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The Truth About Jihad - It Is Not Killing Inocent People

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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by CREAM

True Islamic Jihad And It's Beauty is an ATS thread I put together when I used to be a Muslim.

Along my spiritual awakening, I realized that no All Knowing or All Powerful Creator would task us to kill each other in His name. For whatever justification, Infinite Power and Infinite Knowing would not command murder, slavery, sexism, oppression, separation, or superiority in order to accomplish Peace.

Islam is a bigger fail than Paulian-Christianity.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Thank you OP for sheding further light on what Jihad is all about.

It is indeed a necessary call, something which ALL civilisation can respect, should a nation be ATTACKED. Defense is only universal, not only for muslims, but for christians, jews, and other ethnic fellow human brothers and sisters in sovereign states.

May it help and guide muslims around the world why US had to enter Afghanistan.

3000 of innocent humans and more on a regular basis around the world, of every religion including Islam died in 911 and after 911.

perpetrators were Al Queda - a radical outfit that had misused a peaceful religion to achieve its own ambition to end humanity, freely admitted by them. And thus, as innocent humanity had been mercilessly murdered with an absolutely unwarrented attack, an american jihad against the perpetrators whom were hiding in the Afghan/Pakistan border areas was justified.

There is no such thing as light, moderate or extreme Muslims. Either you are a muslim, following the peaceful religion as meant by Allah through His prophet - Muhammad, or you are not. Extremities such as the murder of our common Creator's children, worse when they are innocent, is an offense not only to Islam, but to every human that seeks only to love and live in peace.

Those whom committed or supported murders of innocents, including even muslims, in the name of unsanctioned Jihad, only contaminates the name of Allah, and must be sought out by ALL muslims to bring them to justice, or will be shared with their sin when the time comes to meet the Almighty ONE, even earlier if the cries for justice by innocents grows loud.

May the Taleban,clerics of Pakistan, Hezbollah, and every insane unsanctioned Jihadist whom are hiding or supported the radicals take heed. Nothing escapes the eyes of Allah.
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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by CREAM

What unmitigated rationalized nonsense.

Given that it's more than kosher--actually exhorted in founding documents to lie in behalf of Islam . . . any farcical untrue thing can be SAID.

However, the founding documents can be quoted and folks can see for themselves that such verses are NOT taken out of context whatsoever.

109+ verses exhorting violence against the innocent non-Islamists is pretty abundantly clear, to me.

It's kind of like this cute thing exhorting and permitting such warmly kind and charitable treatment of captured NonMuslim women:

Fatwa Permits Mujahideen to Kidnap, Imprison, and Have Sexual Intercourse with Infidel Women

Personally, I find the OP's assertions utterly farcical beyond measure.

I don't care to support such delusional notions to the least degree.

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