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FIVE QUESTIONS: The Twin Towers and a Controlled Demonlition: HOW?

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by vipertech0596
reply to post by Wizayne

Two things

1. Absolutely NO evidence of any kind of explosives. No primer cord, no wiring, no detonators, and NO noises consistent with a controlled demolition....I have witnesses cd's first hand and they are quite distinct.

2. Oops..combined them into point 1.... No evidence and no noises/shockwaves consistent with a cd
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OOOPS! The same entity thats paying you to dissuade and derail 911 topics is the same as the entities orchestrating the salvage.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by gravitor
reply to post by samkent

And what if some of us are "TRAVELLERS"
How does Your racist comments assist in any way?

If you cannot understand what is and is not racism, how can you understand what is and is not controlled demolition?

My point is that even after 10 years there is not one piece of proof that is court worthy. This whole thing amounts to Monday morning quarterbacking.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by lunarasparagus
reply to post by septic

Don't you have a missile thread to defend?

It can defend itself nicely. Judging by all the plane-hugging gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair, it's bullet-proof.

And try not to forget to take your medication.

Something new, avoid confrontation by accusations of insanity.

There should have been a couple dozen of these generators in the mechanical floors...can you find them in the damage photos?

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by MaxJohnson

OOOPS! The same entity thats paying you to dissuade and derail 911 topics is the same as the entities orchestrating the salvage.


So I know for a fact it doesn't exist then!

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:35 PM
Great another utterly pointless thread. OP why don't you actually go read some of the existing hundreds of threads about you 5 silly questions. DO A SEARCH


not too hard now is it?

I can't believe you didn't even acknowledge the fact that tower 7 also fell in any of your 5 questions.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:35 PM

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:39 PM
I know exactly what you mean! If only there was some tie of a relationship between high ranking government officials at the time and some sort of service provider who had access to the intricate working of those towers in the months before their fall.... Maybe then you might be able to make a convincing argument...

Oh wait - there is one...

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by samkent

Originally posted by gravitor
reply to post by samkent

And what if some of us are "TRAVELLERS"
How does Your racist comments assist in any way?

If you cannot understand what is and is not racism, how can you understand what is and is not controlled demolition?

My point is that even after 10 years there is not one piece of proof that is court worthy. This whole thing amounts to Monday morning quarterbacking.

I can tell that which is racist, but You seem to have difficulty, and by the way it's Tuesday.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by Varemia
reply to post by WhiteDevil013

The steel didn't melt. Everybody knows this. Steel loses strength far below melting point. Losing load-bearing strength puts higher load on the intact columns.

So i guess what you are saying is that a few weakened beams can cause global collapse, BUT cutting those same beams with charges makes absolutely no sense.

Just trying to wrap my head around your logic is hurting me. The buildings fell, did they not? Wouldn't them falling WITHOUT help from any other external force but fire and gravity be THE HARDEST and MOST illogical theory?

No help vs. Help (you go with the harder one of the two)

Just so i'm clear: You believe the most improbable and illogical scenario happened that day and at the same time don't understand others who put forth ideas that are countless times more fitting.

Please dont take this as a personal attack, it's targeted at the Thought process which you share with others, not at you personally.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by Wizayne

So i guess what you are saying is that a few weakened beams can cause global collapse, BUT cutting those same beams with charges makes absolutely no sense.

Most folks don't realize what was holding up the mechanical floors, because there was some heavy stuff up there. Are these beams considered when the global collapse folks run their calculations?

To hold up equipment like these:

You need floor supports like these:

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

Neal Bush, was a part owner of the company that started WTC security AFTER Silverstein bought it from Ports Authority for just under $200 million (if memory serves). Not that this was a White Elephant -- there were perhaps $1-$2 Billion of necessary work to remove Asbestos from the building, so I'm sure the Ports Authority was relieved to dump it. Silverstein must have looked like a fool. He then doubled the insurance for "terrorist acts" in July (just mention these things in case someone didn't see other fishy things going on).

Umm, no. No member of the Bush family was in any way, shape or form, an owner of the company that started Tower security after Silverstein LEASED the WTC complex from the Port Authority.

Marvin Bush, had been a member of the Board of Directors for Securacom, a company that had a contract to install some security systems at the WTC, but had to be excused from said contract for not being able to comply with it. In addtion, Mr Bush left the board in June 2000. Before his brother was the GOP nominee and before Silverstein leased the complex.

According to the building abatement report, the total cost of work needed to remove asbestos was going to be in the 200 million dollar range.

Then there is the "insurance" issue again. The "terrorism" insurance was never doubled. Mr Silverstein tried to buy just 1.5 billion in business interruption coverage (where terrorism falls) and his bankers balked. Eventually they agreed to 3.5 billion in coverage. Of which, the actual policy was still being negotiated on 9/11/01. There was only a binder agreement at that time, which the insurance companies agreed to honor after the attack. It was later on that Silverstein went to court to have each tower declared separate acts under the insurance to try and double the pay out from the companies. At last count, he has paid over 1.2 billion in rent to the Port Authority for property that has not generated an income for him since 2001....and of which, the buildings still arent complete. The insurance money will run out before the complex is reopened for business.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by vipertech0596

Who is Wirt Walker III?

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:08 PM

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

No relation to the Bush family. Margie Burns started that rumor long ago based on, "somebody told me they were cousins". She has since admitted she was wrong.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by MaxJohnson

Accusing me of being paid to come on here is an insult. And one that has irritated the moderators in the past.

