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My Tarot Prophecies final edit

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by alienreality
Although I have no doubt at all that tarot cards work and can do things like what you are reading from them, they scare me because they are a form of sorcery.. and sorcery combined with humankind equals bad karma , but this is just my opinion from what I have observed in people who practice it..

I'm sure a lot of folks will laugh at me and think I'm incredibly ignorant, but such is life, as they say...

To me the cards are just a tool, like a hammer. You can either use it to build or destroy. I choose to use it to build knowledge. I don't really care if the knowledge is damaging, if it is, then the future needs to be changed, hopefully this will wake people up to the possible future, the future we are going to have if everything goes as is planned by the global elite.

For me, Karma is simply people's reactions to our choices and it doesn't follow us into the next life. That would just be sick to force a punishment of bad Karma on someone if they don't even remember the infraction from the past life. Anyway, you believe whatever works for you.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by KingAtlas

Here's the missing date. I was seeing if anyone was reading it. YAY!

December 2012
CARDS: The Magician, 6 of Wands.
New leader will brag and become rather bold after winning an office of importance. Many items of good news will spread and luck will be in their favor. Love will seem to vanish around this new leader and they will be viewed as shrewd. Disarray overseas will frustrate and create 1 obstacles for the new leader.
The new leader will seek total loyalty. People will trust and hold confidence in this new leader as he furthers his dreams. The Global Elite will find themselves having financial advantages during this time, but life as a whole will stagnate as the day has come and pass with nothing special. The Date Setters will set another date as they find their dreams of a new future delayed, yet again.
(1) Obstacles
CARDS: The World.
The obstacles have to do with hostilities and unpleasant relationships. There might be a turn of fortune if things are handled right.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:38 PM
Thanks for sharing. Tarot is one of those things that is never wrong for me when I do a reading, but I save it for only those times in my life when it is imperative that I know the outcome ahead of time. I have a Marseilles tarot deck that I bought almost 30 years ago, and it is always right. Frighteningly so.

The thing is, I don't always want to know. Life is hard enough without foreknowledge. For example, if you knew the exact date of your death, you would waste your life waiting for your last day. I have a gut feeling things are going to get ugly, and that's as much foreknowledge as I care to have.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:47 PM

Originally posted by FissionSurplus
Thanks for sharing. Tarot is one of those things that is never wrong for me when I do a reading, but I save it for only those times in my life when it is imperative that I know the outcome ahead of time. I have a Marseilles tarot deck that I bought almost 30 years ago, and it is always right. Frighteningly so.

The thing is, I don't always want to know. Life is hard enough without foreknowledge. For example, if you knew the exact date of your death, you would waste your life waiting for your last day. I have a gut feeling things are going to get ugly, and that's as much foreknowledge as I care to have.

Prophecies can be changed if proper action is taken to do so. I would like to know when and how I die, so I could avoid that situation if it's not simply passing in sleep. If I knew I was going to die in a car accident on Dec-21-2012, I'd take the effort to avoid traveling that day and break the prophecy. My mentor drove himself completely insane with his profound gift of prophecy and he saw his own death and even who kills him. The problem with these prophecies are if you want to or if you can even change it. Most prophecies are not dated for their passing so it's very hard to change them. The draw back for mine is that they are dated and can pass at a different rate to the posted date and I'm hoping humanity wakes up before any of the bad s*** happens and that I'm just another doomsday date setter.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 10:33 PM
Ramle... Thank you for sharing your prophecies. I Have strange assumptions about myself, and would like any help thats available; to clarify things. If you are willing to bear the burden, and spend the time. I would apreciate a reading of sorts...
Thank you...

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 11:01 PM
Which deck do you use?
How long have you been practicing?

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by ImmortalThought
Which deck do you use?
How long have you been practicing?

