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My Tarot Prophecies final edit

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:10 PM
I'm still learning the meanings of all the cards, but I have already drawn the deck for the next few years. Anyway, I might at some point try to recast the prophecies, but at this time, I'm leaving them as is. I was planning to continue until 2016, but I'm going to stop at the point they are now. I really doubt I'll be alive to see it come to pass with all the messed up stuff going down right now. The population will be culled by 2016, or it will be deep in the process. Hopefully none of this is true, but knowing my gifts it will come to pass.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:11 PM
January 2012
CARDS: Empress, Page of Pentacles.
There will be false stableness and a bad leader will begin to make a campaign. Good advice will be given, but it’s not clear if it will be noticed in time. There is a solution to the NWO problem but it will be mocked and made fun of.
People will be working for the greater good, but a lack of concentration will hinder them. There will be increases in public knowledge of the NWO and the false leaders.
February 2012
CARDS: Justice, Queen of Swords.
Law and authority will come crashing in on the people. There will be much conflict and disorganization among the people and authority will take fast control. This is possible 1 Martial Law. The innocent will be charged with false crimes.
An important decision will be made. The Global Elite will take a big step forward in their plans to slander the populous. There will be a lot of cruelty in this time as the Elite tighten the noose.
(1) Possible Martial Law
CARDS: The Lovers, 3 of Swords.
A choice will be made that will influence future events. This will bring unpleasant encounters with the police that will betray the trust of the people.
The authority will restrict individualism and scorn free thought. There will be a lot of skepticism and treachery. This will also bring about vile behavior and contradiction and error in the system.
March 2012
CARDS: The Hermit, 10 of Cups.
People will stand divided. Freedom will be hindered greatly and the populace is in 1 general decline, economic or possible die off will take place. The Global Elite will have 2 hidden protection and portray restraint.
There maybe a war. There will be hope for a better future and positive changes. There will be disagreements among the nations of the world as the Elite tighten their grip. The people will feel abandoned by their leaders.
(1) About the Decline
CARDS: 3 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands.
There is simply a lost opportunity and humiliation in the business world. There will be corruption and concerns of corruption. There will at some point be something that will bring great rewards later.
(2) Characteristics of “Person behind Global Elite”
CARDS: The World, 5 of Cups.
This person has divine protection and is a traveler of sorts. She has obstacles to her success and unpleasant relationships in her life. She has general good luck, but is hindered by imperfections and a possible reversal in her good luck. Money and love are issues with her. She has gone through a painful ordeal and deals with frustration in life. Though happiness and harmony have been found, they do have draw backs for her. She also has money issues, but has alliances to deal with her faults. (Possible Agian Siin, leader of Blood Raven)
April 2012
CARDS: 9 of Wands, 6 of Cups.
There will be a sense of accomplishment and a period of rest from further acts by the Global Elite. The public will loose motivation because of declining health as a whole. 1 Old enemies will awaken on the world stage as patience runs thin.
The world as a whole sticks hard to old ideas and are forgetting the coming changes. The public becomes immersed in a utopian future. Confusion and anxiety about the future becomes wide spread. (Possible 2012 propaganda.)
(1) Characteristics of “Old Enemies”
CARDS: The Empress, 4 of Wands.
They are clever and creative in their methods. They have vanity issues and are a false friend to whoever knows them. They are good motivated business men who will bring good rewards later. They have had a lot of professional success.
May 2012
CARDS: King of Swords, Knight of Wands.
A rash of Quick decisions will be made that might lead to war. A 1 twisted man will appear during this time that will draw our attention. Something will be made certain during this time and it’s likely to be against our best interests.
A quick decision will come that will lead to conflict and failed plans of positive change. (Occupy or similar movement will have strong presence and fall.) Things will look favorable and jobs might be created. An unpleasantness will cause a decline in travel for some and more for others with the means. The social environment changes for the better.
(1) Characteristics of “Twisted Man”
CARDS: Ace of Swords, Page of Cups.
He is courageous and clever and is seeking a new beginning. He’s made some sacrifices in his life and the dynamics will bring tyranny to him. He has a strong sense of achievement and success. He is a shy and reserved individual and is young. He is easily seduced and is a victim of an illusion. He’s had romantic complications. (Possible cheating, broken marriage or home.) He may have a few faithful friends who are intrigued by his resolution.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:12 PM
June 2012
CARDS: The Empress, Queen of Cups.
A decision is made that brings financial gain. The final solution begins and the rise to power of a false leader. During the peace, their will be deceit and corruption. There will be an expansion of the arts and creativity as a distraction. (Possible Hollywood hit.)
The Global Elite will secure further wealth. There will possibly be a 1&2 wedding of a high profile couple. This wedding will be based on a scandal and monetary gain. There will be a hostile business venture and much financial gain for the companies involved.
(1) Man at the Wedding
CARDS: The Sun.
He’s a big spender with a lot of charisma. He has a thriving profession and is occupied by glory and happiness. He is known to be restless and has squandered a lot of money, he lies and is selfish. He is also lonely in his serene optimism. He will have his well deserved reward.
(2) Lady at the Wedding
CARDS: Wheel of Fortune.
She has a few missed opportunities under her belt. The opportunities she has in front of her will have quick rewards. She has faced hazards and negative outside influences. She will find a new love, succeed and travel. Her attitude is changing like the turning of a wheel. She will have losses and wins, but never gaining in anything.
July 2012
CARDS: Death, Queen of Wands.
The past will seem less important and there will be a 1 death of noteworthiness. People will begin to find there places in the new world as the Global Elite changes its stance. Despair and anguish will cause protests of the wars that will by this time plague the world. People will begin to see a new future, one for the better, but it will be out of reach. The price for inaction will be very high.
Big business is getting bigger as companies take into account their futures in the new world. The lower classes of humanity will become jealous and hold malice in their hearts. Hatred begins to drive the country and the world further into chaos. The masses are in deep hatred for the Elite.
