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Newt Gingrich. The Most Putrid Flavor To Roll Out Of The GOP

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:40 PM
Newt Gingrich, has recently risen to the top of the polls. We’ve seen this way too much so far in the GOP race. One new “flavor of the week” candidate after another. First it was Rick Perry who joined the race and immediately jumped to almost 30% in the polls. After numerous attacks on the issues as well as the infamous gaffe when he couldn’t remember the third agency in a debate, his numbers dropped to single digits.

Then came along Herman Cain. He wins one Florida straw poll and like a true businessman, makes a great sales pitch to the American people. Nine-Nine-Nine. Sounded great to the typical MSM viewer. If it were packaged, they would’ve run to the nearest Wal-Mart and cleared the shelves…without reading the ingredients! Yes, Nine-Nine-Nine was a disaster as were Mr. Cain’s past sexual endeavors. Now that Mr. Pimp-Daddy, Ex-FED Chairman, NWO shill has self-destructed and packed it in, who’s the next flavor to keep the intellectually challenged simpletons away from a real alternative to the neo-cons and Obama who are all just New World Order puppets?

Ah, Newt Gingrich.
Newt Gingrich? You have to be kidding me? Nope. That’s right. Newt has all of a sudden catapulted to the top of the national polls. Gingrich apparently wasn’t even taking his Presidential bid too seriously. Reports say his proposed list of delegates for New Hampshire looked like a high-school scratch sheet. He didn’t even hire his first staffer until Oct. 21st! Could this be a conspiracy against Dr. Paul with the MSM marking him, “Unelectable”??

But let’s get away from how he rose to the top and focus on why this man will be just another big fail for the GOP and a disaster for America.

In my opinion, Newt Gingrich is a despicable human being, an evil self-centered corrupt politician. If Newt Gingrich were elected POTUS, this country would see it’s darkest days ever in history. He would sell out faster to the Globalists than Obama did 30 years ago when he was hired by that Kissinger firm.

Don’t want to believe me? Have your doubts?

Here’s some of Newt’s history….

Mr. Family Values

After being elected to Congress in 1978 on a family values platform, the story goes, he visited his wife Jackie, who was in the hospital recovering from an operation for uterine cancer, and demanded that she discuss terms of their divorce.

I heard the cries that this was a myth and the arguments that he’s sorry for what he did in his past. Well, let’s put the myth theory to rest and hear what Newt’s ex-wife Jackie said about this.

“He can say that we had been talking about [a divorce] for 10 years, but the truth is that it came as a complete surprise,” says Jackie Gingrich, in a telephone interview from Carrollton. “He’s a great wordsmith … He walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from the surgery … To say I gave up a lot for the marriage is the understatement of the year.”

There you have it. I also read where Newt told a friend that she wasn’t attractive enough to be a potential First Lady?

So...What else has poor Newt been sorry about?

AHA!...The rarely talked about, “Football Game Incident.”

Kip Carter, his former campaign treasurer, was walking Newt's daughters back from a football game one day and cut across a driveway where he saw a car. "As I got to the car, I saw Newt in the passenger seat and one of the guys' wives with her head in his lap going up and down. Newt kind of turned and gave me this little-boy smile. Fortunately, Jackie Sue and Kathy were a lot younger and shorter then."Source

And this was the man who led the Republicans in the Impeachment of Slick Willy Clinton?

The Infamous…“House Banking Scandal.”

Here we have Newt leading The House Ethics Committee on the attack against The Democratic Congressmen and Women for having their House Checking Accounts overdrawn for more than 8 months. Yes, there were a few Republicans on that top 22 worst offenders list. But does that matter to Newt when there’s fight for control?
Guess it didn’t matter that Newt overdrew over 20 checks himself or that he was being chauffeured around Washington on taxpayer money!

The 1995 Book Scandal

Newt Claims he never took money from lobbyists!
Well, why did Rupert Murdoch offer him 4.5 million dollar book advance?

And yes, Newt turned down the advance…after he signed the contract and after it became public. But here’s why he got the deal…

A legal challenge to Murdoch's television empire is pending before the Federal Communications Commission, and Jones alleges that Gingrich benefited from an unorthodox bidding process for a book deal that "could be deemed to constitute accepting favor or benefits" that might influence how the speaker carries out his official duties.

But Newt always comes clean…doesn’t he?

Gingrich's story kept changing through the controversy. First, Newt's spokesman said that Murdoch knew nothing about Gingrich and the book deal. On Friday January 13, Newt's spokesman admitted that Murdoch actually met Newt on a park bench the week before the deal was made, but didn't talk about it. He also said he knew nothing about Murdoch's lobbyist being at their meeting. The next day, he admitted the lobbyist was there, but claimed he didn't say so because no one asked.

