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The NAZI Phoenix that rose from Hitler's Germany ashes of WWII to Kill an America President

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 06:10 PM
great thread Magnum. something i often wonder was the remote possibility that John junior was removed because of possible future political activities. they say it was just a plane crash over open water but it just seems to damn convenient that John, Bob and John junior left this world far too soon.

anyway thx for a very in depth thread.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

This is why the US constitution needs to be amended. Particularly Article 3 - The Judicial Branch
Section 3 - Treason. In specific, we need to legalize charges of treason for "Corruption of Blood"(going after the children/inheritors of traitors).

Lets look at the Bush family as a prime example:

Grand Father Bush: Traitor
Bush Sr: Traitor
Bush Jr: Traitor.

If you look at the traitors it tends to run in family lines.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 02:59 AM
Sometimes, you look at the situation, and it is GRIM, and think that it is too late, it will never be sorted, and the people will never wake up. It is true. The majority of people, 95% are NON thinkers. They have no idea, never will have any idea and have no capacity to understand and have any idea of what is being done to them. BUT, I think we have been at this point in world history, where sheer outrageous EVIL was about to take over completely and then..............WHAM! We start all over again!

Good, even when temporarily defeated is still stronger than Evil triumphant! But

The 'Evil' has become so obvious that it has exposed itself to scrutiny even by the 'non thinkers'.

At this point, we are due for a reset! Don't know how, don't know why or when, but NOTHING ever stays the same! Even Hitler did not claim that his Empire would last longer than a thousand years!

And yes, nothing is at it appears, initially. But we certainly live in Interesting Times and certain 'folk' don't realise that their underskirts are showing to all and sundry now!! Evil's very vulnerable underbelly is its belief that it is unbeatable. In the end, it destroys itself, imploding into megalomaniacal greed, arrogance and futility.

All lies come full circle and we always end up where we started, with a simple truth exposed for all to see no matter how well it was hidden and no matter how few want to believe it.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:03 AM
Hello BlackEagle,

You are welcome and thanks for dropping in to read these important issues for America.

I have not dug deeply into the JFK jr issues, but it would appear that he like RFK knew enough and wanted to avenge JFK. It appears his plane was blown out of the sky and was not a pilot error. I'd think growing up around the Onasis Oil business and the issues of Shipping oil that the issues of Curacao and Netherlands entered the conversation, and perhaps DeMenil's designs on Cuba. DeMenil was a big banker in Versailles, the same area that did the Versailles Treaty on Germany. DeMenil married little Ms Schlumberger, and the Oil Services unit was set up in Netherland Antilles. It appears the Jackie getting out of the US to protect the kids by marry to Onasis and living in Greek Island was only a temporary fix. JFK, Jr. had a high profile magazine and one hard hitting published story connecting those dots would make for solving the Conspiracy. I personally, don't think it was an accident.


Hello korathin,

I think you have a good idea, and the three generations of the Bush gang enriching themselves via any means really needs a harsh resolutiuon. When one studies the aftermath of JFK, everyone knows LBJ was part of the Crooks these days, but it went on for decades after LBJ have Crooks in the Office of President. LBJ gets tied and the hand off is to Tricky Crooked Nixon, who was in the middle of the 8F's gangs want to attacking Castro. Nixon gets into trouble for being paranoid that the DNC might know his treachery, and the Warren Commission's Ford cover-up crook gets into office. Then Ronnie from California that stalled the Garrison extradition of PERMINDEX and other information from California. Then we get Bush-41, who is right in the middle with Zapata Oil and the Cuba mess, and he operates from Houston, the home of DeMenil. Then we get Clinton, who ties to do good and balances the US budge nearly and shift the US largely off the Mil/Ind Complex games. Then it is back to the Bush Crooks and the idiot son Bush-43 drives the US into huge debts, cranks up some new wars, switched from the battle on Communism to Islam. And the number of Crooks in the Presidency continues and still the JFK records are sealed and the American Public is still the hostages of this Crooked long running allinace.


Hello Elliot,

I do think there is a rising awareness that the US is being used and abused and that the American People have become disenfranchised from Govt. It is even highly apparent to many that the elected officials are put into office as willing lap dogs and face men for a behind the scenes Shadow Government that is really these rich corporate owners, which are in large part these Bilderberg Globalists that seek to expand their controls over the planet using the IG Farben/Rockefeller Corporate methods of NeoColonialism. Their first target was the Communists, but now they are more organized and they know who the Crooks are, but the Islam became their next target. So, the Arab Islams that knew Bin Laden evidently got the scoop on the Rockefeller driven methods for Neo-Colonialism and they tried to blow up the foundation of Rockefeller's WTC. Round two has them highjacking planes to take down the WTC on 911, and all the while the Arabs thinking the US will wake up as to why all the fuss and an Islamic Cold War on these same Crooks that they call a Jahad.

Yet, with all this happening even on the US mainland now, the American public appears to still be Fluoridated Mindless people following in lock step with the Crooks as they pass in turn through High US Office. I do hope you are correct that more and more are waking up and learning the real history.


In the issues for the JFK assassination, there is about 40 pounds and noise for every ounce of reality, which keeps things hidden from these none too educated Americans of this day. Only knowing these Foreign Elements connected to these issues of old Colonialism in the Carribean, combined with the NWO design for Colonialism as Global Corporatism can some of these massive driving forces that sought to kill JFK become apparent.

For JFK this ramp up to the assassination began with these Old Money Europeans running oil in these island Colonies encountered these upstart New Money Texas Oil tycoons that had taken over America's politics and were heading to do the same with these Foreign Territories and Off-shore oil. JFK landed right in the middle of this struggle with the Foreign Power Elite, or Old Money Royalists, and these 8F group tycoons in Houston that sought to muscle in their wants on Cuba. JFK likely had a fair grip on the Nut Jobs in Texas. He thought he had them cornered in Dallas and even put in extra insurance by forcing Connally to ride with him in Dallas, but the kill game on JFK was not to be stopped as these PERMINDEX interests didn't give a darn about Connally.

Sen. Yarborough was JFK's like minded supporter in Texas, and the Texas PERMINDEX game didn't mind if Yarborough and JFK Both got shot. So, when the shots began the first thing the panicked Connally yells is "They are going to kill us Both", as the shooters were likely going for BOTH JFK and Yarborough. Meanwhile, since Yarborough is ridding with LBJ, at the first sound of shooting, LBJ is on the floor of his Limo hoping they won't go for Yarborough and hit him too.

It is way past due to open up these hidden JFK related files that expose much of this dirty dealings from Texas, and how one Foreign Fascist Capitalistic group went head to head against the Texas Fascist Capitalists, crushing JFK in the process and sending the US down the pathway to massive Govt Corruption, loss of Citizen's Rights to know and Govt. by and For the People. America has been taken over from within, as the Communists rightly predicted. Now we have NeoCons pulling the PNAC games to fake out America with New Northwoods games all following these old NAZI methods for NeoColonialism or NWO Corporatism. Their enemies are now Communism and Islam, but these are teaming up against the Crooks as we speak with Russian and Chinese support for Iran and Syria. Even Chinese and Venezuela support for Cuba. WWIII looms near.

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 06:19 PM
The US and many countries around the world appear to be in a time of almost universal deceit against the people and a time where telling the whole truth becomes a Revolutionary Act. The US lives in a greater storm of Propaganda than the Soviet Union was once accused of doing. Operation Mockingbird bought up all the US journalists they could get to become their lap dogs and the more honest ones they put out of the business.

