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How to Have Deception-Proof Government

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 03:08 PM
The short solution is: by simply having enough DESIRE for it.

For me Thanksgiving came a week early this year, in the form of my being very thankful for what Jesse Ventura said on the Piers Morgan show (CNN). It was one of those very rare MSM moments that gets the closest to real truth, or the most seriously unbiased desire for and pursuit of said truth. Of course nothing overtly revolutionary was stated by the former Governor, but there was plenty to extrapolate the broader, more important meanings. Ventura simply nailed the suspicions concerning the death of Osama bin Laden, or apparently "Osama bin Laden," as there's no real evidence that the real guy lived much longer than the last verifiable video of him in December, '01, where he looked happy, but very sickly-yellow (jaundiced). Then "the Body" implied how problematic it is that the details of the Navy Seals Team 6 assassination of whomever-it-was are monolithically shrouded in secrecy.

Even if it somehow turns out the real bin Laden was killed last May, what dear Jesse most essentially revealed was the PROCESS or true requirements for trustworthy government-media. It's the hardest questions that have to be addressed and answered before the public should be expected to accept anything as fact. Rule BY secrecy is THE problem. With enough desire, or perhaps by whatever other means it can happen, we CAN have a truly effective system of checks and balances that makes truly deception-proof, corruption-proof government a reality, even if it involves adopting new (to us) ET and/or nonhuman science.

I'm not sure if Ventura and I are ultimately politically-spiritually close enough to be allied, but in the least, I strongly admire his courage in pursuing truth. It's being selective about truth, or "truth," that brings flies to the ointment. "And you know where they burn books, people are next." (Andy Partridge/XTC)

Naturally I want to believe that, if the Governor could be somehow willing and/or able to throw his hat into the '12 presidential ring, I'd be among his most ardent backers, but it would depend on what he most officially has to say about the connection between certain unexplained phenomena and rule by secrecy in general. If so, I say his campaign slogan should seriously, with a strait face, be "too big to fail" - referring not only to his obvious physical size but his big heart and sharp-fair mind... Merry Christmas, happy new year.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 03:34 PM
By shifting the microscope away from the people towards those that govern the people. Let those in government be subject to phone taps and email monitors and all that good stuff. Let government lose its privacy and the people retain theirs. And let the public be aware of all the proceedings of government as they go on. Let government sanctioned bodies such as the NSA, FBI, CIA, FR and others be run by the people, in the public sector. And let their findings and adjustments be known to all citizens. Free information for all. Enough of this "select circle" crap and "need to know" elite.

And how do we attain this feat?
We don't.

Maybe if enough people decide NOT to vote (as a form of protest), then maybe those in power will see just how fed up we truly are.

2012. I ain't votin'.


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