto the theme of the John Birch Society, as did his pal General Walker in their attempts to manipulate US Foreign Policy.

John Birch was basically a Baptist Missionary person trained in Ft. Worth, Texas and shipped to China. In this process he gets hooked up with the OSS, but first saves Jimmy Doolittle and gets into the US Air Force as a Commissioned Officer as a result. He basically becomes a spy in China, forms a large group of helpful local supporters. All this happening in a Communist Country. Birch was shot by the Chinese at the end of WWII because he refused to give up a gun.

This story also supports much the same methods that the Fascist oriented corporatism sought to control regions and gain footholds on other regions. Similar methods were being used by the Catholics in Vietnam, until a bunch of Nuns drew international attention. HL Hunt wanted to use religion to bend issues into support for fascist oriented governments. Hunt was an essential element in PERMINDEX.


John Morrison Birch (May 8, 1918 – August 25, 1945) was an American military intelligence officer and a Baptist missionary in World War II who was shot by armed supporters of the Communist Party of China. Some politically conservative groups in the United States consider him to be a martyr and the first victim of the Cold War.


While at Mercer, he decided to become a missionary and enrolled in J. Frank Norris' Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute[6], Fort Worth, Texas. After completing a two-year curriculum in a single year, he sailed for China, sent by the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship[7].


Birch joined the Fourteenth Air Force on its formation in 1942 and was later seconded to the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He stated he would be willing to be accepted into the OSS only if he was allowed to work as normally as he had before. He built a formidable intelligence network of sympathetic Chinese informants, supplying Chennault with information on Japanese troop movements and shipping, often performing dangerous incognito field assignments, during which he would brazenly hold Sunday church services for Chinese Christians.


This theme of religion used to gain political control and influence is part of the bigger plan for expanding facist and Royalist type control. In America, Baptist seem to be dominate in the South. In Europe, Mexico, etc. Catholicism dominates. But what is the big deal with a tiny little sect known as Jewish in the Middle East that caused all kinds of similar problems turning regions to their own purpose? This little group was turned into a Martyr group too, as the issues of the Holocaust were played up years after WWII. But what makes this religion that tends to be connected to extremes at both ends of the political spectrum have to do with everything? Jewish folks in Germany put together Socialism and that turned into Communism to keep out Corporate Capitalism in Russia. Capitalism turned extreme with the Jewish Rothschilds games toward control of the Fascist Banking businesses for the Royals in England and the Facists in the US. It would appear that this end of the spectrum would try any method of deceit and treachery to overcome the other. The question is how could such extremes both eminate from one religion's followers.

The answer is very covered up in all the religions of the US because it does not serve the purpose of capitalism or fascist / Royalist power seekers. The real answer popped into view in 1947 when an Arab Boy fell into a little cavern and they soon discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls were the works of a little known group in the Israel area called the Essene. The Essene were seen by most to be the most pious and truthful of the followers of religion and opposed to the Jewish 2nd Temple and the Pharisee and the Sadducee. The Essene sect was one of three Jewish linked religion folks in the Israel area in that period. Jesus group were linked to the area of Mt. Carmel in Phonecia, John the Baptist was linked to the Monestery near the Dead Sea, and other city Essenes were the Guardians of the Tomb of David in Jerusalem and had their own gate, and quarter living area. The Essene considered the 2nd temple to be evil and they broke from their Babylon Talmud followings.

If one studies the Essene one finds they were most socialistic and communal in societal design. The Pharisee and the Sadducee were more the design of Royalists leading the poor.

Israel's political religious purpose is to promote Royalist methods and disconnect the true associations of Jesus and the Essene. The Jewish Zionists use the Holocaust to pervert the Catholic teachings and try to make the 2nd temple the Chosen People, when the Essene were the real Jewish Chosen People. It is the use of religion teachings to alter political issues and promote the Royalist and Fascist methods of Corporatism and run over the concepts of the Essene and Jesus as being Peace seeking socialist oriented folks seeking heaven upon the Earth. This is why the Israel factors are so supported by the Fascist Empire Rothschilds and their Corporate Oligarch via the reinvention of IG Farben and PERMINDEX. Just like the Pharisee used the Romans to kill their opposition, so does Israel to this day use the same methods to have other fight their battles.

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 10:34 PM
So, when the issues become recognized as a long running game of deceit and treachery used to gain control over others, one begins to understand what the US got into as it became more global and involved with what Thomas Jefferson warned the US against.

It can't vouch for all these items listed as being exactly on target from the URL below, but many of them are and the trends are obviously ones intent upon deceit and treachery used against slow to understand peoples of the world. JFK certainly was catching onto a number of these factors, that have only become worse, to the point of setting up factors for WWIII coming into view.


As governments continue their relentless drive towards global dictatorship, emasculation of national sovereignties and wilful refusal to govern for the benefit of their own citizens, it is clear that an international cabal or Mafia exerts great influence upon the obsequious flunkies and traitors who pose as 'leaders'. A measure of the cabal's power is provided by the fact that the armed forces of several nations are deployed on phony pretexts such as "WMDs", or "al Qaeda" conspiracy theories based on faked videos and planted 'evidence'. The military's legitimate defensive role has been superseded by the new mission: that of mercenaries employed to enrich the cabal by providing opportunities for private profit, from looting of oil wealth to heroin trafficking. Presidents and prime ministers receive a relatively small share of the proceeds, yet must pay a heavy price in unpopularity and the tarnishing of their legacy. In contrast, the cabal reaps almost all of the loot and benefits, and gains power to boot. The cabal's overriding objective is the pursuit of absolute political power; money is important to them, but a proportion is regularly reinvested in exchange for power. Their interests are not restricted to a single nation, but extend to the entire world.


With such a long and sordid history of Jewish linked crimes for gain of power and money, it is no wonder that many connected these deceit and treachery methods to the JFK assassination. It is a certainty that Jewish linked factions were highly connected with PERMINDEX and Mafia money was laundered via their associates. Even the Mossad's main money man, Tibor Rosenbaum, was part of PERMINDEX. Once one studies this sordid bunch of Foreign Intelligence crooks it is no wonder that Oliver North got into similar drug running to pull off the Iran Contra drug deals for weapons games.

