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L.A. Times - Mysterious blasts, slayings suggest covert efforts in Iran

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 08:59 AM
L. A. Times Story

"It looks like the 21st century form of war," said Patrick Clawson, who directs the Iran Security Initiative at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a Washington think tank. "It does appear that there is a campaign of assassinations and cyber war, as well as the semi-acknowledged campaign of sabotage."

Or perhaps not. Any such operation would be highly classified, and those who might know aren't talking. The result is Washington's latest national security parlor game — trying to figure out who, if anyone, is responsible for the unusual incidents.For years, the U.S. and its allies have sought to hinder Iran's weapons programs by secretly supplying faulty parts, plans or software, former intelligence officials say. No proof of sabotage has emerged, but Iran's nuclear program clearly has hit obstacles that thwarted progress in recent years.

"We definitely are doing that," said Art Keller, a former CIA case officer who worked on Iran. "It's pretty much the stated mission of the [CIA's] counter-proliferation division to do what it takes to slow … Iran's weapons of mass destruction program."

Read more at the article.

Honestly .. this is a DUH! ... of course we are using covert efforts to sabatoge Irans nuclear program. We'd be fools not to. (Then again ... Washington IS very foolish these days). I'm sure, since most countries in that area see Irans leadership as crazy, they are either helping with the sabatoge or they are turning a blind eye to it.

Everyone on the planet uses covert efforts against their 'enemies'. Heck, against so called allies as well. Everyone is spying on everyone else and everyone is trying to bring down everyone else before they get too powerful.

I'm actually surprised that those in the Obama administration are actually doing something about Iran like this. I didn't think they were that smart. Or perhaps they (CIA etc) are working around Obama's Muslim-Brotherhood friendly administration to get this done since it's a matter of National Security. World Security. I'm thinking that's more likely.

As for Iran's claims that their nuke program is for peaceful purposes ...
... I'm pretty sure most people can see through that.

Anyways ... posting the article for whoever is interested.
I didn't see it posted before ...

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