(1) Characteristics of “Person Who Dies”
CARDS: Ace of Wands, 6 of Cups.
He’s an energetic man who began several important 2 projects and had support with them. He’s maybe sterile and a professional failure. He has had troubled relationships cause by deception. He was an old fashion type who had new ideas for the future.
(2) Types of Projects
CARDS: 5 of Wands.
Charity type of business that was corrupted by material riches.
August 2012
CARDS: 6 of Swords, 8 of Pentacles.
The world begins to balance as things fall into place for both the mundane and the supernatural. There will be confusion about enlightenment and there will be many choices fleshing out during this time. An awakening will take place that will be noticeable by the Global Elite. New movements and 1 ideas are taking shape.
There will be some gains in human knowledge and awareness that weren’t seen before. There will be some social stability allowing the Global Elite to fulfill their greed. Several companies will find themselves the victims of financial errors and economic stress. There will be several major bankruptcies. Ambition of the Elite will be lacking this month.
(1) Subject Matter of “New Ideas”
CARDS: 10 of Swords, 2 of Wands.
The ideas are of doom and gloom and the End of the World. The followers will be bombarded with anguish and loneliness. They might possibly shelter somewhere away from people. This cult will become combative and along with that, they may find the need to depart to some other location. They will see a looming 2 crisis and find rivalry and jealousy consuming them. Some of the members will flee before a quick change is made that will cause tears to flow.
(2) Type of Crisis
CARDS: Judgment.
They feared a lack of awareness; (New World Order) and difficulties in renewal, (2012 Prophecies). They also feared bad news and stressful situations.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:13 PM
September 2012
CARDS: Page of Wands, 2 of Wands.
There will be goodwill towards the downtrodden or thoughts of such. People will begin to reflect on the past year. A 1 warning will be received by the people, by which it will be known the truth. There will be bad news that will be taken notice of. Cowardice and despair will become of a global leader. A natural or man-made disaster might take place.
A disaster will become serious and many might die as a result. There might be a false flag attack or worsening war. Through all this there will be some good news. People will learn the value of family.
(1) The Perceived Warning
CARDS: Page of Swords, 5 of Pentacles.
A 2 hypocrite will be revealed that will cause awareness of chaotic times ahead. There will be disorderly events in the future and very troubled times. Leaders will have bad conduct in the coming future and cause much loss.
(2) Characteristics of “Hypocrite”
CARDS: King of Wands, 4 of Pentacles.
He is a trustworthy person on the outside, but has misguided ambitions. He’s also intolerant of new things. He’s also a snob who is deceitful. He lives in abundance and has a privileged life style. He has a vileness that has in the past created concern about his way of bring himself prosperity.
October 2012
CARDS: 4 of Wands, 2 of Wands.
A company will make money from the disaster in September. The leaders of the world will show an arrogant streak in face of possible miss handling of resources under scrutiny. People will be brought together as a result. Many projects, possibly civic will be interrupted as a result of clean up after September’s disaster or wars.
The Global Elite will create another crisis to bring about global governance. Someone in power may 1 step down or depart their homeland. Good news will be brought to the people. Happiness and short lived changes for the better might occur.
(1) Characteristics of “Person Stepping Down”
CARDS: The Hermit, 4 of Swords.
This person is a deep thinker, possibly a religious leader. He has hidden protection and spiritual powers. He also shows signs of mental illness and a fear of the real world. He’s a sensible man who is patient and shows restraint in making important decisions. In some ways, he is average, but is seeking time to recuperate after a 2 decision he made. He might have failed at something and is fleeing from the public eye to make better and calculated choices in his life.
(2) His Bad Decision
CARDS: Death, Queen of Wands.
He had a sentimental relationship which ended badly. He lived in despair and aguish over the bad decision. The relationship had malice, stubbornness and quarrels. The relationship was not fruitful.
November 2012
CARDS: 9 of Wands, 9 of Cups.
The Global Elite take a respite from furthering their agenda. A sickness might spread and further decline in health will be noted. People are being unduly patient with the happenings of the world. 2012 Ascension Movements will take center stage as the date approaches. The people will become hindered, since they now have to deal with being divided and 1 enemies are popping up everywhere.
A large company will take charge and succeed in heir dealings. An interesting stranger becomes the future leader; someone new and unknown. A notable leader or person of importance will accomplish their dreams of glory. A lack of harmony is noticed and relationships are strained between global leaders.
(1) Kinds of Enemies 1
CARDS: 10 of Wands.
Crooked Politician
Characteristics of “Crooked Politician”
CARDS: The Chariot.
He’s an adventurer with a lot of success and times of glory. He has self confidence issues and some debt. He is involved in a 2 conflict and is sometimes arrogant.
(2) Conflicts
CARDS: The devil.
He has abused power with the consequences of tyranny and violence. He is perverted and this lead to a dangerous temptation.
(1) Kinds of Enemies 2
CARDS: 4 of Pentacles.
Corrupt Royalty
Characteristics of “Corrupt Royalty”
CARDS: The Knight of Cups.
He is a big spender, but it hasn’t damaged him. He strides for professionalism. He has conquered his romances and love is the center of his life.
(1) Kinds of Enemies 3
CARDS: King of Wands.
Corrupt Racist Leader.
Characteristics of “Corrupt Racist Leader”
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
This guy is suffering a troubled life and an important 2 crossroad is coming. He will have a lot of misfortune and his followers will become unfaithful. He is a jealous man and is frustrated at his lack of success.
(2) The Crossroad
CARDS: 6 of Pentacles.
This may have to due with him receiving money and if he will reform and become generous and donate to a positive cause or a negative one.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:13 PM
January 2013
CARDS: The Devil, 6 of Swords.
The 1 new leader takes power and he mesmerizes the people. The worlds as a whole will hold a passionate relationship with this new leader as he gains notoriety. The new leader has 2 hidden power and he begins to bestow luxuries and sex upon his entourage. The Global Elite become overtly corrupt and confident. A new war or a change of target takes place. A new 3 threat is revealed. The Elite becomes perverted and ruin begins to set in as society begins to collapse. Tyranny will begin to take hold for all to see.
New ideas and movements in society form and a new choice are set upon the world. Confusion becomes a norm as stagnation and neglect affects the people. People will worry about their choices and the new leader in power. Enlightenment will strike a few people, some of notable power, but not the leader himself.