I've tossed out a few concepts that most of the people that read the news media in the US and elsewhere know little about. Few people are taught the real history of Communism and Capitalism and how Capitalism can all to easily become corporate Fascism and take over the Country with outside interests. Corporate Fascism violates Freedoms as much or more than Communism. This is the effect of NeoColonialism, and more on the concept can be read here for those none to familiar with this term:


"Neocolonialism is the practice of using capitalism, globalization, and cultural forces to control a country (usually former European colonies in Africa or Asia) in lieu of direct military or political control. Such control can be economic, cultural, or linguistic; by promoting one's own culture, language or media in the colony, corporations embedded in that culture can then make greater headway in opening the markets in those countries. "


It was a transition from the age of Empires to the age of World Corporation methods or those started by Rockefeller and IG Farben. As this runs wild today, the political concepts for Republican have been adapted to mean Pro-Corporation methods are the first to be supported and Freedom to these politicians means the ability to move into any area and slowly take control over the regions natural resources, industrial might, and control its politics and elections toward a Global Perspective.

The Democrats are more the workers party and supported individuals side of the Corporation equation. In too many ways, the Democrates have been pushed into almost being called Communists by these power seeking globalists on the Republican side of things. The line these days is really blurred as each side has to make deals to get into office and seek corporation moneys and repay favors to these corportations while in office. What the writers of the US Constitutiuon Envisoned as America does not exist in today's world.

In the UK, everyone thinks the King and Queen are just symbolic these days, but the economic wealth retained by these individuals has more power to run and control the country than when the ran the country directly. This is the Royalist side of the equation that ended formal Empires and Colonies and now runs the Global Show via Corporate wealth. The Communists were their greatest enemies, and the Communists are so aware of these methods the Royalists can't really gain any new ground. So, now they play the next best agenda which is to go after the Arabs and Islamic Countries with various techniques.

Now, in the post JFK era with nearing five decades of crooks running the Oval Office, America's plight is more along the lines of a country taken over, with the people having little power or even the mental agility to define what has taken them hostage to other causes. We have Neo-Cons that play their games for with the "Project for a New America Century", PNAC, that was all about attacks on Arab and Islamic Countries.

Now we have people in the streets around the US showing want for change and they are named the Occupy Wall Street folks, OWS. They are not well presented in the mainstream press for likely good reason that the mainstream media are the lapdogs of corportations that don't want to tell the issues are lack of Jobs in the US and these methods of NeoColonialism push into Communist countries to use them to get cheap products and leave American workers without work. Americans can't buy Chinese when so many are out of work or getting minimum wages. When these jobless conditions go into these extremes it opens the doors for Communist Principles to take over America, as Communism puts everyone to work and evens the playing field between these mega-rich and the jobless serfs in America today.

What JFK felt about preserving nationalism and self determination is all the more important to America's plight today. One book that speaks to this is called: "JFK: Ordeal in Africa." See:


"Through access to classified documents, interviews with participants, and a firm handle on the secondary literature that existed at the time, Ordeal in Africa effectively depicts the American strategy that often walked a fine line between anti-colonial idealism and practical Cold War strategy. The results were often problematic and occasionally contradictory, but by 1963 American policy seemed headed in the direction of a more liberal strategy that could benefit African nationalists. "


"Mosaddeq, who had begun nationalising US and British owned oil companies in Iran, was removed from power on August 19, 1953, in a coup d'état, supported and funded by the British and U.S. governments and led by General Fazlollah Zahedi."


Castro was being targeted for the very same reason as the above, as he nationalized the Cuba Oil Companies and all American Investments in Cuba.

When JFK was killed, it was for much the same reason as JFK was after peace with Russia and Cuba, not expanding the footprints of Globalist Hegemony. These Globalist's motives for world power and domination are being forced upon the US and the People of the US are left with no rights of self-determination. We The People Don't enter the Equation any more.

After nearly 50 years of the US being run by these Hegemony intent crooks for the NWO's Globalism, the US Citizens are left with no rights for Self-Determination as even the electorial process has been taken over. Due to fluoride used on America, News Media Lap Dogs for the Hegemony intent Globalists, most in the US are left without their voices being heard or respected.

Yet, due to the OWS movement, there appears to be concerns that the people have noticed their Plights. And in the UK, as the OWS movement appears to be taking hold, these City of London special one square mile economic district types are calling these OWS persons as allied with terrorists. Now a Russian Aircraft Carrier sits just 30 miles off Britain as perhaps a sort of same warning the Russian Czar sent to Britain over their wants to get involved in the US Civil War to Free the Slaves of the American South.

Now, more than ever, it appears the political concepts of the JFK era were well though out and well balanced and designed for the general good of We The People. JFK left the US a design guide for true Freedom and true world peace. Even as we speak here, the concepts of the Euro appear to be falling apart due to lack of respect to these same principles.

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posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 03:14 PM
One of the more interesting web pages that shows the history for LBJ per stymied justice proceedings is shown on the web site:

So, we know absolutely that LBJ was a Crook. One can see LBJ was interfering with Laredo, Tx. issues and even stole the Baker file out of the Bobby Kennedy Justice Department.

So, it was along the same Crooked lines the LBJ set up the Warren Commission to over up the real issues on the JFK assassination.

Even on this web page one finds that the Torbitt File gets full page presentation. Most that dig deep into the Torbitt Files claims finds lots of reality hits.

One of the prime issues for the Torbitt File that the issues of John DeMenil, who is classed as being linked with Russia. When we look closely at DeMenil he appears to have been born in France, got into intelligence, worked in Romania which would have put him around Nagy and others. The German Occupation of France appears to have chased him to the US and the Schlumberger Corporation down to Netherlands Antilles registry.

One of the issues that I invariably find in digging up the real issues on JFK is that the most attacked persons or information is that information is the most close to the real truth of the issues. Also, those most afraid to speak out show up with fake names or the ones that do speak out with real names become highly attacked.

Prime examples are this Torbitt File, which traces back to Copeland in Waco and lots of the insider Texas Connections. We find the book Farewell America (America Is Burning) from France and French intelligence appears hidden as the source.

Then we get into Judyth Baker, who was highly attacked by the McAdams Group on the JFK assassination and this follows into other JFK forums such as Education Forum run out of Britain, which have McAdam's followers instigating issues there. On the issues of 40 pounds of noise (misinformation) to the ounce of truth factors in the books written on JFK assassination, this follows into the online media areas of the Internet Age also.

It is often hard to pick the simplest starting point into the JFK assassination, but some of the most basic sensible starts begin with White Russia de Mohrenshildt who was LHO best buddy in Dallas. The know the de Mohrenschildt was really close with DeMenil, who is the guy that hates Communists, has all kinds of Intelligence history, is a big player in PERMINDEX. This associated with attempts on DeGaulle.

All through the PERMINDEX issues runs this benevolence theme, In Europe, they began as the save the Jewish from Hitler games with Nagy and Mandel. In the US, DeMenil is on the save the Cubans from the tyrant dictator Batista. DeMenil helps Castro oust Batista. After the 8F gang gets done with the Russian Oil Battles with Castro, this turns the entire state of Cuba into Communists.

Then the Foreign Elements in Texas with the 8F gang get into how to get more power and control over the US, and though they both have the same idea in mind to kill Castro by whatever means that started with pushing Eisenhower and Nixon to have the CIA off Castro and turned into their going it on their own as JFK shut down these CIA efforts, they both turn on JFK.

But then it appears one doesn't trust the other and wanted an upper hand and a lot of forced incentives to play the game on their terms. So, not only is their a frame up on LHO to provide the first level and simplest design for who killed JFK, there is a second to frame up the domestic US side of the plotters involving HL Hunt, Jaffee/LBJ using the three shots from the Dal-Tex building. The ulitimate top level players ended up being the PERMINDEX gang that had highly infiltrated the US as benovolent fascist capitalist supporters. In the end, to solve the crime fully it had to become exposed that this Foreign Fascist Element set up the 8F connected Fascist Elements in Texas to take the next fall if it went beyond LHO.