The rest of your post just illustrates how little you actually know about the subject....especially the delusional part about the Pentagon.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by vipertech0596

Is that so?

Nevertheless, a very interesting character..,_Russell_and_Co,_CIA,_and_911

The History of Wirt Dexter Walker: Russell & Company, the CIA and 9/11
World Trade Center (WTC) security company Stratesec has been a topic of considerable discussion among independent 9/11 investigators. One point of discussion has been the possible familial relationship between Stratesec’s CEO, Wirt Dexter Walker III, and its director Marvin Bush, whose brother was President of the United States on 9/11. Although Wirt and Marvin are distant relatives, these ties are inconsequential relative to each man’s family connections to old drug money, deep state operatives, and the wealthy, powerful people who have controlled such money and operatives over the last two centuries.[1]

Stratesec was a company that provided security services for several facilities that were central to the crimes of 9/11. In the years leading up to 9/11, the company had security contracts with the organization that managed Dulles Airport, where Flight 77 took off that day, and with United Airlines, which owned two of the other three hijacked planes.[2] Stratesec had also run security for Los Alamos National Laboratories, where, at the time, scientists were developing super-thermite explosives of the type that have been found in the WTC dust.[3], [4] Stratesec worked at the WTC and was developing the security system for the buildings in the period leading up to, and including, the day of 9/11. These connections are important considering the substantial evidence that insiders were involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Investigation into this company has revealed that the Chief Operating Officer, Barry McDaniel, came to Stratesec from a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group called BDM International, which specialized in “black projects.”[5] The Carlyle Group was managed by several Bush cabal insiders including James Baker and former deputy director of the CIA, Frank Carluccci. Carlyle was funded by investors that included the bin Laden family.[6] Prior to working for BDM, McDaniel had worked as a military ordnance distributor at Fort Belvoir, a facility with many links to 9/11 including the terrorist tracking program Able Danger and the terrorist trainer Ali Mohammed.[7]

McDaniel was not the only former Carlyle Group employee at Stratesec, as the company’s director of information technology was also formerly with BDM.[8] Additionally, the vice president of finance at Stratesec came there from Anadac Molybdenum Corporation, a company where the chairman, Roger Taylor, was also the president of Zapata Granby, a subsidiary of Zapata Corporation. This is the same Zapata Corporation that was founded by George H.W. Bush in the 1950s. George H.W. Bush’s son, Marvin, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to 2000.

Probably the most interesting person associated with Stratesec was Wirt Dexter Walker III. Despite the “III”, Wirt is actually the fourth Wirt Dexter Walker in the same line. To keep the notations clear, however, in this article we will refer to the Stratesec CEO, Wirt Dexter Walker III, as “Wirt Three.” Given the remarkable connections between Wirt Three and the facilities and aircraft compromised on 9/11, a review of all the Wirts, and where they came from, is worthwhile.

Solomon Walker
Wirt Three’s great-great-great grandfather, Solomon Walker, appeared in Claremont, New Hampshire in the early 1800s. Exactly where he came from, no one knows. The first reports of Solomon were that he was a selectman in Claremont and was married to an heiress named Charity Stevens. Charity was the granddaughter of Elihu Stevens, a justice of the peace who shared in large land grants given to certain people in New Hampshire by the King of England.[9] Charity’s cousin, Paran Stevens, later became a famous hotel mogul in New York City and throughout New England.[10]

Nearly one hundred years after Solomon appeared in Claremont, people were still searching for answers as to his parentage and origination.[11] It is unclear how he came to Claremont and, even today, Solomon’s descendants have not been able to determine where their forefather originated.[12]

Much evidence suggests, however, that Solomon Walker of Claremont was the son of Solomon Walker and Sylvia Delano, of Maine. The recorded history of their youngest son, Solomon, is vague and suggests that he married twice to women much older than him. His second marriage was said to be to Sophia Delano (16 years older), whom he supposedly married a day after his 82-year old father had married her.[13] Although Charity Stevens was 15 years older than Solomon, she was not his stepmother.

For a number of other reasons, it is likely that Solomon “Delano” Walker and/or his father, also named Solomon Walker, made the short journey from Maine to Claremont. Solomon’s father’s hometown was Berwick, ME, which is one hundred miles straight east of Claremont. Berwick is very near Kennebunkport, the long-time home of the Walker side of the Bush family. Coincidentally, Dick Cheney’s great-grandfather, Samuel Fletcher Cheney, was born at about the same time, halfway between Berwick and Claremont, in Boscawen, NH.

Sylvia Delano, Solomon’s mother, was a cousin of Warren Delano, who was a partner of Russell & Company, a China trading firm whose leaders made fortunes through the opium trade. Warren Delano was also the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Another reason to believe that Solomon Walker was the son of a Delano is that his wife’s cousin, Mathilda Stevens, married the son of Mary Delano. Mary's dad, Abisha Delano, was also a first cousin of Warren Delano. Abisha and Mary were among the many Delanos who lived in Sullivan County, New Hampshire, where Claremont is located.[14] Banker and railroad executive, Francis R. Delano (1842 to 1892), attended Kimball Union Academy in Sullivan County.