(1) Characteristics of “New Leader”
CARDS: The Magician, 5 of Cups.
This man has had some hard ordeals in his life. He has since become a shrewd man and a bragger of sorts. He’s a weak willed puppet with many obstacles in his life. He’ll probably be single or has a troubled marriage. He will have close ties to his family and comes with strong political alliances. He’ll be good at social interactions, but have frustrations in his personal life. (Obama / Jubali)
(2) Hidden Power
CARDS: Justice.
This power is to balance good and evil. This power can control the minds and administer law and order.
(3) New Threat
CARDS: 2 of Swords.
There will be an influential associate who has plans to ambush a target. Any further Information is being hidden from me.
February 2013
CARDS: Page of Cups, 7 of Swords.
A 1 quiet person will speak up. There will be a notable wedding with someone who isn’t known to the world that everyone will look at. A major love scandal will be exposed for the world to see. There will be several romantic happenings among the Global Elite.
A military scandal will be exposed as well. There will be a delicate meeting between the superpowers that could go either way at this point. A war might break out or worsen over the meeting between superpowers. (Possible North American Union.)
(1) Characteristics of “Quiet Person”
CARDS: The Lovers, 9 of Wands.
This person has recently found their true love. This person may have dealt with jealousy and betrayal. She is hesitant to make decisions and an important decision is coming up that must be made. She might be suffering from an illness, mental or physical, and is lacking motivation. She is wise beyond her years and has the patients to reach her accomplishments and deal with hindrances of life.
March 2013
CARDS: Judgment, 3 of Pentacles.
There will be a major 1 change and an important turn in the lives of humanity. There will be a difficulty in renewing our global awareness after the 2012 failure. There will be further meetings between the Elite. There will be a sense of independence among the people. This will cause stress and uncertainty among the Elite as they plan to spread propaganda of good news.
A 2 noble person will revive a 3 lost opportunity. There will be concern for this person and vileness towards him. There will be a humiliation of the global leaders and elevation for this noble person.
(1) Major Change
CARDS: The Empress.
A solution to the problem is found and humanity finds awareness through art and literature. There is renewed harmony.
(2) Characteristics of “Noble Person”
CARDS: Ace of Cups, 5 of Pentacles.
He is joyful and has deep love for his wife or significant other. He has dissatisfaction about something, maybe a lost love. He has mental problems and a history of insanity, but desires for autonomy in his life. He has a lot going for him during these turbulent times. He is in store for some chaotic times and will be noted for bad conduct, or is already known for such. He may have 4 suffered loss and disorder in his life. (Jubali)
(4) His Suffered Loss
CARDS: 10 of Swords.
He may have severe depression which leads to tears and anguish. He is lonely after someone close has died.
(3) Lost Opportunity
CARDS: 3 of Cups.
There will be a union that will bring serenity to this person.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:14 PM
April 2013
CARDS: Queen of Pentacles, 7 of Swords.
The Global Elite and big business will find financial security. The declining state of public health will bottom out for the time being. The Elite will make false promises and create doubts among the people to hide their 1 true intentions. The people will face further financial loss. Uncertainty about the future becomes ramped.
There will be criticism of the 2 decisions made. Further global meetings will take place. The global leaders have to face long discussions and scrutiny. There will also be marked betrayals and possible military action.
(1) True Intentions
CARDS: Page of Swords.
The have a surprise in store for us. There true intentions might involve a 3 youth with some sort of 4 hidden powers.
(3) Characteristics of “Youth”
CARDS: The Hanged Man.
On the outside, this youth is patient and has great sensibility. The youth is self destructive on the inside. He may have come from a broken home and this was a painful trial which led to lies and doubt later in his life.
(4) Youth’s Hidden Powers
CARDS: 2 of Wands.
He may have prophet powers and knows about the crisis in the coming months.
(2) Decisions Made
CARDS: Knight of Cups.
They might be more open and honest about the situation. There will be success in whatever they decide.
May 2013
CARDS: Wheel of Fortune, 8 of Swords.
There maybe an upturn in the economy as a whole with better opportunities. An 1 Alien Presence with negative intentions starts to weave desperation into the picture. The global leaders will find great success and accomplishment. A sudden change for the better will take place, 2 but for whom? It will not be clear if the public is aware of the Alien Presence or not.
A 3 major crossroad is fast approaching for we will have a decision to make when it comes. There will be a major misfortune, probably to due with the Alien Presence and negative influences they bring. There will be unfaithfulness, frustration and jealousy as the world tries to make sense of the troubling times.
(1) Characteristics of “Alien Presence”
CARDS: The Moon, Page of Cups.
They have hidden desires and an obsession about the high life. They come with many supernatural abilities. They have a tendency for confusion, but they answer their contradictions with further lies. They work through illusion and tend to work behind the scenes as they are often shy and quiet. (Jubali)
(2) But for Whom?
CARDS: Queen of Sword.
The Global Elite will find the answer through deep thought after achieving their desired outcomes.
(3) Major Crossroad
CARDS: 9 of Swords.
There is an unstable situation at this point in time and if the proper action isn’t taken at the right time we could either win or loose everything.
June 2013
CARDS: 9 of Swords, 8 of Pentacles.
The people find themselves on a lonely road to nowhere. An unstable relationship forms around the alien presence as they seek devotion from the people of Earth. There will be a lot of anxiety as the Alien Presence becomes more demanding. Humanity will find itself a race of cowards and will live in shame.
The Alien Presence will give the Elite 1 knowledge which they turn to greed. They will see the aliens with envious eyes. Stability takes place as the visitors take power over humanity. A lack of ambition leads to a speedy take over. Financial errors bring the Elite into greater debt, but this time the debts might be with the Alien Presence.
(1) Kinds of Knowledge Given
CARDS: Strength, Knight of Pentacles.
There will be plans for weapons that encourage excessive force to control the populace. The weapon or technology will work by means of sexual torture and bring about impulsive use of force and violence. The knowledge will greatly encourage selfish excess, pride and a possessive relationship with the people. This knowledge will be used without responsibility and cause a lost opportunity for humanity to move forward in a positive direction. The knowledge will bring its wielders money. (Jubali’s Hive Mind and Sipanis)

