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the mirror in the mirror, Tao

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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 01:54 AM
Opening Trunks:
Where ever something is locked away there is someone somewhere who wishes to open and take it away. What is free is of no interest and what is forbidden must be good. So if one has nothing to hide there will be disinterest, this is the way of the healthy life. It is where nothing extra is needed and that which one has naturally, cannot be taken away. If an extraordinary effort is made to keep something and extraordinary effort will be made to take it away. If something is considered to be precious that is fine, the river is precious and so is the moon but it cannot be owned. In all truth nothing precious can be owned it can be just temporarily appreciated. If one depreciates something it will go of its own accord. Just because one appreciates a thing there is no guarantee that it will stay either. If one believes that one can control anything precious, that one is definitely a fool. In all truth that is what makes something precious in itself the fact that it cannot be disturbed.

Deformities :
It is the human mind that focuses on deformities and it is the human mind that suffers its own vision of how things should be. A young baby still doesn’t have the critical human mind that humanity imposes on it. It
t doesn’t suffer or even know of deformities it just knows and sees with a clear mind. Quiet often the whole focus on deformities is for the one who does it to feel a false sense of security. The whole play of fashion works with this, it makes everyone ask if I looked this way or talked this way I would be superior to others. They are fooled with ideas of physical and exterior imagery, The ones who are lead in this manner loose contact with what is precious.
So it is with deformities that the ones who have them or the one who sees them should not focus on them. Because really it all boils down to an apparent lack of something and that is all. The way of overcoming this is via entering the realm where nothing is lacking and this realm is on the inside. This realm makes the whole universe seem like a small sphere floating in the mind. Deformities if viewed from this from this inner perspective become very small. The great perfection is not the outside world yet it is born out of it and forms part of it.
If a person has a deformity on their physical body, quiet easily words and actions could be considered to be of even less importance. These to are to be ignored as superficial and quiet often-irrational burst of confusion. It is not unusual for some to become addicted to these patterns of behavior. The difficulty of this pattern is it limits flow and freedom one becomes like a bird in a self created cage.
reflections on the tao talks
On Leveling All Things:
To level means to even out the apparent differences of things. All though hot and cold seem very different by their qualities they are leveled by knowing that they are all part of temperature. We are taught to take sides, the Tao does not do this. The Tao has no enemies nor friends because it doesn’t take sides it is pure evenness.

Horses' Hooves :
What appears in nature appears for a reason and in many ways governs in a natural fashion the way that a being lives. Once we start playing around with the natural functions either by restricting or by overdoing a need we loose the Tao and the natural flow of life. In this interference we develop all sorts of twisted minds which in turn create more twisted minds. This imposition spreads everywhere and becomes a normal trait. A dog likes to wonder, a bird to fly and fish to swim, take them away from what is natural and really they are just about dead, if there is any life in them its because of the hope that one day they can be free and natural again. As man en cages creatures he trains his mind to do the same to himself or to others.


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