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Are you banned to use fireworks on New Year Eve?[WTB]

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 02:17 AM
I am banned to use fireworks on New Year.They can be used only on certain control,by an authorized person..
You pay, they come make the show,one hour at the midnight,and that's all.
The problem,is that not all the people have money to pay,to call an authorized person.

That is the law,they control even this pleasure to see fireworks at midnight on New Year Eve!

TextThere are certain firework laws in many other countries including the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, France, and Chile. Fireworks are illegal in Ireland and Chile, and only certain fireworks can be sold to the public in Australia. For the other countries, for the most part, citizens need to be 18 to buy fireworks. In some countries, the fireworks are for sale only on certain days. Read more:
source(h ttp://

They try to take even this right of the people, fireworks on New Year Eve.

Are you banned to use fireworks?

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 02:46 AM

I saw you listed Norway there, not all fireworks are banned in Norway, just rockets, everything else is legal.
The reason is that there are too many fires and too much death each year because stupid drunk people shoot rockets, and it goes wrong.

So I totally respect why they chose to ban the rockets, of course it's sad, it's child memory, but we have the "batteries" which shoot up, so that's a replacement though. But last year fewer people died, and there were fewer fires.

But you got it nazi style, the fact that you have to call an authorized person to do it is just stupid. I feel sorry for you, which country is this?


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