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The NAZI Phoenix that rose from Hitler's Germany ashes of WWII to Kill an America President

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:20 PM
Often Americans are not aware of the real history that shapes their destiny and this is indeed the case for the rebirth of Hitler's Industrial War Machine and how its rebirth would again seed Fascism control of America and seek the same for the world as a New World Order.

Hitler's war machine was the German Industry Giant called IG Farben and their industrial espionage unit called NW7. At the end of WWII in Germany, IG Farben was such an important asset that not one allied bomb was dropped on their German HQ, yet the rest of the region was destroyed. Eisenhower even established his HQ at the IG Faren HQ building.

IG Farben supported Hitler and Hitler supported IG Farben, which was formed from the industrial and corporation ideals of Rockefeller and Standard Oil in the US. IG Faren became more of a Fascist system as war loomed for Germany, and they allied with Fascist Italy.

IG Farben was highly invested in by US bankers and companies and they continued to invest and fund Hitler and Germany well into the areas of trading with the Enemy issues being involved.

After the war, the assets of IG Farben were slowly divided and sold off and the last deals finished in 1991.

Few people noticed that IG Farben actually rose from the ashes of Germany by the actions of UK's Victor Rothschild getting and old IG Farben person named Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to set up the Bilderberg Group in the Netherlands, which was all about the largest Corporation Owners networking on common goals around the world. Part of that process was to rebirth NW7 as PERMINDEX or Permanent Industrial Expositions.

The biggest enemy for IG Farben and Germany was Communism and Communism sprung from Germany's Industrial Revolution beginning with Karl Marx in Germany. This went on to become Leon Trotsky's campaign for PERMANENT REVOLUTION to oppose Corporatism exploiting counties and going against Socialism.

One can study the history of Communism on this URL to get a quick study view of these days of Europe's Industrial Revolution that came to support Corporatism and those that fought for workers rights and equality to oppose the old ways of Europe linked to Feudalism and Royalists control.


Before 1917, most Marxists did no believe that a workers' revolution was possible in any but the most advanced countries. The experience of the Russian revolution proved otherwise and in light of that, Trotsky upadated Marxist theory with his ideas on 'Permanent Revolution'. Since then we have seen revolutions in countries as different and as far apart as China and Cuba.


What we came to call the Military Industrial Network in the US was really highly associated with this Corporation need to work with Military to oppose Communism or the Freedom of Corporations to move into different countries, set up operations, gain wealth power and control over those regions and disenfranchise the people for their NWO networkings.

The Permanent Industrial Exposition efforts to set up in the old Fascist area of Rome were slowly rejected as Europe had seen enough of Hitler's IG Farben Fascist war machine and also Rome had seen enough Fascism also. When their Corporation Empire efforts saw Algeria fall to Communism, they went after Charles Degaulle for assassination. They were discovered and chased out of Europe, but they turned up in the US in the land that taught IG Farben all its industrial secrets from Rockefeller and Standard Oils methods. In the US, these PERMINDEX folks turned up in New Orleans with Clay Shaw, turned up in Houston with John DeMenil, turned up in Dallas with Ferenc Nagy, in Huntsville with Werner Von Braun, and in Montreal with Louis Bloomfield.

Their designs were first and foremost to take over and control the energy and oil sectors for economies, so they found a big reception from the Texas and California Oil producers. These were the 8F group in Houston that sought to control the political appointments in high office to control the Sec. of Navy and Sec. of Treasury. These would become the seeds for political power for corrupt politicians like Lyndon Johnson and his good buddy taking pay-offs from Texas and California, J. Edgar Hoover.

The same system that came to spy in Russia for the NAZI's was the Gehlen Organization and they recruited their Russian Spies mainly from White Russians in the area of Minsk, who also valued the ideals of corporation control of industry. The White Russians had big communities in the US and this was so in Dallas, where George de Mohrenshildt was an oil services worker from Russia. He was also considered to be the best friend of Lee Oswald and de Mohrenschildt was a White Russian from the Minsk area of Russia, where Lee Oswald was sent to work for a television and electronics factory. George and Lee called persons like General Walker of Dallas as a Fascist, and we discover that Walker is pals with persons linked to the Gehlen Organization and is tied to the frame up of Lee Oswald as the shooter of JFK.

The politics of Dallas, as the City of Hate against what they termed the Communist JFK was obvious. HL Hunt and his close pal General Walker were both Pro-NAZI types that liked the Fascist Corporation ideals of Bilderbergs and their political action unit called PERMINDEX. PERMINDEX had all the same investors as did the Hitler machine before the war. PERMINDEX games were all about control over the energy sector and absolute PERMANENT INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITIONS against Communism and Trotsky's PERMANENT REVOLUTION.

This Phoenix that rose from the ashes was totally against the Russian games of Peaceful coexistence that Khrushchev sponsored after the death of Stalin. Khrushchev was warmly received by Eisenhower who took him to his farm home to make good relations. This was not to last long, as the political action units of Rockefeller and Bilderberg members set up the John Birch Society to rage against the US embracing Khrushchev in any form. Their meddling eventually resulted in the U-2 crash and the end of the Khrushchev and Eisenhower peace talks. The push eventually led to the push to get rid of Castro as a Communist, which failed. But the whole affair was started by the Bilderberg PERMINDEX interests in the Caribbean pushing the fall of Batista and matters worsened. Texas 8F gang caused the refusal of US Oil Refineries in Cuba to process Castro's million barrels of oil from Russia. This caused the nationalization of these oil refineries and the US games to control Cuba had Castro toss out all the US investors and nationalize all the Cuban US holdings. Communism then came to Cuba, and it stayed to this day.

