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Calling Demons and using them

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 05:35 PM

Originally posted by ramle
There are many ways to call demons and some of them allow for physical manifestation, which is the best way to have a demon appear. Do not attempt any of this if you believe in god or any monotheistic deity or have any association with a monotheistic religion or the demons I refer to will kill you.

I have another way to stop demon manifestation.

Stop voting for politicians.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by Ilyich

Just a name that stood out after reading the Al-Jilwah. I liked his Sigil as well. Are you well up on demons then yourself?

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 05:47 PM
The sorry truth about "demons" and "angels" is they are not good and evil at least not in the usual sense. The demons are a race that opposed the will of a god like being called El; the angels are the servents of El. The demons wanted the humans to die because they are not native to this Earth; we were put here by El. but the original "Gods" are still at work trying to cause our destruction

Anyway, a huge war broke out between El's angels and the "demons" was defeated. In fact, we are starting to go through the patch of space where this war occurred. The space-time is unstable due to the weaponry used and it will take a little over 3 of our years to cross the "battlefield". A lot of strange stuff is going to happen as we cross this space/time. The most obvious proof of this unstable space is that neutrinos were clocked going FTL.

A note about the names of angels and demons: For instance Michael means Might strength of El, properly pronounced it is Ma-ay-el Ma=Power, Ay=To be bound or attached to, El= Our "Creator God" Demons will have a name that ends with ah-El or "Opposing God"for instance Samael or Sa-Ma-ah-El means: Truth of the Power that opposes god. It is none other than the true name of the being called Lucifer. His power is delusion or deception in the negative; Art and Imagination in the positive; he is VERY good at arguing.

The question is what is the name of THE God of everything that is, El was our "Creator God" but what about the GOD that created EL and his enemies?

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:00 PM
would you go into the wild and try to put a leash and some chains on a wild cougar, or a lion? what about a wild elephant? then on top of it try to train it tricks? even the people writing the book dont know what they are messing with, you dumby.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:28 PM
The only thing needed to call upon spirits is simply to ask them to come. Going as far as building alters, lighting black candles etc is for the movies. My question would be what kind of psycho would be trying to call upon demons or other dark spirits anyway and for what purpose. As the age old saying goes "you reap what you sow". There is a consequence for playing with things beyond our understanding.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by ThatGuy45
reply to post by Minori

Ah but w/o the dark there would be no need for light. All has its purpose to keep the path progressing.

Negative requires more energy as the 'feeling' of immense power. Light is no more powerful than dark; only combined energy can overcome - LOVE.

Sorry, but I am sick and tired of all the 'flower and sunshine' people being up on there high horse.

All in Balance

Negativity requires much more control.Tho most are consumed before mastery.

All this polarity stuff doesn't really mean anything, it all leads to the same thing, corruption. This Karma crap is also a tool to control and it's pretty much proven fake. I've done all sort of bad stuff and the good keeps on coming my way. The badder I get the more good comes to me. I've already proven by my hastiness to shed blood through black magic that Karma is fake.

11.4.1 The truth is hidden by all, which the rules of the cosmos apply only to those who are slave to lies. There is no karma, unless a conscious being is there to act toward or against you. The powers are not the Omniverse’s, but yours to own and control. The Rokat are all born with a gift of magic and that magic is free of karma.
11.4.2 The rules of the Omniverse are such, as to be true to the use of power. The process of ascending energy is brought through happiness. Happiness is not always being forced against your will to express universal love. Happiness is getting what one wants and truly wants, not needs, but desires of the flesh.
11.4.3 Karma is a control element used by the weak that fear the true power of the Rokat. They created lies and those lies are ego, controlling the use of power by the gifted. Ego is the true idea behind karma and the universal control over magic by weaker beings.
11.4.4 There are those who own power and wish it would remain locked up and only among their group. This is wrong; it is always impossible and shall not happen to the Rokat. We will defy the spoken order, forcing the powers of those enslaved, to be freed and be used as their owners see fit. Even if they only do evil, it is their power and it should at all times be in their control.
11.4.5 If you commit a crime and no one knows other than you, there is no karma. The power of karma only comes when someone is working against you, which they must be attacked quickly to assure a quick end to their control over you. There is no karma, only those working against you and they must die in pain for doing so.
11.4.6 There is no consciousness on a cosmic level outside the awareness of all living beings. If you disconnect from this, you are free to act as you wish freely without being caught. Universal love is an after thought for those who discover the truth. We have found the answers through violence and war.
11.4.7 They who have created these false laws have claimed universal love brings you closer to Source. It does not work fully without integrating Darkness into the mix. Universal love is taught alongside karma to create a false security, that ego has been abandoned in which it has not. To have any control over your power is and act of ego.
11.4.8 Darkness, which is those who discover that they are free, which is the true path of enlightenment. You want to remove darkness, because you have been lied to by weak beings seeking control and security. Ignore them and attack them with the powers they seek to destroy. Use them to your full potential and be a master of yourself.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by jroberts227
reply to post by ramle