I have the Vampire Deck by Nathalie Hertz. It feels so connected to me when I use it. I've been practicing for about 6 months now. I'm not sure if I'll learn the meanings too all the cards, but I'm starting to learn a few of the Major Arcana.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by AwnAegisean

If you have any questions to ask, please be more specific then the last person to asked me. Take the time to think about the stuff you want to know and message me privately. I recently found my inbox on here and am still learning to use all the feature for this forum.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 11:42 PM
'ramle' I do not yet have a large enough post count to use u2u... i will become more active and contact you on a future date...
This post should help contribute to relieving my restrictions...
Anyway ill say again, thanks for sharring your prophecies.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by AwnAegisean
'ramle' I do not yet have a large enough post count to use u2u... i will become more active and contact you on a future date...
This post should help contribute to relieving my restrictions...
Anyway ill say again, thanks for sharring your prophecies.

I believe you can add me as a friend so you don't loose me, or simply add this threat to your favorites.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 04:44 AM
I got the intuition that population culling will occur by 2030 not 2016. Plus Aliens,the evil ones will be instrumental in creating a world war

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 10:27 AM
link what a ton of work you put into this thread..I gave you a SnF for all the effort and time..and I too will follow it as I do the TWZ thread..Cheers Coco

Here's the TWZ link

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 10:32 AM
Normally I avoid posting to these kind of threads mostly because the tend to be proven false 99.999999% of the time. I am very skeptical about Tarot readings.

However the event you have listed are running semi concurrent with the trends and research I have seen. I would have to say that several of the events you have listed are plausible and some will eventually come to pass. History is evidence of that.

We are living in extremely dangerous times in regards to freedom and liberty. I pray you are proven wrong but my gut tells me bad things lie in mankind's future. There is no doubt that the world's elite are tightening their grasp on the people world wide.

I believe that the timing may be off but even ifs it wrong there is no doubt that we are in for one hell of a hard time.

S&F for the effort put behind your post.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by SWCCFAN

Tarot Cards and their influence take two. If one is in doubt it will unbalance the energy creating a misleading message in the cards. But, if one is to believe that cards will tell them something 99.99999% of the time they will. Its the human mind that does the trick.

Tarot cards are just a medium in which pyschic "powers" flow through.

I got my hands on some "Alice in wonderland" and when ever I take a good dose of those my pyschic powers are out of this world literally and very difficult to bring back down here. I plan on using tarot cards while in wonderland and see where the white rabbit leads me