The NAZI Phoenix that rose from the ashes of Germany came to target John Kennedy as a Communist because he was refusing to push military into Vietnam, starting the kick out of the Fed. Res. in the US, and finding all those that were allied with the NAZI war machines fascist rebirth as Bilderberg and PERMINDEX, which had its hold in the US Joint Chiefs, the out of control Texas Oil types linked up with PERMINDEX values and need to control the energy sectors. They succeeded in the killing of JFK in broad daylight with the most corrupt of cover ups involving the highest levels of the US Govt., and the US shifted into a Fascist Controlled system reborn of NAZI Germany.

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:25 PM
Very interesting thread, will have to read more throughly when I am not on my phone.


posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:56 PM
go on..

we're listening.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:43 AM
about to lose consciousness at the keyboard, so no link. but look up The Red House Report. It talks about the plans made by the 3rd Reich to use facism (socioeconomic pressure) to create a worldwide economic regime. And it looks like they have done it, with the US as their "heavy".

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 07:14 AM
Yes, the ideals of IG Farben are well in play. In the JFK assassination when one speaks of persons like HL Hunt and General Walker being Pro-NAZI, this is the system they back of global corporatism. Communism is its big threat that stops their global expansion.

Here is a link that explains the Red House agenda:


But the Red House Report is a bridge from a sunny present to a dark past. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief, once said: 'In 50 years' time nobody will think of nation states.'

For now, the nation state endures. But these three typewritten pages are a reminder that today's drive towards
a European federal state is inexorably tangled up with the plans of the SS and German industrialists for a Fourth Reich - an economic rather than military imperium.


One must keep in mind that Britain's Royals are Germans renamed, and their Banking Empire of the Rothschilds are also basically Germans, and when IG Farben's Prince Bernhard, at the efforts of Victor Rothschild, resurrected IG Farben as Bilderberg, and PERMINDEX to battle Communist resistance toward these efforts, this basic game went into full play. PERMINDEX's operations in the US was like a CIA killing machine on steroids to control the US via corporatism's methods.

This NWO game is one of distroy the US Constitution and Nationalism and insert global corporatism as the Fascism oriented control. It is a redesigned technique from NAZI power methods, revamped into one for capitalistic fascism to run over Communism and now Islam.

Look at the banking and corporation investers in Pre-War Germany and those of PERMINDEX and there is a pattern.

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 07:17 AM
Unfortunately for the Nazi 4th Reich, Great Britain is not about to let them achieve what Hitler, Rommel, and all his other henchmen failed to do 70 years ago.
Well played David Cameron! thank god you didnt do a Neville Chaimberlain.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 11:29 AM
It gets better as more documents turn up:

A PERMINDEX linked person appears associated with Hungarian Uprising against Russians.

Also, connected to a Special Stay Behind network called GLADIO that was to work against any Communist Invasion of Europe.

And Ferenc Nagy was in Dallas, another pal in Houston, and other in New Orleans.

When one considers General Walker and HL Hunt were called Pro-NAZI types one must consider if all the bail outs at the end of WWII by Germany are in play as IG Farben reincarnated as PERMINDEX.

The PERMINDEX person in Houston is John DeMenil is linked to George de Mohrenschildt who was Lee Oswald's White Russian Pal. de Mohrenschildt was passed over by the OSS because he was working with the NAZI Gehlin network in spying on Russia for the NAZIs.

de Morhrenschildt disappeared right after Lee Oswald was associated with taking a shot at General Walker and they called him a Fascist and General Fokker, which is a Netherlands aircraft company.

George ends up dying after complaints of Middle Eastern persons following him around. He bolts from Brussels leaving things behind, and is called to a hearing, then dies due to a shot-gun. The extended story is his daughter's alarm system sounds like a door entry is violated, some foot-steps, and the shot-gun sound. Most suggest it was murder to keep him from talking too much.
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 09:22 PM
One of the better accounts that gets close to the NAZI and Russian associations on the JFK assassination was written by David Copeland, who sought out the inner circle issues of who killed JFK and got close. David Copeland was more than afraid to speak so openly of the JFK hit and used the fake name of Daniel J. Torbitt. Anyone breaking the real story in the JFK gets intensely attacked to keep the issues of how the USA was conquored from within suppressed from the Public's mind. His account is very close as to how many systems to spy on Americans and Central Americans worked, it isn't perfect, but is generally headed in the right directions and associations.

This was a time in the US history that things were extremely corrupt and the lowest elements of the Mafia had alliances with the Richest elements in the US, and they allied to battle Communism with help from the highest levels of Govt and Law Enforcement itself. This was facilitated with Foreign Elements determined to use everything possible to conquor Communism and preserve their Fascist Hold on the Western World and use that to expand their grip upon the world. Some call the methods the 4th Reicht, others the NWO, some the Mil/Ind Network, the Shadow Government; but are basically one in the same.

This is a free site for the Torbitt File associated with some Federal Agents that leaked a good deal of the games being played to hide the real deal on the JFK murder in Dallas:


"The author says "The Fascist cabal who assassinatedJohn Kennedy planned to lay the blame on honest right-wing conservatives, if their first ploy, to lay the blame onOswald and the Communists was not bought.""


This work also appears in book form as:


The games of this corrupted group of individuals sought firstly to frame up Lee Oswald and Jewish elements for the JFK assassination with the simple theme of Oswald firing from the Texas School Book Depository. Except, this was not what occured. Much of the real shooting came from the Dal-Tex Building and an area connected with HL Hunt, Morris Jaffee and a faked up Uranium Business. Jaffee had extensive ties with LBJ. So, all they had to do was cut loose the real information on the shots fired at JFK came from Dal-Tex, if the LHO frame up failed to come into acceptance. This speaks well for the Theme Emphasized above from Copeland's accounting, highly increasing his insider knowledge credibility.

One can see that this happened as streetside spectators saw sparks on the ground around the JFK Limo as it made the turn onto Elm Street and came into view of the Dal-Tex window near the fire escape. One can even see the FBI's hand in covering up this first shot that left highly visible evidence on two movie films shot that day that showed the view of the JFK limo and the Dal-Tex Building. The two films that captured this event were altered and damaged by the FBI. One was returned by the FBI with this image area burned at these critial moment, and the other was returned to the owner with a splice at exactly the same moment with frames removed from the film original. So, now the highest level of the FBI is covering up for those that sought to tie in Dal-Tex, Hunt, Jaffee, and LBJ associations.

