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Flip Flops for Newt And Romney

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 09:16 AM

Hello fellow ATSers, old and new. Today I present to you an interesting video about the hypocrisy that Newt and Romney have in common. If you were thinking about voting for either of these poor excuse of a candidate than I advise you to look at both of the videos and ask yourself this: Does this country need a big flip-flopper?
Sad that even though these people bashed Newt and Mitt none of them mentioned Ron Paul......that's ok. Reality will hit them soon enough.

ETA: The 2012 Election is so close people can taste it. This is it folks. Do all the research on the candidates and think for yourself. Personally, if I'm gonna vote I will vote for Ron Paul. At least he's not a flip-flopper like most of these candidates are. And if he is(which I doubt he is) than he's very good at not doing that.

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