It is also of interest to take note that Lee Oswald appeared to be into infiltrating various groups associted with the anti-Castro elements in Miami and New Orleans. Oswald's dream, as a kid, was to become a spy and he appears to have done just that. While he appeared connected with the CIA initially, he appears to be more connected with PERMINDEX objectives. The combination of the CIA linked with PERMINDEX made for a two-faced operation where all too often one side didn't suspect the other side was working against them.

When LHO came back to the US, he does a stint working for Guy Banister in New Orleans checking out the anti-Castro elements there. When he goes over to Dallas the White Russia Elements of the spy world are helping him and Marina. Others have made these associations:


The Problem: JFK would not allow Israel to have the nuclear bomb and plutonium from materials created at Dimona. To make sure of it, he demanded 6 months inspections of the facility by the USA. JFK was angry with France for having built the Dimona facility in the first place and he supported Algeria in their Revolutionary War for Independence.
His foreign policy absolutely enraged Ben-Gurion as well as French nationalists. The Ben-Gurion government, already under pressure from the LAVON AFFAIR and JFK , collapsed on the 16th of June 1963. Read the letter from JFK to the followup Prime Minister, LEVI ESHKOL, dated July 5, 1963.


JFK had given orders for the CIA to eliminate the Chinese nuclear facility. China was cooperating with Israeli nuclear testing in exchange for advanced nuclear technological information. LBJ also rescinded that order.


LEE HARVEY OSWALD was setup to be the "patsy" by his connections to Clay Shaw and Permindex which was a Mossad front organization and also by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt who wanted a "fake" assassination attempt to implicate Cuba.


According to the Houston Post, and/or Houston Chronicle, after Ruby had finally seized the opportunity to kill Oswald at 11:21 AM on Sunday morning, the 24th, shortly after, he blurted out that he and others were going to be "the cause of the death of 25 million Jews," meaning ...if the investigators could figure it out.


Ruby was noted for blurting out INCRIMINATING STATEMENTS. Many believed that he could not hold a secret or be trusted. Ruby was convinced that all the Jews of the world would be slaughtered.


This short webpage is not intended to give all the details about the JFK assassination, but only the motivation of Israel to commit the crime, and the motive of Ruby for the assassination of Oswald -to save the Jewish People from what he thought would be total annihilation, if the truth were uncovered.


Recommended reading:
FINAL JUDGEMENTby Michael Collins Piper, ( The AFP )
and the latest .......OPIUM LORDS by Salvador Astucia.
SEEDS OF FIRE and GIDEON'S SPIES by Gordon Thomas, ADL target


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posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 09:07 AM
Great thread OP.

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 10:18 AM
Thank You Lambros56. Also, Happy 2012 to all and may the world make greater progress in truth seeking, as that will set everyone Free and set the easy road for Peace.


On the theme of Israel and Zionism, JFK and RFK had amassed more than a fare share of hate from this Foreign Group. JFK and RFK was forcing the Zionism/Israeli interests to register in the US as Foreign Agents. The Zionists sure didn't want RFK to gain the office of president and start down that path again, so this is a factor on RFK also.


US broadcaster Dr Hesham Tillawi: "No doubt in my mind that JFK, RFK efforts to force the American Zionist Council to register as an agent of a foreign country was the reason for the killing of both JFK and RFK."


Gaming and renaming the group jumped around the fact that Foreign Interests were working the US political system and their agents and supporters are not declaired. The Zionists movement considered JFK a major threat to the Zionist movement and Israel over the Foreign Agent registration as they said that would kill their efforts. JFK was beginning to be declaired a threat to Israels Existance, and matters got worse.

Then, JFK got into the Nuclear Proliferation of Israel over the Dimona Reactor making Plutonium, with the intentions to make nuclear weapons. Israel pretty much declaired JFK a threat to their existance, if they were not allowed to build nuclear bombs. Ben Gurion and JFK had a huge blow out over Israels need for nuclear weapons to protect itself, but when JFK was murdered all those issues quickly ducked back underground with LBJ. In this period it is now clear that Israel's agents were stealing nuclear weapons materials in the US.

In these later times a Nuclear Whistleblower from Dimona named Vanunu has stepped up to accuse Israeli interests of killing JFK and making nuclear weapons. So, serious questions arise on just how is it that Israel gets to run an undeclaired nuclear weapons program and the rest of the region doesn't. What world power or force over the IAEA and other counter proliferation bodies stands around and ignores Israels nuclear testing work with China and making what appears to be 200 plus nuclear bombs? If things were indeed on the level, all the sanctions applied against other nuclear seeking states should first be applied to the Israeli's nuclear weapons programs.

Vanunu, the Dimona Whistleblower, even offered photos of the Dimona Plants operations and internal diagrams of the Dimona buildings. And even the issues of false walls used to hide the underground areas doing the weapons work. Here is a news report on Vanunu's reports:


Israel killed JFK,says Vanunu

As per the interview published in newspaper's Arabic supplement Al-Wassat yesterday, Vanunu said according to "near-certain indications", Kennedy was assassinated due to "pressure he exerted on then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona's nuclear reactor".

"We do not know which irresponsible Israeli Prime Minister will take office and decide to use nuclear weapons in the struggle against neighboring Arab countries," he is quoted to have said, adding, "What has already been exposed about the weapons Israel is holding can destroy the region and kill millions."

The whistleblower, who was released in April after 18 years of imprisonment on charges of treason for divulging state secrets, also said that the reactor in Dimona, could become a second "Chernobyl", Israili media reported. He said an earthquake could cause fissures to the core and that would cause a massive radiation leak threatening millions.


It is interesting that now many of the Dimona workers are up in arms over being made sick by their operations, so more leaks on the Israeli nuclear weapons ambitions are breaking into the news. Just as the US nuclear weapons programs covered up thousands of sick workers illnesses due to emissions and leaks the Israeli's nuclear health risk cover ups are now coming into view with sick and dying workers.


Radiation leaks caused illnesses, Dimona reactor employees say
December 15, 2011

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Employees at the Dimona nuclear reactor told an Israeli court that they were sickened with cancer and other illnesses due to radioactive leaks.

During a hearing Wednesday in Petach Tikvah District Court, the attorney for 44 employees and their families presented internal memos claiming that the leak of radioactive substances was caused by safety problems.

A former deputy head of Dimona's Negev Nuclear Research Center safety division also testified that there had been radiation leaks, Haaretz reported.


* That JFK was engaged in a bitter secret conflict with Israel over U.S. East policy and that Israel's prime minister resigned in disgust, saying JFK's stance threatened Israel's very survival?