This gets worse as those attempting to cover up these shots coming from the Dal-Tex Building are one in the same with the ones attempting to tell there was a hole in the Limo's Front windshield near the rear view mirror. There was no clear hole in the windshield, just some fracture lines and inside the windshield abrasions, and that story is a fabrication to attempt to remove the idea many shots came from the Dal-Tex Building. These stories appear to be fueled with HL Hunt money to attempt to keep the heat off himself, Jaffee, and LBJ. The other connections to this cover up method is the claim there is a large hole in the lower right rear of JFK's head due to a dark area in the Zapruder film. This is further faciltiated by one of the Dallas Parkland Hospital Doctors drawing a perfect squarish hole in the back of JFK's skull as what he saw that day in the Emergency Room at Parkland. This entire line of faked up hole in the windshield and bullet blowing out the lower rear skull area of JFK's head appears to be their crude attempts to keep the focus off of them, but this is spoken about in the Torbitt File as the back up method beyond LHO, plus the frame up of these other people in the assassination of JFK to force the issues into the Warren Commissions production of faked up conclusions that framed only LHO. It appears HL Hunt money and FBI help pushed this hole in the windshield story to confuse the issues, but it was also insurance to force the issue to frame only LHO.

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 06:15 AM
Perhaps the best way to see the NAZI derived method for globalization is to follow the issue of fluoridation, which was discovered in Germany by the IG Farben Chemical works. IG Farben was the first of the industries to develop and to use fluorine derived chemicals. IG Farben designed the Nerve Gases, that employ fluorine as their active ingredient.

Germany Industry also used much fluorine chemistry in their aluminum production plants that started up the industrial revolution in Germany. The Germany Meuse Valley region was the first to experience the environmental releases harming the region. German industry became the first to observe that fluorides in the environment make people slow of mind and easily led. Today, we see these factors discovered in science as lowered IQ, damaged cellular enzymes, and serious cumulative damages to bone and the Pineal Gland that regulates endocrine function.

It is very easily seen that Fluoridation is a NAZI derived science that has been introduced by this 4th Reicht Globalist Agenda and it affects the US as a way of taking control of the US from within. See:


At the end of World War II, the US government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany. The German chemists told Perkins of a scheme which they had devised during the war and had been adapted by the German General Staff. The German chemists explained of their attempt to control the population in any given area through the mass medication of drinking water with sodium fluoride, a tactic used in German and Russian prisoner of war camps to make the prisoners "stupid and docile"(Stephen 1995). Farben had developed plans during the war to fluoridate the occupied countries because it was found that fluoridation caused slight damage to a specific part of the brain, making it more difficult for the person affected to defend his freedom and causing the individual to become more docile towards authority. Fluoride remains one of the strongest anti-psychotic substances known, and is contained in twenty-five percent of the major tranquilizers. It may not seem surprising that Hitler’s regime practiced the concept of mind control through chemical means, but the American military continued Nazi research, exploring techniques to incapacitate an enemy or medicate an entire nation. As stated in the Rockerfeller Report, a Presidential briefing on CIA activities, "the drug program was part of a much larger CIA program to study possible means of controlling human behavior"(Stephen 1995).


One can follow the footprints of fluoride on the world to see the use of this method on the world and those that have discovered its deceptive uses and stopped the practice. It is most used in areas like Ireland to subdue the Irish resistance to the UK Royals and in former UK Australia. It is highly used in the US and Canada to subdue the population to seeing these globalist NAZI agenda being applied to them. All of Russia has seen the problem and banned fluoridation. Germany easily saw the problems as their chemists invented the technique. Netherlands, as the home for Prince Bernhard of IG Farben, banned the fluoridation of water supplies. Japan has banned fluoridation along with many others leaving most of continental Europe fluoride free. See:


Water fluoridation is used in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Australia, and a handful of other countries. The following nations previously fluoridated their water, but stopped the practice, with the years when water fluoridation started and stopped in parentheses:

Federal Republic of Germany (1952–1971)
Sweden (1952–1971)
Netherlands (1953–1976)
Czechoslovakia (1955–1990)
German Democratic Republic (1959–1990)
Soviet Union (1960–1990)
Finland (1959–1993)
Japan (1952–1972)


Fluoride in England was used from the start of their use in Tea drinking, which is very high in fluoride content, and this has been in effect in the UK due to Tea Drinking. Only around 10 percent of Britain uses water fluoridation, but most of the country is affected by fluoride due to the Tea Drinking practice. It was also being applied to the US Colonists, which started the Revolutionary War for Independence from Britain. NAZI Germany refined the effect to a known science and intended its use as a mind control effect on populations to make them more easily accept their Corporate Globalization methods and the loss of National Identity. This is a large part of the methods used to take over America from within.

Fluoride, in the science research of today, is being outed for the bad effects on bone damage and Pineal Gland effects. Only for the NAZI Globalists is it useful.
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:00 AM
The issue of the JFK conspiracy running hand in hand with the globalists is an easily seen issue when the games of NAZI designed fluoridation are brought into focus.

Some would ask, what are the globalists and this is perhaps best seen by the study of the French Empire and the issues that arose when NAZI Germany took areas like France and the Netherlands. The NAZI were late coming into the issues of Globalization, as the leaders of the pack had been Britain, Dutch (Netherlands), France, and Spain. These were the times that the issues of Colonies were giving way to the theme of corporatism being used to control and run these Colonies and gaining the same net purpose of a Colonial Exploitation.