Obviously, the big deal of the whole mess was that the Fascist Capitalist elements that were after both JFK and DeGaulle were to blame, and to get down to the real solving the crime issues it would pretty much kill capitalisms great games for a NWO using the World Trade Corporatism. Solving JFK gets down to Money Corrupts Absoultely, and following the Money. European Old Money and upstart New Money in America are both in the game to off JFK.

In further looking, it appears Linda Minor, a lawyer from Texas and a pal of Judyth Baker's, is finding this information:
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posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 10:44 AM
Some who study the JFK assassination see it stemming from the Eisenhower Mil/Ind Network's issues. Eisenhower stocked his Joint Chiefs of Staff with lots of European Zone commanders that signed up for the Marshall Plan and their primary concern was the Russians, which was the NAZI's biggest concern also. The locus of associations for these plans and the people working them trace back to the European Pentagon, which was the old IG Farben building in Frankfort, Germany.

After the European War, the Allies had no viable capitalist friends left in Mainland Europe as the place was distroyed. This made the region ripe for Communist Expansion, so they decided to rebuild Europe via the Marshall Plan. This was all good in its time, but as things came to humm along in Europe they encountered the Reds not liking their new economic strength.

Eisenhower set off the Mil/Ind Network problems with lots of his old JCS having the Mindset of IG Farben industrial machine and growing the capitalist side to suppress any Communist Expansion. So, when JFK came into office he had this European Commander mindset in dominance on the JCS.

Yet, the Pacific Theater Commanders had a differing vision and were not too concerned that old colonial states in Indo China were leaning toward Communism. JFK made good friend with General Douglas MacArthur, who told JFK the JCS panel that Eisenhower left him were not good choices. Simialarly, JFK talked with French General DeGaulle about Vietnam and his views on the matter. JFK's policies then began to be shaped by these top General's views as he decided to pull out of Vietnam. JFK also had the Africa problems under his belt and that shaped his world visions of Foreign Policy also.

In Europe's Pentagon, the CIA was housed under the same roof as the Military. This set the stage for alliances on Communist resistance.

This did not stay that simple an association, as the old money in Europe then began to rally behind the Prince Bernhard design for PERMINDEX and the Bilderberg, who set up their own system based on IG Farben methods passed along from Rockefeller in the US in earlier years. In the US Pentagon this set up critical differences between JFK's Foreign Policy issues and those of these European Commanders Eisenhower had on the JCS.

JFK was winning against the CIA and the JCS and breaking up the resistance from there, but he had one Foreign Element with PERMINDEX for which he had little control.

Lets take a look at Eisenhower's European Pentagon and the home of the Marschall Plan:


On its completion, the complex was the largest office building in Europe and remained so until the 1950s.[2] The IG Farben Building's six square wings retain a modern, spare elegance, despite its mammoth size.

It became the principal location for implementing the Marshall Plan, which largely financed the post-war reconstruction of Europe. The state apparatus of the Federal German Government was devised there. The IG Farben Building served as the headquarters for the US Army's V Corps and the Northern Area Command (NACOM) until 1995. The US Army renamed the building the General Creighton W. Abrams Building in 1975.[1]

In March 1945, Allied troops occupied the area and the IG Farben Building became the American headquarters of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.[3] Eisenhower's office was where he received many important guests; including General de Gaulle, Field Marshal Montgomery and Marshal Zhukov.[7]

From 1945 to 1947, the IG Farben Building was the location of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied European Forces, and was the headquarters for the US occupation forces and Military Governor. On May 10, 1947, permanent orders to military personnel prohibited further reference to the building as the "IG Farben Building", and instead called for it to be referred to as "The Headquarters Building, European Command".[6]

After 1952, the building served as the European centre of the American armed forces and the headquarters of the 5th US-Corps. It later became the headquarters for the Northern Area Command until 1994. The IG Farben Building was also the headquarters of the CIA in Germany, which led to its sobriquet 'the Pentagon of Europe'.

On May 11, 1972, the terrace area in front of the 'Casino', was the scene of a bombing by the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction, i.e., the Baader-Meinhof Group). The building was attacked again by the same group in 1976 and 1982.[2][9] Consequently, the publicly accessible adjoining park, became part of a restricted military zone which also included the military living quarters and work areas at the rear of the building.


Many research people on the JFK assassination leave out this Foreign Interest group that didn't like JFK's ideals for peace with Russia or Cuba, and they had like thinkers on the JCS and the CIA that stemmed from these European workings of the old OSS and the European Pentagon. JFK thought he had control over the JCS and the CIA as he was taking apart their campaigns to control Foreign Policy and the Presidency. But, after DeGaulles issues in France, one of the most deadly Foreign CIA like elements moved into North America and the US. PERMINDEX had a large presence in the US and was working in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and well beyond and they didn't like JFK's peace seeking Foreign Policy either or the idea of Peaceful Co-existance with the Russians or any Communists.

Such problems puts these PERMINDEX elements at the top of the list for how JFK was killed and how many of the Dallas element compromised and PERMINDEX plugged into the Rockefeller WTC scheme in later years.
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posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Since lots of the Eisenhower Mil/Ind Network issues sprang out of Germany and the remake of Europe, it is interesting to consider General Walker and his German associations. General Walker was one of the Dallas people that hated JFK as a Communist.

It is interesting to see how the extreme General Walker was nailed in Germany for his John Birch Society games. The person that wrote the article in Frankfort, Germany has an interesting recount of his story on Sept. 22. 2010:


I’ve had some great stories in 50 working years in journalism. Most important to me was getting Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker fired from the U.S. Army. He was a clear and present danger in that Cold War period in Europe when his brand of activism could have triggered a hot war - which I think is what he wanted.

It was 1961, and the headline story in the Overseas Weekly in Frankfurt, Germany, had my byline accusing Walker of politically indoctrinating his 24th Infantry Division troops at Augsburg and promoting a “first strike” against then-communist Czechoslovakia.

Walker was a convert to the John Birch Society, a communist-conspiracy, GOP-oriented, extreme-right-wing group. (Before the Birchers we had the Liberty League and now we have Take Back America.)

Walker had Birch literature inserted in books at the base library. His base newspaper ran stories that praised conservative, Republican members of Congress while pointing out the “softness” of liberal, Democratic lawmakers or candidates. His sub-commanders recommended OK candidates for Congress for soldiers to vote for absentee.

Walker had brought German avid anti-communists to speak to his brigades about the need for a pre-emptive strike against Soviet armies to the east.

All were activities against the Hatch Act, a federal law prohibiting federal employees from active participation in partisan politics.

Con't on URL

General Walker became hard against the Kennedys and likewise, they against him. Walker wanted to start a war against Communism and he considered the Black Civil Rights movement Communism. Walker was on a campaign to have JFK killed, and allied with buddies like Pro-NAZI oriented HL Hunt in Dallas.

Then some of the other connections go back to Germany on the Joint Chiefs of staff and it is good to review some of the history of Lyman Lemnitzer with General Eisenhower:


General Lyman L. Lemnitzer (US Army) was a troubled man. Maybe it was the excess of Ls in his name, maybe it was just the tense times. He had been a military protégé of General Eisenhower in World War II, helping plan the early invasions of North Africa and Sicily. At war’s end he was involved in securing the surrender of the Axis leadership, working closely with Allen Dulles, who would later head the CIA; Lemnitzer has been accused of helping some former Nazis move to South America, and he helped others to stay behind in Europe, under the auspices of NATO, as spies against the USSR. [1]

By 1960, Lemnitzer was chief of staff for the Army, and Eisenhower was finishing his second term as President of the U.S. In November it became clear that Democrat John F. Kennedy, not Eisenhower’s vice president Richard Nixon, would be the next president; at this point, Eisenhower turned to his old aide Lemnitzer, appointing him Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military post in the country, in regular contact with the president. According to James Bamford in Body of Secrets (2001) Lemnitzer’s view of Eisenhower at this time of this promotion reportedly “bordered on reverence.” By leaving Lemnitzer behind, Bamford wrote, “Eisenhower would have a window onto the next administration,” and as would become clear in due time, Lemnitzer would also “become a landmine in the Kennedy administration.” [2]


Lyman was a hard line anti-Communist, an immaculate planner and control freak. According to Bamford, upon becoming chairman, “he sent out elaborate instructions outlining exactly how his fellow chiefs were to autograph group pictures – they were to sign their names directly under his, and they must follow his slant.” [3] He was reportedly not pleased to be working under Kennedy, and he wasn’t the only one. Fears were widespread, especially in the military, that Kennedy, his brother, and the rest of their team were inexperienced, liberal, and/or soft on communism. These concerns were very serious, and would come to a head very quickly over response to the revolution in Cuba.


