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Libyan News & other Info

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 10:48 PM
Gaddaf i’s son Saif al-Islam faces uncertain future

In that some article there has been some really strong attacks from the pro Libyan war, pro rebels commenters on the anti war and anti Libyan war commenters.

Kind Idris may have had British support, but he led Libya to legitimate independence for the first time in several hundred years. Under his rule, and under that flag, Libya became a unified political entity for the first time. It's a perfectly legitimate flag for them to fly now.

And *NOBODY* cared at all how Gaddafi was distributing Libya's wealth, except for the Libyan people themselves. Even if one buys into your paranoid conspiracies about the CIA and MI6 and all, G...See Moreaddafi had already shown himself in recent years to be perfectly amenable to Western security objectives - he was happy to sell oil, give up nuclear weapons and cooperate on Al Qaida. This new government, as with most democratic governments in the Middle East, is likely to be less helpful on these issues, not more. Had NATO's interest in this thing been purel

y venal and self-interested, we would have taken the route of Russia and China and tried to support Gaddafi. The point, New Deal, is that you're a moron, even by internet message-board standards. Every single post of yours is a clumsy and poorly constructed piece of pro-dictator propaganda. If you haven't already, I suggest approaching the folks in Pyongyang about a job. You'd fit right in with their style of communication.

That was a response to this comment.

The red, black and green revolutionary tricolor streamed from passing cars as drivers honked and flashed their lights..."
There is absolutely nothing revolutionary about this tri-color inf anything its counter-revolutionary. It is in fact the old monarchist flag which was introduced by King Idris of Cyrenaica- the British Puppet whom Gadaffi overthrough in '69

Sadly that user who replied to the poster that stated about Libyan kingdom flag doesnt qutie the history of it.
I am not surpised that now there are attacks coming from the pro war, pro libyan crowds attacking the anti war libyan conflicts commenters.

ICC team in Libya probes sexual crimes
Ah yes the old rape case again, first bonsia and now Libya?
sorry but i doubt they will find anything regarding the supposed sexual crimes that took place in Libya, if i recall those reports were been hyped by the mainstream media, the same mainstream media that hyped the bosnian rape claims.

Libya's ex-oil minister criticizes new leaders

Former oil and finance minister Ali Tarhouni also suggested in a press conference late Thursday that at least one of those foreign powers is meddling excessively in Libya's internal affairs — an apparent reference to Qatar.

He said the countries who backed the rebellion have interests in Libya, "some which we know and some which we don't know." While he didn't elaborate, Tarhouni did not object when a journalist suggested that he was speaking about Qatar.

The ex oil minister stated that he has beliefs that the countries who backed the libyan rebellion had interests in Libya but for some who have been following the war we already what the interests were and are.

Remember the supposed person who started the uprising well he is getting a job as a minister dont you just love when a plan comes together?

Libyan who sparked revolution sworn in as minister

The man whose arrest in February sparked Libya's revolution was sworn in as a minister in the new interim government on Sunday but said he had been hesitant about taking on the new job.

His detention sparked a demonstration by families of the victims of the Abu Salim massacre in the eastern town's Shajara Square on the night of Feb 15-16. They were then dispersed by police, which sparked larger riots on Feb 17 that began Libya's uprising.

And just Who is he?

a Libyan lawyer and human rights activist and member of the National Transitional Council representing Libyan youth. He represents the relatives of over 1000 prisoners allegedly killed by Libyan security forces in Abu Salim Prison in 1996. He is also the Youth and Sports Minister for the Interim Government.

Well there you have it folks if you want my last opinion on this i believe to remove gaddaf from Libya was America's and its allies plan alongside with Qatar in order to prevent gaddaf plans of the gold currency which was going to be a huge threat for the American and EU currencies.

So in what ways the western allies would prevent this? rather then negotiating with gaddaf trying to prevent it they wanted him dead and why? he may known to much.

As for Saif al Islam i doubt he will have the death penalty because from what i heard and seen the ICC will still control the case.

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