The French Empire was large, but in the times of JFK these large French Colony areas of the world were being returned to self determination of political orientation. JFK had compared notes with DeGaulle on Vietnam and JFK had spoken with General Douglas MacArthur on the issues of Vietnam and the old French Colonies. Most of the Indo-China French Colonies were let go and became Communist oriented, with the exception of the battles over Vietnam. France let go of North African Colony of Algeria and it went Communist. In Europe, amoung the Globalists that generally followed the Colony methods, was the observation that the Communist were winning the show down for global domination.

Take a review of this to get the idea of the transistions and pay close attention to the area map at the top of this page:

Here one can see why the areas of interest became Vietnam, Israel area, the Congo area, Algeria, as these were all part of the Colonization methods of the European Globalist's mindset. Communist conversion of these areas ruined their conversion process from Colony to Corporation controlled.

In the military there came to be a huge effect on the European threater Commanders exposed to this Colonial mindset and that of the IG Farben Corporation mindset. MacArthur was mainly a Far Eastern Commander and held a different view compared to the JCS persons that Eisenhower allowed to control the Pentaton's JCS. Eisenhower actually put his offices into the IG Farben main HQ building in Germany at the end of the war. Thus, a large part of the Eisenhower JCS mindset is oriented to this mindset.

Douglas MacArthur came from the different theater of operations, that largely agreed with DeGaulle's moves, and they both gave the authority to which JFK spoke in his military decisions:


General MacArthur, age 82, made those comments - about the military leadership advancing the wrong officers - during a two-hour visit to President Kennedy at the Oval Office on August 16, 1962 (two months before the October 16 Cuban Missile Crisis) which no doubt helped JFK reject pressure (again) from the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs, Secretary of Defense, State Department etc to send USA troops to war in Cuba, Laos and Vietnam.


MacArthur's visit to JFK in the White House was the second time they'd met. The first time was when JFK visited MacArthur at his Waldorf-Astoria apartment in New York City on April 18, 1961 - three months after JFK had succeeded Eisenhower as president and eleven days after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion (a planned fiasco set up by Eisenhower, the CIA, Joint Chiefs etc). MacArthur told JFK that he was lucky to have the mistake happen in a place like Cuba, where the strategic cost was not too great, and urged the President not to listen too carefully to advisers who favored a military buildup in Vietnam. See JFK & BAY OF PIGS

After that visit JFK said that MacArthur turned out to be one of the most interesting men he had ever met, politically shrewd, intellectually sharp and a gifted conversationalist.

JFK wrote a memorandum about their meeting and a thank-you letter to MacArthur (donated to the National Archives by JFK's secretary Evelyn Lincoln who devoted her life to Camelot:


So, here we see how the JCS had become infected with the NAZI Germany IG Farben thinking and that of the White Russian thinking. It was a time of fascist NAZI mindset in the Pentagon's JCS, which included Curtis LeMay and Lyman Lemnitzer, who JFK had strong and frequent disagreements. Lemnitzer is associated with the fake out plan to attack Cuba called the Operation Northwoods games to fake a Castro attack on the US as reason to militarily attack Cuba by JFK. JFK turned down that dishonest plan. Most of those on the attack Castro over Communism were followers of the NAZI PERMINDEX ideals, and these infected the Eisenhower JCS, the Nixon Operation Moongoose types to include William King Harvey, and all the PERMINDEX Foreign Operatives in the US to include Fernec Nagy in Dallas, Clay Shaw in New Orleans, John DeMenil in Houston, Von Braun in Huntsville, and Bloomfield in Montreal. DeMenil started the fall of Batista by giving Castro transport ship from Central America, but the good intentions of ridding Cuba of a Dictator went stray when Russia offered Castro a Million Barrels of Oil and shifted Castro toward Communism. JFK landed right in the middle of this old NAZI IG Farben mindset vs the Russians.

Once one learns where the globalist allegence are correctly associated, getting down to the root problems of why killed JFK and why is much easier to understand.

One can see how well Douglas MacArthur and JFK got along, as MacArthur's advice on Vietnam stunned JFK and they became great friends. The same process appears to have happened with General DeGaulle with JFK and Vietnam and they even agreed on nuclear proliferation and Israel. PERMINDEX assassins wanted to kill DeGaulle, and they also wanted JFK as their great plans to manipulate the US Presidency were falling apart. -mC697A-LBZ-eBv-IjPZ4&hl=en#v=onepage&q=kennedy%20was%20advised%20by%20general%20douglas%20macarthur&f=true

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:11 AM
S+F Bump

Everyone who is new to this information should definately and without and doubt very very much become aware of the following things as well:

TAVISTOCK What is it?

Operation Paperclip

Pretty Blatant aint they?

Almost as if they KNOW everyone will just carry on as normal?

I am sure TAVISTOCK would be aware of the reaction way way before they create the Antecedent.

Kind Regards,


posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 07:36 PM
Points well taken for TAVISTOCK and Paperclip. Also look into the person named Boris Pash, who was a White Russian derived agent connected with Alsos, the OSS, the CIA, and the wet operations kill unit for the CIA. Other White Russians include Jack Ruby and George deMohrenschildt. Boris Pash has extensive Manhattan Project associations.

On the theme for Lee Oswald one finds George deMohrenschildt being close to LHO. In the film JFK, by Oliver Stone, some interesting associations are made. deMohrenschildt appears to have been persuaded to tell his fuller story on LHO by a Dutch person named Willem Oltmans. Oltmans is a striking person and was picked to play the part of White Russian George deMohrenschilt in the film JFK:


Oltmans was based in the USA in the 1960s, where he worked as a reporter for Dutch TV broadcaster NOS and established ties to president Kennedy's closest circle of advisors.[1] After US president John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, Oltmans interviewed the mother of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald: Marguerite Oswald. Further investigation led him to Oswald's babysitter baron de Mohrenschildt. According to Oltmans, baron George de Mohrenschildt, who had ties to the CIA, was the architect behind the killing. In 1977 de Mohrenschildt agreed to disclose information to Oltmans, but disappeared from their meeting place and was found dead in Florida a few weeks later.[2][3]

Intent on irony, Oltmans played the role of de Mohrenschildt in Oliver Stone's 1991 film about the assassination, JFK.[4] b


The Movie JFK awakened America to the Jim Garrison investigation into the JFK hit, and he called the Warren Commision report a big lie. Interestingly, the executive producer for Oliver Stone's JFK turns up to be a Mossad Agent working in the US by the name of Arnon Milchan. This tends to turn up some interesting further associations, as issues like Jim Garrison wanting to question Major Louis Bloomfield in Canada appears to have disappeared from the JFK Garrison Script.