While the military mistrusted the Kennedies, much of the public and their Congress at the time were worried about the military. Eisenhower himself had warned in his farewell address, January 17 1961, of the dangers of the “military industrial complex.” He emphasized the need for “an alert and knowledgeable citizenry” to “never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.” Such fears were widespread in the following years, as evidenced by the later success of the 1964 film Seven Days in May. Starring Kirk Douglas and written by Rod Serling, the film was about a military coup against a president perceived as soft on communism, led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Congress stepped in with a 1961 Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigation of right-wing activity in the military, and Lemnitzer himself came under their microscope. Among the most critical of the JCS chairman in the hearings was Sen. Al Gore sr. (D-TN) Citing recent right-wing military revolts and coups in France and elsewhere, the committee published a report on their findings of a “considerable danger” in the “education and propaganda activities of military personnel.” [7]


The origin of the name “Northwoods” is not clear, but is possibly a reference to the London suburb of Northwood, home of the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), the British equivalent of the JCS, possibly indicating a British connection or inspiration. In March 1962, Operation Northwoods was completed, and Lemnitzer signed off on it. The “special distribution” document opened:

”As requested by Chief of Operations, Cuba project, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are to indicate brief but precise description of pretexts which they consider would provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba.” [4]


In fact Bamford notes Northwoods as a precedent for events to come. On the subject of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the August 1964 alleged attack by North Vietnamese forces on American ships that led to direct U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, he wrote:

“In light of the Operation Northwoods documents, it is clear that deceiving the public and trumping up wars for Americans to fight and die in was standard, approved policy at the highest levels of the Pentagon. […] One needs only replace “Guanantanamo Bay” with “Tonkin Gulf,” and “Cuba” with “North Vietnam.” The Gulf of Tonkin incident may or may not have been stage-managed, but the senior Pentagon leadership at the time was clearly capable of such deceit.” [13]

Bamford described Northwoods as “what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government.” [14] But that’s not to stay it didn’t have stiff competition, nor that other nations at other times have not trumped the JCS, nor that the U.S. itself hasn’t trumped this in the period after the book’s release. To act like Lemnitzer and his people invented such cynical thinking is disingenuous – such deceit is standard operating procedure for politicians and leaders worldwide and throughout history. But this report shatters the belief that America is somehow different, protected by a bubble of Democracy.


So, one can see the JCS associated with Germany and Eisenhower were a large problem for JFK, and one JBS General, in particular, wanted to kill JFK. But there were others just as militant that saw Walker and Hunt working to kill JFK and could easily gain an upper hand. Some that saw these Dallas New Money upstarts as screwing up their games on Cuba, didn't mind framing up the frame up artists from Dallas.

After the JCS, Lemnitzer is transferred to NATO Britain---home for Northwoods.

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posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 08:25 PM
In connecting the dots for the JFK assassination, one has to consider both Foreign and Domestic Intelligence units that ran kill operations against their communist enemies. One has to immerse the study into the politics of that period in the US and in Europe. One of those issues to review is the Fulbright Memorandum, as there were warning signs all over the place that JFK was about to be killed. Notice Fulbright was part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which gave them a view of Europe. This source speaks to these times and connects them with the 911 event:


To understand what happened on Sept. 11, it is useful to attend to this institutional factor, which was highlighted, each from their own standpoints, by 1) President Eisenhower's Farewell Address, with its largely misunderstood warning of the threat emanating from the growing influence of what he called the "military-industrial complex"; 2) General MacArthur's persistent warnings to President Kennedy and others against involvement in a land-war in Asia, of the sort which was in fact foolishly but deliberately carried out after the murder of President Kennedy; and (3) Sen. J. William Fulbright's 1961 Memorandum alluding to a military-coup danger in the United States. It is of particular significance that Fulbright referenced "the revolt of the French generals"—which takes us into the assassination attempts against French President Charles de Gaulle, in which were implicated the same international terrorist networks which played a central role in the subsequent assassination of President Kennedy.


Six months into the new administration of President John F. Kennedy, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman J. William Fulbright (D-Ark.) was warning about the dangers of a revolt by right-wing military officers against the administration. Although Fulbright himself did not use the word "coup," others did—including some who denied planning such a coup.


The Fulbright Memorandum was drafted in July 1961 as a personal communication between the Senate and the Secretary of Defense, who was Robert McNamara.[2] Entitled "Propaganda Activities of Military Personnel Directed at the Public," the memorandum began by noting that a 1958 National Security Council directive had made it the policy of the United States "to make use of military personnel and facilities to arouse the public to the menace of the Cold War." Fulbright reported that private organizations were preparing material that was then distributed by the military, material which was contrary to the President's policies. He noted that the actual programs being carried out under the 1958 directive "made use of extremely radical right-wing speakers and/or materials, with the probable net result of condemning foreign and domestic policies of the administration in the public mind."

Fulbright's allusion to a military coup, came as follows: "Perhaps it is farfetched to call forth the revolt of the French generals as an example of the ultimate danger. Nevertheless, military officers, French or American, have some common characteristics arising from their profession and there are numerous military 'fingers on the trigger' throughout the world. While this danger may appear very remote, contrary to American tradition, and even American military tradition, so also is the 'long twilight struggle' [referring to President Kennedy's characterization of the Cold War as a conflict which may not be solved 'in our lifetime'], and so also is the very existence of an American military program for educating the public."[3]


Eisenhower's warning—which was echoed by President Kennedy in March 1961, and again by Gen. Douglas MacArthur (ret.) in 1962—is usually brushed off as simply an allusion to the growing power of defense industries. But there are substantial grounds for believing that it was much more than that—and that when Eisenhower warned that the political influence of the military establishment was being felt "in every city, every statehouse," he was referring not just to the military, but to the cabal of Wall Street-backed foundations, think-tanks, and private institutions which were promoting a vast military buildup and confrontation with the Soviet Union.

To understand the circumstances under which John F. Kennedy took office in 1961—and which ultimately contributed to his assassination—it is essential to review the largely forgotten battles which President Eisenhower waged against the Cold Warriors and the military during his own administration, especially in its last two years.


This missive give us a better view of the outside interests trying to shape Presidential Foreign Policy against Communist expansion. It was ramping up against Eisenhower, who caved to an extent, but killed JFK for resistance and seeking peace.

posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 09:12 PM
I agree with MagnumOpus about almost everything.

Here's a twist you may not have considered... I don't think that "Oswald" ever emigrated to the Soviet Union and back. That kind of coming and going was unheard of in those Cold War days. I don't think Marina came from the Soviet Union, either. That whole thing about Oswald going there and meeting Marina and bringing her back was all faked by CIA, in my opinion. They had photos of look-alikes and doubles in Russia, but the real "Oswald" and "Marina" were never in Russia.

I believe that they were both orphans of the Nazi Lebensborn project and were brought to the USA by the OSS (which became the CIA) from Germany after the war. I think they were part of a sleeper cell brought up in a CIA safe house in the USA. I think that "Oswald"'s family was faked and Marina didn't come from a family in Russia. I think that Oswald's "mother" ("Margarite") was a CIA handler and so was "Robert," his "brother."