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 12:37 AM
It seems that I'm doing good so far on my Tarot Prophecies. Tyranny is getting worse and Martial Law is starting, around the world. I maybe somewhat off if Occupy has its comeback before May. I was right about it coming back though.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 08:01 PM
January 2015
CARDS: Knight of Cups, 6 of Wands.
A notable romance will take place, but as this occurs, there will be a major conquest. The 1 conquerors will demand loyal service, but there will be continued 2 efforts to thwart them.
The conquerors will have much good news and financial advantages during this time. There will be many professional strides and initiative on the part of the conquerors.
(1) Characteristics of “Conqueror”
CARDS: King of Swords.
He’s a cruel man with an impossible fight ahead of him. He has much perseverance and has a 3 painful memory which turned him sour. He makes swift decisions with no emotional response. (Janu)
(3) Painful Memory
CARDS: 4 of Pentacles.
A treasured heirloom was taken away. His prosperity and privilege was also taken away.
(2) Efforts being taken
CARDS: King of Wands.
They will seek to deceive him by sending in someone he might trust.
February 2015
CARDS: The World, Ace of Cups.
There will be much hostility and 1 obstacles to success. There is notable 2 imperfection and a possible reversal of fortune. Luck and divine protection is on the side of the Conqueror. He will be victorious and fulfill 3 his desires.
There will be a celebration with plenty of joy and feasting. This will drive 4 some insane and a desire towards autonomy. Some will be dissatisfied.
(1) Obstacles to Success
CARDS: Ace of Pentacles.
Money is always an obstacle. There are also problems with 5 obsession and wasted funds. 6 Something rare has been hidden which is also leading to obstacles.
(5) Obsessions
CARDS: The Hanged Man.
There are illusions being weaved and separation taking their tolls. Sadness and a 7 painful trial have already taken their tolls. These obsessions have a self destructive turn and have created doubts in this person.
(7) Painful Trial
CARDS: Temperance
Something incomprehensible happened that causes continued instability in his life.
(6) Rare Object
CARDS: 2 of Cups.
This might not be as much and object as it is a 8 person of affection to 9 somebody.
(8) Characteristics of “Person of Affection”
CARDS: The Star.
She has always been protected by an unseen force. She has a love of nature and has a tenderness to her that brings out a subtle beauty and creativity. She’s had many defrauded hopes, mistrust and a lack of compatibility. She’s experienced a lot of lies.
(9) Characteristics of “Somebody”
CARDS: The Chariot.
This man is a free spirit and has a lot of vitality in his personality. He enjoys thrilling adventures, glory and travel. He has been defeated many times and has been hindered in his quest. He is also arrogant and conflicts with others a lot.
(2) Imperfections
CARDS: The Hierophant.
There are fears of reality and pessimism. There will be mental troubles and lateness taking their tolls as well.
(3) Conqueror’s Desires
CARDS: 7 of Swords.
He desires to simply conquer the Earth and reprimand the human race. He also seeks to wage war on humanity.
(4) Characteristics of “Insane People”
CARDS: Ace of Wands.
They are optimistic and possibly sterile. They have energy and support which leads them to begin a 10 new project. They are plagued by deceit and professional failure. They are in ruin.
(10) New Project
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
This project involves a crossroad in the lives of humanity, but there is a lot of misfortune involved here. This will lead to frustration.
March 2015
CARDS: Justice, 8 of Wands.
This will lead to absolute tyranny and false charges being placed upon innocent people. A wrongful 1 judgment is passed upon humanity and a 2 harsh punishment is passed. This is a time of political resettling as the Alien Presence takes a permanent stance here on Earth.
Peace and calm are settling into the minds of those in charge. The Global Elite will have time for leisure. There will be a state of uncertainty and loneliness. The Elite will by now regret what they have done.
(1) Wrongful Judgment
CARDS: Ace of Wands.
This judgment has to do with human business practices.
(2) Harsh Punishment
CARDS: The Emperor.
Humanity will be controlled with mind control. The sheer will of the punisher will attain the goal of overbearing control. This might be a hive mind type of mind control.
edit on 2-4-2012 by ramle because: too much text and it overflowed.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 08:03 PM
April 2015
CARDS: 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles.
The Conquest for Earth by the Aliens is done. They now experience gainful stability on Earth and the world experiences acquired 1 knowledge as a whole. The Aliens are greedy and envious of human tenacity. Financial errors and a lack of ambition bog down the humans.
The aliens realize their dream of conquest and plan for business here. A 2 failed project will stall things, but a 3 trap is being set for those who step out of line.
(1) Knowledge
CARDS: 3 of Cups.
The knowledge to unify the world, achieve the goals of those who have and to create serenity.
(2) Failed Project
CARDS: The Hanged Man.
A plan was made to create enrichment and otherwise a peaceful world.
(3) Trap Being Set
CARDS: 6 of Cups.
A new future is being pitched but it will come to create nostalgia and confusion when it doesn’t happen.
May 2015
CARDS: Empress, 3 of Cups.
The Leaders of Earth will become clever in their efforts to hold onto power and a 1 new harmony takes place as a new balance has taken place. Humanity will become apathetic after time has past as they discover their leaders are a false friend to humanity.
There will be a lot of optimism, serenity and good new as things settle into their places. The Earth is relieved of its pain.
(1) New Hamony
CARDS: The Star.
The Global leaders will find themselves protected and experiencing a blissful enjoyment of the world. The rest of humanity will be defrauded of their own planet. They are lead to believe in a hopeless dream. Their appears to be a campaign of lies that is at the same time not working very well.
June 2015
CARDS: 8 of Swords, 6 of Pentacles.
The world reaches the boiling point. There will be a lot of suffering, but a 1 cross road is reached. There will be a huge 2 misfortune in the world as a whole. Unfaithfulness and jealousy corrupts and frustrates those in charge.
A 3 small loan is offered on the world stage and generosity. There appears to be some peace talks, but these are going to cause a lost opportunity and a means to attain 4 the goal. The world is in uncertainty about what is to happen.
(1) Cross Road
CARDS: Page of Cups.
The path could go into a loving and faithful relationship or is cound turn into an illusion and bring about many complications.
(2) Misfortune
CARDS: Justice.
Humanity will get what is deserved and this will even out the score. There will be maw and order and this will be a painful trial for humanity. There will also be conflicts as law is put in place and a serious wrongful judgment.
(3) Small Loan
CARDS: Knight of Pentacles.
This loan will be either financial or material, either way it creates a good situations for those who take it. This loan in itself creates a 5 lost opportunity so it isn’t all good.
(5) Lost Opportunity
CARDS: There could have been an 6 important decision made during that time if the loan if refused, but in it’s place will be ill-will and a slanderous leadership.
(6) Important decision
CARDS: The Fool.
The decision could bring about freedom, but it’s likely to just bring irresponsibility and neglect of human society.
(4) The Goal
CARDS: Queen of Cups.
If the goal is attained, there will be trust and a blissful union between man and visitor. If the goal fails to be reach, there will be scandal and a world with luxuries but no love at all. There will also be hostile professional environments in business.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 08:03 PM
July 2015
CARDS: Empress, 2 of Cups.
There appears to be a period of stability after the world is put in its place. The leaders let power go to their heads and they become flashy and show off.
There maybe a wedding of one of the leaders and leads to true love. There might be a trouble relationship as well. The world might be experiencing some tactics to distract the people.
August 2015
CARDS: Death, The Devil.
There is a huge 1 change taking place here and there is much anguish as it happens. There will be despair, grief and mourning. This is also the end of a sensational relationship which is a fatal price to pay.
Power and force accomplishes the desires of the Leaders. This also shows that an explosive relationship taking place and a complete abuse of power leading to tyranny and violence. There is to be ruin and a 2 black period of nothingness. The victor has a 3 hidden power which leads to dangerous temptation.
(1) The Change
CARDS: The Hermit
The world becomes isolated. There is a general decline and a great fear of reality. The whole of humanity experiences mental troubles.
(2) The Black Period
CARDS: 10 Pentacles
Society collapses and there are questionable prospects about the future as humanity dies out.
(3) The Hidden Power
CARDS: Temperance
This power has to do with making and breaking relationships and being able to control the thoughts of others.