The clearest indication that Solomon Walker was a Delano is that one of his sons was treated very generously by Warren Delano and his colleagues. When their son, James Monroe Walker, was a boy, Solomon and Charity moved from Claremont to Oakland County, Michigan. James went to school at Oberlin College initially, before moving to the University of Michigan to study law. After that, James’ fortunes grew exponentially.

James Monroe Walker
Solomon Walker’s son, James Monroe Walker, was an attorney who was President and Solicitor for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (C,B&Q) Railroad, the Michigan Central Railroad, the Wilmington Coal Company, the Kansas City Stockyards, and the Union Stockyard and Transit Company.[15] James M. Walker ran these businesses for the opium traders at Russell & Company, who invested their money in these railroads and other major infrastructure in the US during the mid-1800s.[16]

Russell & Company was started in 1818 by Samuel Russell, cousin of the founder of the “secret society” called Skull & Bones at Yale University, William Huntington Russell. Samuel had gotten his start through merchant companies like Whittlesley & Alsop of Boston, MA. The Alsops were also major investors in the businesses run by James Monroe Walker, and Russell & Company partner John N. Alsop Griswold was a director of the C,B&Q as well as president of the Illinois Central railroad. Many years later, in the 1960s, Washington Post columnist Joe Alsop, a descendant of the Whittlesley & Alsop owners, convinced President Johnson to create the Warren Commission, which was a cover-up for the assassination of President Kennedy.[17]

In 1828, Russell & Company merged with another drug smuggling syndicate run by John Perkins Cushing.[18] Cushing brought in his cousins, Robert Bennet Forbes and John Murray Forbes. Robert Bennet Forbes was Senator John F. Kerry's great-grandfather. John Murray Forbes attended school at Phillips Academy in Andover, the alma mater of George H.W. Bush, and his sons Jeb and George W.

John Murray Forbes coordinated much of the US investment of the Russell & Company partners, and he was the one who hired James Monroe Walker.[19] Walker was first hired as Solicitor for the Michigan Central, and later as Solicitor and President of the C,B&Q. While running these railroads, Walker worked with Nathaniel Thayer Jr, a distant relative of George W. Bush, who was general counsel for the C,B&Q and other Russell & Company businesses that Walker was involved in. Walker worked closely with Sidney Bartlett as well, who was another legal representative for the C,B&Q.

At the same time, Bartlett and Thayer were legal representatives for the railroads owned by Edward H. Harriman, including the Union Pacific.[20] Harriman was a director of the Illinois Central, along with Russell & Co partner John N. Alsop Griswold. Harriman is well known for being the father of William Averell Harriman and Roland Harriman, two Skull & Bones members who founded the Brown Brothers Harriman Co., whose employees included George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law, Prescott Bush. Eugene Delano and his son, Moreau Delano, were partners in Brown Brothers Harriman as well.

The fortunes that Russell & Company invested in US railroads and other infrastructure were the spoils from The Opium Wars, among the most inhumane and socially devastating events in human history. These wars, which occurred between 1839 and 1858, were brought upon the Chinese people by the British government acting on behalf of merchants like Russell & Company, who intended to defy the Chinese government’s ban on opium trading. It was Russell & Company’s business partner, William Jardine of Jardine Matheson, who successfully persuaded the British Foreign Minister, Lord Palmerston, to wage war on China.[21]

As a result of these devastating attacks, the British merchants were able to force Turkish opium upon China, thereby making enormous fortunes paid in silver. By 1906, after several generations of this forced drug trade, opium victims in China were estimated to number 100 million.[22]

China ceded Hong Kong to the British in 1842 as part of an early defeat. Jardine Matheson was one of the opium trading companies that survived for much longer in Hong Kong, being taken over by Chinese tycoon Li Ka-shing in 1980. Li Ka-shing later invested in firms owned by Winston Partners, and has also employed Winston Partners cofounder Marvin Bush's brother, Neil Bush, as a consultant.[23]

As opium traders before, during and after the Opium Wars, Russell & Company were agents of merchant banks like Baring Brothers and N.M. Rothschild.[24], [25] Initially, the merchant banks funded the purchase of the opium, and Russell & Company sailed to make the purchase and subsequently smuggled the drugs into China, making tremendous fees for their work as operatives in the drug trade. The company’s biggest client, Baring Brothers, was agent for the US government between 1843 and 1871, and actually sold the Louisiana Purchase to the US. Baring Brothers was later agent for the British government and had a close relationship with the British monarchy from 1891 to 1995.

The names of the partners of Russell & Company are well known in the history of US power circles. Partner Abiel Abbot Low fathered a mayor of New York City, Seth Low, who was also president of Columbia University. The descendents of the Forbes brothers, Robert Bennet and John Murray, are US powerbrokers to this day, and include the owners of Forbes magazine as well as Senator John Forbes Kerry. The Delanos fathered many powerful people including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

President Roosevelt’s grandfather, Warren Delano, was the head of Russell & Company from 1840 to 1842, after which time Russell Sturgis, another relative of John Perkins Cushing, became a partner. Sturgis later became the head of Baring Brothers. Warren's son, Frederic Adrian Delano, eventually took James Monroe Walker’s position as president of the C,B&Q, and was there for twenty years. Frederic was also the first vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