If you read the bio of "Oswald" by his "brother" ("Robert") that was published not long after the novel by Robert Bloch, PSYCHO (later made into a famous movie by Hitchcock), the book about LHO by "Robert," called LEE, reads like a CIA attempt to use elements of PSYCHO to further frame LHO as a nut case. Just get a copy of both books. Read PSYCHO first and then read LEE. You'll see what I'm talking about.

I think that when LHO was taken to jail, there was no way the cops were going to find out his true background and identity because at that time, the local police chief, sheriff, and even the FBI field agent had no clue of how identities could be fakes, safe houses used, sleeper agents, or any of that stuff. LHO was definitely a "patsy" and didn't kill anyone. He was used. When LHO pleaded for someone to "come forward for legal assistance," he was needing an attorney (he asked for a specific one) who would know something about how CIA worked. Also, at that time, only CIA and Soviet NKVD knew anything about the Nazi Lebensborn project.

My theory gets really bizarre when considering the following possibilites... Jack Ruby said he was a "mechanic" for the Army Air Force in Europe in WWII. G.H.W. Bush was in the Army Air Force in Europe in WWII. What if they were both secret OSS agents (Allen Dulles was chief of OSS with an office in Switzerland) and knew each other (G.H.W. Bush was spotted in downtown Dallas during the assassination). What if they were both CIA agents (Bush later became head of CIA). What if LHO was the illegitimate son of Himmler (look at photo comparisons) and what if Marina was the illegitimate daughter of Goering (look at photo comparisons)? What if they were born as offspring from those Nazi leaders during the Lebensborn program? What if an OSS unit raided the Lebensborn facility for the highest ranking Nazis and were ordered to sneak the kids back to the USA as part of Operation Paperclip? They would make excellent sleeper agents because families and family histories could be faked around them (all you need are fake documents and handler agents to play the roles of "family" for reporters). James Jesus Angleton, CIA head of counterintelligence in the sixties said that his hobby was raising "rare orchids"... or was that really "rare kids"???

posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by switching yard

You have used a lot of factually incorrect information to support your theory..

Barring the fact that your trying your hand at alternative history based fiction, how do you hope to understand or uncover something of the magnitude you are suggesting if you cant even be bothered to get the common historical details correct?

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 09:19 AM
Hello Switching Yard,

I've not heard of your theme per Oswald and Marina, but I will look for this book by his brother. Lee has a Mother in the US that obviously loved him. Marina's made a number of public appearances to defend LHO as not doing the crime. LHO himself had a girl friend down in New Orleans that was quite taken with him because he wanted to play spy games. Those three don't speak to being German special projects.


In reading more on the Jim Garrison and PERMINDEX theme, there are some telling the Russian KGB seeded the story that PERMINDEX was linked in the JFK killing due to the information in a Italian Newspaper called "Paese Sera." This appeared to be a good attempt to get PERMINDEX off the hook, but the details don't line up due to Garrison finding more than enough information long before seeing the Paese Sara News.

The interesting part is that Lord Bertrand Russell supplied these Italian News Clips to Garrison, and they appeared to want to say that sent Garrison in the directions of the KGB disinformation. In many accounds, like that by Donald Gibson, blame for massive disinformation games are laid at the feet of Bertrand Russell of the UK. Tie into this UK associations the apparent origin of Operation Northwoods to the British CIA and one see these Europeans were very interested in the Commuism and Cuba issues. This recount speaks to these issues:


After [Clay] Shaw’s arrest, Jim Garrison received from Ralph Schoenman, philosopher Bertrand Russell’s secretary in London, copies of a series of articles published in an Italian newspaper of the independent left called Paesa Sera. The articles had been assigned six months earlier to expose the CIA’s pernicious attempt to influence European electoral politics and to thwart the democratic process in more than one country. They focused on ‘Centro Mondiale Commerciale,’ the world trade center in Rome, as a CIA front, one modeled, according to a 1958 State Department document, on the original CIA-created International Trade Mart in New Orleans. Paese Sera, of course, did not possess this document. Its evidence came first hand.


Although Centro Mondiale Commerciale refused to reveal the origins of its vast income, the paper trail leads to a Miami bank, Astalde Vaduz, and to the CIA front ‘Double-Chek.’ CMC was connected as well to L.M. Bloomfield in Montreal, and to the Seligman banking family in Basel; Seligman banking in turn was allied with Sullivan and Cromwell, the law firm of CIA Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles. ‘My parents are very interested in PERMINDEX,’ Peter Seligman-Schurch wrote to Clay Shaw.

In Switzerland, PERMINDEX soon aroused ‘widespread public suspicion.’ Nagy and Seligman stonewalled the concerned American consulate in Bern after the Swiss complained they had ‘insufficient confidence in the business integrity’ of PERMINDEX.


The editors of Paese Sera were astonished when their March 1967 publication date for the series on PERMINDEX coincided with the arrest of Clay Shaw. They had been working on the series for months, former editor Giorgio Fanti says. Now they headlined Clay Shaw’s involvement in PERMINDEX, with a subhead revealing that he had been arrested by Jim Garrison in New Orleans. Paese Sera noted that Shaw’s name had first appeared in connection with the machinations of the organization. He had gone to Rome ‘during the time preceding the disbanding of the CMC,’ Shaw admitted to a Paesa Sera interviewer. Paesa Sera wondered, too, about Shaw’s leaving the United States two days after the assassination, remaining abroad for two years with only intermittent visits to America.


Jim Garrison had charged that the CIA had plotted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for which they were aided and abetted in New Orleans by their operative, Clay Shaw. Thirty-five years later, a series of attacks on Paese Sera began to appear, accompanied by an excoriation of Jim Garrison. Among the publications sanctioning these attacks was the CIA’s own web site, ‘Studies in Intelligence.’ Journalist Max Holland repeated in a series of magazine articles the erroneous thesis that the only reason that Paese Sera believed that the CIA was behind PERMINDEX was that the newspaper was the victim of KGB disinformation. Jim Garrison, therefore, had connected the CIA to the Kennedy assassination and to Shaw only owing to a KGB lie.

Rather, Garrison’s attribution of the planning of the assassination to the CIA was based on his discovery of the CIA connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, and not those of Clay Shaw, an inconvenient detail Holland omits. The truth is that Garrison had focused on the CIA in December 1966 and January 1967, well before the March publication of the Paese Sera articles.


Thus, it appears Lord Russell is a problem.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 10:03 AM
In the above listing per Clay Shaw, one has to keep in mind that his European Military Service had him closely associated with Britain's Winston Churchill. Thus, one might expect to see a connection with Lord Bertrand Russell attempting to make issues against Garrison.

One also must keep in mind that Winston Churchill was the Lapdog for the Rothschild associated bankers that controlled Britain's finance for the Royals and they would stop at nothing to get back their hold on Continental Europe and making war on Hitler, because Hitler wanted them out of the banking business due to Versalles. Hitler's NWO booted all the Rothschild Bankers out into the streets.

The other big deal was Hitler sent Rudoph Hess to attempt to make a deal with Britain. The British Royals were German people with new names to hide the issue of them being German. The name Windsor was a name used to conceil that the Royals of Britain were all Germans before they took the throne of Britain. The big secret that kept Rudolph Hess in prison for the longest term ever from Neuremberg was that he knew that Winston Churchill was the person that refused the Hitler deal that would join Germany and Britain against the Russians, but the Rothschilds interests behind Winston Churchill wanted no part of that idea. Stalin was the biggest enemy of Rothschild's banking controls and the NAZI group of Industrailists seeking their Hitler inspired NWO.

There is more in this same series of insights on Fascism:


“A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to
supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist
regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in
Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the
Nazi regime. . . .

Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist
regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help
Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there.”


Today the Republicans controlled by a faction of fascists are still calling
for the elimination of one of the most successful government programs ever,
Social Security and enacting of the same agenda of Irenee du Pont.. The right
wingers since the Reagan years have passed huge tax bonanzas for the rich and
corporate America a policy followed by the Nazis. The Republicans have also
passed a huge excess of corporate welfare until the amount of corporate
welfare now exceeds social welfare by at least a factor of ten. In short the
Republican Party today will settle for nothing less than corporate rule. Such
an extreme form of capitalism or corporatism is at the heart of fascism..


But it was during this period that the US adopted a policy of nationalism and
a phobia of communism, both traits of fascism. This was also the time that
the root of the extreme corporatism that the Republicans of today embrace and
advocate. Extreme corporatism is just another name for fascism. It was the
emergence of fascism in this time period that has lead to many of the
inequities of today. This writer believes that the failure of the US to adopt
a national health care policy like the rest of the industrial world can be
traced to this very time period. In fact Harry Truman first proposed such a
measure during this time period. Of course the right wingers of the time
attacked it with a vengeance labeling it as socialism or even communism.


Thus from the end of the war the personnel that would later become
instrumental in the CIA was concentrating on covert actions. Truman
originally saw the CIA as an informational gathering agency rather than an
agency centered about covert actions. However the National Security Act of
1947 defined five roles for the CIA. The fifth role was to perform all other
functions as the National Security Council directs. It was this role that was
exploited by Wisner, Dulles, James Angleton, William Colby and others, who
were responsible for directing the newly formed agency along these lines
actually subverting the intentions of Truman and forever changing the face of
the CIA.


This is a rather long read piece to digest, but it does show the money connections of Dulles and his defense of NAZI industrialists. It tells of the Republicans going full speed into Corporate Fascism and this running over the Democratic issues of worker rights, etc. It went to the point that Republican Corporate Fascism called Democratic worker right as Communist.

What this piece does is show the Foreign Elements involved in the take over of the US, based up the Corporate model from IG Farben/Rockefeller. If you look around you'll find that General Smedley Butler foiled a Fascist take over in the US around Nov. 22, 1934. 29 years later they succeeded.
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posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 03:38 PM
Most folks recognize that Globalism was well in evidence with the Eisenhower and JFK administrations, and there was more than just a little meddling in the issues of Foreign Affairs. From Europe, the White Russians were supporting anything involving Capitalism and spying on Communism. In Europe, the entire Marshall Plan was to set up a Capitalist group of allies in Central Europe to go against the Soviets. The Soviets were busy setting up their satellite state buffer zones to keep back the steady capitalist methods from gaining too much ground close to the Russian heartlands.

Certainly, in the issues of Eisenhower's attempts to do the Peaceful Co-existance with Communism and Russia as proposed by Khruschev was met with huge resistance on both sides of the Atlantic. Certainly, LHO deciding to Russian to spy for a few years fanned the flames of the U-2 methods of sping on Russia by the US supertechnology. Lots of the Blackbirds and spy planes came directly from the German's invention of the Jet Tubine systems used in advance fighter aircraft after WWII and these Black-Bird series of ultra high altitude spy planes.

The Phoenix Theme of this tread is even based upon some of the old Imagery from Germany of the Black Double Eagle Image as the symbol for German's Emergence as the 3rd Reicht from the Old Roman Empire's similar image of the Double Eagle. There would come to be a 4th Reicht that was based upon the ideals of the NAZI games of industry and corporations that almost took over half the world and would have changed the whole econimic order from one of being dominated by these old Royalists trying to control Europe, to one of a NWO trying to kick out these Rothschild type bankers that so ruined German via Versailles. That was Hitlers and the NAZI's big enemy.

Unfortunately, the European German Bankers went running to the German Royals of Britain and established enough counter resistance to Germany's Investor friends that the balance changed to one of Britain becoming the enemy of Hitler and Germany by this behind the scences economic games of these Royalist's monies.

Today, we can begin to see where all this behind the scenes Shadow Government and Global Designs have taken the US. The US now has to follow in lock-step with these NWO designs of the corporate Globalists. They can't make any headway with the Communists these days, and the new game is gain ground against the Muslem and Arab world. This was the move that corrupt Bush-43 sought with collusion with the Neo-Cons and their new version of Operation Northwoods as the Project for a New American Century, or PNAC.

Soddam Housein became the great evil the US had to chase down because of all his sabor rattlings, and to get the Black Gold that is of such strategic importance to the building of wealth by the NWO globalists. 911 was just a New Pearl Harbor method to go after Islam. Islams big target was the Rockefeller WTC because it was the model for Globalism's encroachment on their territories. So, now most of Islam and the Arabs have become allies with the Russians and the Chinese in Iran and Syria. This all came to pass because JFK was not allowed to pull in these extremist goals that were taking over America, its old European threater Generals, the JCS, the New Money Rich Oil gang of Texas, and their Globalists designs to be able to dominate Governments worldwide for their own exploitation via the corporation methods.

Some speak to the power of this system today, and it is more easily seen the power that JFK was trying to bring down as it sought fascist control of the US:


Banker Occupation And Europain
By Stephen Lendman

Bankers rule the world. A new Swiss Federal Institute of Technology study says so. Written by Stefania Vitali, James Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston, it's titled "The network of global corporate control," saying:

"We find that transnational corporations from a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic 'super-entity' that raises new important issues both for researches and policy makers."

The study says 147 powerful companies control an inordinate amount of economic activity - about 40%. Among the top 50, 45 are financial firms. They include Barclays PLC (called most influential), JPMorgan Chase, UBS, and other familiar and less known names.

Twenty-four companies are US-based, followed by eight in Britain, five in France, four in Japan, and Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands with two each. Canada has one.

Moreover, "top ranked" companies "hold a control ten times bigger than what could be expected based on their wealth."

As a result, they have enormous influence over political, financial, and economic activity.


So, many have the Beast in view.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 05:01 AM
Most everyone, these days, has heard about of "The Beast of Jeckyl Island" by Morris Beale, who exposed to the world about the Federal Reserve and the International Bankers. Beale also wrote of the Rockefeller's games. And most of heard about the power of the Central Bank over a country that was expressed by one of the British Rothschild Bankers.


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws."-- Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild


Woodrow Wilson was extorted into signing the Federal Reserve into existance by the International Bankers, which went against the thinking of many leaders over the decades of existance for the US. Wilson knew he ruined the US and sent it into fascism:


"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence


Many associate the Great Depression with this overbearing control over America's wealth. It was FDR who came into the presidency to solve the Great Depression. FDR started up the CCC and other measures to overcome that problem. It was FDR that hired Joe Kennedy to put in laws on the Stock Markets to prevent these type things from happening again, so the hate of the International Bankers toward the Kennedys started way back, as did their hate for FDR. The following two New Yorik Times links speak to a plot to overthrow FDR and set up Fascism in the US. Smedley Butler made the charges that this was a plot against FDR and he later went on to write a book called "War is a Rackett".

In the latter parts of the war years when FDR died, Stalin suspected that FDR was poisoned to get in a more dumb and manipulatable president named Truman. Stalin and FDR were close, which upset the crooked Churchill alliances with the Rothschild bankers. FDR cultivated Stalin's help in WWII and Churchill almost distroyed it.

Inexperienced in Foreign Affairs Truman sat around and watched the ardent NAZI imported into American Intelligence services, and Formed the CIA, which went way beyond its legal mandated role. Because of Joe Kenndy's role in the FDR administration, JFK's political directions were highly shaped by the FDR thinking.

