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the phantom hurricane...

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 04:36 PM
*the social climate or background of such scenerios is the 2004 presidential campaign, the Iraq (occupation or liberation) war and the general war on terrorism plus the general battle against big brother... just as it is now.*

scenario 1:
Weather stations report a massive storm that all of sudden appears without any previous warning or notice in the gulf of mexico or in the atlantic ocean. It's a category 5 and its sustained winds are 170+ mph. It's close to landfall and no one has enough time to prepare. The scenario tragic as it is is also eerie and smacks of government weather manipulation.

scenario 2:
Weather stations report a storm with the characteristics of the scenario above, however the element of surprise is taken out. The storm was foreseen and the people have aptly been warned. The time comes for the storm to make landfall and the result is nothing short of a sunny beautiful day with no hint of a storm whatsoever. As ironic and odd as it may seem the scenario also smacks of government weather manipulation.

scenario 3: Whether it be scenario 1 or 2 "Kyle the surf guru" isn't bothered in the least bit. His mind and heart isn't tuned into the news... his heart and mind are in tune to nature and his ultimate drive is the adrenaline rush of whatever nature has for him. He is unencumbered by any weather scenario and thus only looks forward to good surf. He drinks his beer to compliment this utter lack of media attention and illustrated social deviance. Death is a risk but at this point he is already dead.



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