It is further interesting that Jim Garrison played the part for Justice Earl Warren in the film JFK, so one can see a number of highly important associations tossed into the film in perhaps a sly fashion. It is the ultimate of irony that Jim Garrison plays the part of one of the leading plotters for the cover up of the JFK assassination.

Largely, the movie JFK played up the parts of Clay Shaw and CIA interests like David Ferrie and his parts in the Operation Moongoose CIA linked project to get rid of Castro. The movie does get into a special Mr. X, who is Donald Sutherland playing the part of Fletcher Proudy.

Proudy has a book or manuscript that was highly suppressed because to came far too close to some of the truths on JFK:


From 1955 to December 31, 1963, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty was the Focal Point (liason) officer between the Pentagon and the CIA. During 1962 and 1963 he was Director of Special Plans (clandestine operations) in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


They were all pawns, just like Nixon was. This is a game for the biggest stake of all -- absolute control of the government of the United States of America; and, with control of this government, control of the world. And yet the real crime underlying all of this has not even been identified, stated, and charged. The real criminals still walk the streets, run their corporations, control their banks, and pull strings throughout their political and financial machines.


Almost everyone who has taken the time to do any reading and thinking about that crime knows by now that John Kennedy was killed not by a lone assassin, but by a group of hired "mechanics." Let's look at some of the hard facts of this murder and put to rest once and for all the "cover-up" report of the Warren Commission.


This great cabal had seen to it that Vice-President Lyndon Johnson was in the Kennedy procession, and they saw to it that he heard those hired guns, that he saw Kennedy die, and that he lived through that terrible nightmare of the trip back to Washington on Air Force One. From that day on, LBJ never again was that self-confident, swash-buckling, free-wheeling Texan. Before he died, LBJ told his old friend Tom Janos that he knew Oswald had not killed JFK alone.


NUMBER 6. (Commission's Shaneyfelt Exhibit.) Lyndal Shaneyfelt, the FBI's ballistics and photographic expert, took this picture from the spot where the shot that missed hit the curb. By sighting back to the sixth floor window, the degree of miss can be seen. By sighting directly over JFK's position, the top of the white car in the center lane, anyone can see where the shot came from: the second floor window of the Dal Tex building.

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:45 PM
Fletcher Proudy's words give us some unique insights into the inner workings for the JFK assassination from the JCS level. Not only were the Secret Service's standard procedures violated, those that knew the procedures were rebuffed repeatedly. Rules against the Pres and the VP being in the same area were disregarded, as well as standard military help on clearing areas, and the minimum speeds were tossed out the window. How this can happen can well be explained by the Secretary of Treasury, who is over the Secret Service, and taking note that the 8F group in Houston installed their man C. Douglas Dillon into that position.

C. Douglas Dillion caused a lot of problems in the Cuba deal because it was he and his 8F Group that turned Castro over the Russian Million Barrel oil deal into a Socialist and then Communist state. Oil was a big deal, and the 8F gang and the Bilderberg/IG Farben reincarnate knew this strategic importance.

We've seen other books written under faked up names because of fear the killers of JFK would take revenge on them. Case in point being the Torbitt File's insights and the real author being David Gibson of Waco, Tx.

There are other books that came extremely close to the real deal on JFK and one was publish in 1968, as LBJ decided to quit the presidency and take up ending the Vietnam War, but two more fell perhaps as warnings to LBJ to keep quiet and take care of loose ends long left festering from JFK. The following book was extremely popular in Europe, but essentially banned on the North American Continent because it was way to close. "Farewell America" was written under the fake name of James Hepburn, and was used to hide authorship connected to French Intelligence:


Originally published in 1968 in France under the title L'Amerique Brule (America Is Burning), Farewell America quickly became a best-seller in Europe in eleven languages. It was the inside story of the assassination of President John Kennedy. Although borrowing heavily from published critics of the Warren Commission Report, the book describes the roots of the Cold War, the linkage between large corporate and banking interests, the ever-growing American intelligence apparatus, and the international petroleum cartels that were lined up with a bevy of military brass and Mafia chieftains against JFK.


So incendiary, in fact, that importation of the book through Canada was squelched, allegedly at the instigation of the FBI. Farewell America wasn't just another book about the assassination conspiracy; it bristled with restricted information about U.S. intelligence agencies, the White House, global business, and military and political affairs that had to have come from a knowlegdeable source, in this case, French intelligence. It also represented the surreptitious intrusion by those in French government circles into American politics, namely, the 1968 presidential elections.


The introduction or Forword is by William Turner, who was an FBI guy with ties to Jim Garrison. Turner helped locate an overseas opy of the Zapruder film. This was important because no one had seen it before in public. Only a few pictures were published in the mainstream media. When people saw it, it seemed evident that Kennedy's headshot was from the front (Grassy Knoll area). Farewell America" discusses this and even has a map on the location of the shooters. This is important because this was written a long time before the public realized the truth of these statements. Turner also had access to Kennedy people and has written about similar things in FBI circles before.


The author says John F. Kennedy opposed the Titans of Wealth (p.23). But every President represents some parts of the ruling classes, and act for its interests. It is also true that JFK represented change, and a threat to parts of the ruling classes and their "order of things" (p.28).