Morris Beale, a DC Newspaper man, was still around at the time of the JFK assassination. He knew well the games of the stock market in causing the Great Depression and how the Federal Reserve come into oligarchic control of the US. Morris Beale wrote one of the hardest hitting JFK Assassination books, "Guns of the Regressive Right Or How to Kill a President: the Only Reconstruction of the Kennedy Assassination That Makes Sense", in 1964 just shortly after the death of JFK. It gets most of the factors correct with the exception of the Foreign Interest factors from what FDR always called "The Royalists."


Morris Bealle's reporting the truth of these Rockefeller based needs for World Corporatism, as the Fascist Element worse than Communism, that took control over America. This book and the others by Morris Bealle are essential for those seeking how America has fallen from within.


There were those that knew and could well forecast that JFK was about to be killed over his FDR like resistance to the foreign Royalists.


For out of this modern civilization economic royalists carved new dynasties. New kingdoms were built upon concentration of control over material things. Through new uses of corporations, banks and securities, new machinery of industry and agriculture, of labor and capital - all undreamed of by the Fathers - the whole structure of modern life was impressed into this royal service.

There was no place among this royalty for our many thousands of small-businessmen and merchants who sought to make a worthy use of the American system of initiative and profit. They were no more free than the worker or the farmer. Even honest and progressive-minded men of wealth, aware of their obligation to their generation, could never know just where they fitted into this dynastic scheme of things.


In terms of those that really hated both the Kennedys and JFK, it stems from this Foreign Interests that wanted Oligarchic power and control over America for their own purpose and directions. The Bilderbergs came to become the Royalist's Board of Directors and their PERMINDEX unit as their espianage and killing unit to go after any resistance toward their oligarchic capitalism goals for a NWO or globalists controls. Anyone that wanted Peace with a Communist country became their instant enemy.
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One of the most interesting associations for the NAZI connections to Cuba, as well as their connections with the JFK assassination, is the issues of the French Connection and who runs the Drug Trade in the 60s. Most have heard of the associations of Auguste Ricord as being the head of the French Connection for Drug running, but few associate him with the NAZI Guestopo and all the German NAZIs that fled to Argentina.

Argentina took in more NAZI elements than the US due to their helping the NAZIs escape Germany as the war was failing. One of the more interesting issues is that Klauss Barbie became associated with this area and the Drug Running. Barbie is associated with helping to get Che Guevara.

The issues in Cuba in the early 60's was the Jewish Factions in the US were using Batista and Cuba to relocate and set up drug running operations into the US. In the mean time, Auguste Ricord already had control of the drugs of the French Connection coming into the US via Vietnam. Nobody wanted the Vietnam area to stay Communist Free more than these French Connections folks that had the market cornered. That was a huge money stream.

As one studies the JFK issues, one thing to keep in mind is that the NAZIs didn't like several things, but the things they disliked the most were Communist Russia and Stalin and the second was Jewish linked control over money and wealth. They didn't mind making troubles for Israel and even the mess with Bin Gurion's fight with JFK was due to the Germans helping Egypt build missiles and teaching nuclear technology.

One must take note that in the JFK assassination there was an effort to set up the Jewish Factions with various Jewish linked leads from Bernard Weissman to Morris Jaffee in the Dal-Tex Building. Certainly, three shots came from the Dal-Tex Building's window and the FBI went to the trouble to damage the evidence by damaging two films at a critical point where the Limo turned in front of the Dal-Tex Building.

Those are the fingerprints that speak to the Corsicans and Ricord and using the French Connections best killers. The NAZI linked drug dealing would be dead set against these Jewish Mafia Elements setting up drug running operations in Cuba under Batista.

In the times after JFK, Nixon would come to go after the French Connection and Nixon would become associated with the killing of Lucien Sarti in Mexico and also the capture and jailing of Auguste Ricord, which was the end of the NAZI associated elements in the Opium Drug trade and the movement into the Catholic dominated areas of Columbia and the Cocaine drug operations. The Jewish elements lost control and the Catholics took control.

In later years we get Crooked Drug Runners like Vietnam's Oliver North connected to Iran-Contra and gun running using the Israel Connections into Iran. Getting too close to either Oliver's operations of those of Nixon's plumbers gets very close to these old bits of hidden knowledge.


On 26 September 1935, he joined the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the special security branch service of the SS [Nr. 272 284] which acted as the intelligence-gathering arm of the Nazi Party. On 1 May 1937 he joined the Nazi Party [Nr. 4 583 085). He was sent to serve in Amsterdam in the German-occupied Netherlands. In 1942, he was sent to Dijon and in November of the same year he was sent to Lyon, where he became the head of the local Gestapo. In April 1939, Barbie became engaged to Regina Margaretta Willms, a 23-year-old daughter of a postal clerk.


In 1947, Barbie became an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC).[4] In 1951, he fled to Juan Peron's Argentina with the help of a ratline organized by U.S. intelligence services[5] and the Ustashi Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganović. Asked by Barbie why he was going out of his way to help him escape, Draganovic responded, "We have to maintain a sort of moral reserve on which we can draw in the future."[6] He then emigrated to Bolivia, where he lived under the alias Klaus Altmann. Testimony of Italian insurgent Stefano Delle Chiaie before the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Terrorism suggests that Barbie took part in the "Cocaine Coup" of Luis García Meza Tejada, when the regime forced its way to power in Bolivia in 1980.[7]

In 1965 Klaus Barbie was recruited by the German foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) under the codename "Adler" (Eagle) and the registration number V-43118 due to both his excellent relations to high ranking Bolivian officials and his strongly nationalist and anti-communist stance.[8] His initial monthly salary of 500 Deutsche Mark was transferred in May 1966 to an account of the Chartered Bank of London in San Francisco. During his stint with the BND he is responsible for at least 35 reports that were sent to the BND headquarters in Pullach.[9]


The 2007 documentary My Enemy's Enemy, directed by Oscar-winning British director Kevin Macdonald, raises the possibility that Barbie helped the CIA orchestrate the 1967 capture and execution of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia.[10] In 1966 a disguised Guevara arrived in Bolivia to organize the overthrow of its military dictatorship, and according to the film, the CIA turned to Barbie for his first-hand knowledge of counter-guerrilla warfare.[10]

According to Alvaro de Castro, a longtime confidant of Barbie interviewed for the film:

"He (Barbie) met Major Shelton, the commander of the unit from the US.[11] (Barbie) no doubt gave him advice on how to fight this guerrilla war. He used the expertise gained doing this kind of work in World War Two. They made the most of the fact that he had this experience."[10]
De Castro adds that Barbie "had little respect for Che Guevara", viewing him as "a pitiful adventurer."[10] In the film, journalist Kai Hermann remarks that "He (Barbie) always boasted - though I cannot prove it - that it was he who devised the strategy for murdering Che Guevara."[10]

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One new bit of rediscovered information stems from an old Italian News Film on the JFK assassination. Some have found the film has clips of Frank Sturgis and another person they propose to be LHO. Problem is the person doesn't look like LHO and looks a lot more like Jean Souetre. Souretre is shown to have been in and around Dallas/Ft. Worth before and after the JFK assassination. Souetre is connected to CIA code name QJ/WIN by many and other aliases. Souetre is a French Corsican connected assassin. He has strong ties with the DeGaulle hit, ties with French Connection Drug Running into the US, ties with Auguste Ricord, David Christian, and this Carlos Marcello in the US.

Check out the film clips on this link:

Once one considers that Jean Souetre was running around Dallas/Ft. Worth one has to question if he was part of the fake LHO that was running around test driving cars and shooting other people's targets at a rifle range for attention. Afterall, on this URL it appears to be proposed that what appears to be Jean Souetre is LHO. Did others made the same mistake?

More discussions on the Jean Souetre theme:

A photo of Jean Souetre for comparison:

Souetre ties together the JFK hit themes of CIA/King Harvey/QJWIN, Mafia Drug Killers/Marcello, PERMINDEX/Bloomfield, Gen Walker/NAZI connection, and Argentine NAZI drug runners/Vietnam/A. Ricord/C, David.