posted on Sep, 21 2015 @ 10:34 PM
What a moving reading

I have had some very strong visions of the end times shown to me by one of my guardian angels. Certainly saw the revolt of the people and the White House was mere gravel. I saw an Angel whom I presume had the skill of a blacksmith, shaping and forming his weapon in fire. Definitely a sign of preparation for war. All of our souls are on the list. I will not go any further, this is the second attempt to do this post. My first distraction while I typed a longer message was interrupted and I hit a wrong key on my right and it shut me down. So evidently, either I was revealing what should not have been or I was revealing what needs to be seen and experienced for the sake of all finding out the hard way.
Mind control was the topic along with dark magic and such things.
Such an intriguing post that I must say this...I am the King of pentacles by birthdate, but I am also a Queen of Swords, Queen of Wands, The Hermit, and The Hight Priestess. I truly am a lover of nature and certainly have experienced in each of my relationships deceit and greed, sorrow, betrayal, immaturity, and burdens.
But I feel I have transformed from the Queen of Wands to the Queen of Swords as I am now nearing my mid-40's.
Every relationship I have experienced, seems the Universal powers just stripped it right out of my hands each time. These above personalities I have come to understand are to teach me in regards to making the same mistakes. My life lesson I have come to understand in all this as well. Karma. And that I have a much greater purpose and those past paths took me off the correct path. Or perhaps I must take this life journey alone because no one is strong or willing enough to be by my side.
I want to know if by the cards I mentioned above, I may be one of those females that you mentioned of in the post. The one about the nature lover hit me so hard that my crown began to feel as if someone were massaging the top of my head gently.
I understand you need a pic but I do not have one on this pc at this time.
But I thank you for re-opening some visions I had forgotten from years past.
Continue your work and don't be so defensive of others who may offend you.
This post is, genius.
Be well and God Bless your good intentions.


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