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UK riots: police had to use their own mobiles

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:55 PM
Police were forced to use their own mobile phones during the August riots after a multi-billion pound radio system collapsed, according to a leaked internal report on how UK forces responded to the disorder.

This smacks to me of an easy get out of jail card . The police around London were caught on the back foot , time and time again they were shown to be lacking , news media were reporting from hot spots with no police to be seen.
Everything boils down to how to present itself in a good light in the media , we know the UK government require police numbers cut owing to the austerity measures , but the police were moaning weeks before about cuts , and has been stated , some think the police were not in any great hurry to quell the violence and looting , as they face severe job cuts themselves.
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