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Interconnection - Chapter 4: The Beginning Of The End

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:02 PM
Day 113. Unlike many people I happen to like storms and rainy days. I don't mind if the clouds choose to linger all day and a light drizzle of rain pelts down on the roof. If you listen carefully, you can hear the chaotic beat of nature singing. It reminds me that I am connected to and impacted by things external to my own self. My house might protect me from the harshness of a storm, but mother nature has the power to rip down my house at a moments notice. That is reality.

Indeed, mother nature has the power to exterminate our species in the blink of an eye. I wonder... how far can science and technology really take us. What if knowledge also had the power to exterminate our species in the blink of an eye? At what point does our technology allow us to cease being mere mortal men and transform us into Gods? Is there a limit? Is it possible for Humans to know too much? Is there really a line in the sand?

Adam [11:11] - What would you say if told you it were possible to manipulate a persons thoughts by using electromagnetic waves?
TheDoctor [11:11] - I'd say you've been reading too many conspiracy theories.
Adam [11:12] - Think about all the electronic devices which use electromagnetic waves for wireless communication. Cell phones and other handheld computer devices, wireless routers, wireless network cards (in almost all laptops), etc.
TheDoctor [11:12] - Yeah well I highly doubt it's possible to use EM radiation to manipulate thoughts.
Adam [11:12] - Just imagine if scientists did invent the technology. Do you think it would be fair for the Government to cover up the technology?
TheDoctor [11:12] - Who could really blame them man. That technology in the wrong hands has the potential to do some serious damage.
Adam [11:13] - But I don't think they can suppress certain scientific knowledge forever. All technology can be used for good or evil, it depends on who is using it.
TheDoctor [11:13] - I guess you can't blame the tool for how it's used. As a kid I always believed that in the future people will be able to have telepathic conversations made possible by technology.
Adam [11:13] - Exactly. And that technology will probably manipulate the brain in certain ways so that we can hear sounds which aren't really there.
TheDoctor [11:13] - Yeah and now that I think about it, the same technology would also allow for not only artificial auditory experiences but visual ones too; augmented reality, and possibly even complete virtual reality experiences.

This guy is a lot smarter than I first gave him credit for. I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. Augmented reality, it's a brilliant idea. I've been chatting with 'TheDoctor' for a couple of weeks now. We first met on an underground hackers board. We seem to have a lot in common. As you may have guessed, I finally cracked the file. After all the energy I put into cracking that file, what I found has forced me to think carefully about releasing this information to the public.

What I discovered was detailed information pertaining to the manipulation of the Human mind via means of specially modulated electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies and characteristics that allow for wireless electrodynamic alteration of natural conscious thought. Let me put that in simpler terms: this data explains how to use wireless signals to alter a persons consciousness. To interfere with their thoughts and change what they see or hear.

The reverse is also possible, devices capable of receiving wireless signals are capable of interpreting the electromagnetic waves emitted by brain activity. Not only can they read your conscious thoughts, they can read the activity taking place in any part of your brain, including subconscious thought. If you put these two technologies together, it is theoretically possible to take your own thoughts and then insert them into the mind of another person.

Furthermore, the encrypted file also contained example software which has the ability make people smell smoke or hear a fire alarm. Anyone within the range of the signal will experience these symptoms, but if the signal is too weak it wont work. It's possible to isolate the experience to one person if you direct the signal at them or emit a weak signal close to their head, which can be done with cell phones and other small wireless devices.

That isn't all, there was another program which shows an example of how brain-waves can be received and interpreted by some devices. It lets you move the mouse and type on the keyboard merely by thinking about it. This is actually technology that has existed for quite a while. You may have seen it in a science museum. You put the cap on your head and move the mouse on the screen with your mind. This is similar to that but much more precise.

It turns out that the signals emitted by your brain are weak and you need to have something like a cell phone close to your head in order for it to work. I think it's probably a good thing, I don't want my thoughts easy to read from a long distance. If I use a cell phone to read my thoughts, I should be able to encrypt the data and then use the phone to re-transmit my encrypted thoughts using a stronger signal. The receiving device will decrypt the data and send it to an application designed to interpret the brain waves.

