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65 videos of Russian election violations

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 07:52 AM
the youtube channel gives 65 videos of various violations of the elections in Russia, including ballots found in the boxes found before the elections started, forced removal of election commission in another room not to be able to inspect the boxes if they are empty or not at the time of the sealing, agitation and threats by United Russia activists in front of the polling stations, etc.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:04 AM
Isn't the second majority power the communist party?

I don't know which I prefer, both aren't fans of American foreign policy. Win win.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by Gliese581

Whew! Sure am glad nothing like that can happen in the Good ole U S of A!!! Land of the free and free of corruption!!!

Oh, wait...

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:49 PM
the biggest problem right now is there is a 12 year rule of Putin, spread down the pyramid on all levels. What difference between the old Party that changed the leader only when he died? (Khrushchev is the exception).

Yes the communists are second biggest with some 20%. But there are other parties with Western views, that were either not registered at all, or got insignificant percents. On Dec 5 there were protests of both these parties and the communists, independently from one another. Thousands may be ten thousands gathered. Two opposition leaders were arrested.

As far as the communists are concerned, they see in that a set for new revolution to defend the nation. Although I do not share their views, they are right to protest the de facto dictatorial rule of Putin, together with the liberal, democratic parties. There is no democracy in Russia right now, there is an illusion. I don't know about America whether the polling stations have been filled with ballots before the elections start. After all, Russia is not a Third World country, but the second biggest superpower with most nuclear weapons on the planet. We cannot just ignore the way they determine who will rule over that and virtually hold hostage the planet, especially USA and Europe. Still we are not in WW3 but that can change pretty quickly. Putin showed it on several occasions.

Here is what the communist leader Zyuganov said:

"We believe that the elections are absolutely illegitimate from any point of view, neither the legal nor the moral and ethical, - said G. Zyuganov. - What has happened is bordered to the crime for which everyone will have to pay very dearly. Because illegitimate, lacking confidence in the power, (in a) crisis poses a great danger. Any social or economic upheaval will inevitably lead to paralysis and cause very serious consequences. "

"We call all our friends to defend and protect our votes. We'll do it on the street and in the courts. Let us examine each fact of violation "- Gennady Zyuganov promised.

On other occasions before the elections he said there will be second revolution if the votes are not counted properly. If remember, the interview was aired on RT with English translation, and then never made it to the RT youtube channel.

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