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Massive rise in Pneumonia cases in USA?

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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by dntwastetime

I don't think so. If it was pneumonia, you wouldn't have been able to last this long without it getting
extremely worse.(In my opinion)

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Perhaps

(Best read with a British accent.)

Good morning viewers heres the latest on ATS. lets have a look at what happened..

(Drop accent)

Always click on threads that are about pneumonia, to share the link because the thread was helpful to some.
Gives me the greatest satisfaction to read that I helped people. Especially little kids. Not everyone hears
these " Home remedys " and it being the kind of knowledge that could save someones life in a pinch. Also, over the past two years OP and I have had some heated discussions. Not all about pnuemonia, yet we remain friendly and civil to one another.

Upon reading and with a number of comments bang'in around upstairs ? Thus my limited response had to go out in a way OP would know I wasn't just trying to be a jackass to him persoally and thinking I'm getting all in his milk and cookies. The fact that you went all off-topic, about an on topic that included what amounts to a salutation?

Tell you what, I apologise if my post was distracting to you .

Mr. Lizard
Thanks again for posting this OP. I know someone very dear to me who is currently developing symptoms.
So your post has alerted her via yours truly.

Randyvious ....................bump
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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 01:18 PM
I'm sorry, but are we neglecting the obvious here? That being, winter is starting soon, and the weather drop that's been seen recently coincides with a rapid increase in flu/pneumonia?

Must it be any more than this?

From the article:

It's that time of year again. Not only is it the season for the flu, but also for pneumonia, especially in little patients. "It's true, most of our kids with asthma and chronic lung diseases start to have more respiratory issues this time of the year, so we are definitely busier," said Dr. Shivani Verma, a pediatric pulmonologist. There's been a recent spike in visits to emergency rooms, and numerous Centra Care's are reporting whopping increases in pneumonia cases.

Sorry Lizard, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary here. The weather drops, and people get colds, flus, and pneumonia at increased rates. We've had our first drop into the 30's here in Texas over the last few days.
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 04:30 PM
WOW! found what i was looking for!

For the first time in my life I've contracted Pneumonia.

After seeing this thread it really makes me wonder. Also have a few people i know locally as well that have been diagnosed with it as well. Another thing i noticed this fall is the #'s of pneumonia cases have sky rocked locally with herds of cattle as well.

Lets hope i get over this fast, talk about miserable. Specially for a person who NEVER gets sick.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 04:49 PM
Have you all looked to the sky lately.....

WTH is coming out of the back of those jets........?

Whose patterns follow the sun, day after day, after day, after day.

Maybe our answers lie here in that question

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