* That JFK's successor, Lyndon Johnson, immediately reversed America's policy toward Israel?

* That the top Mafia figures often alleged to be behind the JFK assassination were only front men for Meyer Lansky?

* That the CIA's liaison to the Mossad, James Angleton, was a prime mover behind the cover-up of the JFK assassination?

Why didn't Oliver Stone, in his famous movie "JFK" not mention any of this? It turns out the chief financial backer of Stone's film was longtime Mossad figure, Arnon Milchan, Israel's biggest arms dealer.


And last, but not the least, is that George de Mohrenshildt was complaigning about Middle Eastern types following him around in Europe when he was speaking to his reporter friend Oltmans. Keeping in mind that Mossad HQ in Europe is the Netherlands, and de Mohrenschildt suddenly left Europe without even taking along his clothes, speaks to serious problems. One of the methods to attack leakers is to use '___' seeded onto their clothes, and the effects make them seriously paranoid and often times suiciadal. It appears de Mohrenshildt may have known about the Israeli interests in PERMINDEX, and the real reason that Ruby was all up in arms over Pogroms against the Jewish.

Then simple logical progression to knowing PERMINDEX has Pro-NAZI HL Hunt (ACCC association) and a lot of European Jewish factions, so if their collective original plan to use LHO as a Patsy failed, and it was failing, the back up game was to nail the Jewish Zionist factions in PERMINDEX as the principle culprits in killing JFK. Which is why Ruby had to kill LHO and was blaming the JBS gang in Dallas or the HL Hunt gang for the position he was put in. And we also see JFK assassination predictor Joseph Milteer speaking to the "Big Jew" issues that relate to PERMINDEX and Zionist issues, as well. It is reasonably clear what happened, and the cause and effect motives in play in the aftermath.

The flip side of the Dallas Pro-NAZI backup plan to have the Jewish PERMINDEX elements take the fall for the JFK hit is that the longer term the Israelis knew what all happened and they could essentially black mail LBJ, Hoover, all the Texas Fascists from the 8F group to the JBS and HL Hunt for what happened. Thus, huge payola to keep quiet on the JFK hit goes to Israel every year as Foreign Aid, and they have a Mexican Stand-off that turns into We'll keep your Fascist Corporatism secrets, if you keep ours and work toward both mutual goals for NWO. So, Israel doesn't have IAEA weapons inspections, they get to run black flag operations to advance the oligarchy system, they were not held accountable for the USS Liberty, they get to streal nuclear weapons material from the US, they get huge weapons gifts from Nixon, and they get huge free money from the US as payola.
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posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 11:16 AM
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Does Ron Paul might have anything to do with all of this considering he has some ties with the john birch society?

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 08:26 PM
Hello JazzyGuy,

That is an excellent question. You have recognized Ron Paul is associated with the John Birch Society all the way over in Indonesia. Impressive that you follow the US election process so well. Ron Paul, being from Texas might be smart enough to well know the old 8F Group history and that of HL Hunt's and Gen. Walker's extremes in the JBS group. Certainly, when I saw Ron Paul was associated with the JBS, it produced concerns here. I don't know enough about Ron Paul to guarantee anything. Politicians often make promisses they don't deliver on.

If Ron Paul comes off to be true to his platform speeches, then he might become greater than JFK in bringing freedom back to the People of the US. Ron Paul appears to want to dump the Fed. Res., end the US Wars, and stop all the US Foreign Aid freeloading by groups like Israel. All those are the right directions for the American People and the Constitution.

If Ron Paul does all these great things he seems to be promissing and exposing, then he is going to have a target on his back larger than JFK's and RFK's. If Ron Paul gets into office, he is going to have to be extremely careful. Here in the US, many are anxious to see how Ron Paul does in Iowa and other primaries. All the Corporatist Oligarchs are likely going to be more interested. The lap dog media here in the US keeps trying to sideline Ron Paul, so the Oligarch's press gang is doing their level best to keep Ron Paul down, which sounds like the Oligarchs fear that he means to do what he sells politically for the Presidental Platform.

We'll soon find out. The USA basically died under Obama, perhaps Ron Paul can revive it.


Ron Paul News items:

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I'm just not buying that his son is a senator and there's no connection to it.

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 03:59 AM
Per the JFK and Israel theme, even religion folks (Lutheran Pastor) are on the Vanunu and Mike Piper analysis for Who Killed JFK. There is little doubt the Israeli interests were highly involved via PERMINDEX. Add in that Jesus Angleton, the CIA's Israel connection, was busy trying to cover up for Israel and it is assured.

Check out Pastor Dankof's review of the JFK murder theme:


Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge: The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK
by Mark Dankof

Piper tells the reader of Final Judgment that 1963 proved to be a pivotal year in a publicly unreported conflict between America’s 35th President and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, principally over Israel’s failure to submit its Dimona operation to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection, and secondarily to a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians. He subsequently proceeds to discuss the principle alleged players in the assassination plot itself in a way which corroborates the research of such respected Kennedy assassination scholars as the UK’s Anthony Summers and University of Texas professor Jim Marrs. Readers of the work of Summers and Marrs will be intimately familiar with names like Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Carlos Marcello, Guy Banister, William Harvey, William Sullivan, George de Mohrenschildt, James Jesus Angleton, Richard Helms, Alpha 66, and Santos Trafficante. Typically, the demonstrated links of these individuals with organized crime syndicates, the anti-Castro Cuban exilic community of the early 1960s, and an element of the Central Intelligence Agency involved with the first two groups, has resulted in past tentative conclusions that the crux of the plot that took Mr. Kennedy’s life involved a convergence of interest of these three (3) key constituencies involved in a sordid triumvirate deliberately concealed from the American public 40 years ago by the Warren Commission.

Piper does not discredit this conclusion reached by his predecessors in their research of the circumstances that led specific individuals to participate in a plot to kill the President. He simply demonstrates what has been hidden from view before now: that those fingered by the meticulous academic research of Summers, Marrs, and others, have even deeper demonstrable associations with the Israeli lobby and Israeli intelligence.