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:15 PM
July 2013
CARDS: 2 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles.
A war might break out between humanity and the Alien Presence. The Alien Presence might back off, but a looming crisis persists as they remain on Earth. A rivalry will exist between humanity and 1 Alien Occupier. Happiness and a change for the better immerge as they settle their differences. There will be many dead. Good news will probably be that a truce has been reached.
A 2 decision will be made that will confuse the people and put us at financial risk. A lack of initiative will lead to trickery to resolve the problem. This will lead us to hesitate and bring unexpected expenses on both sides. There will be confusion and high tensions.
(1) Intentions of “Alien Occupiers”
CARDS: The Magician, Ace of Wands.
They will seek through bold actions, to conquer the Earth. Their shrewd methods will cause frustration and disarray. They have no love for the people they are conquering. They work with great energy and find support by those they have deceived. They will at some point have a troubled relationship with Earthlings which will lead to generalized ruin, but not necessarily defeat. There maybe an instance of sterility brought on by these beings, causing further failure in their plans that will cause a lack of will for the occupied.
(2) Decision
CARDS: Page of Cups.
A scandal will bring possible ruin to the world and the economy.
August 2013
CARDS: 7 of Wands, 7 of Cups.
There will be negotiations between the Global Elite and the aliens. The Elite will seek perfectionism in the dealings to prevent uncertainty. There will be a lot of doubt and fear among the general populace for the inaction and disagreements among the Elite. There will be a love affair to distract the people from the truth.
People will have a string of positive encounters with 1 alien visitors. Cults may form around them. The Elite will seek reconciliation with the aliens. There will be a 2 fantasy built around the Elite. Fixations on reality will flutter into deep fantasy as the world now realizes something is very amiss. People will simply loose touch with reality.
(1) Characteristics of “Positive Aliens”
CARDS: 8 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups.
They will give knowledge to the general public, but they will work for their own ends and they will create envy among the humans. They may lack ambition, but they have optimism. They are living in boredom and monotony, but are finding exciting news in coming to Earth.
(2) Types of Fantasies
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
The world is still obsessing about the Alien Presence manipulating our leaders. A fantasy is built upon this that is surrounded by doom and gloom. This will turn out to be a huge misfortune for the Elite in the future.
September 2013
CARDS: The Hierophant, 10 of Swords.
An awakening will take place on Earth. People will comprehend the 1 knowledge brought by the Alien Presence. A permanent alliance is formed with them. There will be a positive influence for the Global Elite as they find the willingness to forgive and forget the past dealings with the aliens. The people are becoming closed minded about the future. Humanity starts to feel vulnerable to the Alien Presence. The Elite are becoming unwilling to face the difficulty of living with the Alien Presence. Minor disagreements will arise.
The end of the world and all hope vanishes from the anguish created by the Alien Presence. There will be much shedding of tears as the world comes to a quick end. There are many 2 global troubles. There is a sudden change and a lucky chance for a few. Patients becomes a necessity as sorrow is alleviated by the Alien Presence. (A possible global war with the Alien Presence.)
(1) Kind of Knowledge
CARDS: Wheel of Fortune.
Humanity will learn and understand the greater cycles of life and death. The cycles of the cosmos will become better understood.
(2) Global Troubles
CARDS: 3 of Cups.
There will be a false hope that creates serenity and build the people up so when they fall; they fall hard.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:16 PM
I want one! I want a forcast as you can call it! I'll get back to reading everything but i got excited :]