I don't usually make comments on a thread like this, but I have to ask -

Are you for real? Seriously, you sound like a charater out of a Dresden Files book. You're having a contest with your mentor's murderer to see who is eviler?

I'm only posting so I can come back and read more of this train wreck thread....

I'm more than serious. Me and my coven are willing to destroy everything to prove the point and win this. The only thing that matters is winning, not how it's done.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:01 PM
I have dabbled in the black arts and manifested inhuman entities. I am a warlock. It all started when i was a teen i got in to satanism then followed Anton Laveys teachings. Then Aleister Crowley, as i have always had a gift and this gift "being a medium" played a big part of it. What some people understand as "shadow people" are an ancient very old and powerful force. Paranormal activity, high strangeness and many phenomena have surrounded me. Basically i was born dead... while my mother was giving birth the umbilical cord strangulated me and was born in to this world strangulated without breath and a heart beat. But sprang back to life within a few minutes. The doctors could not explain or understand how i sprang tom life as i was declared dead minutes before. Anyway i believe this is why i have this gift, and i have used it to cause death against my enemies. Lets just say a few people committed suicide as well as attempted to murder me and being set up to get caught. How did i manage this? I seen it happen before it happened and i knew what to do. I even seen them self destruct after incarceration.

These occurrences could not have been by coincidence, I foreseen it. And it does not always work but it does when i really channel my deepest hatred and malice... these demons need it to thwart these people in life and invade them. Much like an offering of sorts.

One guy was killed in a freak "gruesome" accident. And others ended up losing everything in financial ruin even imprisonment. With a series of things going horribly wrong they swore they were "cursed" and yes that is right. These things happened right after i cast these demons on them. It works trust me however these "things" will follow you and become a part of you in a sense. They have a bipedal body and a animal like face during full form manifestation.. from what i could make of them but they have to manifest in the darkness to do this.

No you cant get rid of them once you let them in and invite them in your life. They tried to possess me and over take me a few times but i resisted. So yeah don't believe me i don't care but i warned you! There is much more to what you understand to be reality then you were taught to think and believe. These things are nasty imagine every negative emotion hate, anger , despair and hopelessness amplified a thousand fold. That is what you will fell when they invade you.

Be careful what you ask for you just might get it, opening Pandora's box has consequences. You have to be really strong to resist these demons. Most people do not have the ability to do so.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:04 PM
This is really one of the most ridiculous ideas i have ever heard.. Yup, i can say words in a certain way with my Magic candles and Conjure up some Mystical Demonic Entity.. I am afraid this is not the Mysterious World of Harry Potter My friend.. Please seek a Psychiatric help buddy your not right in the head..

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by darkest4

Everything has been attempted to keep the cost of the book down. Smaller text, less white space and blank pages. Azahran's Awakening is a page inside The Inugan Prophecy that replaces the need of a human sacrifice. The page is death cursed against any who hold bad thoughts towards The Inugan Prophecy. When this page is burned one person randomly selected is slain by a demon thus is the human sacrifice. I'm currently running out of Prophecy haters in which to use during my next cursing frenzy. Here's the text of that page. I'm not here to sell the book, I posted the spell's entire text and all the associated materials with it for free. The book can be read and printed free of charge on Scribed, but the lulu version is if someone wants a better constructed volume for their use. Azahran's Awakenings can be bought in bulk or printed off the provided text below. Copper pipe is cheap, the only expensive items are the crystals.

