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PayPal Feels Web’s Wrath After ‘Ruining Christmas’ [UPDATED]

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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 04:56 AM

PayPal is taking an online beating after allegedly shutting down an account for a charitable gift buying program run by the popular “craft fail blog,” Regretsy.

Regretsy was organizing a holiday gift exchange in which its readers could buy toys for about 200 underprivileged children, selected from applications.

The payments company, according to a Regretsy blog post, first froze the account due to a supposed misuse of the “Donate” payment button. The blog was told that it had to be a nonprofit in order to use the button. It isn’t, so it then attempted to collect money for toys by using a regular payment button and allowed the buyers to send purchased gifts to the 200 children.

You can bet your sweet $$$ paypal that yours truly was active in that beating you are continuing to feel, so next time stay F_ away as we know how and when to do what we do to cause maximum damage in a limited amount of time without maximizing our resources.

oh yeah... almost forgot to mention “F**k You, PayPal” ring's a bell ... huh ?

> EIDT < due to the high net profile this has, site access may be difficult

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 05:02 AM
You forget, PayPal is owned by Ebay. It isn't in their interest to allow people to use anything other than Ebay.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 05:27 AM
The site may be having issues but ill simply re-post the conversation..enjoy it while it lasts.

PayBuddy: Hey, dude, you can’t use that button on your website. Cos, like, you’re not a charity or whatever.

April: Oh, #, my bad.

PayBuddy: Yeah, you’re going to have to manually refund all of the transactions.

April: … that’s, like, so many transactions. Okay, I’ll do it. (aside) Hmm, I still need the money to make sure these families have an awesome Christmas. Since I can’t use the donate button unless I am a charity I was told that I can’t use the donate button unless I am a charity, I will use a “buy now” button and people can buy the gifts. Off I go to my website to correct this honest mistake!

[Next day]

PayBuddy: Um, yeah, so . . . . you can’t do that either. You are going to have to refund all of the money you collected last night.

April: WHAT.

PayBuddy: You’re not really selling specific items? So like, um, it’s still the same thing with a different button? and you’re not a charity? So, we’re kind of onto your sneaky, underhanded generosity, and like, even though all we said yesterday was that you can’t use the donate button because you’re not a charity, we’re telling you now that you also can’t do charity through the buy now button.

April: ……… Okay, I really don’t get this. I see donate buttons every-damn-where, and a lot of them are not charities.

PayBuddy: Oh, non-charities can totally use the donate button, just not for charity. You can raise money to help your sick cat, for example, but not poor people. (NOTE: THE LAST SENTENCE WAS ACTUALLY UTTERED BY A REPRESENTATIVE)

April: Um. Can I speak to your supervisor?

PayBuddy: NO ONE ABOVE ME WILL TALK TO YOU. No one at my level ever makes phone calls. We’re only doing this to help you. (NOTE: This is another one that was actually uttered by a representative. Caps emphasis mine.)

April: … can I individually sell each individual toy on my website? Then send them to the needy families?

PayBuddy: AS IF. No website is going to let you BUY something and have it sent to a person who isn’t YOU! [Except, of course, almost every website that will send items as gifts.--GGG] Besides, if you want to sell them individually, you’ll have to do it from a whole new website. And also I think this is all very reasonable of us, considering how clear and understandable our policies about charitable giving are, and how easy they are to find from the pages that are pushing you to use a donate button for your website. [Hint: they're not. Which you will see soon.--GGG]

April’s head explodes.

PayBuddy: Oh, hey, P.S.? We’re totally keeping all of the fees we assessed for each donation that you’re refunding. I’m going to make a big pile out of that money to lay on while I sodomize your corpse. [Not actually said by PayPal representative, but in my opinion, strongly implied.]

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 06:35 AM
This situation can easily be fixed by using a paypal alternative that has real people behind it unlike paypal A##HOLES.

Something like We Pay which allows you to collect payments online, sell tickets, collect DONATIONS for any cause etc

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