Farewell America could literally wake up America more than the Movie JFK, had it been allowed to make its appearance in the 1968 elections. Perhaps this book was the reason LBJ decided to toss in the towell and work toward ending the Vietnam War. LBJ had literally promissed his soul to the JCS that followed the Bilderberg games of killing their high ranking or visible advisaries, and he was ready to step down and hand the game over to Nixon. Nixon also decided to end the Vietnam War, but not before the offshore oil rights were committed to Texaco, which is most what they wanted out of Vietnam.

There was another writer in June of 1964, from the French outlook, by Thomas Buchanan in Paris with the work called "Who Killed Kennedy."


He now lives in Paris and is the author of a widely discussed tome, Who Killed Kennedy? Buchanan suggests 1) "that the author of this crime is a millionaire of Texas, called Mr. X"; 2) that Oswald was an accomplice; but 3) that the shooting was done not by Oswald but by two triggermen, one from the Texas School Book Depository building and one stationed on an overpass ahead. Buchanan's book is being published in eight European countries, already is a bestseller.


Even the Europeans didn't buy the planted LHO story from the beginning, but they also saw the typical methods that the PERMINDEX/NAZI gang used against General Charles DeGaulle and knew the absolute killing minded hate that these PERMINDEX intended against any Communist leaning person. France became among the first to see that the Conspiracy Theory Industry became the cover up for the JFK assassination. This technique inspired by Lord Bertrand Russell of Britain, the same person that started the Manhattan Project via Slizzard and Einstein connections. The kill operations of PERMINDEX were modeled after White Russian Boris Pash, who recrited NAZI nuclear scientists under Alsos, and became the leading kill operative in the CIA, code PB/7, which was named after IG Farben's NW7, that became PERMINDEX.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 09:39 AM
Perhaps the most significant issue of the sordid details in the JFK assassination is that 3 shots were fired from the Dal-Tex Building window, the first one a miss that appears to have hit the fire escape's railing and split in such as fashion as to make the sparks near the limo and to go way downrange and hit the curb near the railraod overpass and injure a person there named James Tague. The second shot hit JFK in the upper back just as he disappeared from view in the Zapruder Film and came from behind the sign with fists clinched and elbows raised. This bullet exits the throat and causes the crack in the Limo's windshield, but not a thru hole in the glass. The third shot from Dal-Tex hits JFK in the back of the head just below the cowlick area and causes a huge flap to open on the right temple area of his head, as he is looking down and to the left when hit. A fourth shot follows, within a split second of this one, and expands the 7 inch long defect at the top of JFK's skull and comes from the Limo's right off the Grassy Knoll area. And the final shot comes from the TSBD had causes the three wounds in Gov. Connally due to that one shot hitting him from on high. The last shot leaves the impression that the TSBD was the source for all the shots. The first three shots were silenced and made firecracker type sounds from the super-sonic effects, and the last two shots had no silencers to draw the attention off Dal-Tex.

The important issue to catch is why did anyone want to fire three shots from the Dal-Tex Building in an area associated with Morris Jaffee and his strong ties with LBJ, and Jaffee is connected with HL Hunt on a Uranium business there. The issue then appears to become the plan was to frame up Lee Oswald, but then to fame up the frame up artists of Lee Oswald to insure they get their wishes on using Lee Oswald to take the sole blame for killing JFK as the Patsy. That would mean the upmost part of the plan was above that for LBJ, HL Hunt, and Hoover, but they had to act to cover things up.

Certainly, the General Walker and JBS types interested in killing JFK would not frame up his best Dallas Pro-NAZI buddy named HL Hunt, nor would HL Hunt's interest in killing JFK make such an obvious association to himself and Jaffee. So, the explanation appears to be that a higher group wanted to frame the framers to double insure that they'd never become the ones to take the fall for the killing of JFK. This then points to the bigger elements involved with the JFK hit, as the PERMINDEX group had the knowledge to do this. PERMINDEX operations in Houston and Dallas knew what was going on with the 8F group and their ties to C. Douglas Dillion to order the lower protection for JFK in Dallas. LHO appears to be working for HL Hunt, so even the Patsy is associated with HL Hunt.

To solve the real crime on JFK the investigation then has to clear two levels, that LHO was a set up, and those that set up LHO were set up via these three Dal-Tex shots that killed JFK. Doing such would require good insider knowledge of the first level plotters, and that then gives the opportunity to set up the plotters. Certainly, we know well that the Warren Commissions Report was a contivance to only frame Lee Oswald, but there had to be a higher reason for them to frame LHO and that reason would be to keep themselves from being framed into the killing of JFK. The only other intelligence and espionage unit in sight with the insider connections to do this was PERMINDEX.

PERMINDEX hated Communism more than any of the others like HL Hunt, Gen Walker and the JCS. PERMINDEX had the White Russian Connections via DeMenil and de Mohrenschildt.

Even when we get down to the longer term look at PERMINDEX, it is suggested that it was blended into the Rockefeller World Trade Center Operations, as it disappeared after the JFK hit as it did from Europe after the DeGaulle issues with Algeria and Israel. Then we find the Arabs are after the World Trade Center with a bomb attack and then 911, and the issue appears to be this WTC neocolonialism method of world corporation control of the Arab areas of the world. The Neocolonialism was the transistion from Colonial Empires into the IG Farben/NAZI/PERMINDEX system for world corporation control upon the world. This system was invented partly in the US via Rockefeller and transferred to Germany and IG Farben, and Germany also came to invent the resistance toward this control via Marx and Trotsky with Communism. The Arabs are not communist, but they oppose these neocolonilaism methods just as much as the Russian and Chinese Communists.

Cuba has recently signed with China and Russia to improve the Cuba refineries and develop the Cuban off shore oil fields, showing the US has finally lost that battle which DeMenil started, 8F group meddled, and the mess ended up killing JFK. In the middle east this battle still rages and soon appears another major war looms on the near horizon.

