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Global Financial Collapse: What makes it tick?

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 09:24 PM
Russia Today

The mind becomes confused and dismayed when confronted with chaotic situations it can hardly figure out - situations such as today’s Global Financial Woes. Maybe we’re looking too close-up. Let’s take a step back and look again...

Complexity is often engineered into what are basically simple problems by people who benefit from manufactured complications and have the power to control them. When money is involved, the powerful people who benefit from ripping off untold millions of hard workers make sure that their “money machine” will just keep steaming ahead. Take the ongoing Global Financial Crisis.

Firstly, it is not a “crisis” at all: what the world is confronted with today is a full-fledged, irreversible and unsustainable Global Financial Collapse that, if not properly addressed, may bring down the whole global economy with it.

Secondly, this has pushed the Real Economy into a “crisis” from which, if proper measures are taken, it can – and must! – be saved.Because all national economies are basically intact (although many have been badly clobbered!) they can be brought back to health.

Thirdly, the real core of today’s problem is that Finance – that virtual world of banking, fractional lending, usury compound interest, fraudulent derivatives, casino-like speculative “investments” and other parasitic and anti-social activities – has illegitimately risen above the Real Economy which is the world of work, production, manufacturing, effort, toil, sweat and creativity.

Wow what an article. No mixing of words here to paint the current finanical crisis and its causes in any rosy light. Something that only would be published in a blog or some alternative news media, is headlining on Russia Today. Read the rest of the article for the author's take on how, why and who made it happen and where to start to address it - though attempts to remedy , the author contends, will likely be be met with martyrdom.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 12:01 AM
Yeah it is a mess and the cultural clashes of globalisation has the economy looking more like a battlefield than a foundation of social stability. It was great news to hear that the G20 took IMF policy control away from the CFR a year ago so now a more globally balanced perspective can be introduced, but things are moving slowly. Over the past year I have been very impressed with the global economic discussion coming out of China, if there is a chance of salvaging a realistic and responsible global economy then more attention needs to go towards the ideas and perspective China has.

Otherwise the entrenched and unsustainable practices of the western economy will have to meet its inevitable end. A lot of change and reform is needed if Earth is to remain prosperous for humanity. As with all change, their will be some resistance, but if the senses of responsibility and justice cannot trump corruption and greed we are all stuffed!

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