Final Judgment’s case in this regard is principally built on the key significance of Meyer Lansky as the real power player in American organized crime in the 1950s and 1960s, the superior of Giancana, Roselli, Marcello, Mickey Cohen, Mickey Weiner, Moe Dalitz, Frank Costello, and others previously mentioned as participants in the Kennedy conspiracy. In turn, Lansky’s role as a committed Zionist and fund-raiser for the State of Israel involved direct, palpable links between his criminal empire, his Miami-based banks, and the Banque de Credit International (BCI) in Geneva, Switzerland. This latter entity served as the European-based money laundering center for Mr. Lansky’s global activities. BCI in turn, was headed up by an Israeli banker, Tibor Rosenbaum, former Director for Finances and Supply for the Israeli Mossad. Piper then demonstrates that BCI was a chief share holder in a Rome-based corporation called CMC/Permindex, whose chairman of the board was none other than Louis M. Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada, a major fund-raiser for Israel and known asset for Israeli intelligence. CMC/Permindex, in turn, proves to be a major point of intersection which brings the shadowy Bloomfield into direct or indirect contact with Clay Shaw (the chief target of the Jim Garrison JFK investigation in New Orleans), Guy Banister, James Jesus Angleton, FBI Division 5 chief William Sullivan (who spearheaded the FBI investigation for the Warren Commission and served as FBI liaison and friend of Angleton), ex-Cuban President Carlos Prio Socarras (provable gun-running business partner of Oswald assassin Jack Ruby), Ernest Israel Japhet (chairman and president of Israeli Bank Leumi), Shaul Eisenberg (a key figure in Israel’s nuclear bomb development and participant with Rosenbaum in the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank), elements of the French nationalist Secret Army Organization (OAS), CIA agent Theodore Shackley (the CIA’s chief of station in Miami during the CIA-Lansky assassination plots against Fidel Castro), and Abe Feinberg, New York Jewish businessman used by Ben Gurion as the liaison for secret meetings with President Kennedy to resolve the dispute of the latter two over Dimona. It is thus the BCI and CMC/Permindex players and links which Piper employs to show that the players, alliances, and assets were firmly in place to bring those with motive, means, and opportunity together in a plot which culminated in Dallas.

Secondarily, Piper buttresses his case by showing the results for Israel subsequent to the tragedy in Dallas in November of 1963. The removal of Kennedy brought an end to American demands for IAEA inspections of the Israeli nuclear program, and the ascension to the White House of Lyndon Johnson, whose long ties to Meyer Lansky and Carlos Marcello had assisted the barefoot boy of the Texas Hill Country in his arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. More significantly, Johnson’s arrival in the Oval Office represented a sea change in American Middle Eastern policy, establishing for Piper the Israel-First direction of every American Chief Executive from LBJ onward, to the detriment of the independence of the American government from the undue influence of the Israeli lobby, the maintenance of regional peace and stability in the most dangerous area of the globe, and any vestiges of hope for positive American political relationships with the Islamic world.

The Vanunu-Piper allegations about Israel will not go away. The revelations of direct Israeli connections to key members of the Neo-Conservative foreign policy team of George W. Bush most desirous of conflict with Iraq; the virtual ownership of the United States Congress by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC); and the sycophancy of John Kerry toward these same interests, will culminate in a political boiling point in the United States if an expanded American involvement in a Middle Eastern war, the re-institution of an American Draft, and further instances of Middle East-related terrorism in the American homeland end up being connected by the public to the interests of Israel and Zionism and not those of the United States. Further exposure and corroboration of the Vanunu-Piper charges that the Israeli government was the driving force behind the death of John F. Kennedy--in conjunction with further exposure of Tel Aviv’s ongoing manipulation of the American government and media in issues of War and Empire–will commence a mass revolt against the policy elites that neither Tel Aviv nor Washington will be able to contain or control.

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On the theme for deeper understanding of the Foreign Elements intent on killing JFK, Some have suggested the following:

"John Kennedy's foreign policy was decidedly pro-Arab at a time when Israel was headed to an attempted holocaust from its Arab neighbors. Within three and a half years after Kennedy was assassinated, Israel fought the Six Day War. Kennedy supported Algerian independence from France and was pro-Egypt when Egypt was plotting to attack Israel."

Certainly JFK was decidedly against Colonization and it followed from his support of FDR's ideals, which wanted to end Colonization. In the case of Algeria, this was an Arab country independence and one more issue for Israel as the Arab countries were decidedly against Partition and Israel. That end of Colonization idea continued into the JFK reasoning to get out of Vietnam. JFK's visit to Berlin, his support of Arabs, and the Germans helping Nasser build rockets didn't have JFK in good standing with the Israelis. JFK's anti-proliferation stance on Israel was the sure fire element that got PERMINDEX into the kill JFK mode. However, the Texans that were more Pro-NAZI didn't trust the Jewish elements in PERMINDEX and sought to go beyond just the simple LHO frame up and made the Jewish element theme a bit more apparent with Ruby, Weissman, Zapruder's Film, and shots from Jaffee's Dal-Tex Building.

It has been further suggested:

"When Kennedy discovered that Israel was working on the atomic bomb, he demanded that Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion allow US inspectors to visit its nuclear facilities to insure they were being used for peaceful purposes. Granted, this was a continuation of US foreign policy from the Eisenhower administration, but Kennedy added a new urgency with an unfriendly spin. This amounted to an ultimatum, which was a violation of national sovereignty and an authority counterattack. Israel had never admitted working on the bomb and it could not allow the US to inspect the top-secret facilities. This crisis and the approaching war with Syria brought down the Israeli government."

Certainly, the US opinions where that the Arabs would push Israel into the Mediterranean since the inception of Isreal out of divided Palestine. Nothing about the making of Israel was simple when the British pulled out of the region. The Arab elements were said to want the Jews pushed into the Mediterranean. One has to study a good bit of the Israel history to get a gist of the many issues of that period. But the following history from the dropping of the Bombs on Japan seem to enter the equation for why Israel was willing to kill JFK to get the Bomb and why LBJ played the Israeli games:


As Zionists in Palestine watched World War II from their distant sideshow, what lessons were learned? The soldiers of the Empire of Japan vowed on their emperor's sacred throne to fight to the death and not face the inevitability of an American victory. Many Jews wondered if the Arabs would try to push them into the Mediterranean Sea. After the devastating American nuclear attack on Japan, the soldier leaders of the empire reevaluated their fight to the death position. Did the bomb give the Japanese permission to surrender and live? It obviously played a military role, a political role, and a peacemaking role. How close was the mindset of the Samurai culture to the Islamic culture? Did David Ben-Gurion take note and wonder if the same would work for Israel?[2] Could Israel find the ultimate deterrent that would convince her opponents that they could never, ever succeed? Was Israel's ability to cause a modern holocaust the best way to guarantee never having another one?