Certainly, the photos of the Dal-Tex Building show that the fire escape was being protected by a person sitting outside on the fire escape near the open window and that the fire escape's railing could well interfere with the first shot fired that made the sparks and caused the curb damage downrange near the overpass.
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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

And the final shot comes from the TSBD had causes the three wounds in Gov. Connally due to that one shot hitting him from on high. The last shot leaves the impression that the TSBD was the source for all the shots.

If this is true though, then that would mean Governor Connolly was struck last, but we know that can't be true. The last accepted shot, as all researchers know, struck at frame 313 of the zapruder film and it struck JFK in the head but it would appear, from looking at the position of Connolly, that the last possible time he could've been struck was at approximately frame 240 of the zapruder film as his position after this time won't allow a shot to cause the damage he sustained (as he was turning around).

From looking at the frames one by one it appears the approximate time he was struck was actually much sooner than this at frame 223/224 as shown here:

..Focus on the movement of his jacket between these frames and then look at the reaction of both men immediately after this also. Both are reacting to a shot.

We also know from John Connolly's own words, as well as Nellie, that he was struck well before the fatal head shot. However he seems to maintain he was shot with a different bullet to the one that struck JFK in the upper back still.. But whether he was struck with the same bullet that struck JFK (the "magic" bullet) is irrelevant right now, the point is he was struck before the fatal head shot - something all present agree on. Thus he can't have been struck with the "last shot."

Don't get me wrong though, I do believe a shot, or shots, did come from the Dal-Tex building. But It certainly doesn't seem to be the last shot and it certainly doesn't seem to be able to have struck Connolly being the last shot.

Edit to add: Nice thread btw. I'm writing one up on the SBT right now but when I'm done I might come back to this one as I'll have a lot more time.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 10:31 AM
When you get a chance, watch the Connally Hospital Interview very closely and listen for the details of seeing the blood and brain on his pants as he leaned back. This was done well before they had a chance to confuse the issues too much.

Also, find a copy of the high resolution video made from the Zapruder Film and find the Dictabelt audio of the four gunshots and using a video editor synchronze it so that the head shot matches the third shot on the audio file.

Then I think you'll see what I am speaking about. Connally gets hit when he is hiding from the bullets and curled up down low in the Limo.

I think it was Groden that suggested that Connally was hit when he started shouting: "Oh, no, no, no" "They are Going to Kill US BOTH" and became very aggitated at the sounds and reactions from JFK's in the back shot, but that was not when Connally was hit with a bullet. The only way to get Connally down that low was from TSBD.

Also, get in front of the mirror sometime and say They are Going to Kill us BOTH and watch your cheeks, and I think you will find the reason Connally's cheeks bulged out was due to the word BOTH. The games of hiding and confusing things even started with what Connally said as too many tell he said They are going to kill us ALL to hide the issues of Both.

"Both" is even important as Connally was evidently thinking about JFK and Senator Yarboro with the term "Both", as the gang that disliked JFK didn't like Yarboro either, "Both" appears the real word used by Connally at the critical moment show on the Zapruder Film. It is very telling and a critical issue on the cover up.

Certainly, Connally became aware they were shooting and he was in the target area with the JFK backshot. Connally turned to see JFK with fist clinched and elbows up in pain, and heard the loud pop of the bullet near, and the crack of the fragment into the windshield that was likely quite loud. JFK likely kicked the back of Connally's jump seat from that back shot, which certainly would have anyone screaming in the same situation.

Part of the Serious Mistakes that day was once the SS guys realized that JFK was hit, the Limo driver had to slow down enough to allow the follow car's SS agent to run and hop on the JFK Limo. That four second delay and slow down got JFK killed. If they'd gunned the Limo at the time of the back shot, JFK would likely have made a good get away. It was likely planned that way, as getting the SS agent transferred by running was a dumb idea and one that appears fully intentional.

Connally got hit 2 seconds after the JFK headshot and during that slow down.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 11:47 AM
The other associations to keep in mind is that Houston's John DeMenil was the one that helped Castro to overthrow Batista, and at that time Castro was considered a big hero in the US for getting the Tyrant Batista out of Cuba. Castro was very well received in the Northern US after he took over Cuba.

John DeMenil was part of Schlumber Oil Services in Houston and also one of the Board people for PERMINDEX.

What happened next was Russia Offered Castro a Million Barrels of Crude Oil that needed refining. Then the Texas 8F gang gets into the issues with C Douglas Dillion, Sec. of Treasury, that the 8F gang got into office started protesting Castro getting Russian oil as the 8F gang wanted control over the Gulf and Carribean oil.

The 8F gang didn't want cheap Russian oil screwing up their pricing for oil, so this was worse than the oil depletion allowance problem that they were up in arms over with JFK.

That protested had the Cuban oil refineries refuse to process Castro's Russian Million Barrels of oil, and to get past that blockade Castro took over these refineries and booted out their corporation controllers. Then the 8F gang's Sec. of Treasury pushed for sanctions against Cuba for that, so Castro got more mad and booted out all of the US Corporations from Cuba and declaired Cuba was Communist and allied with Russia.

So, one can see the intelligence operations linked to PERMINDEX and those issues linked to the 8F gangs meddling caused a huge problem. If 8F gang had stayed out of the Cuba issues and left things alone, Castro would be US leaning and supplying lots of oil to the US and the region.

So, those linked with DeMenil, Schlumberger, and PERMINDEX were not very happy with that interferrence. They got rid of a dictator, and they got in the new guy that was going to play ball and the 8F gang screws it all up.

So, in the hit on JFK one has to consider they want the 8F gang to pay dearly if need be, and didn't mind setting them up for the big fall if the LHO game failed.

It looks like the settlements included that the US and the 8F gang would have a hands off CUBA for this major screw up of US Interests screwing up Cuba's National Interests on Oil.