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:16 PM
October 2013
CARDS: The Fool, 2 of Pentacles.
The world will be in chaos. There will be 1 unexpected events and madness. In short, the end of the world has begun. The Global Elite will show irresponsibility and rash behavior in an attempt to bring normalcy to the unknown. The world will become hazardous. There will be much adventure since things are out of hand in the chaos.
There will be a 2 decision made and hesitation to resolve financial risks. This will be a time marked by trickery and unresolved problems. Treaties will break and confusion will run ramped.
(1) Unexpected Events
CARDS: 2 of Swords.
A military ambush, maybe the start of a major 3 conflict. There will be efforts to bring about results in this conflict.
(3) Conflict between whom?
CARDS: 7 of Swords, Page of Pentacles.
The first side is probably an organized military from a major nation. The other side is the honest public and everyday people like us.
(2) Decision
CARDS: Knight of Cups.
This decision has to do with the conflict, and it leads to professional strides. There will be a conquest made here.
November 2013
CARDS: King of Pentacles, 6 of Wands.
A 1 world leader will arise from the coming chaos. He will use his position and money to buy power and bring in total New World Order. He will be viewed as trustworthy to the people, but is in fact a conniving and vicious monster.
Society stagnates as delayed prospects are forgotten in favor of loyal service. His efforts to restore confidence and trust will succeed. His financial and political power will help bring good news and hope to the world, though it will be false.
(1) Characteristics of “World Leader”
CARDS: Ace of Wands, 2 of Cups.
He is a charismatic person with a lot of energy about him. He has had some troubled times and is known to be deceitful and had a financial failure sometime in his life. He has a strong relationship with his wife, full of passion. The love itself might be false or strained in that she is jealous of his success. He has been betrayed by friend and has a 3 conflict in his future.
(3) Future Conflict
CARDS: 3 of Pentacles.
This conflict is of a personal nature and will lead to his humiliation.
December 2013
CARDS: Knight of Swords, 10 of Swords.
A 1 ruthless man with a fighting spirit will take center stage. Potential bad news will be stifled by his enormous energy. (Possible tyrant leader.) There will be unproductiveness and a failed economy because of it. The tyrant’s enemies will be fearful, but stubborn.
The end of all hope and anguish will continue to consume the world. There will be much troubles caused by a 2 quick changes made by the tyrant in charge. There will be loneliness and the shedding of tears. There might be a huge drop in population causing people to not find each other or to remain in hiding waiting for better times. There will be a few lucky survivors who find a better life.
(1) Characteristics of “Ruthless Man”
CARDS: King of Pentacles, 5 of Wands.
He’s rich, but had gained his wealth through lies and vicious tactics. He is a determined man and a trustworthy friend to few. He thinks in terms of materialism and enterprises. He’s had doubts and disagreements in his past. Doing business with him is a risk. He has low self-confidence and has made bad choices working around his faults.
(2) Quick Changes
CARDS: 3 of Swords.
There might be a turn away from individualism and this will cause disarray and treachery.
January 2014
CARDS: Page of Cups, 7 of Swords.
There will be time of illusion and intrigue brought on by the new leader. Possible another high profile 1 wedding will take place between two young people. There will be a betrayal during a global meeting and uncertainty about the future. There maybe a court-martial is in order.
(1) Man at the Wedding
CARDS: Page of Wands.
He’s a coward with a good heart, but lives in despair and is a source of unpleasant news.
(1) Lady at the Wedding
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
This person has big time misfortunes and troubling times. This person has suffered frustration jealousy.
February 2014
CARDS: Ace of Pentacles, 8 of Cups.
A lot of money will change hands, mostly in favor of the Global Elite. They will finally accomplish their goals and prosper because of it. They will become obsessed and waste resources in their decadent life styles yet something of value will be hidden from them. Many influential associations will be formed.
Reserved feelings will end one relationship and bring new beginnings. Joy and satisfaction will reward the Elite with positive changes on their part.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:17 PM
March 2014
CARDS: The High Priestess, 3 of Cups.
The Global Elite will come into a renaissance of sorts. There will be much growth on their part, but the rest of us will have selfishness and 1 unconstructive results. There will be generalized lack of helping others, 2 plots and criticism. The Elite will find knowledge of 3 deeper things, probably from the Alien Presence. They will go deeper into their mystical ways and practice greater rites of 4 magic. They may discover The Prophecy of Janu.
The Elite will further unite the world and achieve serenity through global governance. There will be relief on the people and subsiding pain, possibly a drugged up public. Several 5 projects will be suspended.
(1) Unconstructive Results
CARDS: 4 of Swords.
There is caution, but greed still causes things to stagnate. There will be little financial growth.
(2) Plots and Criticism
CARDS: The Star.
6 Someone is out to ruin peoples’ hopes and create mistrust.
(6) Characteristics of “Someone”
CARDS: 4 of Pentacles.
He has a flare for the flamboyant and being showy and flashy to everyone. Whoever this is, they are a drama queen.
(3) Knowledge of Deeper Things
CARDS: King of Cups.
The knowledge is about protection and egotism.
(4) Kind of Magic
CARDS: King of Swords.
