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Mary * The Immaculate Conception * God's logical exception

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by windword

Nope. He was put into a criminals tomb at the base of golgotha, not a rich man's tomb. If you know anything about ancient jewish burial rites (and you clearly do not) Jesus had to be buried before dusk or his death would have corrupted the passover feast and the jews would not have that. Nor did the women have time to clean his body and prepare it for burial. They literally just tied cloth wraps around his ankles and knees and tied his wrists to his waist and tied his jaw shut and then placed him in a criminals tomb because he was executed as a criminal. According to jewish burial rites a person had to be buried the same day they died, even a criminal. Also, no jew would allow the shadow of a dead person to fall on their bodies before or during the passover or they couldn't go into the temple, they stayed at a safe distance so Mary would not have been holding her son after he died, she would have observed from afar. The corpse would then be left within that same tomb for exactly 1 year while the flesh rotted away leaving nothing but the bones and then the bones would be regathered for second burial in which the bones would be put in an ossuary chest and placed within the family tomb. You see, hebrew days do not begin in the morning, they begin at dusk. So the Passover feast began on the day he was crucified at dusk which was also the Sabbath day, no one could have taken him out of his tomb that day no one could work. Sabbath begins dusk friday and lasts until dusk saturday. Jews also believe in resurrection.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

I think you misunderstand me. I'm not talking about him being "spirited away to Egypt" after his death, I'm talking about after his birth.

When the Magi came in search of Jesus, they go to Herod the Great in Jerusalem and ask where to find the newborn "King of the Jews". Herod becomes paranoid that the child will threaten his throne, and seeks to kill him (2:1-8). Herod initiates the Massacre of the Innocents in hopes of killing the child (Matthew 2:16-Matthew 2:18). But an angel appears to Joseph and warns Joseph to take Jesus and his mother into Egypt (Matthew 2:13).

In my post, I was noting the similarity of the Egyptian Isis to the Catholic Virgin Mary. Thinking Hmmmmm, that's interesting. Certainly, Catholicism has utilized the "goddess" religions to their advantage, while aborating the message that Jesus was preaching. Certainly, there is a lot of Egyptian symbolism at the Vatican.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 01:52 AM
It's going happen, God Himself is going to enlighten the entire world to who Mary is and until He does, you can talk to Our Lord's mother anytime, do it.

March 25th 2012

message to Pelianito

Luke 1:38 Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.”

BVM: “O my little children, you can have no idea the joy that has been given to me in exchange for just a single word—Fiat! The Lord has done great things for me and holy is his name! Do you think that he is less generous today than he was then? Link your ‘fiat’ to mine and I assure you true joy will be yours. Did my suffering end after my ‘fiat’? No it did not. In fact it would not have been humanly possible for me to endure my Son’s passion; grace alone sustained me. In his passion I saw the love Our Father has for sinful humanity. How could I fail to honor that love?How could I ask Jesus to deny that love? I could not! I would not! Oh my children, look upon him and see what Our Father was willing to sacrifice for you."...

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 09:44 PM
In a message to Brazilian seer, Light of Mary, Jesus speaks about
Gethsemani and the Apostles less one, who left Him and He speaks of His
beloved mother.

Holy Thursday, April 5, 2012

...My eyes saw up close those who surrounded Me, My Love called to them, and in each word they uttered I felt the suffering from the fear and the betrayal of those who loved Me in My Heart like thunder.

Closely, there was one, one among those who followed Me, One who accompanied Me. One in which I saw the face of all those chosen by Me and who would persevere in My Will. Like now: “JOHN.”

My Mother is covered by the pain, disfigured by the pain. Woman of faith; She never abandoned Me even when they would violently separate Her from Me. The Womb that carried Me for nine months, cradled Me on the way to Calvary, and Her Love overwhelmed Me with Her strength, with Her Yes to the word of the Angel, with Her obedience even without understanding nor having reassurances. She is the Woman who in this instant Our Trinity graces and gives the firmament for a Mantle, so that every creature understand that not only the earth, but the firmament prostrate themselves at Her passing.

My faithful, My faithful were given birth in My Mother.

My faithful, who like John, I convoke, I convoke to walk to the rhythm of My Heart. Without stopping, since the one who stops, is left on the path...

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 10:36 PM

Originally posted by gabby2011
reply to post by 547000

On one hand you have things that are guaranteed to be true or the other hand you have things not guaranteed to be true. Many true visionaries pleased Christ by listening to the authority of the church, on the other hand some seers buck away the authority of the church and create an atmosphere of dissent.

I think of Padre Pio and his obedience to the authorities when he was forbidden to hear confessions and was allowed to only say mass privately...when you say this.

My hope is that through prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus..and the intercession of His Blessed Mother ..that they will guide me and others, to what is most pleasing to our Father in heaven.

I ask you through the love of the Holy Spirit to please pray for me and all souls.

On 7/14/33 Pope Pius reversed the ban on Padre Pio and allowed him to hear confessions and celebrate Mass. Ags&hl=en&sa=X&ei=7m-0T-DVDJKC8QTPzqwI&ved=0CFcQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=padre%20pio%20was%20not%20allowed%20to&f=false (page 235)

Padre Pio had the gift of discernment and knew people's sins before they even confessed them. He spent countless hours in the confessional because of this. People would wait for days (if not weeks) to have him hear their confession. I went to a talk that was given by someone who had the privilege of attending one of his Masses. He said that Padre Pio would say the early Mass on the side altar because he would often go into ecstasy for long periods of time during the Consecration.