It was at the time that James Monroe Walker was president of the C,B&Q, in the 1870s, that these drug dealing investors began to create a vast railroad network that controlled the transport of goods throughout the United States. Controlling the delivery of goods was the same as controlling the price of goods. Additional power over the country was gained through control of the stockyards that fed the masses, and the coal that drove the trains and heated homes. James Monroe Walker was right in the middle of this massive power grab, and served as a trusted operative for these merchant investors from the east.[26]

James Monroe Walker married Elia A. Marsh, of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Elia came from an old New England family as well, as a child of Ransoms and Fletchers and Meigs. Her cousin Betsey Ransom married Claghorn Robinson, who is a member of the Lathrop side of the Bush family. Elia’s brother, Wells Ransom Marsh, was a member of the secret society called Alpha Delta Phi.[27], [28]

James and Elia had a son named James Ransom Walker, and a daughter named Mary Louise Walker. Mary died shortly after her marriage to John Wellborn Root, a noted architect of the time. Root’s uncle was Elihu Root, attorney for prominent Skull & Bones member William Collins Whitney, and early employer of Bonesman Henry Stimson, who later became Secretary of War (twice) and Secretary of State.

The first child born to James and Elia was the original Wirt Dexter Walker, named for James’ law partner Wirt Dexter, the grandson of US Secretary of the Treasury, Samuel Dexter. Since the original Wirt Dexter Walker was not the “first”, in this article we will call him Wirt Zero.

Wirt Zero
It’s fair to say that Wirt Zero’s family was well-connected. That’s a good reason why Wirt went to Yale and was a member of the University’s second oldest secret society, Scroll & Key. Other notable Scroll & Key members have included the famous statesman Dean Acheson, who in 1969, as one of his final acts, passed along his sophisticated knowledge of Washington and his expertise on American policy to Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.[29] Scroll & Key members also included a number of famous CIA agents and the founder of WTC impact zone tenant Marsh & McLennan, Donald R. McLennan. President Bush’s relative, Joseph Walker Wear, was Scroll & Key in 1899.

Moreover, Wirt Zero was a member of the Yale fraternity called Delta Kappa Epsilon (DeKEs), like George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, New York Governor George Pataki, and former President Gerald Ford (of the Michigan Omicron chapter). When George W. Bush was president of the DeKEs, he defended the fraternity's practice of branding its pledges with a red-hot coat hanger.[30]

Delano family connections with Yale are strong. [31] Yale graduates among the Delanos include Eugene Delano Jr., William Adams Delano (Scroll & Key 1895), and Moreau Delano (Scroll & Key 1898).

When Wirt Zero was only 21 years old, and had just graduated from Yale, his father died. Young Wirt was made the executor of the estate and he suddenly became a very rich man. Wirt Zero then attended the Union College of Law in Chicago (now Northwestern), became a lawyer in 1883, and joined his father’s partner’s law firm. He worked in Chicago and belonged to the Union League Club, and the Chicago Club. Wirt appears to have most enjoyed traveling to the area from where his mother’s family hailed, the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, and he built an estate there called Blythewood Farms.

Wirt began having trouble with his eyesight around 1887. During this time, he and his brother James Ransom Walker had the distinction of having financed the first steel-framed “skyscraper” in history, the 14-story Tacoma Building in Chicago. But by 1890, Wirt was totally blind and had to abandon much of his work. He then spent a number of years traveling to specialists in the east and in Europe. [32]

Despite being blind, Wirt married Marie Winston in December, 1894. Marie was the daughter of General Frederick Winston, an attorney and founder of the Chicago law firm Winston and Strawn. Coincidentally, this law firm is now run by 9/11 Commission member James R. Thompson, and, in a further coincidence Winston & Strawn represented Underwriters Laboratories in its recent legal battle with the author of this article. [33]

Two of Wirt Zero’s brothers-in-law were members of Yale’s Skull & Bones society. Both Dudley Winston and Frederick Seymour Winston were Bonesman. Dudley Winston became a banker and also served as secretary to his father when his father was US Minister to Persia. Frederick Seymour Winston and his father were both lawyers for the C,B&Q railroad and, along with Marie, they are listed as American descendants of the “Magna Charta Barons.”[34]

Wirt Zero died at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel on April 24, 1899, at the age of 39. He was preparing for another trip to Europe when he contracted a sudden pneumonia while traveling from Chicago to New York.

Wirt Zero’s will, drawn up at the time of his marriage in 1894, became something of a national story. That’s partly because Wirt was totally blind as of 1890 and, more importantly, because his fortune was to be distributed based on Marie’s willingness to remain unmarried after his death. If she chose to marry again, the will said that the majority of Wirt’s estate, minus a small annual allowance for Marie, would go to the creation of an art foundation in Chicago. Marie did decide to remarry a few years later, after newspaper stories decried her financial loss, and the Wirt Walker Gallery was born.[35]

Wirt Zero fathered a child that was never again mentioned other than in early discussions over his controversial will and testament.[36] The child was almost certainly Wirt Dexter Walker I (Wirt One), and we must assume the mother was Marie Winston Walker.

The commonly accepted history, however, suggests that Wirt One was the son of Wirt Zero’s brother, James Ransom Walker. Apart from the never-again-mentioned child of Wirt Zero, there are several other reasons to believe that Wirt One was the son of Wirt Zero. First, in family documents created four years after his birth, Wirt One was not listed as one of the sons of James and Louise.[37] Secondly, the other sons of James and Louise were given the middle name “Meeker” but Wirt One was named precisely after James’ brother, Wirt Dexter Walker. Additionally, Wirt One was born eleven days before the sudden and unexpected death of Wirt Zero, and it seems unlikely that James would give his son the exact name of his living brother.