Azahran’s Awakening
22.39.1 I am Azahran the God of Forged Demons. Use of this page as it shall be provided for the cursing of beings who dare to denounce the writings of Inuga. Simply take this page from the Prophecy and burn it as an offering or burn the full book as you desire to desecrate the whole Prophecy.
22.39.2 Read aloud my curse or simply do what none should do. Burn the book in malice against my lord and you shall fall. This shall be a page cursed to release Hate, Malice and Evil upon they who knowingly or ignorantly burn this page. This is an offering to me, Azahran to create and manifest Hate, Malice and Evil against you who dare to act against us.
22.39.3 I am one of the Unholy Nine who act in favor of Inuga the God of Evil and the Night. He asked me to create this page, the most curse page within his writings, so that any who destroy with the intent of working against him shall be destroyed by their desires manifested.
22.39.4 This page shall exist thirteen fold within this most dangerous Black Book of Power. I am also a Vinori of ancient blood, one of the original fallen heroes of ancient Vinorian Lore. This alone shall protect the knowledge of Inuga and the Prophet Janu Hitikara from desecration.
22.39.5 “In the name of my unholy gods, the faith of this book and all the great works of the Great Flesh God Janu Hitikara shall live in infamy.” In the Names, shall come all that is within evil. This page alone has the power to open the portal to the forbidden realms of Kurane ever burning.
22.39.6 Awaken true evil that is who speak through the Great Flesh God himself. I shall mark his work by the curse itself, the evil power to manifest ones deepest fears. This page alone holds the keys to self destruction. The Names, those we speak not of, but simply refer to, are simply that.
22.39.7 This is the single most potent destructive force created by the Great Flesh God. In the Names, I invoke the curse that manifested the deepest fears of the flesh and soul, the bond shall be torn. The flesh asunder and the soul taken; this is the path to absolute evil in the Names. “Siga pina Thimat, mima juva!”
22.39.8 “Unholy this page is and shall be. I curse this page to carry the hate towards us! I curse this page to carry the malice towards us! I curse this page to carry the evil towards us! I shall send it back to you thirteen fold!
22.39.9 Be cursed any who so desire hate against us! Be cursed any who so desire malice against us! Be cursed any who so desire evil against us!
22.39.10 Burn this page as you would with any that which you cannot handle the truth of! Take the curse into yourself and bear the weight of that which I curse against you! Speak any words against us and you shall be plagued with whatever you speak of!
22.39.11 I shall release upon the burning of this page such great evil against you! It shall be the manifestations of whatever you fear most! Be afraid, very afraid!
22.39.12 Run now as I lay burning, for now the evil you manifest upon yourself is sure to come! Lay in wait for me to arrive as only evil shall seek you out. The gods you once knew shall abandon you upon the burning of this page. I curse it so.
22.39.13 Take with pride that you shall now be abandoned by all loving gods, for none will want of what I shall leave of you. This is the Curse of Azahran, he who forges demons. I curse this page to carry within it a portal to your soul that is the Star of Kurane ever burning. Be this the final action of your life that is fruitful. Hail unto evil, my curse shall be sent!”

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:12 PM
I think people who are quick to debunk this or disagree are a little tuned-out spiritually. These types of things do exist. I know nothing of this author or his works, but we as humans do have the ability to dabble in paranormal forces. I don't think we could ever actually have control over them, they will eventually consume you. But please, don't doubt for a second that this world exists. Has everyone seen the intro to "A Haunting"? The first line is:

"In this world, there is real evil"

Couldn't say it any better myself. I have seen demonic entities, apparitions, and they take countless forms whether it be physically or emotionally. They talk to you, move things, etc. People who say this is all "bs" just haven't had an experience themselves, so until then let them figure it out on their own or not at all. I do think this dude is trolling though, talking about setting off earthquakes and major events. Like he's some kind of "Dark Lord" hahaha. Ah well. Aleister Crowley, all that junk - it's very real and very scary. Anyone who is interested in the subject should check it out because that really is an interesting subject.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:23 PM
BTW in my experience it only works with people you have had contact with at some point. Say you curse a celebrity or a politician.. it wont work unfortunately. In my case i cursed very bad people so no innocent people were harmed. One was a pedophile another was a bully. So it has to be someone you have interacted with per say even through the internet it has worked. If you never met them but you have talked to them on the phone or chatted with them on the internet it does work. So yeah in case anyone wants to go on a witch hunt im saying they had it coming.

And no not everyone can summon and cast incantations, very few with a little talent and know how. You have to believe above all the power of belief is a very powerful thing. Some thing just defy science and it will always be that way.. a mystery to some and reality to others.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:25 PM

Originally posted by The Arbiter of Lies
reply to post by coolhanddan

hey buddy you don't want to see a video for proof you should just take his word or leave it these demons can get you even if captured though a lens because some of thier power is trapped there so for your own saftey don't watch any vids like that saftey first

Gaze into the eyes of one of my slaves.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:33 PM
Ignorance is a choice. Enough said. Playing with things you do not understand will bring grave consequences.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:40 PM

Originally posted by ramle

Originally posted by jroberts227
reply to post by ramle

I don't usually make comments on a thread like this, but I have to ask -

Are you for real? Seriously, you sound like a charater out of a Dresden Files book. You're having a contest with your mentor's murderer to see who is eviler?