This brand of magic is about cruelty and fighting an impossible fight with enemies. This is clearly combat magic.
(5) Suspended Projects
CARDS: Ace of swords, 4 of Pentacles.
There might have been an inauguration in the works, but it has since been postpone. This might have staved off tyranny for some time and the achievements of a leader. Prosperity and privilege have been denied to some 7 important person by postponing their inauguration.
(7) Characteristics of “Important Person”
CARDS: 2 of Pentacles.
He uses trickery to resolve his problems. He has control of 8 someone’s finances. He is hesitant and confused about 9 decisions to be made.
(8) The Financed
CARDS: Knight of Swords.
She is ruthless and has a strong fighting Spirit. She has a lot of energy and is an 10 expert in what she does. Her enemies are fearful of her creative ways to do her thing.
(10) Her Expertise
CARDS: Death.
She is good at creating pain and despair. She also has skills in evaluating new perspectives.
(9) Decisions
CARDS: Queen of Pentacles.
These decisions have to do with her material and financial security. Her hesitation comes from false promises, doubts and potential financial loss.
April 2014
CARDS: Queen of Cups, 6 of Swords.
There will be a blissful wedding and much financial gain brought on because of it. The marriage might be a hollow one, bringing out a hostile environment. There might be other financial gains as well during this time and a general loss of luxuries. (Possible death of middle class.)
A new equilibrium will be reached. A new 1 social movement might start that might lead to enlightenment or confusion. The public will become neglected by the Elite and will cause projects to slow or be stopped. There might be an economic downturn.
(1) Social Movement
CARDS: The Lovers.
The movement might have to do with New Age beliefs and have involvement with prophecy. The confusion might be due to temptation, betrayal or simple jealousy. The movement might be divided on some issues and this might have to due with an 2 important decision.
(2) Important Decision
CARDS: Ace of Pentacles.
The group is having financial troubles and can’t fix the problem together.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:18 PM
June 2014
CARDS: Queen of Wands, 10 of Swords.
There will be malice upon the Earth. There will be jealousy as well. The leaders will make 1 brilliant moves that will yield good relationships with the Alien Presence.
There will be no hope for the people and anguish will fill the world with tears. This will spell trouble for humanity. There will be quick changes and a 2 possible turn for the better if luck holds out.
(1) Brilliant Moves
CARDS: 8 of Cups.
They end one relationship and begin a new one with the Alien Presence.
(2) Possible Turn
CARDS: 5 of Wands.
A business deal can go well which will lead to material riches if luck holds out.
July 2014
CARDS: 2 of Wands, 7 of Swords.
There will be death which will lead to remorse and sadness. There will be a 1 global crisis as the crossroads has now passed and is now the regrets of the Human Race. There is a lot of jealousy and a departure of the Global Elite into hiding.
The Elite will hold a 2 meeting to handle the uncertain times. The Global Leader will be recalled from power and possibly replaced. There will be a lot of criticism.
(1) Global Crisis
CARDS: 3 of Cups.
The world will stagnate further and a new vaccine will cause pain to subside.
(2) Elite Meeting
CARDS: 3 of Pentacles.
This meeting will involve money and success. There will be great consideration and evaluation over the vileness of the Alien Presence.
August 2014
CARDS: Wheel of Fortune, The Sun.
The Alien Presence is back in action and the wealth of the world will be dispersed. The Elite will find accomplishment in their dealings and a change for the better. 1 Something is going better, but is it really? There are to be 2 victories during this time.
There will be a lot of recklessness and squandering of money. The Elite will lie about the true situation and they will become selfish. There are to be well deserved rewards coming to the Elite and total success. There appears to be 3 someone with Charisma and optimism.
(1) The Something
CARDS: The Empress.
There is a solution to a 4 problem that if stability is established and good advice taken could go for the better.
(4) The Problem
CARDS: 5 of Swords.
Weakness must be overcome. They have fears about the future and internal confusion which they will have to face.
(2) Who’s Victories?
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
Who ever this is: they want to bring suffering and misfortune.
(3) Person with Charisma
CARDS: 7 of Wands.
This man is a perfectionist and a good negotiator. He has a bit of a lazy streak, but it doesn’t stand in his way.
September 2014
CARDS: Death, King of Pentacles.
There is much despair and anguish as the relationship with the Alien Presence changes for the worst. There is an end, a changed perspective on both sides. A new desire brings a new life and grief and mourning. (A war begins.)
A rich and conniving business 1 person sides with the enemy. He finds good business ventures with the Alien Presence and they become friends.
(1) Characteristics of “Rich Person”
CARDS: Knight of Swords.
He’s a ruthless man with plenty of inertia to pursue his goals. He is also stubborn and has fearful enemies. This means he has a strong and unforgiving personality.
October 2014
CARDS: 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords.
This business venture leads quickly to greed and envy, but also gain and accomplishment. There is an exchange of 1 knowledge that will lead to a lack of ambition. (Possibly something terrible is shared.)
A lonely road opens up and there is devotion and anxiety. An unstable situation forms around the Alien Presence which leads to cowardice and shame.
(1) Kind of Knowledge Exchanged
CARDS: 5 of Cups.
The knowledge is about leadership, how to create and break alliances and to work with social interaction.