Wirt One
In any case, Wirt Dexter Walker I (Wirt One) was born on April 13, 1899, eleven days before the sudden and unexpected death of Wirt Zero. Born into a very affluent, “high society” environment that included regular travels between Chicago and the Berkshires, he was raised by Wirt Zero’s brother, James Ransom Walker, and his wife Louise (Meeker) Walker. Wirt One was a boy tennis champion in the Berkshires and also played baseball with James and Louise’s other sons, James Meeker Walker and Arthur Meeker Walker.

Like his brothers (or cousins), Wirt One attended Williams College.[38] Graduates of Williams College have included some of the most prominent CIA employees in history, including Director of the CIA, Richard Helms (1935), who later specifically recruited Williams graduates for the agency.[39] Another famous CIA veteran from Williams was former Bush advisor and Iran-Contra conspirator Donald Gregg (1951). CIA legend Russell Jack Smith taught at Williams until the attack on Pearl Harbor, after which he joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and began a lengthy career in intelligence.

Williams College connections to the Bush family include Lucy Woodruff Walker, daughter of Williams graduate and trustee, William Perrin Walker. Lucy was the wife of Judge David Davis, who was the cousin and benefactor of David Davis Walker, George H.W. Bush’s great-grandfather. Another Williams College alumnus, and close associate of George H.W. Bush, is Carlyle Group advisor and former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (from 1993 to 2001), Arthur Levitt.

Brown Brothers Harriman executive, Eugene Delano, graduated from Williams College in 1866. Delano was also a trustee of Williams College, for twenty-five years, and died two years after Wirt One entered the college.

Wirt One left Williams College to join the Army in the summer of 1918, and was located temporarily at Camp Custer. He served in “Base 14” as a private and returned in April 1919.[40] It’s not clear if he ever returned to graduate from Williams, but soon after his return he married Susan Cramer Stephenson, whose guardian was her uncle Ambrose Cramer of Lake Forest, IL.[41] Susan and Wirt lived for the first two years of their marriage in Buffalo, New York and then moved back to Chicago permanently. Susan and Wirt had one son together, Wirt Dexter Walker II, before Susan sued for divorce in 1924 on grounds of “cruelty.”

In 1929, Wirt One married again, this time to Gertrude Reich. While married to Wirt, Gertrude was sued for stealing the affections of another woman’s husband, in a well-publicized scandal. Wirt later sued Gertrude too, for divorce, based on the claim that she deserted him.[42]

Wirt married a third time, in 1937, to Mildred Walker. They were married for twelve years until Mildred sued for divorce, accusing Wirt of cruelty again, and also of nonsupport.[43] At the time, Mildred claimed that Wirt had an income of over $100,000 per year in 1949.[44]

Aside from the ladies, Wirt One’s endeavors included working for the Arcady Farms Milling company, at first as an employee of his uncle, Arthur Meeker, and eventually as president and chairman of the company. Arcady Farms Milling was a manufacturer of feedstock for turkeys and other livestock.

In 1943, Wirt One was attacked by six men after a dinner party attended by political leaders. The motive for the attack was unclear and Wirt was taken to the hospital with a broken nose, a fractured jaw, and internal injuries. No clues to the identity of the attackers were found.[45]

Like his father, Wirt One was a member of the Chicago Club which was, since its inception in 1869, a highly selective and secretive group of Chicago powerbrokers. In fact, the Chicago Tribune dubbed it the “center of power in Chicago.”[46] Wirt One appears to simply have been a lucky, rich kid amongst a membership list that at one time or another included the likes of Marshall Field, George Pullman and Abraham Lincoln. But perhaps there was more to Wirt than we know.

Immediately after his divorce from Mildred, in April 1949, Wirt One married Rosalie Cohen, “former model and secretary.”[47] Rosalie was twenty years younger than Wirt.

Wirt One died August 8, 1953, the week of the CIA’s famous coup in Iran. His obituary lists private services and no report of how he died.

Wirt Two
Wirt Dexter Walker II (Wirt Two) was born to Wirt One and his first wife, Susan Cramer Stephenson during the two years that they lived in Buffalo.

Like his father, Wirt Two went to Williams College. He graduated and then immediately joined the Army Air Corps during World War II and became a pilot.[48] Just before leaving for duty in 1942, Wirt Two married Margaret Elizabeth Ross, of North Adams, MA.[49] They eventually had three children: Wirt Dexter Walker III (Wirt Three), Wendy Margaret Walker, and William Ross Walker. Both Wendy and William, along with their brother Wirt Three, were shareholders in Stratesec.[50]

In 1954, Wirt Two was in a legal battle with three of his father’s four wives, over his father’s substantial estate.[51] His daughter Wendy later remarked on Wirt One’s exploits, suggesting that her grandfather’s work at Arcady Farms was only one of several of his “ventures.”[52]

Wirt Two became a career officer in the Army Air Corps and then the US Air Force, serving until 1962. He flew combat missions with the Eighth Air Force while stationed in England during the war, and was later stationed in Germany. After the war he was assigned to “various government agencies involved in reconnaissance intelligence.”[53] The Lockheed-made U2 reconnaissance aircraft was assigned to the Eighth Air Force, a part of Strategic Air Command, where U2 operations started in 1956 and involved flights over the Soviet Union and the Middle East.[54] In May 1960, while Wirt Two was working on reconnaissance intelligence, an American U2 was shot down by the Soviets, initiating a worldwide controversy over espionage.