The problem is that both of the example applications are made to interface with a select few wifi-cards, wireless routers and cell phones. I don't have any of the hardware that this software was coded to work with. They don't provide the source, so what I'm trying to do is reverse-engineer the application to understand the code. They explain how it works in some of these documents, but I need to see the code myself to really understand what's happening and create software that works with my own hardware.

I know it sounds completely absurd. I can hardly believe it myself. That's why I'm going to test it out. First I'll see if it can make me smell smoke or hear a fire alarm. Then I'm going to test an idea that TheDoctor gave me: augmented reality. Unfortunately, the example application doesn't have the ability to create artificial visual experiences, so I'm on my own in that department. My goal is to be able to project my computer screen into my mind using the transmission technology, and be able to control my mouse and keyboard using the receiving technology.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:03 PM
Day 122. We're both standing on the edge of a tall cliff, looking out to the ocean. I can smell the salt in the wind. The Sun is low on the horizon and creates an endless reflection across the water. I inhale deeply and enjoy the feeling of the wind in my hair. Why don't I ever come to places like this anymore. I remember as a child the beach was one of my favorite places. The open space and fresh air is something I only remember in my dreams.

"Wait a minute... is this a dream?" I whisper.
"Do you ever remember seeing me in real life?" Eve responds.
"I don't like being conscious in my dreams, it gives me a weird feeling." I explain.
"Dreams are remarkable things aren't they? Your brain is generating this entire experience, the power of the Human mind is amazing." Eve states.
"Well are you a product of my imagination too?" I question with a much more serious tone.
"I was hoping you would ask that. Remember the first time you have a dream with me in it, the morning after you woke up you were on the recliner downstairs?" Eve asked.
"Of course I remember that, it was the day all of the insane stuff started happening to me!" I exclaimed.
"That night I implanted a message into your subconscious. I used your wireless router to send a signal throughout your house which would make you hear auditory instructions to walk downstairs. When people are asleep they are extremely suggestible. Sarah wasn't affected by the suggestions because the instructions were worded using your name specifically. Once you were downstairs I could use a weak signal with limited range to implant information into your subconscious without affecting Sarah." Eve explains calmly.
"I don't understand what you are saying. What was the purpose of the image? That's when everything started." I ask with a confused tone.
"The information I implanted into your subconscious was triggered by the image in the email you received later that day. It was a specially designed message to unlock dormant areas of your brain. When this message was triggered you were able to experience a rapid transformation into the next state of Human consciousness and you underwent a rapid mental change." Eve explained.
"But... I only woke up downstairs once! Since then I've had dreams about you and woke up in bed with Sarah next to me. If I am in bed right now and are you using the wireless router to insert yourself into this dream shouldn't Sarah be affected by that signal?!?" I ask abruptly.
"Actually I only used the wireless router to alter your mind the first time. You don't seem to understand yet. I am not a normal person. You would be considered normal compared to me. You see I have no physical body. We are connected Adam. I am residing inside your mind right now. We are one body with two souls. But my essence is merely hitching a ride in the back seat. I wish not to control you in any way."

My body lashes up out of bed and the feeling of sweat soaking my body only adds to my belief that the dream I just experienced was more than a typical run of the mill dream. Is she for real... she's living in my damn head? Why would she even want to do that? This cannot be good. Just when I was starting to socialize with other people and feel like I'm not so weird after all, I learn that there's some sort of mysterious entity that calls its self Eve residing inside my head.

That wasn't a very pleasant way to wake up but after a nice hot shower I'm feeling rejuvenated and my mind is clear. I'm getting ready to initiate my first test with the transmission technology, which I will now refer to as 'WAHC' technology - Wireless Alteration of Human Consciousness. I've reverse engineered the example program supplied in the encrypted file and I've ported it to work with some of my wireless hardware. Now I will know once and for all whether this technology is real or if I'm insane.
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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:04 PM
NOTICE: Do not copy my ideas and make any part of this story into a novel, movie, or any other type of commercial/profitable venture without my explicit written permission. You may contact me via PM on this message board if you have any questions. Thank you.

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