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Official : US giving 400 tanks to Greece for free

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posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 07:53 AM

Originally posted by buster2010
Isn't this nice of us. We are broke and we are just giving weapons that was paid for by the tax payer away. The American people are the dumbest people on earth. We bailout wall street we give away millions of dollars worth of weapons and what do we get in return. Nothing

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union gave away millions of AK-47s. I know that more people have been killed with those than the M1A1.

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 12:21 PM
I think people are missing the big threat to Greece and it is not coming from the middle east. It seems to be coming from the torch bearer of George Bush. That would be Sarkozy. The EU is turning on itself.

The dismantling of Greece
December 2011
In this month’s podcast for Le Monde diplomatique, George Miller speak to Noëlle Burgi about the heavy toll that austerity measures are exacting in her homeland, Greece.

Noëlle, who is a researcher at the Centre Européen de Sociologie et de Sciences Politique (CESSP), Sorbonne University, Paris, describes Athens and Thessaloniki as “dying cities”, in which drug use, mental health problems, domestic violence and prostitution are all on the increase.

Not least of the Greeks’ problems is a feeling of powerlessness as their welfare state becomes hollowed out and their household incomes plummet.

And if you want to know why I call Sarkozy the torch bearer for George Bush read this thread I started. The part where Defense Sectary Gates said that Sarkozy can take over command of NATO says a lot. And Sarkozy was pushing tax cuts for the rich while taking away benifits to the poor in the EU at the same time Republicans in the US were starting their tax cuts for the rich and taking away from the poor is also a sign showing their is a link between Bush and Sarkozy.

Then you have this.

Italian anarchists claim responsibility for German bomb
Dec 8, 2011, 16:53 GMT

Wiesbaden, Germany - An Italian anarchist group, the Federazione Anarchica Informale (FAI), has claimed responsibility for an attempted letter bomb attack on Josef Ackermann, a top banker in Germany, police said Thursday.

The letter of responsibility said two more letter bombs were on their way.

Hesse state police in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, said the rolled-up, handwritten piece of paper with the claim showed up during evidence collection by police scientists, but gave no more details.

It was apparently in the same A5-sized envelope as the bomb, which was addressed to the office of Ackermann, 63, the Swiss-born chief executive of Germany's biggest bank, Deutsche Bank.

So it was this group Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) (in Italian: Federazione Anarchica Informale),

They are being called marxizt communist and so on. But what are they trulely trying to do. Stop the EU and break it up. The austerity and tax cuts for the rich while fighting wars in foriegn countries draining the economy of its money and taking more austerity from the poor to continue it while bankers walk free after robbing the people of their money simply by doing what the leaders asked them to do. Boost the economy with 40 to 1 capital so we can fight our global war. And George Bush and Goldman Sachs did play a big role in getting the EU to do that.The EU must know it has to come to and end or the EU will come to an end.
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