Wirt Two is also listed as an ex-employee of the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC), an agency of the CIA that analyzed aerial spy photographs.[55] The significance of the NPIC to major intelligence activities during the twentieth century cannot be overstated. NPIC was the agency that was responsible for the intelligence that originated the Cuban missile crisis.[56] NPIC was also central to the analysis of the photographic evidence related to the Kennedy assassination, including the Zapruder film. Whether or not Wirt Two participated in these historic activities is not publicly known.

In his obituary, Wirt Two is listed as having been an employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), for which it is said he worked until 1977. He died of leukemia in 1997.

Wirt Three
Wirt Three lives in McLean, Virginia, home of the CIA. He graduated from Lafayette College in 1968 and in 1971 he married Sally Gregg White, a Washington DC debutante. Sally is a descendant of architectural ironwork magnate George White, whose son “Doc” White was a World Series winning pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. “Doc” was actually a dentist but his brother, Charles Stanley White, was a famous Washington DC surgeon and grandfather to Sally. Sally’s father, Charles White Stanley Jr, was a surgeon too and, like Wirt Two, he was an officer in the Army Air Corps. [57]

Wirt was fortunate to land a position, right out of college, as a broker for an “investment” firm called Glore Forgan.[58] Originally a company called Field Glore, financed by Marshall Field III, Glore Forgan was renamed in 1937 for its new partner, James “Russ” Forgan. Russ was one of the most influential men in the history of US intelligence, having led the European division of the CIA’s predecessor organization, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In the OSS, Forgan focused on infiltrating the German intelligence apparatus with the help of William J. Casey. Casey later became SEC chairman under Nixon and the director of CIA under Reagan. Before going back to work in the “investment” business, Forgan helped to write the documents that created the CIA.

While Wirt Three worked there, William Casey was House Counsel for Glore Forgan. It was at this time that the firm was at the center of a near collapse of Wall Street. In 1970, it began to be clear that Glore Forgan had somehow sold many millions of dollars more in securities than what its customers thought they owned. As a result, the company was expected to fail and, due to a cascading effect, its failure was projected to take down dozens of other firms causing a panic and huge losses on Wall Street. [59] These projections compelled President Nixon to ask Ross Perot, through Treasury Secretary John Connally, to intervene and save Glore Forgan. Perot suffered dramatic losses in an attempt to save the company (the only business loss of his career) and Glore Forgan went bankrupt anyway. The US government created the Securities Investor Protection Corp (SIPC) in response.[60]

A few years later, Wirt Three went from being a broker at Glore Forgan to running a series of other companies that went bankrupt. Yet somehow, Wirt Three always had cash flow. That could have been due to the fact that, by 1982, Wirt Three was a director of the Kuwaiti-American Company (or Kuwam).

Stratesec started off in 1987 as Burns & Roe Securacom, founded by Nelson Rockefeller assistant, Sebastian Cassetta. The company changed its name to Securacom when it was taken over by Kuwam in 1992, at which time Wirt Three became CEO. When Wirt Three was sued by the president of an existing company with an identical name, Wirt became abusive and told the other businessman that he “would bury him financially and take everything he had “ by “filing a barrage of frivolous multiple jurisdictions."[61] Wirt lost the case and had to change his company’s name to Stratesec. While this incident suggested that Wirt Three was abusive, it also indicated that he had the kind of deep pockets that allowed for frivolous lawsuits.

Kuwam also owned two companies called Commander Aircraft and Aviation General, both of which had Wirt Three as CEO, and both of which went bankrupt shortly after 9/11.

As CEO of Stratesec, Wirt Three did business with some shady characters. For example, Stratesec owed money to a company called Bankest Capital, which appeared to be a money-laundering operation or similar fraud. Wirt Three transferred seven million dollars in shares of his Stratesec stock to Bankest as a way to reduce that debt ($1.75 MM).[62] Bankest ‘s owners, brothers Eduardo and Hector Orlansky, were later convicted of conspiracy and bank fraud when $185 million went missing due to "hug overadvances."[63] Apparently $2 billion was "flowed through the Orlansky's two businesses from 1998 to 2003 to create the appearance they were healthy and growing."[64]

A company called Hanifen Imhoff was the underwriter for Wirt’s company, Commander Aircraft.[65] This gives further evidence that the companies Wirt Three was running were not only bound for bankruptcy, but were probably CIA fronts all along. Hanifen Imhoff was "nailed for Correspondent's fraud" in December 2000.[66] Hanifen Imhoff also happens to be a division of Stifel Nicolaus & Company, whose long term chairman was George W. Bush’s first cousin, Yale Skull & Bones member George Herbert Walker III.[67],[68]

In any case, Wirt Three has a tendency to show up when airplanes crash into tall buildings. The only other such occurrence since 9/11 led to Wirt Three being interviewed because the plane that crashed was related to his company, Aviation General. [69]

It appears that Wirt Three manages CIA front companies and that Stratesec was one of them. There are many ways to see this, including Wirt’s shady business dealings and his tendency to run companies into bankruptcy while still maintaining cash flow. Wirt is, at a minimum, a child of the CIA (and the DIA), but he also worked with William Casey for Russ Forgan’s company, making him an associate of some of the most influential deep state operatives of the last sixty years.