And might I add…Newt did receive royalties for the book. So, he was paid.

And it wasn’t his only book deal with controversy…

1984 Book Deal

The GOPAC Scandal

But the sleeze doesn't end there. How can we forget Newt getting fined $300,000 for hijacking funds from two charities for Inner City Kids!

House Approves Reprimand, $300,000 Fine for Gingrich

Newt Receives $1.8 Million From Freddy Mac

And his well known history of Flip-Flops!

He even Flip-Flops on the Flip-Flops!

N ewt Gingrich on Medicare: flip-flopping on the flip-flop?

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:40 PM

If this man were interviewing for the Keeper of the 8th Level of Hell, he’d be a shoe-in!
Beelzebub himself would be jealous of the resume!

Oh and there’s so much more. But I’ll leave it at this and let you all add or comment if you wish.

You see ATS, this is what the GOP throws at you every time the last flavor leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Only this time, they saved the worst, the bottom of the barrel for last. This guy makes Rick Perry look electable! Hmm, maybe that’s the plan? Let Newt get destroyed by the media and look so bad that Rick Perry or Mitt Romney won’t?

I just hope the whole plan backfires and Ron Paul wins it all!

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:45 PM
Ron Paul is scoring a solid second in the polls, between Newt and above Romney. Better yet he is dead even with Obama should the election be today. Unlike ALL the other candidates, Paul has a solid record and no flip-flops - and the only one that can legitimately claim to NOT be in the back pockets of the Wall Street banks. I think there is some serious chicanery at works here with the polls, for Newt to ever be number one.

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by maddog99

Nice thread.

Mr. Gingrich is a consummate political opportunist. My hope is that he'll simply use some of this
as lip balm during the cold campaign trail.

An added bonus:

The former speaker's immense self-regard is evident in one of the exhibits to a 1997 House Ethics Committee report on him. In a handwritten 1992 note to himself, he wrote: "Gingrich — primary mission, Advocate of civilization, definer of civilization, Teacher of the rules of civilization, arouser of those who fan civilization, ... leader (possibly) of the civilizing forces."


posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:17 PM
Maddog maybe you can put in BOLD Newt's connections to the CFR, Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove. We all know those are tell tale signs of know what...

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by eLPresidente

No Doubt. Like I said, I could've done more...a lot more but left it up to you guys to add.
Getting late and the lady of the house wants the iMac!

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:44 PM
Unfortunately, just like Cain's month of fame, most 'establishment voters' ignore these things and continue to support who the media tell them to support until the media themselves blow the scandals wide open and keep pumping until they crush the candidate.

People didn't care about Cain's past title as chairman of the kansas federal reserve, they only cared about him sleeping with other women. America loves sleaze, we take after the brainwashing media.

Does this mean if the media really wanted Gingrich to be the nominee, they wouldn't crush him? I hope not...I hope the voters are smarter than this...

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 09:27 PM
Outside of Chaney, I really don't think there could be a worse choice.

Our freedoms have slowly dissolved over the last 100 years, (what's interesting is that 100 years ago is when the federal reserve was "born") but since 9/11 and the Bush/Chaney administration, we have seen just how fast they can actually take those freedoms from us.

No I'm not blaming the republicans here, because many bills were passed, which could easily have been blocked or reassessed when the democrats were in power, not to mention the many laws passed over the last 3 years.

But with the newt, I see nothing but total totalitarian government and him finishing the job of taking our freedoms from us, giving everything to the corporate elites in which he works for. (though most of the dirty work is already done for him)

Can you say Civil War or Revolution? but maybe that's what tptb want.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 11:58 AM
And I thought the Bush/Cheney combo was vile
If he wins the election there will be no doubt left in my mind that US elections are rigged

At least he's not a reptile, he's an amphibian... even slimier than reptiles
(what an insult to all genuine newts!!)

Top of the polls??? WTH is wrong with you people (that put him there)???

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by HighMaintenance
And I thought the Bush/Cheney combo was vile
If he wins the election there will be no doubt left in my mind that US elections are rigged

At least he's not a reptile, he's an amphibian... even slimier than reptiles
(what an insult to all genuine newts!!)

Top of the polls??? WTH is wrong with you people (that put him there)???

As was stated above, its the MSM that put him there. The ignorant sheep do what the media tells them to do.
They dont take the burden of educating themselves, themselves. They listen to FOX/CNN etc...and to them, its gospel.

I actually had someone ask me who Ron Paul was the other day when I was my Ron Paul shirt. I couldn't believe it.

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