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160 Million/min increase in Credit Derivatives market

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posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 11:43 AM

Xuenchen's earlier post

I thought of adding a link for the Federal Reserve of its lending trillions to banks, but there are so many of those that you can start a Google search and will be reading all day.

The point is that the Federal Reserve loans money to banks that involve themselves in Credit Derivatives and Default swaps.

But the main point to this thread is to start watching a derivative of the Credit Derivatives market, which is to see how fast or slow the market increases or decreases. For now there's a mega increase.

This is important because if you refer to Xuenchen's post above that Banks/Fed Reserve are running amuck, you'll see that this situation isn't stopping even now and is only increasing.

In the current political debate to see who our next Barack-opposing candidate will be, there's no talk of how to get our budget inline, except by Ron Paul. The supercommittee didn't fail so much as didn't try.

The economic climate is so dire that to not talk about this issue is the equivalent to not paying your bills anymore because the world is coming to an end soon. This is the impression you give to folks who are paying attention to the real issues.


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