I'm only posting so I can come back and read more of this train wreck thread....

I'm more than serious. Me and my coven are willing to destroy everything to prove the point and win this. The only thing that matters is winning, not how it's done.

here you go charlie sheen, heres a song for you WINNING. link

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by lucifuge

It is not a physical entity I see, I see it through the eyes of people. There have been a few times in my life when people that I know have had that look, the eyes are glass and colorless. There is a different tone in their voice, and you know by feeling and by sight that the person you are talking to, is really not who you are talking to.

I can often feel their prescence around me, a feeling of power will come over me. Omnipotent. I am hip to their tricks, I tell them to get behind me.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by LiberLegit

Very true, not a figment of the Imagination in my case. We had apparitions seen by my family as well as by best friend in my home as a teenager. I was a beacon for spirits especially during this time a little poltregeist activity like books flying off shelves as if thrown for all to see. Then i managed to capture orbs in some photos happened to show up around my daughter as an infant. In another photo a full body form manifestation standing next to her crib. Now that did and still does upset me. I still have the photo however there was some water damage and was scanned so the quality is poor bu is clear to see with its hand on the rail from the side the face is shaped like a cat or some kind of animal.

Then some time last year one of these things grabbed my wife by the back of her neck and freaked her out. She has no idea what I am and that I know what it was. Why it did this i have no idea. But as long as bite and scratches do not appear or some assault of some kind i don't think they will cause harm. Perhaps curious.

note : seen the same thing with my own eyes however not when i took this photo it just showed up in it. This is what a inhuman entity looks like during manifestation.

take it for what it's worth
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 07:56 PM
If God is not real, why would the demons be pissed off enough to want to kill you for calling on Him? So now that we've established that God is real, why would you want to mess with this stuff?

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by ramle


I have never met you in person. It is extremely difficult to feel a person out based on text alone. According to this thread, you are LITERALLY the embodiment of everything I stand against. To make a long story short, when I was 16 I was going to kill myself after many bad things happening to me. The only thing keeping me from doing it was a strong desire to fight evil. Not like a movie, comic book, or anything of the sort. I'm speaking of true evil. Evil like you. Evil that causes terrible things to innocent people. I had the knife against the side of my neck, and I remember flexing my abdomen while tightening my grip on the handle- preparing to dig deep and drag hard. I had a flash of an image in my head. I still don't know what to make of it, but I do carry the feeling with me. I interpreted it as a calling. I cannot prove it was from my creator. I cannot prove anything about it. I just know I am here to protect people from beings like you. What troubles me is the paradox of that. If I have a strong desire to destroy evil, doesn't that make me evil? I would enjoy watching the expression on your face when you realized you had less than 60 seconds to live. That is a terrible thing to say and I'm sorry. Therefore, how can I call myself "good" when I say such things?

Before I began this reply, I checked your profile. I will cut and paste the item from your profile that disturbs me:
"Stuff I Like:
Home cooked Mexican food and my best friends Alicia and Ed. Of course I love good caring people, as rare as they are."

You have friends that you care for, you love caring and good people? Is this the same paradox that I am expressing?

Please don't just call me a fool and disregard this. I really would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thank you.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by lucifuge
Well not many of you replying are that well up on demons as none of you have realised my username on here is the name of a demon.

How many of you have clairvoyant abilities and actually seen a demon? If so describe what you saw.
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I've seen several types during my meditations and on the astral plain. Most of the ones sided with me are formless, usually using smoke or fire to manifest themselves without need of meditation. Usually when I encounter my allies in the astral, they are disembodied voices sometimes appearing as an alien race I've been abducted by as child to give me something to grasp, but that hasn't been the case in several years. One of the races of demons I routinely summon appear as 4 to 5 foot tall jet black gremlin like creatures on the astral with high pitched squeaky voices and sometimes talk backwards until you tune into their energy, they want to replace humanity with a physical manifestation of their racce by using our bodies or a manufactured facsimile. Some of the humanoid looking beings associated themselves with Satan and have often been adversarial towards mine and my rival's covens. I would have to say for the most part, demons are sided with humanity, my case seems to be unique in that I've made contact with a lot of malevolent human haters. The demons I've contacted have as their ultimate mission to colonize the Earth with their populations, using me to open portals and channel and anchor their energy here.

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