Wirt’s family has been connected to drug money and Yale’s secret societies for over 150 years, and these connections include many links to the Bush family. Of course, George H.W. Bush was a CIA director and other Bush family members were operatives, like Louis Walker (Skull & Bones 1936). Another institution with many links to prominent CIA veterans is William College, where two of the Wirts went to school.

Wirt Three is also a distant relative of the Bush family, through the intermarriage of Ransom and Robinson family members and through the Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke, who is an ancestor of both the Delanos and the Bush clan. Such distant relations are not of importance to most people today, although they are quite important for the Bush family as indicated by how that family chooses its relationships, including its business partners. For example, George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara are distant cousins along four different lines.

Marvin Bush is but one of several Bush family links to Stratesec, in that several of Stratesec’s directors and employees came from Bush-connected companies, and at least one of Wirt Three’s ventures was underwritten by George Herbert Walker III’s company. Add to this the fact that the COO of Stratesec , Barry McDaniel, came from a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group that conducted “black projects,” and Stratesec seems worthy of a detailed investigation.

After 9/11, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recommended that Stratesec be investigated for insider trading related to the crimes of that day. Oddly enough, the FBI and SEC never followed through with the investigation, claiming it was unnecessary because the officers of Stratesec had no “ties to terrorism or other negative information.” [70] That assessment does not appear to be valid for many reasons, including that The Carlyle Group was financed in part by Osama bin Laden’s family and that Stratesec director James Abrahamson was the business partner of Mansoor Ijaz, who claimed on several occasions to be able to contact Osama bin Laden.[71]

Maybe the investigation didn’t happen because no one wanted to embarrass the President, who was busy making tremendous political and personal profit from 9/11, and whose family was deeply connected to The Carlyle Group, and whose brother was a Stratesec director. But it’s likely that Stratesec was not investigated simply because it would have resulted in discoveries that no one in a position of power wanted to make.

Ultimately though, we know that Stratesec was a security contractor for several of the facilities that were compromised on 9/11, including the WTC buildings, Dulles airport where Flight 77 took off, and also United Airlines which owned two of the ill-fated planes. We also know that the CEO of Stratesec came from a background of deep-state connected, opium-funded wealth, and that the many Wirt Dexter Walkers were thereafter steeped in a culture of power and secrecy that has ruled the United States for many years.

^ Peter Dale Scott, in The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (University of California Press, 2007) defines the “deep state” as the covert part of government that responds to wealthy private influences as those influences shape government policy outside of normal democratic processes.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by bjarneorn
The precense of thermite residue can be observed ... it can be observed in many ways. Although many of these ways are circumstancial, that still supports thermite presence. One of the ways you can see it, is by the molten steel ... you have no heat source to melt steel ... none, period. And if you continue to talk about kerasin fuel melting steel, then seriously go jump off a bridge or something ...

This is where your argument falls apart. Only Jones "observed" the thermite residue, and there was no molten steel, so your evidence is bunk. The stuff dripping out of the towers was either from the lead batteries on that floor, or from melted aluminum mixed with office contents. It's stupid to think it was molten steel.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by lunarasparagus

Kinda testy aren't you? And making a lot of bold hypothetical predictions about my behavior. I'm just asking some simple questions.

Testy? That comes from debating people who won't see reason for years. Anyway I was talking about the resident ATS OS supporters in general really who ignore the important questions in favour of nonsense.

Again--you're getting pretty defensive. How about instead I "answer the many unanswered questions the OS didn't address?" Why--because I shouldn't be allowed to pose any questions unless I have the answers to everything else? WTF? Look--I asked what to me are some of the burning questions (no pun) I'm left with when considering the controlled demolition explanation of the WTC collapse. Seems you're a bit uncomfortable with certain questions.

Defensive? The OS is what is in question, not what random people on teh net say. What is so important about the claims of OSers, when there are more glaring questions you should be asking the government, along with the rest of us concerned citizens?

I've yet to see footage of either collapse which was preceded by a series of loud detonations. And why you trying to get all technical on me? "Neither tower was technically 'imploded'"? As if the terminology alters the gist of my question. I guess if you feel threatened it helps to try to make yourself sound smarter--make the other guy appear ignorant. Is your fragile eggshell mind imploding?

Not hearing loud explosives does not prove anything. Again loud explosives were heard by people who where there. But again heard or not heard, WTC7 landed mostly in its own footprint, not possible unless it was controlled to do that. I don't feel threatened by anything, just annoyed that physics details are ignored in favour of, 'I haven't managed to see that on youtube so you must be wrong'. If I felt threatened I wouldn't have bothered replying to your post in the first place.

BTW, you're wrong. I found no "technical" definition of "implosion" in regards to building demolition other than:

"Destruction via explosives, in such a way that the structure falls onto it's footprint" (Super Structures: The Science of Bridges, Buildings, Dams, and Other Feats of Engineering by Mark Denny)

No you just haven't looked hard enough, sometimes not everything is on teh net.

Implosion is an industry term used to describe a type of demolition where the center of the building is dropped first leaving a space for the outer walls to fall into.

