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the future

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:55 AM
i just wanted to talk about my children,because they are the future.
my oldest son just turned 13,my youngest is 10,turning 11 in jan.
these kids are more mature than most 'adults' i know.they understand reponsibility,they know the power of money,and the evils that follow.they know how to use a blade,weather it be a long or a short oldest just got his firearm permit.they have been trained how to fight.this was all done at their request,no pressure from dad.
but dad was pleasantly surprised,because dad has trained at these as well.these kids also learned farming and hunting,and how to prepare their fresh kill to eat! most important they know how to love other humans that are worthy.i am so proud of these kids,it makes me wanna cry!
no matter what crap is coming in the future,i'm confident my children will do ok.
i'm hoping that people out there have raised their kids the same way,fight & survive!
don't get me wrong,i'm not some nazi dad that treats his kids like there in the army,my kids asked to learn this,and i was more than happy to teach.
i get hugs and kisses all day long from them,but don't let their tenderness fool you!
they know how to stick a twig in your neck to shut you off!!!
this is our future! intelligent & strong!
my oldest can hit his mark with a hatchet from 20 feet away
my youngest can do the same with a knife!
i'm not condoning violence,and the kids know this,but i'm glad they learned the skills.
and yes,they enjoy learning their abc's also! your biggest muscle is your brain!!!
hope you enjoy!

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