A little more of the history lies here from the Israeli Perspectives:

Other resources: E4_k4JoSU0ZAHmXs2hU-7c&hl=en&sa=X&ei=hMwBT5uuNqfa0QG_pLy7CA&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Clark%20Clifford%20Arabs%20push%20Jews%20into%20Mediterranean& f=false


For most that know the Middle East History, there is zero doubt that Israel put out a Death Warrant on JFK. But they could not act alone and had the internal support of LBJ, Hoover, the Texas HL Hunt gang, and PERMINDEX.

Though most in high US Government know what happened, it is still largely kept from the American Public. It leaked out from a high profile Arab position again recently when Moammar Gaddafi started telling the world that Obama was a Muslum and Israel killed JFK. That seemed to trigger the Israeli elements to begin making trouble in Libya and the eventual downfall and death of Moammar Gaddafi .
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A lot of research into the JFK assassination is available in the movie called "JFK 2". The links between Nazi's and the assassination (via the "Bush" family) are also discussed. The production quality is amateur, but it's still an interesting film:

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by ARipple

Hello ARipple,

I have seen that one several years ago and Amateur is the word. It does get into the Bush associations from back in Houston. Bush-41 definitely knows what happened and he is typically considered the least criminal of the crooks. Bush-43 is a chip off the old block, and both highly associated as accessories to the take over of America. Bush-41 was mild compared to Bush-43, who sent the country in a nose dive for extreme exploitation.

If the truth be told on JFK, this was a time when the highest elements of US Government that were Crooked, like LBJ and Hoover, joined up with lots of other organized crime crooks and the entire higher US Government became totally corrupt and stopped working for the better interests of the American People. Many of the crooked interests and some of the worse were Foreign Elements the Crooks in the US joined. Today, these interests have succeeded in the destruction of America, which is what "they" want for this NWO game.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 05:02 PM
The Bigger Picture is coming into view for many as we assign PERMINDEX as having been involved in the JFK and PERMINDEX having two factions that didn't exactly trust each other and one side wanted to use the other to a larger degree. HL Hunt was a part of PERMINDEX and well connected to the Pro-NAZI networks.

When we consider that LHO may have taken a shot at General Walker in Dallas on April 10, 1963, and that LHO's best White Russian buddy, tied to Ghelen's NAZI spy operations, visited LHO and saw a rifle, then it appears highly plausable the Texas PERMINDERs decided to use LHO for the fall guy in their bigger plan to kill JFK. LHO was suspected of not playing their game, and he had to be taken down, thus the decision to use him in the JFK plot appears to have begin just after April 10 and de Mohrenshildt spotted a rifle and spoke of Fascists. Even this LHO rife picture popped up, faked or not, it was inscribed with "Hunter of Fascists."

The two differing factions in PERMINDEX was the HL Hunt Pro-NAZI oriented gang and the Zionist oriented gang and they agreed on anti-Communism, but there was never total trust or agreement. It is highly probable that LHO worked for HL Hunt in the capacity for doing PERMINDEX desires to play anti-Communist games against both Eisenhower and JFK. LHO appears to have even written a note to one of the Hunts, and a good handwriting analysis of the note shows it matches LHO's handwriting very well. LHO appears to have taken special care to write the note very neatly on level lines compared to his usual style. Although some suggest the Russians crafted this note, it appears the note's existance still to want to point out the LHO associations with HL Hunt and PERMINDEX. Paying proper heed to this note helps to break the case on who did JFK and why.

Even when we get on down the line of history, and Netherland's reporter Willem Oltmans wanted to pay George de Mohrenshildt for interviews of what was going on with the run up for the JFK assassination, we find huge problems. deMohrenschildt was close enough to LHO to see that he was working in associations with HL Hunt and PERMINDEX, as the need to kill the Peace talks of Khruschev with Eisenhower were only wanted by the extreme right PERMINDEX. deMohrenschildt got so scared after LHO took that shot that he moved to Haiti to stay way out of the way of being tied to LHO and the JFK frame up. deMohrenschildt was working for Brown-Root in this time, and that was part of LBJ corporate good ole boys, and also tied to PERMINDEX. LBJ got so in a hurry the day JFK was murdered that he had to sell his Halliburton Stock and they owned Brown-Root.

Even Francis Gary Powers believed it was Lee Harvey Oswald that played a huge role in aggrivating the Russians about the U-2 fly overs that killed the Eisenhower and Khruschev Peace talks and the plans for peaceful coexistance. Those in the Europe and PERMINDEX didn't think Peace to be wise as they still had lots of goals to accomplish, and they wanted a keep alive and increase of military fight against Communism. General Walker was leading this type anti-Communism theme in Europe using the John Birch Society publications, which were basically an offshoot of Rockefeller and his European Bilderberg alliances.

So, as these issues tend to line up they fit a lot better than OJ Simpson's glove.

Willem Oltman's interviews with George deMohrenschildt were cut short in Europe as he appeared to have been attacked in some chemical fashion. deMohrenschildt really needed the money for this interview, but he fled Europe without even taking his clothes from the Hotel. This smacks of the technique of applying '___' to persons clothes that they want to compromise. '___' makes the person highly nervious, paranoid, and too often also suicidal. Right as this same time Guyton Fonzi with the Assassinations Review Board also wants to talk to deMohrenschildt. It appears he was close enough to the LHO issues to know who he was really working for in Russia, his ties to Hunt and PERMINDEX, and that LHO didn't like the Fascist inclinations of what he was seeing. deMohrenschildt shortly after he comes to the US and stays as his daugher's home in Florida is found dead, with suspicious circumstances, due to a shotgun blast to his head.

Everyone in Dallas knew that PERMINDEX was all wrapped up in the DeGaulle hit attempts and even some $200,000 was passed to France to help finance those operations by a runner connected to Guy Banister in New Orleans. DeGaulle and JFK saw eye to eye on Vietnam and didn't want to invest any more lives and money in something that was doomed to fail in the longer term. DeGaulle also dumped Algeria and it was a highly Arab state that would stand with the other Nothern African Arab states to make matters worse for Israel and Zionism. DeGaulle also dumped the French support for the Dimona nuclear weapons project in Israel. JFK was almost the same scinerio as that for DeGalle and PERMINDEX, as deGaulle shut down the nuclear weapons and got France out of the Colony business, which JFK agreed with highly. The very same gang that financed the hit attempts on DeGaulle came after JFK. JFK was Pro-Arab, JFK was anti-Colonialism like FDR, and JFK was anti-proliferation of nuke weapons and all these issues inflamed the Zionists in PERMINDEX and Israel supporters in the US.