Sometimes, though, a building is surrounded by structures that must be preserved. In this case, the blasters proceed with a true implosion, demolishing the building so that it collapses straight down into its own footprint (the total area at the base of the building). This feat requires such skill that only a handful of demolition companies in the world will attempt it.
Another option is to detonate the columns at the center of the building before the other columns so that the building's sides fall inward.

Wikipedia says: "In the controlled demolition industry, building implosion is the strategic placing of explosive material and timing of its detonation so that a structure collapses on itself in a matter of seconds, minimizing the physical damage to its immediate surroundings."

And that would be correct.

Yes, I only go to youtube for information. And again with the technical language challenges?
It is not a 'technique'? Yeah it is. "a method of accomplishing a desired aim." (Webster's)

The you can't claim to have not seen top down demolitions, not everything is on youtube. OK, so you want to call it a 'technique', so what?

Why not address what is important, not what words you want to use?

Cop-out answer. And take it easy greasy. I'm just asking questions. You got your truther panties all wadded-up in your ground zero. Try switching to micro-fiber.

You claimed I was getting defensive, that is all you are doing. I have no other answer for you, sorry but none of your questions make any difference to the 911 discussion however smart you think they are. It's obvious from your use of terms, 'truther panties', that you are not here to actually learn anything, but try to catch out 'truthers' with ridiculous questions you think they can't answer.

Again how about you answer one simple question, how do sagging trusses put a pulling force on columns? Do you actually support that claim? Do you not question that at all? If trusses cannot put a pulling force on the columns than what does that say about the OS? All I'm saying is you are asking the wrong people the wrong questions.

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by lunarasparagus

1. Why and/or how would the pre-rigged explosives begin detonating exactly at the point of impact on both towers? How would this have been accomplished so precisely?

You would use remote triggered detonators. Even with just an 8 bit address space you would have control over the timing and sequence of over 250 separate units (16 bits of address space... over 65000 but that seems unreasonably complicated, let alone error prone). That would give you the freedom to adapt to any uncertainties in initial impact zone.
You might want to group your detonators in sensible clusters, e.g. a master detonator on a floor will trigger a hardwired sequence of others on the same floor.

2. How would pre-rigged explosives planted throughout the building survive the extreme impact (jolt) of a commercial jet, subsequent explosion, and resulting fire (which raged for more than an hour)--and still work perfectly when detonated--in sequence, resulting in a "free fall" of the building? It seems like a controlled demolition on such an enormous scale and with such precise timing would leave little room for error, especially from potential prior damage to the rigging.

This really comes down to redundancy of a demolition system. If independent and individually addressable detonators were used, the subsequent scenario could have been adapted to tolerances of the impact zone on the fly.
One would have to factor in the loss of some charges and have sufficient redundancy in place to compensate.
With the large number of charges that would have to be deployed and the inescapable chance of technical failure, some of them might not detonate at all and some might detonate at the wrong time. The more charges you deploy, the greater the chance of something like that happening will be.

3. Imploding either tower would have been the largest controlled demolition in history (as far as I know). The amount of explosive needed would have been emormous, meaning a series of VERY LOUD explosions with each collapse. I know there were peripheral explosions heard and reported prior to the collapses and some claim to see explosions in the collapse footage, but it seems like detonated charges from the amount of explosives necessary to bring down such massive structures would have been salient, LOUD, and unmistakeable (see below). Why are no such explosives heard in any of the footage of Twin Towers collapsing?

There is an obvious discrepancy in the audio department regarding direct video footage of that day and eye- / earwitness accounts.
Regarding the footage, there are different kinds, mostly depending upon the distance from which they were shot.
Some footage was shot from too great a distance to pick up usable audio.
Other footage was shot closer but has a "wall" of sound, making it impossible to discern any individual noises, apart from some yelling close to the microphone.
To understand why audio gear is limited in its capabilities, a little theory is needed.
Most consumer and some professional audio (and video) equipment available today has features to accommodate the casual user.
One of these features is called audio dynamic compression. What it does, basically is reduce loud sounds and amplify quiet ones. In a highly dynamic environment such as when many people are yelling, sirens are sounding and the occasional skyscraper collapses, such a feature will produce an indistinguishable "sludge" of sound.
That leaves us with the "earwitnesses". The human ear has a dynamic range far superior than generic recording equipment. Which leaves the question, what would motivate reporters, firemen, police officers, EMT staff and civilians to lie about an event like this.

4. I've never seen a controlled demolition of a large building which begins at the top and progresses downwards (as seen with the twin towers). Has this kind of demolition been used before on other structures? Is this a tried and tested technique?

The destruction begins near the top, at the impact zone. For the sake of argument, lets ignore the fact that the tops of them seem to disintegrate on their own.
These were the tallest buildings ever to come down, regardless of cause. A controlled demolition of structures with this ratio of base area to height would very likely have to be destroyed in this fashion, since the risk of them tipping over in the process would be far too great. A controlled demo of these structures would have to be very different from the ones we're used to see on TV.

5. Running out of space. I'll try to answer #5 in my next post.

Merry Holidays, everyone.

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by UB2120
reply to post by lunarasparagus

Look up Dr. Judy Wood. She has a very interesting theory.

You and I seem to be the only guys here who have read the book or checked out her web site.

All this malarky about explosives in the building make me sick, I mean you'd have to be blind not to see that Dr. Judy Wood has done the most comprehensive "SCIENTIFIC" investigation of 9/11 ever.

Somebody on this planet has a weapon of unspeakable power, and they used it on 9/11.


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