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November 2014
CARDS: The Magician, The Chariot.
Now we experience a shrewd and boastful 1 person. There will be a time of hate and disarray. Boldness seems to be a big part of the Global Elite and they feel independent as they see good news. There are a few 2 obstacles in their path.
There is a major defeat in the works. There will be many hindrances and professional troubles. An arrogant 3 person conflicts with the glory and success of the Elite.
(1) Characteristics of “Shrewd Person”
CARDS: 3 of Swords.
She was 4 abused and scorned. There is much 5 opposition to whatever they are doing. She is sometimes contradicting and has been the victim of treachery. She is skeptical about the future.
(4) Type of Abuse
CARDS: 6 of Pentacles.
She was held back in life and lost an opportunity.
(5) Her Opposition
CARDS: 2 of Pentacles.
Her opposition is herself and she needs to overcome her confusion and hesitation.
(2) The Obstacles
CARDS: Ace of Pentacles.
There are money issues and obsession. There won’t be enough money.
(3) Characteristics of “Arrogant Person”
CARDS: King of Cups.
He loves what he does and has no plans to change his ways. His 6 job brings him joy and success. He’s an egotistical mad man and has abused his romantic relationships.
(6) Career Path
CARDS: 3 of Pentacles
He has noble blood and is in charge of a nation or state.
December 2014
CARDS: The High Priestess, Strength.
A 1 spiritual awaking hits the people as the war drags on. There seems to be a lot of study and reflection on the past. This is a time of divination. Things seem to stagnate as people dwell heavily on the mystical and many will find inaccurate intuition. There is criticism, selfishness and a general lack of helping others.
There is ambition and 2 accomplishment in the areas of mystical learning. Things seem to be going backwards in that violence has not been ended. Pride takes hold and impulsive force is being used to control. Weakness falls on the people as they have a 3 possessive relationship with their beliefs.
(1) Spiritual Awakening
CARDS: The Emperor.
A positive 4 person begins the spiritual awakening and he brings stability. He teaches how to control one’s own mind and brings strong relationships. His movement attains its 5 goals though sheer will power.
(4) Characteristics of “Positive Person”
CARDS: 9 of Swords.
She is a lonely person who has devotion and she might be celibate. She have many unstable relationships and might be a coward and shameful of 6 past actions.
(6) Past Actions
CARDS: 6 of Pentacles.
She lost an opportunity and needs to work on discussion and becoming aware of her surroundings. She has no means to attain her goals.
(5) Goals of the Spiritual Awakening
CARDS: The High Priestess.
They seek wisdom and knowledge of deeper things. They are trying to become better people by listening; through study and internal communication.
(2) Accomplishment
CARDS: 5 of Swords.
They bring humiliation and trouble to their opponents. They also accomplish to bring despair and tears to humanity. They will bring uncertainty about the future and internal confusion to divide the people.
(3) Possessive Relationship
CARDS: The Moon.
They have hidden desires and this point to a cult like behavior.
January 2015
CARDS: Knight of Cups, 6 of Wands.
A notable romance will take place, but as this occurs, there will be a major conquest. The 1 conquerors will demand loyal service, but there will be continued 2 efforts to thwart them.
The conquerors will have much good news and financial advantages during this time. There will be many professional strides and initiative on the part of the conquerors.
(1) Characteristics of “Conqueror”
CARDS: King of Swords.
He’s a cruel man with an impossible fight ahead of him. He has much perseverance and has a 3 painful memory which turned him sour. He makes swift decisions with no emotional response. (Janu)
(3) Painful Memory
CARDS: 4 of Pentacles.
A treasured heirloom was taken away. His prosperity and privilege was also taken away.
(2) Efforts being taken
CARDS: King of Wands.
They will seek to deceive him by sending in someone he might trust.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:19 PM
Tarot cards? sounds like you've got a deck of OWS cards to me but I'm not into present day prophecies. Will keep an eye on events for accuracy just because I'm curious.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:20 PM
February 2015
CARDS: The World, Ace of Cups.
There will be much hostility and 1 obstacles to success. There is notable 2 imperfection and a possible reversal of fortune. Luck and divine protection is on the side of the Conqueror. He will be victorious and fulfill 3 his desires.
There will be a celebration with plenty of joy and feasting. This will drive 4 some insane and a desire towards autonomy. Some will be dissatisfied.
(1) Obstacles to Success
CARDS: Ace of Pentacles.
Money is always an obstacle. There are also problems with 5 obsession and wasted funds. 6 Something rare has been hidden which is also leading to obstacles.
(5) Obsessions
CARDS: The Hanged Man.
There are illusions being weaved and separation taking their tolls. Sadness and a 7 painful trial have already taken their tolls. These obsessions have a self destructive turn and have created doubts in this person.
(7) Painful Trial
CARDS: Temperance
Something incomprehensible happened that causes continued instability in his life.
(6) Rare Object
CARDS: 2 of Cups.
This might not be as much and object as it is a 8 person of affection to 9 somebody.
(8) Characteristics of “Person of Affection”
CARDS: The Star.
She has always been protected by an unseen force. She has a love of nature and has a tenderness to her that brings out a subtle beauty and creativity. She’s had many defrauded hopes, mistrust and a lack of compatibility. She’s experienced a lot of lies.
(9) Characteristics of “Somebody”
CARDS: The Chariot.
This man is a free spirit and has a lot of vitality in his personality. He enjoys thrilling adventures, glory and travel. He has been defeated many times and has been hindered in his quest. He is also arrogant and conflicts with others a lot.
(2) Imperfections
CARDS: The Hierophant.
There are fears of reality and pessimism. There will be mental troubles and lateness taking their tolls as well.
(3) Conqueror’s Desires
CARDS: 7 of Swords.
He desires to simply conquer the Earth and reprimand the human race. He also seeks to wage war on humanity.
(4) Characteristics of “Insane People”
CARDS: Ace of Wands.
They are optimistic and possibly sterile. They have energy and support which leads them to begin a 10 new project. They are plagued by deceit and professional failure. They are in ruin.
(10) New Project
CARDS: 8 of Swords.
This project involves a crossroad in the lives of humanity, but there is a lot of misfortune involved here. This will lead to frustration.
March 2015
CARDS: Justice, 8 of Wands.
This will lead to absolute tyranny and false charges being placed upon innocent people. A wrongful 1 judgment is passed upon humanity and a 2 harsh punishment is passed. This is a time of political resettling as the Alien Presence takes a permanent stance here on Earth.
Peace and calm are settling into the minds of those in charge. The Global Elite will have time for leisure. There will be a state of uncertainty and loneliness. The Elite will by now regret what they have done.
(1) Wrongful Judgment
CARDS: Ace of Wands.
This judgment has to do with human business practices.
(2) Harsh Punishment
CARDS: The Emperor.
Humanity will be controlled with mind control. The sheer will of the punisher will attain the goal of overbearing control. This might be a hive mind type of mind control.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by Pelvi
I want one! I want a forcast as you can call it! I'll get back to reading everything but i got excited :]