The HL Hunt Dallas side of PERMINDEX needed some guarantees if the LHO plot didn't come off right, so they started laying the leads to Jewish factions that would be found associated with the JFK hit and follow closely the Zionist hate that was trying to kill DeGaulle in France. The Pro-NAZI Dallas gang brought in Jewish Bernard Weissman for the Hunt finances JFK is a Communist ad in the Dallas Paper and fliers telling the same. The Pro-NAZI gang had Jack Ruby helping with the games and his connections with Carlos Marcello, and Meyer Lansky and Meyer Lansky drug dealings tie right back to PERMINDEX connected money laundering operations with Swiss Banking, Tibor Rosenbaum, and the Israeli Mossad. One can even find Meyer Lansky's hit man Braden running around Dallas looking for why shots were fired from the Dal-Tex Building to tie in Morris Jaffee, LBJ, and Zapruder.

Considered in the whole with all the most relevant facts connected to the JFK assassination, it was both a Domestic US hit in Dallas, involved both the Domestic and Foreign elements of the PERMINDEX espionage and killing unit that invaded the US after they were run out of Europe by DeGaulle and INTERPOL.

Then add in that the Paines that were helping Marina and LHO in Dallas were connected with NAZI Dornberger and Bell Aerospace Systems of Dallas, and we see that even Marina had handlers connected to the Pro-NAZI side of the plan to frame up LHO. Add in the noise that Joseph Milteer was making from Florida over the JFK hit planned in Florida, and the exact methods they would use to gun down JFK and to blame the Big Jew for doing the killing, and one finds the Pro-NAZI elements in Dallas working a back up plan against the Zionist Isreali part of PERMINDEX in case of problems. There were problems and the Jewish fame up by HL Hunt and the John Birch Society had Jack Ruby on the hook to kill LHO or see Pogroms against the Jews soon in coming as the Jewish elements of PERMINDEX were exposed in the JFK hit. General Walker wanted to make sure everyone knew the plan as he insisted on calling Jack Ruby as only Jacob Rubenstein for the Warren Commission. That was all part of keeping Ruby quiet and the Pro-NAZI side in Dallas having the high cards for the plot to kill JFK. With that cause and effect synopsis for the JFK hit, the glove fits well and the conviction must stick.


Halliburton Is Houston's
`Greater Hermann Göring Werke'
by John Hoefle


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Most of the readers of this thread know the core issues of the elements that sought JFK killed, so with that in hand, many can now begin to critique other books and see the glaring errors and all to often intentional diversions that have kept the JFK main secrets in Chaos for nearing 50 years. Each of you that are better informed can now enter the discussions at a high level and point out the problems easily.

Here is a pretty good book critique from Jim DiEugenio as a prime example, who seems to run the CTKA web site on the Internet:

DiEugenio makes many good counter arguments against this book from the US lapdog media's perspective, so it is important to see how the bough off media plays the ongoing game of keeping the JFK issues in Chaos.
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Perhaps a bit more history detail will help everyone see the associations better for the Foreign Elements on the JFK hit. Lets go back to Germany's Karl Marx gang that cooked up the Jewish dominated Socialism that would become Russian Communism. Almost all the original Russian Communists were Jewish. They hated the Czar and Fascism, so they killed the Czar and his family and nationalize the country. In the process the White Russians around Minsk were hit hard and they were highly into corporation methods, oil, resources etc. They lived in and around Minsk. George de Mohrenschildt was part of a White Russian family with big oil resource holdings in this time and it was all taken away.

So, enter the French person named Jean DeMenil who is sent to Russia by his French associations to try to iron out some ownership deals for the White Russians that lost everything. He tries and basically fails and gets run out of Russia, but he is in tight with the displaced White Russian Community and the remainder White Russians that would come to side with the NAZI's and work for Gehlen. So, naturally DeMenil and deMohrenschildt know each other. deMohrenschildt takes up the oil business and works for firms like Schlumberger and Brown-Root.

DeMenil becomes corporately connected when he marries into the Netherland's Schlumberger family and gets into the oil services business and moves the incorporation to the Netherlands Antilles to dodge the Hitler invasion of France, etc. Netherland's Islands become big oil industries and they have a lot of Jewish people on the refinery islands. The Netherland's port of Amsterdam is called the New Jerusalem due to the many Jewish doing businesses there.

Move on up to these Caribbean island games and DeMenil sees Cuba and they don't think much of dictator Batista and they know Castro wants to make a play to take over Cuba. Castro's mom has Jewish roots and that sort of made him Jewish, but anyway, that perhaps played some role in Netherland's thinking. So, DeMenil being more interested in getting less of a dictator running Cuba helps Castro get to Cuba. And some other US types, like Gerry Hemmings, go in with Castro. Hemmings turns against Castro when he goes Communist.

So, Castro takes over Cuba and he is sitting on the fence politically and is considered a big hero for deposing Batista the dictator in the US. But then Russia decides to screw with DeMenil's game to have Castro in his pocket, so Russia gives Castro a million barrels of oil to help Castro and Cuba. Then the big friction starts as the 8F gang in Dallas sees this as Communists taking over the Caribbean oil business and cutting their price deals and profits. So, they get the Cuban Oil Refineries to not process the Russian Oil for Castro. Castro then takes matters into control and nationalizes the oil refineries in Cuba (Shell, Texaco, and Esso----I think were the ones).

Then the 8F gang and their installed DC political buddies decide sanctions are needed against Castro, so they put in sanctions and Castro moves to nationalize all the rest of Cuba's industries, and even kicks out the Mafia and their Gambling Casino profits. By that time, Russia has won the sucker punch against DeMenil, and Castro and Cuba were Communists. So, the 8F gang, DeMenil, the PERMINDEX gang in the US, and the PERMINDEX related Mafia were fit to be tied. They start to pressure DDE to get the CIA to kill Castro. This becomes Op 40, Nixon, the Bay of Pigs, Operation Mongoose, and on around to Operation Northwoods.