Also, one has to keep in mind that LBJ, while JFK is dead at Parkland Hospital, is jumping up and down about having to sell his Halliburton Stock. One has to keep in mind that Halliburton acquired Brown-Root in 1962. Halliburton is a major oil services business. Brown-Root was a major contractor for Vietnam War interests. It appears to fullfill LBJ's end of the deal, that he knew he would have to ramp up Vietnam War and had to dump Halliburton to avoid a conflict of interest. Also, Halliburton appears to be competition against Schlumberger, and LBJ could not play favorites with DeMenil/PERMINDEX now calling the shots.

That would also be why LBJ in reference to the JFK hit called it a Murder Inc. being run from the Carribbean, as Schlumberger was Inc from Netherlands Antilles and all those islands there were part of either Britain, France, or Netherlands and left over from the Colonial Empire days. They'd be messing with Cuba and uninstalling Batista and working for oil deals there. But so would the US. Which is how the problems developed.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Hey again MagnumOpus. I'll try and keep this as short as I can as I know this particular issue isn't the main focus of your thread and I don't want to end up going off-topic too much or anything. I just want to quickly comment and further give my thoughts on this on-going issue involving the likely timing of the shot(s) which struck Governor Connolly.

Connally got hit 2 seconds after the JFK headshot and during that slow down.

See, I find this slightly confusing..

1.) Of course I could be mistaken but as far as I'm aware the car began to speed up almost immediately after the head shot had taken place, something we can see in the Nix film for example. I certainly don't see any "slow down" after it had taken place, if anything a clear speed up.

2.) In regards to John Connolly being struck 2 seconds after the head shot - As far as I'm aware the Zapruder film was travelling at approximately 18.3 frames per second and as the head shot struck at exactly frame 313 that means at 2 seconds later we find ourselves looking at frame 349 which is this frame:

At around this time of the film we can see Clint Hill is still climbing onto the trunk of the car, which he quickly succeeds in doing. And Jackie is in the process of climbing out of her seat and reaching to the back of the trunk to grab a piece of JFK's skull. If a shot was to strike the govoner at this point then there's no doubt in my mind that these 2 people simply wouldn't help noticing a passing bullet striking a man only a few feet away from them. I'm sure the Governor would make a hefty racket at that point also. Not forgetting how Nellie would react as she was cradling him at that point.. and she was doing so as it would appear he had already been struck seconds before.

You just can't ignore a passing bullet especially one so close.

But because no one ever did report such a shot taking place, yet an earlier bullet striking was reported, I'm led to believe the later shot simply didn't occur in the first place. After all, what reason do we have to believe it did take place then? I can't find anything to conclusively suggest it did yet I can for an earlier time lime such as around frame 223.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on that particular issue. Here are my previous thoughts on when the Governor was most likely struck.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 02:03 PM
Interesting story on foreign/mafia's controlling America.

Steve Jobs made an incredible statement awhile ago. He said he used to dress up as a Pirate with some in the Apple Company....and he called the Board of Directors "The Navy".

Now why would Steve Jobs call Apple's Board of Directors, "The Navy"?

This was before he quit. He quit....they lost their rear as the public refused to buy their product. They eventually persuaded Steve to come back and Apple flourished.

Our nations military might is definitely controlled by other than the people. Your Air Force is controlled by the Hunt's in Texas. Which makes sense, the Air Force burns up most of the oil the Federal Government uses. They're making money on both ends. In uniform and out.

4th Reich controls the world. Nobody can stop them now. Americans are so Patriotic they didn't mind instead of money being used on Veterans care....retired military healthcare....they were denied care and the money used to build the new weapons of the 4th Reich.

Now a small group of men have the power to decide WHO will be allowed to live on planet Earth. And that small Group of men are all WHITE. Nobody knows a Holocaust is happening right now.
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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 05:22 PM
Hello Rising,

I do think if you do take the time to do the viewing method that I suggested, that was to link up the High Res. Zapruder Film Video on a Digital Video editing system and synchronise the Dictabelt sound track 2 with the Film. So that the noise of the back shot and the noise of the head shot match the film, you'll see exactly where Connally was when the shot hit him, even movement associated. The sound track won't fit the film any other way.

The Dictabelt Sound track has the first shot associated with sparks and a miss, then about a 2 sec pause till the back shot, then around a 4 sec pause for the head shot, then about a 1.5 sec till the last shot is heard. There is no way to fit the sound track to the film bit to synchronize the sound of the back shot and the sound of the head shot as that 4 sec gap occurs nowhere else and is unique.

The thing that speaks most strongly to the point of the last shot hitting Connally comes from viewing that perspective.

In the Zapruder Clip you have presented, the film appears to be zoomed in and one of the stabilized and pincushion corrected edits for the film. However, this is about the right frame area, and what does one see but Jackie jumping up in a flight of panic, the car is very slow as the SS agent has just grabbed the trunk handles.

Jackie might be reacting to get out of the car, due to all these bullets coming so near her. After all, Connally has just been yelling they are going to kill us both, and the tension in Jackie would be flight from danger. The SS agent made her get back in the seat and he covered what was left of the victums.

It even looks like the last shot made Jackie Jump Up and wanted out of the limo.

When I did the video and sound track match up is when this last shot theme became clear here. Also, finding Connally said BOTH, which explained the Puffed Up Cheek theme that Groden started.

Anyway, I hear what you are saying---but I am still sticking to my thesis based on the video and sound track matching.


If you get into the head shot-----this discussion with Bob Harris gets down to the head shot dynamics in greater detail:

You can see the rear of JFK's hair at the cow lick is all puffed up and a bone flap can be see in this area in the autopsy X-rays. Jackie has just seen her husbands head explode before her eyes and then a couple seconds later the last shot hits with a pop and she jumps out of the Limo to the trunk.

The best areas to see the two shot dynamics to the head shots is to study the Robert Feynman, of Cal. Tech., analysis of the head shot. You can see his head first move forward from the rear shot and a split second later his head moves rearward due to the right front head shot.

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