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New Zealand wealth disparity worst in OECD (news is OWS right?)

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 12:17 PM
a report released from the new zealand govenment shows that in the last 20 years new zealands wealth gap has widened to the largest shift in wealth in the OECD.

in the report they try to miss direct the cause back on the people, by saying that "its because of technology and innovation.

in the article they describbed the top 10% have increased their wealth over the bottom 10% at a speed which is faster than any other country in the OECD.

they then went on to say,
mabey occupy in new zealand may have a valid point, at which point they interviewed a occupy protestor who outlinned just how bad it is for the 10% at the bottom.

we have a situation where people are hungry living in sub standard conditions and unable to pay for doctors and perscriptions costs.

for the last 20 years wages have not keept up with inflation and people are working longer hours for the same money while the owners of those companies are making recored profits.

i find it odd that they used the OECD figaurs of the top 10% and the bottom 10%
instead of the 1% and 99% that is acually suffering.

our govenment has failed us for 20 years and NOW they decide to point out the inequity of our society?

for the people who think new zealand is imuine from the control of the 1%

we are ALL in the same position,

we ALL are the 99% and by the 3 network news article we are the 10%

any suggestions for a letter to the prime minister of new zealand?

i dont have links or vids yet, i was just outraged at the missdirection and wanted to point out this problem is world wide, but then again so is OWS



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