The CIA blows their estimates on Castro's resistance in Cuba and the Bay of Pigs flops and makes JFK look stupid. JFK takes the hit, but fires Dulles, Cabel, and Bissell---decapitating the CIA. In the mean time, JFK promises Khrushchev hands off Cuba. But the PERMINDEX, 8F gang, and folks in New Orleans are still working on killing Castro without the CIA or their money. This gets JFK to raid the Lake Ponchartrain training camp, take their weapons and explosives and shut them down. DeMenil has a weapons bunker that he contributed to the cause that was held at Schlumberger's bunker. But the PERMINDEX and Texas game have one more card to play and that was the Judy Baker and Lee Oswald games with Alton Oscher and Mary Sherman to cook up a deadly lung cancer virus to do a sneak attack on Castro using a sympathetic Cuban doctor. If that worked, JFK lived. If not, the killers were going to kill the domestic Communist, JFK. It didn't work, so LHO becomes part of the Dallas Plan.

Ferenc Nagy and HL Hunt are both PERMINDEX elements in Dallas. DeMenil is PERMINDEX element in Houston and connected with de Mohrenschilt and the White Russian elements, etc. They could hire some local shooters, but those are way too easy to trace and too close to home. PERMINDEX, King Harvey and the rest like the Corsican's Code of Silence and they can pay them off with Drugs and save money and keep the Golden Triangle Drug profits alive and well for the Corsicans and the French Connections with Gestapo connected drug runner in Argentina, Joseph Ricord. It is easy enough for them to get Carlos Marcello to make the offers to the Corsicans and we hear about these from Christian David, who works for Ricord.

In the days of Nixon, Nixon targets this entire French Connection gang and most all of them get in prison and one name Sarti is killed. it sounds like Nixon didn't want JFK killed and was doing his part to get the killer network of contractors.

Now, go back to the times of Hitler and we find that Ferenc Nagy is PM of Hungary in Hitler's period and he helps export Jewish folks out of Poland to avoid Hitler's work camps that turn into work you to death camps. A Jewish official comes along named George Mandel, who works for the El Salvador government and smuggles Jewish out of Hitler's way using false papers. They move out of Europe to the Islands off the Americas. Even Cuba helps smuggle Jewish into the US via this operation. The two have OSS associations. After the war times, they come to the favor of Prince Bernhard and the start up of Bilderberg and PERMINDEX. They also pull in Jewish Louis Bloomfield and Jewish Tibor Rosenbaum to handle the drug money laundering. Prince Bernhard is asked to make Bilderberg Group by Victor Rothschild of the UK banking connections and City of London finance.

In JFK's time, with the mess going on with German helping Egypt with Rockets and JFK being Pro-Arab and Pro-German, the Zionists were having a fit over JFK trying to shut down their nuclear bomb project. Meanwhile in Dallas, Jack Ruby is Jewish and White Russian associated, and Abe Zapruder is White Russian associated and Jewish. All these White Russian solidariests recall the like problem when the Communist took over the Minsk area and they lost all, and they knew the feeling when Castro did the same in Cuba. The Solidarists helped the NAZIs because they didn't like Communism.

HL Hunt is Pro-NAZI, and connected into PERMINDEX. Hunt and Walker are wanting JFK dead for various reasons from being too Communist, for kicking Walker's butt for insubordination and civil rights agitation, shutting down the Oil Depletion Allowance, to making Peace. For them, JFK had to go.

So, are they going to use the out of the US and hard to find criminal drug runner Corsicans or some easy to find domestic USA thugs with guns to kill JFK. When the drugs are part of the deal, and they don't have to pay out lots of dollars, who are they going to use? Drugs don't leave an easy to trace money trail due to the secretive nature of the drug running.

Everyone knows Carlos Marcello admitted We killed JFK and it was the Mafia's part in getting the Corsicans. The French connection got a big new stream of drugs out of Vietnam and all was well in the French Connection.

Hunt and Merchison have Hoover in their back pocket, Hoover has PERMINDEX player Louis Bloomfield working for him as Div 5 and DISC counter espionage type. Jewish Louis Bloomfield is tight with the Jewish Bronfman Canadian drug runners in Montreal. Mafia kindpin Meyer Lansky is tight with PERMINDEX via drug money laundering.

LBJ's big funder is Jewish---Morris Jaffe and he owns the Dal-Tex Building in Dallas. LBJ's benefactors over the years were the 8F gang, the NASA rocket boys, the airplane and helicopter companies in Texas. Dohrenberg does well for Bell Helicopters and is so connected that he gets to return to his homeland in Germany when he retires from Bell Aerospace Systems. The Jewish NAZI hunters won't touch him because he knows too much and is too connected to take down.

Even King Harvey, over in Rome, which was the first home of PERMINDEX saw the plan for using PERMINDEX to off JFK. Jesus Angleton is CIA Israel connection and he is out trying to make sure all the Jewish associations to the JFK hit are snuffed out. He is out chasing down diaries of killed CIA agent's wife that JFK had an affair with because they thing JFK told her too much.

So, there are lots of Foreign elements in the JFK hit from the shooters to many of the PERMINDEX players.
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Some would tell that the world is doomed to repeat history again and again, if they ignore it, and this appears to be the case for the JFK assassination's main theme. This theme is such a big deal that it is highly suppressed in most all the books and media intended to cover up this main age old issue that resulted in JFK being killed. It links to the issues of the Czar being killed, the issues of socialism in religion, and the ability of money and power to corrupt absolutely

One of the main issues that one notes in the JFK affairs, is religious differences. JFK went to Caholic Dublin, Ireland in June 1963 and snubbed the Protestant English over long standing issues for when Joe Kennedy was there, Colonization and Empire. On the same trip, JFK visited Catholic dominated Germany and snubbed Israel on Nuclear Weapons acquisitions and being Pro-Arab.

If we inspect the issues of England one soon discovers that their Royalty leadership are supposed to be from the Throne of David, and this appears to be a significant statement because that sect held the respect of the Essene and the Christians that began the Church and separated from the Evil Synagogue of Satan. However, it appears the leadership of England came from the 2nd temples ideas and the lost their directions. This also appears to be the issue for why the Catholic Irish state had long running battles with the Protestant and English allied Northern Ireland. The English so hated the Catholic Pope's religion that the English Royals were banned from marring a Catholic, and recently this was lessened to a Catholic can't be involved with the Throne. This ole religious difference baggage was certainly as issue with England and JFK.

