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Our Government's Current War on Social Security

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posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 12:26 AM
So, how do you like that 2% payroll tax cut? Did you buy anything with it? Some new shoes? finally fix that leaky roof? got that LCD TV you've been eyeing? Or did you maybe just put it back for a rainy day like most people (meaning that the economic stimulus it was supposed to start up was a complete and total failure)?

Personally, I didn't even notice it. I don't really make enough so that 2% is that significant. I paid my bills like normal, bought groceries like know, normal people stuff. And now Congress and our president are considering extending the cut so we'll go another year with 2% more in our paycheck! That sounds pretty good to me! I mean, right now is when we need that money. The economy is in the tank, and right now we need 2% extra. So this is a great idea! Well, except for that whole "putting me in the poorhouse when I turn 65" part. That's not so good.

What? What do you mean, "what do you mean"? That cut isn't really a "payroll" tax cut. It's a FICA cut. FICA, or Federal Insurance Contribution Act, is just a fancy term for "Social Security". So for as long as they are cutting 2% out of your SS, you, or you, or you hiding over there (come on out, we see you!), won't have that 2% when you turn 65! Yay! Wait, what?

Now, our government is going through all kinds of manipulations to pay for it. Republigoons want to cut spending, which is always good. But it isn't an "end all, be all". Cut spending where? They're going to have to agree to cut military spending to get anywhere with that line of thinking.

Our president's, and his Taxocrats', favorite method is to raise taxes on the rich. But they pay into SS, too. Everybody that receives a wage, does. So he is going to double dip them, stealing their wages and depositing it into the SS fund to pay for the lost revenue from cutting our contribution amount.

How about you just leave it alone? SS is for later on. True, we are living "in the now". But taking the savings that could be there for us when we're old and decrepit is really hitting below the belt. They're not even being up front with what's being cut. Most people have no idea that this cut is to SS and not to their income tax. I bet that if people knew the truth, a lot fewer would support it.

"But, Old American, you're against Social Security! You want it abolished! Why are you defending it?" Good question, AnonymousForumPoster1287! Because right now, it's all we got. I am a principled person. That's supposed to be there for me when I turn 65, and our treasonous government, in addition to stealing from the general fund every year, is now reducing the amount I will get when I'm eligible, if I get it at all, by 2%. That they are trying to find ways to recoup it is beside any point, because they shouldn't be messing with it at all.

So, there you go. Even while your favorite congressperson is praising Social Security and saying that there's no way they'll let grandma go destitute, they are doing just that. All while grinning and holding out their hand waiting for your campaign donation.

Thanks, Congress, for hating your country and its citizens.


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