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 11:39 PM
For the people that say Mary was just another woman, I say no. She was blessed. You don't consider the privilege of being the mother of the Christ a blessing? Do you think God would pick just anybody for the job? She was chosen to be his mother as Joseph was chosen to be his father. Mary is most well-known for her humility.

It is very sad that you can't consider these things because the Catholics are the ones saying them.

Today I learned some shocking facts about Martin Luther.

I was just reading that he was quite anti-semetic.

Martin Luther's dirty little book:
On the Jews and their lies
A precursor to Nazism
(link to book at article)

Today, white-supremacists and Neo-Nazis continue to spread Luther's Jewish hatred and use quotes from this book as "proof" of their convictions.

He omitted texts from the Bible (i.e. 2 Maccabees 12:46)

It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins

When asking about divorce he said he preferred bigamy. There is much more that would surprise you.

Yet, you take his words as truth and light.

You can criticize the Mother of God and mock the Catholic's devotion to her, but perhaps you should do a little unbiased research about Martin Luther.

I appreciate this lovely thread. I just wish more would consider that there might be truth here. If you read about Saint Padre Pio and considered the awesome miracles he did,and if you knew that poor, uneducated little Bernadette shocked her pastor by telling him "The lady said she is the Immaculate Conception." not having a clue that it meant conceived without sin. If you took the time to learn about all the miracles that resulted from this encounter between the Immaculate Conception and Bernadette at Lourdes, France, maybe you could get an idea of what you are throwing away.

What a treasury of graces you so easily discount as you believe all the negative things you have been taught and certainly give me the perception that you think are in the know. Your air of superiority is so contradictory to who Jesus humble Mother is.

Colbe brings flowers and I wish sometime you might say you yourself: "I think I'll check that out" It is called denying ignorance, which never happens when you assume you are always right.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 01:25 AM


Sorry - could not resist.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by sad_eyed_lady


I give you a hug, I appreciate your comment.

You mentioned Bernadette of Lourdes, don't you wish we could all be like
her? She was witty and unaffected, I mean, she remained the same,
most humble.

Doodo Doodo...

A story of a priest and his first trip to Lourdes. I think it took place before
he converted to Catholicism. His name is Father Longnecker.

People who aren't Catholic, believe me, Our Lord wants you to begin a
personal relationship with His mother. It would make Him very happy.
Do not take it personal...history, how some of the "reformers" rejecting
Mary to distance themselves from Catholicism. You didn't choose to...

There maybe exceptions but right now Mary cannot appear to our
brothers and sisters in Christ because of heresies believed but she will
at the time of (MO, I hope) and for sure, appear to you all after the Great Warning. It is soon. Read Revelation 6:12-17. She loves you very
much, she is your mother too.

I found a new verse in the Book of Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 3. Think
about Christ and the Commandment to obey AND honor our parents, He keeps it and how much He wants you, everyone to love and honor Mary.

Ecclesiasticus 3:5
And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up a treasure.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 03:09 AM
Ecclesiasticus 3:5
And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up a treasure.

Think of your own mother AND think about "his" as referring to Jesus.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 05:39 AM
Such silly interpretations of the Jesus conception exists with the illiterate.

Most that read the rest of the story of Joseph and Mary know that Jesus was a planned conception for the most pure of the Essene temple's intentions. Thus, the story is symbolic speaking with metaphor.

The Essene long believed there would come time for a Messiah and they decided to conceive a child to fullfill the need. Jesus came along with the usual way for human conception, but with an ultimate temple design for his life.

Mary was never taught any of the wrong beliefs of religion, thus pure, unspoiled, virginal, immaculate.

No miracles involved with the story, just a bit of allegorical speaking that was common in those times.

It is becoming very clear that there are a lot of people that should be called illiterate of the true meaning, and since this happens often, it would be better if the whole Bible and Jesus thing never existed. It causes more trouble than good, and it is time to dump things that induce such crazy thinking. imho

Such crazy interpretations make the whole thing a cult with a need to find supernatural at every turn.

It is becoming clear that no adults are in charge in religion any longer and the departures from reality and move into cultish lack of moral responsibility is what is behind all the Priest seeing kids as sex objects and using religion as the means to exploit children. And the code of ethics in these corrupt religions protected and concealed this happing for a long long time.

Since the church has become a worthless cult, it is time for everyone to move away from any support for these crazy based religion themes. imho

edit on 17-5-2012 by MagnumOpus because: Time to dump the impure versions for Jesus, and speak to these false embellishments departing from reality

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 02:26 AM
The 22nd of January has come and gone, forty years now of the horrid intrinsic evil of abortion. We're in it now, the prophesied Great Tribulation. America said no to God.

Whatever your faith background, ask Mary to help you stay close to God. to her Son. Speak to her
from your heart. It pleases Jesus very much...

Light of Mary is a seer from Brazil. A translation, excerpt of a recent message from Our Lord:

~ ~ ~

"The Earth will roar greatly, great volcanoes will become active and man will not remember Me.


You deny My Mother’s calls because scholars do not want it to be spoken and My Mother brings the Truth to My People. But you will not silence Me, not the ruler or the scholar, not the high ranking one or the economically powerful, or the owner of the great television chains.
it will lift them up in the instant in which My Church will seem to drown."

JANUARY 9, 2012 for the full message

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