If we look back at the Essene, those that trained Jesus, we don't see any fortress walls around their temple on Mt. Carmel, but we do find rules for pious beliefs to come to their most Holy Mountain at Mt. Carmel. The Essene, who were in Jerusalem, valued the Tomb of David and were guardians of the Tomb and the famous Upper Room for the Last Supper was over this Essene controlled area. These same Essene didn't like or have anything to do with the 2nd temples Pharisee or Sadducee and called them the Synagogue of Satan and the Harlot. This stemmed from the issues of Babylon and Nimrod's time, and how these values entered the Babylon Talmud.

The Pharisee were the rich folks of these times in Jerusalem and akin to the Royals of today and their Banker's ideals and those that support the Royalists and Bilderberg Corporation games to have Empire over, lord over, the world. The Essene were more like the Democratic theme today, where the wealth is spread around, workers are protected by Unions, everyone gets health care and so on. There are some close but not perfect analogs for these old factions verses the ones in today's world.

Jesus and the Essene didn't like the Money Changers, nor the burnt offerings because these were of the Babylon religion considered to go against the Moses teachings, which David and Solomon upheld. Thus, in the early times of England this appeared to have been important for the Royal Ancestry to be from the Throne of David and not from the later period corruption of religion by Babylon's ideals and the 2nd temples Pharisee and Sadducee. This fact appears to have been lost over the millennia, but more like covered up in today's information world.

The Essene's Pious Beliefs appear to have been discovered by the Knights Templar as they dug around the old Jerusalem area looking for the clues and they likely discovered there was a huge rift between the Pharisee/Sadducee and the Essene. The Knights Templar adopted all the old values of the Essene and wore White Tunics with a Red Cross, they didn't seek personal wealth, they were considered entirely honest, ran what amounted to banking and trading, and provided safe passage to the Holy Lands for Christians. They set up a grid of churches in these old times, and they became so worthy that the various regional Kings and the Vatican became threatened of their higher respect. So, the Church killed off the Knights Templar because their system based upon the Essene ideals, came off more powerful and more respected than their own. This need to kill off the Knights Temple finds its roots in the elements of who held and controlled the riches in the 2nd temple days.

Even the Issue of God's Chosen enters into this as the Mt. Carmel Holy Mountain appears to be the source for God's Chosen, and the corrupt church tries to tag in the corrupted Pharisee and Sadducee. God's Chosen stems from the times of Moses followers and those before the Babylon Captivity Corruption of this religion. Even in the issues for Israel, they are not supposed to be accepted in the Holy Lands until they come around to the Essene Beliefs, which is akin to accepting Jesus' Essene teachings. So, in Israel there is a general hatred of the Jesus theme and the New Testament's Revelations. Revelations speaks to the demise of these corrupt linked religion followers and a huge final war needed to set things straight.

Now, we can go back to England and their Lord Balfour Agreement with the Zionist Bankers, which was designed to divide Palestine and make a place for the Jewish. Even when we get to Hitler and the NAZI's, the Zionists and the NAZI's used to march in the same parades and Hitler liked the idea of getting the Jewish out of Germany. Hitler and Stalin both booted out the Jewish elements in their Government and banking. The Jewish Bankers in Germany ran to England and gathered up behind Churchill to make war on the Germans. Hitler, via Rudolf Hess, offered to ally with England's German Royals and Hess was locked up for life to keep that secret. The power of money and wealth to corrupt in this time was WWII. But it was a replay of the Knights Templar, and the killing of Jesus over their system of Essene religion.

JFK was with his Dad in England for a time and toured Europe and German before the war broke out. Catholics had shunned the Jewish in these times as being the Christ Killers, and the imprisonment and Holocaust was blamed on the Catholics to a large degree. We know that the Essene were highly attack by the 2nd Temple in these old times and that included getting Jesus killed by saying he was blasphemous. It gets back to this same old difference in Christ's time that entered into the issues of Hitler against the Jewish.

JFK, being Catholic in his time, brought out all these old differences, and JFK was anti-Colonization as was his mentor FDR. JFK wanted Peace and the other side wanted continual war to expand their Corporate hold on the world and its like banking hold. The JFK Democrats were more like the Essene with shared wealth, dislike of Kings and the Wars. JFK also appears to have walked right into the Armageddon problems, as did JFK's Catholic pal James Forrestal. Jim Forrestal believed the partition of Israel would bring the world into endless wars, and guess what, he appears to have been correct. Jim Forrestal also said the Arabs would push Israel into the Mediterranean. James Forrestal was murdered also, for much the same reason as JFK was murdered. JFK appears to have landed right into the middle of the old Armageddon issues with Israel, and the outcome was much the same with the Bilderberg Royals, their Pharisee mentality and riches all lined up to kill JFK as previous issues killed the Knights Templars, killed Jesus and tried to eradicate the Essene. It appears that no one learned the old history and we have again repeated it per JFK.

While JFK's Foreign Policy may have been the feared run up for Israel's Armageddon and the world may have found world peace sooner, these matters have worsened to the point of a WWIII problem and the factions aligned much as told in the Biblical New Testament's visions. Israel has stolen the term God's Chose from the Essene beliefs, and they have not fixed the issues of the Pharisee and the Zionist being the same problems which the Essene addressed long ago. So, again history will repeat and this time it is going to be much bigger and violent war, a nuclear war. Israel's games, that are about their isolationism from the rest of the world, with a big wall now have a huge Arab war brewing and it runs along the lines of Mason Albert Pike's ideas with Islam against Judaism's 2nd temple's corruption of Christianity. Now, we see the Socialist oriented Chinese and the Russians ally with Iran over these Zionist Israel induced problems of inserting long standing religion issue from the Jewish into the middle of Palestine.

When the Bible was amended via the New Testament, it was intended to preserve all the issues so that everyone could learn the subtle changes that led to this coming conflagration. But due to the corruption of Christian Evangelism to the wants of the 2nd temples coveting of riches held in the few, this old history is about to repeat and it is easily seen how these old sages of long ago could predict this coming about as the population of the Earth lead to such general closeness and the problems of this old religious corruption coming to a head.

JFK's murder was about the issues of an early Armageddon, but those same issues have festered to new higher levels these days to the point that they threaten the world.

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