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The CIA Assasin

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 06:02 PM
The CIA needs a new assasin so they pick three qualified guys from the Army, Navy, and Marines. So the first guy goes in and they tell him "theres only one test. your wife is in that room. you have to kill her." the guy instantly says "i cant do it" so they say "too bad, ur not the man for the job." so the second guy comes in and they tell him the same thing. he takes the gun and walks in to the room buts comes out a second later. he says "i cant do it sorry". so they say " i guess ur not the man for the job".
so the third guy comes in and they tell him the same thing. he says " no problem" and walk into the room. the recruiters hear two shots from the room, silence, and all this rumbling and commotion. The guy comes out, wipes sweat off his face and says " you didnt tell me the gun was filled with blanks, i had to kill the bich with the chair".

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