It also explains why Nixon quietly went hard after the Drug Mafia associated with the French Connection and jailed Auguste Ricord and C. David, and Corsican Lucien Sarte gets machine gunned to death in Mexico City.

The most interesting issue is Nixon ends up doing what DeGaulle, JFK, FDR, and MacArthur all thought about doing with the old Colonial French Vietnam----let it go its own course. Nixon bails out of the Vietnam War, which crooked LBJ started, and gets of the offshore oil rights for Texaco Oil. Then the French Connection Mafia gets paranoid Nixon over his crooked plumbers snooping on what the DNC knew.

The former French Army person Jean Sourtre looks politically just like General Walker, and both are up in arms over the French Colonies like Algeria and Vietnam going to the other side.
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 03:08 PM
One of the more important parts of this old Italian Film Clip is the fella with the Army Hat with the Dark Rimmed Glasses. This appears to be the alias Frank Bender. This is really the German National named Gerry Droller.

Nixon included Frank Bender in the very first Op 40 meetings, which brought in the PERMINDEX interests from the very beginning.


Frank Sturgis, alias Joseph Hamilton, Frank Fiorini, and a dozen known aliases

Sturgis was among those questioned by the FBI after John Kennedy's death because of his activities. His home had been an arsenal complete with a 20 millimeter cannon. Carlos Prio Socarras, former president of Cuba, was planning demonstrations for the conventions. He worked with Permindex, David Ferrie, and the entire Miami-Houston-Havana group named by independent researchers in association with Kennedy's death. Did Sturgis and Socarros work together in 1963? Are they connected in any way, by banks or weapons, with 1972?


Frank Sturgis was a Lt. Reserve in Civil Air Patrol. Named in connection with the John Kennedy assassination, along with Frank Sturgis, was David Ferrie, Civil Air Patrol. Lee Harvey Oswald, before joining the Marines, worked under Ferrie in Civil Air Patrol.


Manuel Artime met Droller in the summer of 1960. At the time he was using the name "Frank Bender" and had adopted the role of a Steel tycoon based in Miami. Droller told Artime: "I have nothing to do with the United States government. I am working for a powerful company that wants to fight communism."


The first groups of exiles were mostly members of the deposed dictator Fulgencio Batista, followed later by people who had believed in the revolution and were betrayed, their property con...fiscated and their lives in danger. Due to the explosion in unrest throughout, not only Cuba, but also the rest of Central and South America at that time, the CIA's "Miami Operations Base" had hundreds of agents, all under the command of a" Mr. B", whose code name was Frank Bender.
One of Mr. B's associates was Eduardo Hamilton, the code name used by E. Howard Hunt. Bender and Hunt were veterans of the OSS and the CIA and were experienced cold warriors. In 1960 Barker was assigned to work under Hunt, to recruit and organize men for what would become a Cuban Exile invasion force training to liberate Cuba from Castro. The group was then known as the "2506 Brigade." In reality far from being a Cuban led and organized effort, these training activities were in accordance with an official plan to implement the CIA's "A Program of Covert Action Against the Castro Regime" which was approved by President Eisenhower on March 17, 1960.


Deadly Alliance By Judyth Vary Baker with Howard Platzman, Ph. D.

Note: Downed U-2 Pilot Gary Powers has stated his belief that Oswald had the information needed to bring him down.

New information: Mr. B may not have been Phillips. Another CIA figure, Frank Bender, one alias of Gerry Droller, was known inside the agency as Mr. B. He was posted to Mexico City at the same time as Phillips. The record says that Droller worked for the OSS during the war, but there are indications he actually worked on biological weapons for the Nazis.


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I must comment here.

This is absolutely fascinating information and explanations !

Eye opening.

The rabbits holes are dug deep.

Please continue.

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There are additional highly important information bits dug out of the JFK assassination cover up by Mae Brussell of California, and she gets very close to the key players. For instance consider the additional associations for de Mohrenschildt:


The Gehlen Operation, master spy outfit for Hitler's hot war against Eastern Europe and the USSR, moved many of their agents via Alien Dulles's CIA into the Dallas-Fort Worth-Houston area. Most of the emigres had large oil and land holdings taken from their families and hoped to return and claim what the Bolsheviks took away from them. Members of the Solidarists, members of Vlassov's Army of Liberation against the USSR, and nazi war criminals were moved into Texas and the Southwest long before John Kennedy was assassinated.(9)

George DeMohrenschildt, Lee Oswald's closest friend in Dallas, came from a family where his "father was Director of the Nobel Oil Interests in Minsk Province. He was the elected representative of the landowners to the government of Czarist Russia."(10)

John J. McCloy, member of the Warren Commission, was the attorney for Rockefeller's Standard Oil and represented the refineries of the "Nobel family's giant Caucasian oil fields" that had been taken by the Bolsheviks.(11) (At the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, DeMohrenschildt was employed by Lyndon Johnson's friends Brown & Root, largest constructors for Vietnam contracts.)

Conduits of funds for the transfer of emigre groups into the United States from Eastern Europe or the Middle East were through organizations such as the Tolstoy Foundation, the Greek Orthodox Church, and other DIA and ClA front organizations. (12)


What one picks up is de Mohrenchildt is no accidential bit part player in the Lee Harvey Oswald games in Texas. What had been happening in Texas is the 8F group liked some early Germans that came to the West Texas High Country in the late 1800's and they liked soaking up all the richer technology people, so the WWII games placed the Rocket NAZIs at Ft. Bliss, Texas to do rocket work on the ajacent White Sands Range in New Mexico. Texas also picked up a bunch of Ghalen Organization White Russians getting out of Russia that were called the Solidarists.

So, they eventually gather up Ferenc Nagy as one of the leading Solidarists from Poland. Nagy was a Pro-Hitler supporter in the German war, but helped to get Jewish out of Poland. In Dallas, Texas, he was the leader of the highly anti-Communist White Russian Solidarists who were basically fascist in intentions. de Moheneshildt was highly big oil oriented Fascist White Russian overseeing LHO. He also appears to be working for Brown-Root in this time, which is part of the PERMINDEX group, and Nagy was also PERMINDEX.

We have a reasonable explanation for why Lyndon Johnson is making phone calls to sell his Halliburton Stock from Parkland Hospital in Dallas, as JFK lies dead down the hall. Halliburton had acquired Brown-Root in 1962, so LBJ has to sell off the company stocks to be able to start up the Vietnam war as the reward to the 8F group's war mongers and Mil/Ind Network's interests.

Mae Brussell also makes important distinctions for the typical assassinations in Europe vs the simple simon games attemtped for the JFK assassination:


American Assassins Are Mutations

There is something undeniably different about the American variety. The individualism of American assassins is what Europeans, and some Americans too, find hard to grasp. In other parts of the world, political assassination is usually the result of an elaborate plot. The object is to bring about a shift of power; it is a rational exercise, even if a murderous one. No such plan appears to guide the American assassin.(1)

-- Time Magazine May 29, 1972

The American assassin is a different variety than history ever produced before. This mongrel is not a pure breed nazi but the deformed and hideous baby produced from the marriage of nazi General Reinhard Gehlen and his mistress, Allen Dulles' CIA. It has taken a long time to recognize just what is different about this creation whose birth followed a quickie ceremony immediately after World War II.


It is also important to consider that Jack Ruby was of Solidarist's White Russian extraction, as was Abe Zapruder. It was no chance situtation that had Zapruder Film the entire JFK assassination from a perch over the precise location. These fascist Solidarists caused a lot of problems in Russia, and in the US they connected with fascist PERMINDEX and caused the US bigger problems.

It is also important to notice LHO was associated with the Tolstoy Group in Dallas.
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