I never done a reading once before. The deck's instructions say I need an image of the person I'm doing the reading on. I'll try one anyway an d see what happens.

Your feelings about the question; The High Priestess. You seek a knowledge of deeper things. You also seek wisdom. The flip side of this is there might be Laziness and inpatients in finding the answers yourself. A personal note. I think you might be confused as to what you want to know since you didn't really ask a question.

Unfavorable elements; The Hanged Man. You might be the victim of an illusion and have made sacrifices in believing it. On other note there might be a trial in your life that will test you. You maybe be too patient in achieving your results whet ever they might be. (you might want to disregard this reading).

What is to come and attitudes towards it: Strength. You might be moving up in the world, in terms of a possible promotion or bettering of a relationship with someone, but this seems to be a possessive relationship.

Consequences of your action and the answer: The Tower. Are you about to make a decision about a marriage or something? This card is showing that you are involved in some intense emotions.

The key to your situation: Justice. In short you'll get what is deserved. Since you didn't go into specifics, I can't really figure out what it is. This card shows that there maybe something to do with the legal system. The reading seems to be pointing that you work in the legal or are in charge of people. Is this true? You're being warned that you might make a wrongful judgment on someone.

This is the best I can do with what you provided. For future references, your question is very vague and open. It's hard to do a reading for questions like that.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by dcmb1409
Tarot cards? sounds like you've got a deck of OWS cards to me but I'm not into present day prophecies. Will keep an eye on events for accuracy just because I'm curious.

You should read Revelation in the Bible. My girl friend thinks I might have seen the Anti-Christ in my readings. Anyway, he's a total jerk behind closed doors.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:08 PM
Although I have no doubt at all that tarot cards work and can do things like what you are reading from them, they scare me because they are a form of sorcery.. and sorcery combined with humankind equals bad karma , but this is just my opinion from what I have observed in people who practice it..

I'm sure a lot of folks will laugh at me and think I'm incredibly ignorant, but such is life, as they say...

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:14 PM
You skipped DEC 2012

was this on purpose or by accident?
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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:20 PM
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I was about to say the same thing. The most important date and they skip it. Arrrrrrrggghhhhhh.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by alienreality

Almost, reading the cards is, in my opinion, like glancing into a crystal ball. One of many possible outcomes but correct none-the-less.

Bad Karma comes about when using Bad Magick. When trying to do harm with magick.

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