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The Tendoy Transcripts [WTB]

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:28 PM
Ian walked down the shiny roadway, the muted light of the sparsely-placed streetlights casting dim pools in the slanting rain. He pulled up his collar again, as he hunched into the wet wind and looked for the iron railing and steps. I must be insane to go out in this weather for a stupid book.

Up ahead he saw two yellow globes above a shadowed railing, the stairs leading downward and he quickened his pace. Finally! I hope this is worth it.
Ian walked carefully down the slippery steps to the door with a sign that read:

Baker Book Store
Antiquities and Rare Publications
We’re Open!
Please watch your step!

Ian opened the door, the jangling bell above the door startling him. He was glad to be out of the oppressive darkness and rain. “Hello?” he said meekly, looking around, smelling the pleasant mustiness of old paper.

“So. You’ve finally come,” Said a voice from the corner desk, “I didn’t expect you in this blasted rain. Nasty stuff. Wipe your feet, please.”

The old man leaned forward, his craggy face moving out of the shadows. “ I am Gordon Scott. Come around here to the computer. I’ve transferred the transcripts to a Word file, and you can sit here and read them easier. I’ll only give you the first few transcripts for now, until you’ve had time to talk with your publisher. Sorry, but that’s the way it has to be for now. “

Ian nodded absently, privately delighted to finally be able to lay his eyes on the Tendoy Transcripts, after all this time. He had first heard of the Transcripts through Patrick White, a friend of his and dealer in ancient art; it had taken the better part of three months and several meetings to arrive at this place. His publisher had refused to grant the advance money requested and Ian had paid it from his own pocket, on the strength of his friend vouching for the old man.

He read:

1. We have watched you from afar and given you counsel.

2. We have moved you to locations that were bountiful and cautioned you to live within your resources. Your people have never done this, but instead procreate to exceed the resources. You move on after the wealth of the lands are depleted and continue to procreate and use beyond your means.

3. We showed you places of power in which you could expand your awareness and fully utilize your gifts. You treated them as dung beneath your feet.

4. A small number of your people have scratched the surface of your natural abilities; you have the power within yourselves to create and manifest any reality that you choose. These few individuals were but babes glimpsing a tiny crack in the wall of awareness, and yet rather than learning from them, you worshipped them and made them gods. When you feared them, you killed them, as you do with all creatures you misunderstand.

5. You spoil every single thing you touch, every land you occupy, every living thing that grows. Your waste is obscene. Your personal energy requirements are obscene. Your bodies emit several gasses, at least three distinctly separate liquids, solids and you seem to care not where you leave them, regardless of what the local impacts are. You are a weed that requires pulling.

6. We have done this many times, on many worlds, and only your species have not heeded our advice and evolved toward self-sustainability, while at the same time failed to have completed annihilated yourselves. Many species before you have passed and ended themselves. Many others have grown and been worthy of the knowledge given that made them our equals. Your species persists in staying alive – a singular oddity in the entire galaxy.

7. We have produced our advice in all of your languages; that you are reading this advice indicates that the chosen time has come, 1000 years have passed and your species is at the cusp of the universal breakpoint. You will either evolve and grow, or you will perish at your own hand.

8. Listen, if you have ears and merit; hear, if you have intelligence and worth. Read, remember and reproduce the sounds accurately. A whole new awareness will awaken within you, but this is just a step, a small gift that we give with love and compassion. Follow, learn, grow and live. These sounds, if produced accurately and with reverence and respect, will change a miniscule framework in the vibration of your brain’s synapses.

9. We wish you well. You are our children. We want for you to grow to your potential, however we will not allow you to ruin a world; we will give the opportunity to another species first. The choice has always been yours; that is the greatest gift given any species. We leave it to you to learn these sounds, benefit from them, teach others, or let your history be buried, you essence wasted. Behold, the first set of sounds. Master them first, before you advance.

“Where’s the rest?” Ian said, rubbing his eyes.
“Safely hidden.” Gordon answered.
“Don’t you think this is a little too big for one man – or even a group for that matter – to control? If this was truly found at the bottom of the Tendoy fracking operation….”
“It was. These documents are my proof. I think you probably recall the item on the news about them finding the stone box. The box itself was carbon dated to 978 A.D. The transcripts were written on aluminium tablets and only just recently translated.”
“Where are the tablets?” Ian asked.
“They are in the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities.”
“Have you……….. have you seen …… have you tried the sounds?” Ian asked, his eyes catching flickers of light.
“Yes I have. Only one. They are real.” Gordon said, slowly unfolding his arms and extending them outward at right angles to his body.
He closed his eyes and mumbled under his breath. At first nothing happened and then Ian’s eyes widened as Gordon slowly rose from the floor, stopping with his shoes six inches from the wooden floor. Sweat broke out on Gordon’s forehead and he increased the tempo of his mumblings. He began to tremble and suddenly stopped, dropping back to the floor and collapsing.

Ian ran to him, helping him to his feet and into a chair.
“That…..” Gordon gasped..
“Take it easy. Do you want some water?” Ian asked.
Gordon shook his head, regaining his strength. “That was… just the first line of the sounds. It has taken me several weeks to master it. There are six hundred and sixty-five others.
“Six hun………. 666???” Ian cried, “There are Six hundred sixty-six total?”
Gordon nodded, clearly shaken and exhausted.


Gordon held the snifter of brandy to the light, smiling.
“Do you think he bought it?” Patrick asked, sipping from his glass.
“Bought it? Dear boy, after the set-up you gave him, he was already primed to believe before he came here. “
Patrick laughed, “Y’know, I had him come to the studio. Called him late at night and I set up some of the Summerian exhibits. Dimmed the light, you know, all the theatrical stuff. You almost waited too long you know – I almost dropped you…. The wires were cutting into my hands.”
“I know, I felt you trembling.” Gordon chuckled, “and to think you wanted to push this garbage on a web site, and sell e-books. We can always do that later, after this idiot pushes the book and goes on tour.
“Did the tablets really come from the fracking operation?” Patrick asked?
“Yep, but they were found in a cave just inside the entrance where I put them 5 years ago. That’s why the tablets don’t pass carbon-dating, but the box does. Thanks to your associate in Cairo, the box will carry the weight, and the conspiracy theorists will fill in the blanks. It’ll go viral, and we’ll be rich! “
“That was genius, the 666 bit”. Patrick said, pouring more brandy into his glass.
“Maybe we can get a spot on the History Channel after the book gets off the ground.” Gordon said, “God knows, I’m more than tired of living in this dark, decrepid book store.”
“Hey! Maybe we could get a spot on the Alex……”
“Don’t say it. You’ll spoil the moment. Plenty of time for mass media later. Let’s just enjoy this brandy. I’ve been waiting 35 years to open it.”

edit on 6/12/11 by argentus because: spellin' and a coupla much-needed paragraph breaks

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 09:30 PM
I have a beef with your story.....'s not finished. Well written and spell binding. I had to wipe drool from the corner of my mouth while reading. I loved point number 4 in the transcript, then realized the hoax. There are many different aspects you could explore if you wanted to continue it.

Of course, SnF.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Thanks much Druid! I don't like to spell things out too completely, if I can help it. I was trying to frown upon the hucksters who create frauds and fake mysticism for the purpose of making a buck (or many) off people who are seeking the unknown. Irritates the crap out of me, because some of those whom I believe are just perpetuating frauds seem to include a grain of truth, or a "mysterious object" that defies quatification.

..... and the beat goes on.......

thanks for the input!

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