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The Origins and Purpose of Organized Religion: Part 1

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:18 AM
I have been writing a 6 part series entitled The Global Banking System: Descensus in Cuniculi Cavum. This series covers the Historical process of Banking, Building Wealth and Global Domination. You are probably thinking at this point, "What does that have to do with Conspiracies in Religions?". Although part 1 "Less Than Humble Beginnings" is based on the origins of Law and the banking systems, Part 2 "Secret Alliances" covers the History of Organized Religion.

I spent a very long time contemplating which forum to place part 2 in, as it fits very well in this one as well. Ultimately I have chosen to place it in the original forum, "General Conspiracies" along with Part 1. I realize we are allowed to post a thread in 2 separate forums, but I find that, it is sometimes a little frustrating to see a thread posted twice. I also realize that I could change the name and post it again, but I feel it is easier to direct your attention to the G.C. Forum for a moment of your time in order to present it to you.

Part 2 covers Judaism, Christianity(by way of the Catholic Church) and Islam. There will be small points of connection to other Religions created for the same purpose sporadically throughout the next few parts of the series, but I will combine them into one thread to post in here at a later date, but as i said, for this post, I would like to redirect you to my post in the other forum. Again, I apologize for the redirect.

The Global Banking System: Descensus in Cuniculi Cavum (Part 2, "Secret Alliances")

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